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There is a gift in everything

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I don’t know about you but when I am going through a difficult time in my life either emotionally, spiritually, financially or physically, I don’t always recognize the gifts it has for me. I may be experiencing anger, depression or sadness and need time to feel and process my feelings.

When I am open and awake, it’s often after I go through something that I see the gifts that came from the experience. For example: when I had my cancer scare 6 months ago and had to see a cancer specialist to rule out cancer, something shifted inside of me. Of course, I was grateful that I didn’t have cancer and that I could be treated with diet.

I have four grandchildren ranging from one years old to 27 years old.  My oldest grandsons are young adults and are 22 and 27 years old.  Although we love one another and are close, I didn’t have a lot of phone communication with the older ones during the year. We have a yearly reunion in Rhode Island and we spend time together there.  We had great intentions and when we left one other, we promised we would keep in touch, but we seldom did.

After the cancer scare, I called both of my grandsons and shared about my health issues and the cancer scare. I said, “This has made me aware of what is really important in my life, especially my family and friends. Would you like to make a commitment to talk every two weeks?” They both said, “Yes” and we agreed we would take turns calling one another. It was a challenge with their work and school schedules and being six hours difference, but we did it and I looked forward to our conversations.

When I was talking to my grandson, Josh, a couple of weeks ago on our regular scheduled times, we talked about him coming to visit with us as he had just finished his college semester. While we were on the phone, he decided to look on line to see what it would cost to fly to Maui. We were both shocked to see how low the fare was. He was over the top excited and within a week, he booked a flight to Maui and arrived this week.

After he booked the flight he called and said, “Grandma, thanks for giving me the “push” because I really needed this in my life now.” I laughed and remembered when he was born 22 years ago. I was his mother’s birth coach and supported her as she pushed him out to the world and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

What a delight when we picked him up at the airport and greeted one another. We hugged me and  picked me up off the ground. What a fine young man he has become and a true JOY to have him staying with us for two weeks. He is adventurous and has been exploring the island, taking walks on the beach, swimming and meeting the locals. Josh and I took a ferry ride to another island called, Lanai, and he snorkeled and had a blast. We plan to do a helicopter ride this week together.  I am sure it will be thrilling. Up up and away we go!

Larry calls him a “Gentle Giant.” He has such a beautiful spirit and I call him an “old soul.”  I am so proud of him and how he lives his life. I looked at him and said, “Your mannerisms and facial expressions remind me of your dad.” He smiled and said, “I am happy to be growing up like my HERO.” My heart did a little flip for him and for my son, Brian.

I have shared about how much Larry and I love the book, Love is All There Is written by the Source. After having a conversation with Josh about love being the only answer, Larry was led to give the book to him and he’s been reading it and loving it.  I wish I had that book when I was 22 years old and know what I know now.


Spending time with Josh over a meal. walking the beach, watching a sunset or driving around the island has given Larry and I both the opportunity to share our spiritual beliefs and what gives our life purpose and meaning. What a gift it has been for all of us.  It gives me great hope for the future generation when I look at Josh and hear him share his thoughts about spirituality and life.

I am grateful and blessed for all the gifts in my life.



Faith is a gift

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I notified my tenants that I was putting my condo up for sale in Rhode Island, although their lease wasn’t up until September. When I received their email informing me that they found another home and would be leaving at the end of June, I had a “panicky” feeling in my gut, at first. That meant that the condo would be empty and I would have to pay the monthly mortgage and who knows how many months it would take for the condo to sell.

I immediately prayed and meditated. I remembered a small book that I read years ago called, Faith and checked to see if I still had it. I didn’t have it on my book shelf.

Here is the message I received from Spirit:

“You don’t need to read books about faith on how to manifest, unless you read the book you wrote, Simply a Woman of Faith. YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT. THIS ISN’T NEW FOR YOU. You just need to REMEMBER how things have worked out perfectly in the past when you trusted me and had faith. Everything is planned in the mind of God and there are no mistakes. Faith is a gift and  a choice. When you feel fear, Choose love instead of fear. You say God is your banker, then don’t worry about money because money is only energy. When you worry about money, you lose your peace. Know all things are in divine order and timing and according to my plan. Keep affirming this and live in gratitude. Gratitude is the key to unlock the door of your heart. Keep opening your heart, trusting and surrendering to my perfect plan for you.

I think gratitude and faith go hand in hand. Faith is not stagnant and it must be practiced for it to grow deeper. I have learned to thank God before something happens. I always say, “Thank you God for the parking spot I am going to get before I get it.” It works almost always because I believe it will. When faith is practiced or exercised it expands, just like a muscle. I am wondering if we don’t use it, do we lose it?

God is giving me the opportunity to practice my faith so it will grow deeper and stronger. I know that God’s plan is perfect and I am being guided. I believe affirmations are powerful and work. Today, I affirm and am grateful that my condo is sold to the right and perfect person at the right and perfect time. Stay tuned!

I love how I am guided and get what I need in the moment. I was cleaning my bedroom to prepare for my grandson’s visit in another week. I came across three picture Affirmation books that I had created over ten years ago. Even though the books were old and pages were falling out, I was delighted to read them. I sat on the floor reading them and REMEMBERING. It was exactly what I needed to strengthen my faith. It is truly amazing what I have attracted into my life since creating those books that I prayed with daily for years. I had a special Affirmation  book with my dreams to live on Maui and live on the ocean. I had a picture of my soul mate and he looks like Larry – tall, handsome with grey hair and blue eyes.  Here are some of the quotes in my Hawaii book:

Live the Dream, life is short

Live your best Love Life

Magic happens

Live, Play, Dance

The magical waters that made Hawaii beautiful will do the same for you

When you find the one, we will make that day last a lifetime

Expand your horizons

Vision is having faith in your dreams

Paradise is within each one of us to find

Believe in yourself and you can work miracles

It is NOW that God favors your work, His favor brings continued success


I am living the life of my dreams and expanding my horizons. I live with my beloved husband, Larry, in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean. We are writing a book together about being in a conscious love relationship and excited about the new adventures in our lives. I am filled with gratitude. God is faithful and there is always more. Love, Faith and gratitude are always the answers. Choose love and step out in faith. You will be given wings to fly.





My ego was running the show

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Have you ever experienced doubts and fears after you made a commitment to move forward or made a big change in your life? It may be leaving a job or a relationship or moving to a new home where you don’t know anyone. It’s like all your fears come to the surface to get your attention and you wonder where they all came from.
During meditation this week, I had an image of a wasp’s nest being disturbed. Of course, it wasn’t a pretty scene with the wasp’s flying all around and attacking whatever was around them, including me. I read that “Wasps don’t attack or sting unless they are disturbed or they feel threatened or harmed. When they do attack, they are aggressive and will sting repeatedly.”
After the “Sacred Feminine Awakening and Healing Retreat” a few weeks ago, I made the decision to sign up for the 6-month “Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator Teacher Training.” When I prayed about it and asked Spirit if this was for my highest good, it was a definite YES.
Before I even knew about the 6-month certification training, I heard Spirit say, “You will be teaching this to women.” After I signed up for it, I felt peaceful and excited, especially when my son called on the same day to tell me he had a buyer for my house in Rhode Island and I would have the money for the course. Three days later, he called and said, “The guy didn’t show up so he’s not buying the house.” I said, “I’m glad my faith muscles are strong” and was able to laugh and send him love. My house is on the market now and I am trusting it will sell soon.
It is my belief that ego, when threatened (like the wasps), will attack and sometimes with a vengeance. Fear is what sustains the ego and it is threatened when I hear the voice of Spirit, know that I am one with God and am being guided daily.
My ego thoughts were all over the place and I lost my peace. All of the old beliefs that no longer serve me (that I thought were gone} were coming up for me to look at and let go of.
  • I felt afraid and doubted my decision to move forward with the course.
  • I didn’t think I was enough.
  • I made a mistake by signing up for the course.
  • I thought I “should” be perfect.
  • I thought I “should” be further along in my sexual healing to teach something like this.

I have had a history of expecting myself to know something before I have even been taught. When I started a new job at the VA hospital 20 years ago and had to learn a new computer system, I beat up on myself when I didn’t learn fast enough. That is not being kind and patient with myself.
Right after the retreat 3 weeks ago, I was guided to put all the messages that I received from Spirit regarding the retreat and signing up for the certification in one book. I said to myself, “If I should feel fear, I can read all the messages again. After I read the messages from Spirit today, I knew I was being guided and that this was what I am meant to do. I am stepping into the unknown and trusting Spirit is in charge.
Once I became aware of what was happening and how ego was trying to rob me of my peace, I was back in my center knowing all is well and I am doing God’s work by saying YES to the course. The truth is I have been on the spiritual path and leading retreats for years and have the degrees and certifications to do God’s work. I am excited and blessed to be called to do this sacred healing work.
Spirit is inviting me (and YOU) to TRUST the voice within and to know that we are being guided in our journey every step of the way. There are no mistakes. I have a choice. I can trust that I am being led and I am exactly where I need to be or I can listen to my ego, which wants me to live in fear and not move forward. Ego wants me to stay small and to believe that I am separate from God and alone. I AM CHOOSING LOVE.
What voice are you listening to today?
I received this today and know this is the truth of WHO I AM AND WHO YOU ARE.
“Your light is seen. Your heart is known. Your soul is cherished by more people than you might imagine, If you knew how many others have been touched in wonderful ways by you, you would be astonished. If you knew how many people feel so much for you, you would be shocked. You are far more wonderful than you think you are. Rest with that. Breathe again. You are doing fine. More than fine. Better than fine. You are doing great. So relax. And love yourself today.” Neale Donald Walsch

My heart has expanded

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My heart has EXPANDED to receive more love. I feel full, peaceful, grateful and happy. Larry and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Mother’s Day. Our love has grown and deepened for one another. As we open our hearts to receive more and more love, we are able to give more to others and be the vessels of love that we are intended to be. Here is an example of what happened this week as we opened our home and hearts to an almost stranger.

“My name is Christelle and I live in Switzerland. I have been on an amazing journey since August when I landed on Maui for a retreat. I decided to take a year off from work and give myself the opportunity to experiment and to travel without a plan. I listened to my intuition and trusted that life would show me the way to follow.

I met Pat 3 weeks ago on the first day of our Maui Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing Retreat. We instantly connected and shared lots of time together on the retreat. I had attended a Sacred Sexual Awakening retreat in Costa Rica in November and had experienced deep healing, even though I was very fearful. I highly recommend this retreat to all women.

I knew Pat would also feel a deep sense of joy and release going through her fears. At the end of my first retreat, I was deeply in Love with Life or I could say, in Love with Love!

Unexpectedly, after the powerful Maui retreat I felt deeply sad and felt like I was lost in the middle of an inner storm without any compass. One of the other women on the retreat was staying on Maui for another week and invited me to stay with her. Pat invited us both for a visit to her home during the week. My friend was leaving the next day and I still felt like I needed to stay on Maui. I said to Pat, “I will look for a B&B to stay longer.”

Pat spontaneously invited me to stay with her and Larry and I quickly realized that is what I wanted to do, even though I felt uncomfortable to receive at first. I said YES, trusting that if she offered it to me. she really was ok with it. What a blessing I said YES.  Pat and Larry are pure unconditional LOVE.

In the middle of the inner storm after the Maui retreat, (which needed to come up for healing) I felt a little desperate and wondered why, as human beings, we are unable to get our energy from a loving source, (love, God, consciousness) and express ourselves and share with others from that source. rather than getting into power struggles. I felt deeply sad about this realization and wondered why we (including myself) use so much energy to run away from that source of love and why it is so difficult to use our energy to go back to that source to find it?

When I arrived at Pat and Larry’s home, I felt like I had landed in a loving island, exactly what I needed and even more than that. I was surrounded by two amazing human beings who nourish themselves in the source of Love and act and share with the other from that source. I spent 6 days with Pat and Larry and felt unconditional love, the kind of love I want to share with others and my partner in life.

Pat and Larry take time for themselves to do what nourishes them and spend time together as a couple to love and respect one another. When they were together, they were truly present to each other and were playful and laughed a lot at themselves. They trusted that whatever happened each day was a gift and for their highest good. They are open to unexpected amazing adventures.

In the middle of my inner storm, I know that life and love led me to Pat and Larry to show me how I can nourish myself from that same source of unconditional love and that it is possible to live from a loving source.

By saying Yes when Pat invited me to stay in their home, I said Yes to Love which came through them. I allowed myself to receive love from them and to share that love with them. I loved myself by trusting in the power of unconditional Love.


Thank you love, life, God, Consciousness and both of you for your presence in my life. Thank you for who you are and for helping me remember that I can trust myself and to keep believing in unconditional love. even when I am lost in the middle of a storm. Remembering both of you and the time we shared will now be my compass when I will get lost again.


Thank you Spirit and thank you Christelle for receiving and allowing us to give you unconditional love. It was truly a joy having you here and sharing your adventure with us.


I didn’t want to do a spiritual bypass

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Are you fortunate enough to have someone in your life who “sees” you, listens to you without trying to fix or control you, validates you and your feelings no matter what you are going through in your life?  I am very blessed to have Larry, family and girlfriends in my life that listen and don’t judge me so I can be authentic and real.

I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason and is for my highest good, especially when I’m struggling and I don’t understand why things are going the way they are.

I have been doing all that I can do to heal my candida; diet, Probiotics, Sovereign Silver, herbs, teas, natural candida supplement, colonics to name a few. I know it can take a long time to get rid of it and I’ve been patient, for the most part.

My friend, Kati, and I went out to breakfast to a French restaurant over the weekend.  I felt anxious when I looked at the menu and realized there was nothing I could eat that was on my diet. The waiter was not to congenial and said they don’t do special meals.

Kati said, “We will go someplace else, we don’t have to stay here.” I felt terrible because Kati really likes this restaurant and I didn’t want her to not have her favorite crepe which she was looking forward to.

I said, “I’m so sorry.” I was surprised as I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I then shared with her my frustration and anger that I was still dealing with the candida and the restrictive diet that I have been on for six months. I had been trying so hard to not complain, stay positive and accept my situation that I didn’t realize I had been holding in my feelings. It was important that I process the feelings that were coming up with Kati. She was compassionate, present as she listened and validated my experience.  I felt HEARD.

Whenever I want to “override” my feelings because they are uncomfortable and I’m afraid to share them, I am doing a SPIRITUAL BYPASS and it doesn’t work. I am no longer willing to do a SPIRITUAL BYPASS and push my feelings down. Giving myself permission to feel my anger and get my feelings up and out is a gift I give to myself and ultimately to our relationship.

What does it mean to feel heard? It means: I feel respected, important, validated and valued. When I’ve been heard and validated, then I AM OPEN for suggestions and advice. I believe what we all want in a relationship is to be heard and not fixed or controlled when we are sharing a problem or difficulty What a gift we give to one another when we are present and listen.

There were many years that I wasn’t heard and that I didn’t hear my partner. I was often defensive and wanting to be right was more important than peace. I am grateful that I have healthy communication skills now and practice them daily with family and friends.

I think we all know the frustration and what it feels like to not be heard. What do I mean by not feeling heard?

It means: that someone is trying to fix me, dismiss me, control me, manipulate me, ignore me, guilt me to get their own way, give me advice or tell me I shouldn’t feel a certain way. This is a sure sign I am not being heard.

It is my belief that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and for my highest good. If we had not gone to this particular restaurant where there was nothing on the menu I could eat, I would not have had the opportunity to feel my feelings and be heard in such a safe and loving environment.

We walked out of the restaurant and found another place that served foods that I could eat. We had a great day playing and laughing together. I felt centered, grateful and back to myself.

I invite you to listen and be present to others as you would like them to be for you.

I have been sexually AWAKENED

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As I shared in my last blog, I was led to attend the “Sacred Feminine Awakening and Healing Retreat” on Maui this past week. Thank you for your prayers. It was very appreciated.

I have been given the KEYS to unlock the door of my heart to reclaim my life force energy and receive new life, freedom, passion, enlightenment, transformation and healing.  Because of the sexual abuse, I dissociated from my body and wouldn’t allow myself to receive sexual pleasure. I was happy to give sexual pleasure, but had difficulty receiving it.  As women, our birthright is pleasure.

I believe the KEYS to my sexual healing was my WILLINGNESS, FAITH, COURAGE and a strong desire to heal deeply. Spirit had prepared me for this retreat that I needed and I was guided each step of the way by Spirit.  I am so grateful for my “YES” and that I didn’t let fear rob me as it had for many years. Instead, with the grace of God, I faced my fear head on.  Alleluia!

It is hard to put into words my experience, but I will try to capture it and share it with you. I have been on the healing/ spiritual path for over 40 years and have had lots of therapy, groups, retreats, but I have never experienced anything like this in all my years. I knew it was time to take my sexual power back, as well as clear lifetimes of trauma.

My experience was profound, deep, sacred, holy and powerful. There were women from the US, as well as from France, Peru, Argentina, Switzerland, Ireland and Equador. The love and sisterhood that was created was extraordinary. We were women sharing and healing one another through our bodies and loving one another. Because we are all connected what each of us does impacts all women.

Our leaders, Amrita Grace, and Caroline Muir, created a loving, sacred and safe container for all of us to open our hearts and heal trauma. We laughed, cried, played, swam, danced and meditated together I was surprised that several of the women had not been sexually abused, but were wounded and repressed from childhood, past relationships. both culturally and from their religion.

After attending the retreat and my sexual awakening and healing, something stirred inside of me and it felt like my soul was inviting me to work with women and teach them about this sacred experience.

After praying and meditating to discern if it was God’s will and talking to Larry about it, I decided to apply for the 6-month teacher training program to become a “Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator.”  I had just paid for the retreat and now I was considering putting out a big chunk of money again. GULP. I trusted the money would be provided if this was truly in alignment with God’s will.  I knew that stepping out in faith before the money arrived is essential for my growth.

I felt this was a call from Spirit, but I didn’t know if I would even be eligible for this training. When I called Amrita to discuss this, she was excited and said, “You are the perfect kind of woman that I want to attract into the program.” We both had chills and tears were rolling down my cheeks.

I love surprises, synchronicities, as well as how Spirit guides and provides for me. The same day I made the decision to move forward and say YES to the certification, I received a call from my son, Brian, telling me he had a buyer for my house in Providence that hadn’t even been put on the market yet. To make it even better, the buyer was going to pay cash.  Oh, happy day!

God always provides when I step out in faith, listen. trust and act.  Receiving the news of my house being sold on the same day I called Amrita to apply was a confirmation that I am aligned with God’s will for my life. I am very excited (and scared) about this opportunity to serve and support women, even though I was not looking for another career. I love the saying, “We make plans and God laughs.”

I truly believe that every woman would benefit from this sacred, holy experience. I have been awakened and given birth to myself.



Living life to the fullest

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For as long as I can remember (decades) I have said, “I want to live my life to the fullest. We are not promised tomorrow, all we have is today.”  I am not sure if I even knew what it meant back then, but I do now and will share with you how I live my life to the fullest today.

When I contemplated getting a divorce from my ex-husband 20 years ago, I remember clearly saying, “I want to live my life to the fullest and don’t want to be 70 years old and wish I had done it sooner.”  I knew I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted to and still stay married. After 30 years of marriage, stepping into the unknown was not for the faint of heart. It took courage and faith to move forward and get a divorce and start all over again.

For 10 years prior to my divorce, Spirit had been preparing me to get stronger and healthier. I did lots of personal/spiritual work and attended retreats and workshops. I did whatever I needed to do to find myself and love myself. I learned the importance of feeling my feelings and expressing them. I learned to set boundaries and say NO when I needed to. I learned to ask for what I wanted and I learned to let go and forgive. I learned how to BE.

My foundation is my faith in a power greater than myself, whom I choose to call God.  My life is a prayer.  Daily prayer and meditation enables me to trust and surrender, which ultimately leads to peace. I listen and hear the Voice of Spirit within, our “Higher Holy Spirit Self.” I know that I am guided and protected in everything I do.

The Course in Miracles states: “Prayer is a stepping aside, a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving. It should not be confused with supplication of any kind, because it is a way of remembering your holiness.”

Today, I ask myself, “What does it really mean to “Live my life to the fullest?”  It means:

  • To practice living in the moment.
  • To appreciate every moment as if it were my last because we are not promised tomorrow.
  • To daily appreciate and love myself.
  • To appreciate my family and friends and tell them what they mean to me.
  • To live in an attitude of GRATITUDE.
  • To be a Vessel of Love.
  • To give and receive LOVE
  • To play, have fun and laugh.
  • To live in JOY.
  • To use my gifts in the service of others.
  • To take responsibility for myself; my behaviors, thoughts and feelings.
  • To understand how ego shows up when I think I am not good enough or when I compare myself.
  • To choose love instead of fear.
  • To take Pat days and do what I want to nurture my body, mind and spirit.
  • To trust and follow my intuition (even when it doesn’t make sense).
  • To communicate openly, honestly and authentically.
  • To be kind and share what I have – my time, love, possessions and home.
  • To be willing to do the next right thing.
  • To let go and let God.
  • To say YES to whatever shows up in my life and to accept “what is.”
  • To take care of my body, mind and spirit the best way I know how.
  • To forgive and let go of all resentments.
  • To ask for guidance from Spirit and know I am being guided in everything.
  • To know that there are no mistakes, only GODincidences.
  • To practice living my life with peace, ease and grace.
  • To let go of perfectionism and performance anxiety.
  • To embrace the Goddess within and know the truth of who I am. I am LOVE. I am God. And so are YOU.

I encourage you to live your precious life to the fullest. Where is Spirit calling you to grow and change so you can live your life to the fullest. This is not a dress rehearsal. It is your life to be lived in the most magnificent way. You deserve it and only YOU can make it happen. Step out in faith, let your light shine and follow your HEART.





Divine Feminine Awakening and Healing

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I share my sacred journey to inspire you and show you how Spirit speaks to me and how I am guided so you can hear Spirit speak to you and be guided in your life.

It all started with the dream I had last week, which I know originated from the wisdom of my soul.  I am stepping into the mystery to places where I’ve never been before. It’s scary and exciting at the same time and I know I will learn to love myself more deeply and consciously.

I’m trusting divine guidance that I am being led to the next step of my awakening. I’ve worked with my dreams for many years and know how powerful they are when I listen and take action. In my dream last week, I am moving into a new house. This is a significant dream because it means that I am growing in consciousness and something new is about to be born in my life.

I prayed and meditated and asked God to show me the meaning of the dream because I had no idea what it was about. I waited and trusted I would be shown.

A couple of days later while on my morning walk, I put my headphones on and asked Spirit to guide me to an audio on my phone that would be for my highest good.  I was led to listen to an audio that I taped 2 years ago that I had never listened to. It was an interview with Caroline Muir, international author and founder of Divine Feminine Awakening School. She is dedicated to supporting women and couples in achieving sexual fulfillment with sacred intimacy.

It was a powerful interview that touched my heart deeply. She said, “Pleasure is your birthright and that you need to give yourself permission to be the love that you are and bring spirituality into the bedroom.” Wow, that opened my ears!

As soon as I arrived home from my walk, I checked out her website because I wanted to learn more about her. I watched a video of Caroline working with a woman who had sexual trauma that blew me away. Something deep inside of me stirred my soul and I wanted more.

As I explored her website, I found a week- long retreat called “Divine Feminine Awakening & Healing” on Maui that she was leading with another woman.  At first, I dismissed it because it was expensive and I didn’t think I could afford it nor did I think I deserved to spend that kind of money on myself. But something inside of me couldn’t let it go.  I discussed it with Larry and he supported me to do what I needed to do for my healing.

I prayed and asked Spirit for a message about attending the retreat. I asked, “Is the new home I am moving into about exploring and healing my sexuality on a deeper level?”

“Yes, I am inviting you to explore, discover and heal trauma in your body. There is nothing to be afraid of because I am leading you and you are safe. Your spirituality and sexuality are one. It’s TIME and you are ready. There is more. Trust me.”


  • Activate and Expand your dormant Life Force Energy 
  • Heal personal, lineage, & cultural trauma 
  • Reclaim your Juicy Vitality and Passionate Aliveness 
  • Ignite your Power in a uniquely Feminine way 
  • Gain Potent Tools to support other women’s healing
  • Become a Clear Channel for what wants to be Birthed through You
  • Deepen Sisterhood Community with a New Way of Bonding


I’m ready to reclaim my power and my juicy vitality and life force energy to be activated.  I WANT MORE. I DESERVE MORE and I’m willing to face the demons that have robbed me all of my life because of sexual abuse. IT’S TIME.

Please keep me in your prayers as the retreat is from 4-21 to 4-28.  As a woman of Faith, it is synchronistic that the retreat house is on Door of Faith Rd. I truly believe that by saying YES to this retreat, I am giving myself the ULTIMATE GIFT OF SELF-LOVE.


Going within to make my decisions

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Do you have a hard time making decisions? Are you trying to make a decision about something now in your life?  Instead of making a decision and taking action, do you have a tendency to stay stuck and do nothing? Doing nothing is a choice. Perhaps you don’t have all the information you need to make the decision or it’s just not the right timing. All of these are valid reasons for not making a decision. It is a conscious choice you are making.

Sometimes it’s fear when you don’t make a decision one way or the other.  Fear is insidious and you may not even recognize it as fear.  You may be afraid to make the wrong decision because you don’t trust yourself, so you do nothing.  Fear can block you and keep you” stuck in the muck” and therefore you will miss God’s plan for your life.

I didn’t know it was fear when I put my book to bed for 6 years.  I am so grateful that God never gave up on me and I became willing to face my fears and write my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith.” I wouldn’t be living the life of my dreams in Maui with Larry.

You may not know what you really want and that is why it takes so long to make a decision.  That’s ok because it often takes time to know what we really want.  I believe knowing what we want is the key to moving forward. Once we know what we really want and have asked for Spirit’s guidance, we can begin to take some steps in the direction we want and doors will open often miraculously.

When I was making the decision whether to move to Maui for 6 months, I drove myself crazy with all of my questions of HOW it could happen.  I talked to friends and did the pros and cons and prayed for God’s will. I discovered at the bottom of it all was the belief that I didn’t deserve it.  I cleared that belief quickly.  I finally got sick of myself going back and forth and not knowing what I was doing. I needed an answer and asked Spirit for help. I got quiet and simply said, “I’m moving back to Rhode Island.”  Immediately, my hand went over my heart and I let out of a GASP. It felt so heavy and I knew in my heart what my answer was.  When I said, “I’m going to live in Maui for 6 months” I had an incredible peace and knowing. The rest is history.

I have learned to “go within” to trust my intuition (which I believe is God) to make decisions in what feels right in the moment. I also know that I can change my mind if I want to. This is what happened this week:

A few months ago, I met a lovely spiritual woman at an art show. We briefly shared our lives and both felt like we wanted to get to know one another better. She facilitates dream circles and we discussed the possibility of having them at our home.  I gave her my card and she said, “I will be in contact to get together.”  I forgot about it and didn’t hear from her until last week.

She emailed me and wanted to get together to discuss the dream circles.  With my present health challenges and restrictive diet, I didn’t have the energy or the desire to get together with her.  I responded and said,

“Thank you for writing, but the dream circles are not going to work for me at this time.”

She responded and said, “I understand about the dream circles, but would you like to meet for tea or coffee?”

I still didn’t have the desire to get together and decided to be honest with her.

I responded and said, “I have some health challenges that I am dealing with right now so it’s not going to work for me.”

She was quite gracious and responded, “I healed myself after a 2-year illness. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.”

Something inside of me shifted and I knew I wanted to meet with her. I gave myself permission to change my mind. I sensed she had something important to tell me and I was open.

I responded and said, “I would like to meet for tea and hear about how you healed yourself.”

We met a few days ago and it was quite interesting, but not surprising, when she told me what her 2-year illness was and how she healed it

She said, “I had digestive/gut problems for 2 years that western medicine couldn’t figure out. I went to a Naturopath doctor and he diagnosed me with chronic parasites. I have been healed through diet, herbs and supplements.” We are on the same diet and shared our experiences with one another.

What a confirmation that I am on the right track with my health and what I am doing to heal myself.  I am grateful that I listened to my intuition and changed my mind to get together with her. Spirit is always guiding us to give us what we need and help us make decisions for our highest good as we “go within” and listen.




Never give up on your dreams

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I love to reflect and remember where I’ve been and how I’ve arrived at where I am today. I don’t know what’s ahead, and that’s probably a good thing. I practice living one day at a time and take inspired action and steps to move forward when I am led. I try to live in the moment where Love is. I trust God’s perfect and divine timing for everything in my life.

My heart is full of gratitude (and beyond my wildest dreams) this Easter as I think about all that has happened this past 4 years after I had my “Awakening,” Four years ago, Larry joined me for the Easter Sunday celebration at Unity Church. I was so touched when he gave me a beautiful white flower lei right before the service. I remember during the service praying, “God, open my heart if Larry is my soul mate.” I had just begun to have some romantic stirrings towards him after being best friends for 2 years. I believe it was that prayer that awakened me to the reality of love right before my eyes.

I know it wasn’t God’s timing until that very moment that my heart was opened and I was awakened. Although Larry and I were best friends and had built our relationship on trust and respect, we each had some inner work to do before we moved to the next level. We both had to be ready to receive the most incredible relationship that Spirit had promised. It is my belief that God places the desires of your heart in your heart. Do you believe that? Here is what I did to attract my soul mate:

  • I knew what I wanted and ASKED for it
  • I PRAYED for divine guidance
  • I SURRENDERED to God’s will and let go and let God
  • I TRUSTED in God’s perfect timing
  • I LOVED and TRUSTED myself and my intuition
  • I LIVED my life to the fullest doing what I loved.

I knew in my heart that I would meet my soul mate when I moved to Maui. It truly was stepping out in faith and the grace of God to pick up and leave family and friends and move 5,000 miles away.

At the same time of my “Awakening” and opening my heart to the possibility of a romantic relationship with Larry, I stepped out in faith and moved into my dream home overlooking the ocean and doubled my rent! That was a BIG step in faith as I went from $1200 a month to $2500 a month. As I think about it, I know I followed my heart path because my head said, “Are you crazy” Where the hell are you going to get that money?” I am grateful I followed my heart. I know my family and friends were a bit nervous as to where the money was going to come from. It was truly amazing how the money came in every month and I paid my rent on time.

The way Spirit guides me is through open and closed doors. If I am not sure if it’s the right path for me, I ask Spirit to open or close the door. As I am walking in faith, it always works and there have been many times when the door was closed!

I lived alone in my dream house for one year before Larry moved in. Larry and I have lived in the house together now for 3 years. We love it so much and cannot believe where the time has gone. We have no idea how long we will be here so we try to enjoy every minute of living here.

As most of you know, Larry and I were married last May, which was the desire of my heart. I love being married to Larry and he truly is an answer to my prayers. We love and support one another and encourage each other to be vessels of love wherever we can. We enjoy being retired and doing whatever we want when we want to. Life is good and we are grateful.

Never give up on your dreams. Keep believing and trusting in God’s timing. God has placed your desires in your heart and will answer your prayers in divine timing. If it happened to me, it can and will happen to you.



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