“I have a Plan that will make all of Your Dreams Come True

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I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy as I prepare to leave for my cruise to Mexico in two days and then on to live in Hawaii for 6 months. I truly am living my dream and everything has worked out perfectly, just as God promised.  In prayer this morning I came across something that God had led me to notice in a People’s magazine 5 years ago, and then I remembered.……….

I was in the middle of writing my book, Simply a Woman of Faith and was feeling discouraged.  I even wanted to give up on it because I felt so overwhelmed and inadequate. I went to bed sobbing and saying to God, “I can’t do it, you have chosen the wrong person.” The next morning when I went to work, I was straightening up the conference room and picked up the magazine on the table to throw it away, when the pages opened up to these words – “I have a plan that will make all of your dreams come true.”  I sat down and put my hands in my face and cried some more. I knew in my heart that Spirit was speaking to me.

Have you ever felt that desperate and wanted to give up on your dreams? I shudder to think my dream almost died inside of me because of my fear and that I didn’t believe in myself. Of course, those words from Spirit and my daily prayer of “showing up” gave me the courage to finish my book, leave my job of 20 years as a therapist, and now today, leave my home, family and friends to live my dream in Hawaii. I know it is God calling me there and I trust everything will unfold in peace, ease and grace. I believe that “you get what you expect” and I am expecting many doors to open to adventure, miracles and magic.

For the last month, I have been in the process of “letting go” on a daily basis, so the new can come into my life.  Even though I am very excited about the adventure ahead of me, and what God has planned, it has not been easy. The tears have flowed when I thought about leaving my home of 12 years because it has always been a healing, sacred sanctuary for me. Saying goodbye to family and friends has been difficult also. My new tenant, Carrie Ann, moved in on January 1 and we both feel so blessed and in awe because we know this has been a match made in heaven. I could not have chosen a more suitable spiritual (and neater) woman to rent my home while I am in Hawaii. Right before sending this out, I received an email from Pat in Maui welcoming me to my new home that she was getting ready for me to move in to. She wrote, “A new year, a new life and I look forward to your aloha moment in Maui.”  And so do I.

God has a plan that will make all of your dreams come true. Never give up on yourself, your dreams or God. You are not alone. It is God who has placed the desires of your heart inside of you. You have a gift for the world and God needs you to be His/Her instrument. Believe in yourself and the miracles that will find you. Be grateful and say Yes to receiving all that God has planned for you.
Aloha, Pat


  1. This is awesome GP! I got goose bumps at the opneing with everyone entering the water at 11:00. It’s like when your parents told you that it was OK to start opneing presents on Xmas morning. What a sport this is!

    Comment by Stephen — December 14, 2015 @ 1:53 am

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