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This is a time of awakening

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Larry and I started a discussion group with spiritually minded friends focusing on the book called, “Love Is All There Is” by the Source. It is a powerful book that reveals much truth about love.  Our intention is to share different points of view to help one another on the spiritual path to grow in consciousness.

One of the chapters discusses what he calls common thought and the ego. He states, “Common thought is another name for ego, which in truth, doesn’t exist, but uses the common mind to create illusions of fear, used in the place of love. It is ego that impedes human’s understanding of his or her part in love. Ego is non-love in the extreme, the ultimate illusion. Hell is the world of ego. It is a world of competition and comparison, a world in which your imagined inadequacies are always in danger of exposure, a world in which failure is either present or just around the corner.  The only escape from hell is the surrender to love. Then you will see that the hell from which you escaped never really existed. Only the heaven of Love exists, for Love is all there is.”

I would like to share my experience of ego and how it has robbed me of my peace for as long as I can remember, probably forever. The only problem was that I didn’t recognize it as my ego. It felt REAL and I believed it.  It was this nagging inner voice that constantly whispered in my ear, “You are not good enough, not deserving or worthy, even though I was successful in my career, written a book, had a Master’s degree and on and on.  The belief was that whatever I did was never enough and I was never enough. Can you relate?

What I know today is that my ego voice is not real and is an illusion. All there is is love and I am not separate from God. We are ONE. Nothing else matters and it is just part of the play and only a dream. I recently participated in a meditation and my ego showed up as a “boogie man” dressed in black. As I prayed and meditated here is what came to me. The boogie man comes out at night and in dreams to scare me. When I “wake up” I realize it isn’t real, but an illusion. Whenever I feel jealous, judge another, feel less than, compare myself, I recognize this as my ego that is not real and not LOVE.

This is a time of “Awakening” and we are all waking up from the dream of separation in our own way. Some of us are kicking and screaming and blaming others for our problems. We are invited to take responsibility for ourselves and to see the truth of who we are. We are love, we were created in love and love is all there is.

Today, I recognize when my ego shows up to torment and scare me. I acknowledge it for what it is and say, you are not real, I CHOOSE LOVE.  The ego knows exactly where I am sensitive and will attack in the area that I am most vulnerable to constantly rob me of my peace and serenity.

There are so many ways ego shows up and we have to be vigilant and call ego by its name. It loses its power when we identify it as our ego by bringing it into the light and choosing love. Are you in the habit of constantly judging yourself after a conversation or gathering with friends? Do you say things like, “I talked too much or not enough? I should not have shared that or I was to negative? Do you recognize that it is your ego or do you believe it is true about yourself and then beat up on yourself?

My prayer for you is that you will know the truth of who you are and live in love. It is your birthright and you are adored by the Universe who created you and loves you.

“You can walk through your life of earth with love, in total unity, and know joy and peace. All it takes is for you to set your vision on truth instead of illusion, on love instead of ego, on the real instead of the unreal. Then you will see the world for what it really is – a place filled with divine possibilities and the opportunity for Love. Then you will embrace all as divine creation and, thus, you will treasure it all. The whole world sparkles with light when viewed through the eyes of love.  Why would you ever choose hell when heaven is here and now? Why choose fear when peace is available? Why choose lack when abundance is present? Why choose suffering when the surrender to love brings such joy?” Love Is Al There Is.”





GRATITUDE is my attitude

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As I think about 2017 coming to an end, the word that stands out for me is GRATITUDE. Of course, what I am most grateful for is getting married to my best friend and soul mate, Larry. After waiting and praying for 15 years, I was ready to be in a committed relationship. It truly was the desire of my heart to be married, but I had surrendered my will to Spirit, as Larry didn’t want to get married again. He was quite happy with our relationship as it was and didn’t feel the need to get married, until Spirit put it on his heart to ask me to marry him one year ago.  I am grateful that he listened and followed his heart.

I am very grateful for my “renewed heath” and opportunities for the past couple of months. It was a wake- up call to pay attention to my health and change my way of life. I continue to feel better every day.

I have been thinking about what “surrender” means to me. It is the opposite of how I operated much of my life, until I became conscious and awake. I attempted to control people, outcomes and situations and tried to make things happen the way I wanted them. Surrender is a process and it has taken me many years to learn how to surrender and live in peace.

When we tap into this relaxed energy of surrendering, we allow that what we desire to flow to us in  miraculous ways. The job, the relationship or whatever we are envisioning and desiring for our lives is all on its way and when we surrender our plans for the timeline and the form in which we think it should arrive, we allow an even bigger and better outcome to take place. Many of us have heard, “We make plans, and God laughs.”

When we are not fighting the process and complaining, but accepting “what is,” we are able to say YES to limitless opportunities for love and joy to enter our lives. When we surrender to the natural flow of life, we can relax, trusting and knowing that everything is unfolding in perfect and divine timing and all we need to do is “show up” and get out of the way and let life happen.

Surrender occurs when we release our need to control things, and instead choose to place a higher level of trust and faith in the process of life. We choose Love rather than fear and worry because we know there is a Higher Power, Source, Love, God always GUIDING us.

As I thought about the word GUIDANCE, I remembered what it really meant. It means “God U and I Dance.” Simply put, God leads, I follow. It feels so much better when I am relaxed and willing to follow, rather than trying to lead and be in control.  My ego wants me to believe that I am in control and that I know what’s best for me rather than to trust the Spirit within and surrender. My ego wants me to believe that I am separate from God, but the truth is that I am ONE with God. We are all connected and we are all ONE.

As I was thinking about GUIDANCE, I opened to a reading in “Jesus Calling.”

“Be willing to follow wherever I lead. Follow me wholeheartedly with glad anticipation quickening your pace. Though you don’t know what is ahead, I know and that is enough. Some of my richest blessings are just around the bend, out of sight, but nonetheless, very real. To receive these gifts, you must walk by faith-not by sight. This doesn’t mean closing your eyes to what is all around you. It means subordinating the visible world to the invisible shepherd of your soul.”

Love is all there is.  Allow Love to guide you and give you peace. Surrender to “what is” and the process of life and you will experience miracles and limitless possibilities.


I had a “Meltdown” before trip to the East Coast

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I’m on the plane coming home to Maui as I begin this blog. I’ve missed writing my weekly blogs and sharing what God is doing in my life. I don’t know where to start as my trip was amazing, awesome, fun, magical, powerful and miraculous.

First, I want to share what happened the week before leaving for my trip. I had a “meltdown” and called Larry in tears and asked if he would come over. When he walked in the door and hugged me I said, “I am a mess, will you still love me?”  Of course, he smiled and said, “Yes.” I felt exhausted, vulnerable and weak, but on some level I knew I was being triggered from my past and something was coming up. The tears were healing something very deep within. I couldn’t stop crying as I thought about some things from my past and the stories I had made up in my mind. I spent the day in prayer and asked God to heal and free me. I clearly needed to LET GO of the stories because they weren’t true, even though I had believed them for so many years. I am so grateful how quickly I am able to process my feelings and allow them to flow through me, because the next day I was back to myself again.

I arrived in Providence, without incidence, for my family reunion. It was wonderful being at my daughter, Mary’s, farm and being with my children and grandchildren. I spent quality time with each one of them and felt so loved. I was there for one week before Larry joined me for the next two weeks. This was the first time he was meeting my children and I was going to meet his children who also lived on the east coast.

Before our trip to the east coast, Larry and I had a mantra that we prayed often. It was, “Our trip will flow with peace, ease and grace.” Larry hadn’t been off  the island since he moved to Maui 8 years ago so it was a little stressful for him at first. As we practiced and repeated our mantra, we both became more and more relaxed and peaceful. I know how powerful our words and thoughts are and we GET WHAT WE EXPECT. We were expecting everything to flow with peace, ease and grace, and it did.

Since I had LET GO and emptied myself of what was no longer useful and for my highest good the week before, I was open to RECEIVE all that God had planned for me and for us. When I become willing to let go of the junk (fear, doubt, judgments), LOVE fills me to overflowing. Of course, as expected, EVERYTHING FLOWED WITH PEACE, EASE AND GRACE.

I know that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. I have been loved and have loved in the past, but I was experiencing a LOVE like I never experienced before. I was very emotional and cried easily whenever I talked about my relationship with Larry and our love for one another.

Not only did I have fun and play, but I gave the sermon at the Unitarian Church and led a workshop for 12 women at my daughter’s farm. My journey to Maui began when I spoke at the church 4 years ago. I shared how I am LIVING MY DREAM today and living on the ocean in Maui with my soul mate. Here is the email I received from the committee after I gave the sermon.

“The rave reviews keep coming in. I do believe we had the best service this summer and will even exceed Jazz Sunday tomorrow.  I continue to get calls of gratitude for having brought you in.  Your faith just glowed through your sermon and everyone could see it. You are a blessed woman.”

I know that the women who attended my workshop on Saturday were hand chosen by God. I had prepared a talk and schedule, but didn’t end up following it at all. Instead, I was led by Spirit and completely let go of what I planned on doing. I love when I am able to trust like this and allow Spirit to lead. Here is an email I received from one of the women.

“Dear Pat, yesterday was one of my absolute most favorite days. I loved meeting you and everyone who attended the workshop. It was so delightful. I didn’t want the day to end, it went so quickly. I’m so grateful I picked up that newspaper a few weeks ago and saw that tiny little article. No doubt in my mind, it was a Godincidence. You are such a blessing, Pat and I look forward to seeing you again. P.S. I loved meeting Larry too. What a great guy.”

A few days after we returned home, I experienced another “meltdown” or moment of consciousness and truth.  I opened my heart to LOVE and in so doing God brought to light some fear that needed healing and transformation.  I felt vulnerable, weak, out of control and shame because a woman who wrote a book on faith shouldn’t feel fear.  REALLY! With Larry at my side, I allowed myself to cry, even though I didn’t know what the fear and tears were about.  I watered the fear with love, gratitude and acceptance, knowing all was well and  I was exactly where God wanted me to BE. Larry helped me recognize that my heart was EXPANDING so I could receive even more love. The more I allow myself to be loved, the more love I can give to others.

Through these experiences, God is inviting me to live in the moment and savor the love and beauty within and around me. I am learning to trust even more deeply and live in faith. I know that I am not promised tomorrow and all I have is this moment. So I celebrate and treasure today and let go of worry about what will happen tomorrow or the next moment.

Here is an excerpt from my book that I received 8 years ago while I was waiting for my soul mate.

“I love you my child and until you discover that only in me is your satisfaction to be found, you will not be capable of the perfect relationship that I have planned for you. You will never by united with another until you are united with me, exclusive of any other longings or desires. I want you to stop wishing, planning, and allow me to bring you the most thrilling plan existing, one that you cannot imagine. I want you to have the best. I will surprise you with a love that is far more wonderful than you could ever dream of.”

My heart is grateful and full of love. God is faithful and we can trust that whatever is happening in our lives is for our good.





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