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There is a gift in everything

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I don’t know about you but when I am going through a difficult time in my life either emotionally, spiritually, financially or physically, I don’t always recognize the gifts it has for me. I may be experiencing anger, depression or sadness and need time to feel and process my feelings.

When I am open and awake, it’s often after I go through something that I see the gifts that came from the experience. For example: when I had my cancer scare 6 months ago and had to see a cancer specialist to rule out cancer, something shifted inside of me. Of course, I was grateful that I didn’t have cancer and that I could be treated with diet.

I have four grandchildren ranging from one years old to 27 years old.  My oldest grandsons are young adults and are 22 and 27 years old.  Although we love one another and are close, I didn’t have a lot of phone communication with the older ones during the year. We have a yearly reunion in Rhode Island and we spend time together there.  We had great intentions and when we left one other, we promised we would keep in touch, but we seldom did.

After the cancer scare, I called both of my grandsons and shared about my health issues and the cancer scare. I said, “This has made me aware of what is really important in my life, especially my family and friends. Would you like to make a commitment to talk every two weeks?” They both said, “Yes” and we agreed we would take turns calling one another. It was a challenge with their work and school schedules and being six hours difference, but we did it and I looked forward to our conversations.

When I was talking to my grandson, Josh, a couple of weeks ago on our regular scheduled times, we talked about him coming to visit with us as he had just finished his college semester. While we were on the phone, he decided to look on line to see what it would cost to fly to Maui. We were both shocked to see how low the fare was. He was over the top excited and within a week, he booked a flight to Maui and arrived this week.

After he booked the flight he called and said, “Grandma, thanks for giving me the “push” because I really needed this in my life now.” I laughed and remembered when he was born 22 years ago. I was his mother’s birth coach and supported her as she pushed him out to the world and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

What a delight when we picked him up at the airport and greeted one another. We hugged me and  picked me up off the ground. What a fine young man he has become and a true JOY to have him staying with us for two weeks. He is adventurous and has been exploring the island, taking walks on the beach, swimming and meeting the locals. Josh and I took a ferry ride to another island called, Lanai, and he snorkeled and had a blast. We plan to do a helicopter ride this week together.  I am sure it will be thrilling. Up up and away we go!

Larry calls him a “Gentle Giant.” He has such a beautiful spirit and I call him an “old soul.”  I am so proud of him and how he lives his life. I looked at him and said, “Your mannerisms and facial expressions remind me of your dad.” He smiled and said, “I am happy to be growing up like my HERO.” My heart did a little flip for him and for my son, Brian.

I have shared about how much Larry and I love the book, Love is All There Is written by the Source. After having a conversation with Josh about love being the only answer, Larry was led to give the book to him and he’s been reading it and loving it.  I wish I had that book when I was 22 years old and know what I know now.


Spending time with Josh over a meal. walking the beach, watching a sunset or driving around the island has given Larry and I both the opportunity to share our spiritual beliefs and what gives our life purpose and meaning. What a gift it has been for all of us.  It gives me great hope for the future generation when I look at Josh and hear him share his thoughts about spirituality and life.

I am grateful and blessed for all the gifts in my life.



I have been sexually AWAKENED

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As I shared in my last blog, I was led to attend the “Sacred Feminine Awakening and Healing Retreat” on Maui this past week. Thank you for your prayers. It was very appreciated.

I have been given the KEYS to unlock the door of my heart to reclaim my life force energy and receive new life, freedom, passion, enlightenment, transformation and healing.  Because of the sexual abuse, I dissociated from my body and wouldn’t allow myself to receive sexual pleasure. I was happy to give sexual pleasure, but had difficulty receiving it.  As women, our birthright is pleasure.

I believe the KEYS to my sexual healing was my WILLINGNESS, FAITH, COURAGE and a strong desire to heal deeply. Spirit had prepared me for this retreat that I needed and I was guided each step of the way by Spirit.  I am so grateful for my “YES” and that I didn’t let fear rob me as it had for many years. Instead, with the grace of God, I faced my fear head on.  Alleluia!

It is hard to put into words my experience, but I will try to capture it and share it with you. I have been on the healing/ spiritual path for over 40 years and have had lots of therapy, groups, retreats, but I have never experienced anything like this in all my years. I knew it was time to take my sexual power back, as well as clear lifetimes of trauma.

My experience was profound, deep, sacred, holy and powerful. There were women from the US, as well as from France, Peru, Argentina, Switzerland, Ireland and Equador. The love and sisterhood that was created was extraordinary. We were women sharing and healing one another through our bodies and loving one another. Because we are all connected what each of us does impacts all women.

Our leaders, Amrita Grace, and Caroline Muir, created a loving, sacred and safe container for all of us to open our hearts and heal trauma. We laughed, cried, played, swam, danced and meditated together I was surprised that several of the women had not been sexually abused, but were wounded and repressed from childhood, past relationships. both culturally and from their religion.

After attending the retreat and my sexual awakening and healing, something stirred inside of me and it felt like my soul was inviting me to work with women and teach them about this sacred experience.

After praying and meditating to discern if it was God’s will and talking to Larry about it, I decided to apply for the 6-month teacher training program to become a “Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator.”  I had just paid for the retreat and now I was considering putting out a big chunk of money again. GULP. I trusted the money would be provided if this was truly in alignment with God’s will.  I knew that stepping out in faith before the money arrived is essential for my growth.

I felt this was a call from Spirit, but I didn’t know if I would even be eligible for this training. When I called Amrita to discuss this, she was excited and said, “You are the perfect kind of woman that I want to attract into the program.” We both had chills and tears were rolling down my cheeks.

I love surprises, synchronicities, as well as how Spirit guides and provides for me. The same day I made the decision to move forward and say YES to the certification, I received a call from my son, Brian, telling me he had a buyer for my house in Providence that hadn’t even been put on the market yet. To make it even better, the buyer was going to pay cash.  Oh, happy day!

God always provides when I step out in faith, listen. trust and act.  Receiving the news of my house being sold on the same day I called Amrita to apply was a confirmation that I am aligned with God’s will for my life. I am very excited (and scared) about this opportunity to serve and support women, even though I was not looking for another career. I love the saying, “We make plans and God laughs.”

I truly believe that every woman would benefit from this sacred, holy experience. I have been awakened and given birth to myself.



Living life to the fullest

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For as long as I can remember (decades) I have said, “I want to live my life to the fullest. We are not promised tomorrow, all we have is today.”  I am not sure if I even knew what it meant back then, but I do now and will share with you how I live my life to the fullest today.

When I contemplated getting a divorce from my ex-husband 20 years ago, I remember clearly saying, “I want to live my life to the fullest and don’t want to be 70 years old and wish I had done it sooner.”  I knew I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted to and still stay married. After 30 years of marriage, stepping into the unknown was not for the faint of heart. It took courage and faith to move forward and get a divorce and start all over again.

For 10 years prior to my divorce, Spirit had been preparing me to get stronger and healthier. I did lots of personal/spiritual work and attended retreats and workshops. I did whatever I needed to do to find myself and love myself. I learned the importance of feeling my feelings and expressing them. I learned to set boundaries and say NO when I needed to. I learned to ask for what I wanted and I learned to let go and forgive. I learned how to BE.

My foundation is my faith in a power greater than myself, whom I choose to call God.  My life is a prayer.  Daily prayer and meditation enables me to trust and surrender, which ultimately leads to peace. I listen and hear the Voice of Spirit within, our “Higher Holy Spirit Self.” I know that I am guided and protected in everything I do.

The Course in Miracles states: “Prayer is a stepping aside, a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving. It should not be confused with supplication of any kind, because it is a way of remembering your holiness.”

Today, I ask myself, “What does it really mean to “Live my life to the fullest?”  It means:

  • To practice living in the moment.
  • To appreciate every moment as if it were my last because we are not promised tomorrow.
  • To daily appreciate and love myself.
  • To appreciate my family and friends and tell them what they mean to me.
  • To live in an attitude of GRATITUDE.
  • To be a Vessel of Love.
  • To give and receive LOVE
  • To play, have fun and laugh.
  • To live in JOY.
  • To use my gifts in the service of others.
  • To take responsibility for myself; my behaviors, thoughts and feelings.
  • To understand how ego shows up when I think I am not good enough or when I compare myself.
  • To choose love instead of fear.
  • To take Pat days and do what I want to nurture my body, mind and spirit.
  • To trust and follow my intuition (even when it doesn’t make sense).
  • To communicate openly, honestly and authentically.
  • To be kind and share what I have – my time, love, possessions and home.
  • To be willing to do the next right thing.
  • To let go and let God.
  • To say YES to whatever shows up in my life and to accept “what is.”
  • To take care of my body, mind and spirit the best way I know how.
  • To forgive and let go of all resentments.
  • To ask for guidance from Spirit and know I am being guided in everything.
  • To know that there are no mistakes, only GODincidences.
  • To practice living my life with peace, ease and grace.
  • To let go of perfectionism and performance anxiety.
  • To embrace the Goddess within and know the truth of who I am. I am LOVE. I am God. And so are YOU.

I encourage you to live your precious life to the fullest. Where is Spirit calling you to grow and change so you can live your life to the fullest. This is not a dress rehearsal. It is your life to be lived in the most magnificent way. You deserve it and only YOU can make it happen. Step out in faith, let your light shine and follow your HEART.





Going within to make my decisions

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Do you have a hard time making decisions? Are you trying to make a decision about something now in your life?  Instead of making a decision and taking action, do you have a tendency to stay stuck and do nothing? Doing nothing is a choice. Perhaps you don’t have all the information you need to make the decision or it’s just not the right timing. All of these are valid reasons for not making a decision. It is a conscious choice you are making.

Sometimes it’s fear when you don’t make a decision one way or the other.  Fear is insidious and you may not even recognize it as fear.  You may be afraid to make the wrong decision because you don’t trust yourself, so you do nothing.  Fear can block you and keep you” stuck in the muck” and therefore you will miss God’s plan for your life.

I didn’t know it was fear when I put my book to bed for 6 years.  I am so grateful that God never gave up on me and I became willing to face my fears and write my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith.” I wouldn’t be living the life of my dreams in Maui with Larry.

You may not know what you really want and that is why it takes so long to make a decision.  That’s ok because it often takes time to know what we really want.  I believe knowing what we want is the key to moving forward. Once we know what we really want and have asked for Spirit’s guidance, we can begin to take some steps in the direction we want and doors will open often miraculously.

When I was making the decision whether to move to Maui for 6 months, I drove myself crazy with all of my questions of HOW it could happen.  I talked to friends and did the pros and cons and prayed for God’s will. I discovered at the bottom of it all was the belief that I didn’t deserve it.  I cleared that belief quickly.  I finally got sick of myself going back and forth and not knowing what I was doing. I needed an answer and asked Spirit for help. I got quiet and simply said, “I’m moving back to Rhode Island.”  Immediately, my hand went over my heart and I let out of a GASP. It felt so heavy and I knew in my heart what my answer was.  When I said, “I’m going to live in Maui for 6 months” I had an incredible peace and knowing. The rest is history.

I have learned to “go within” to trust my intuition (which I believe is God) to make decisions in what feels right in the moment. I also know that I can change my mind if I want to. This is what happened this week:

A few months ago, I met a lovely spiritual woman at an art show. We briefly shared our lives and both felt like we wanted to get to know one another better. She facilitates dream circles and we discussed the possibility of having them at our home.  I gave her my card and she said, “I will be in contact to get together.”  I forgot about it and didn’t hear from her until last week.

She emailed me and wanted to get together to discuss the dream circles.  With my present health challenges and restrictive diet, I didn’t have the energy or the desire to get together with her.  I responded and said,

“Thank you for writing, but the dream circles are not going to work for me at this time.”

She responded and said, “I understand about the dream circles, but would you like to meet for tea or coffee?”

I still didn’t have the desire to get together and decided to be honest with her.

I responded and said, “I have some health challenges that I am dealing with right now so it’s not going to work for me.”

She was quite gracious and responded, “I healed myself after a 2-year illness. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.”

Something inside of me shifted and I knew I wanted to meet with her. I gave myself permission to change my mind. I sensed she had something important to tell me and I was open.

I responded and said, “I would like to meet for tea and hear about how you healed yourself.”

We met a few days ago and it was quite interesting, but not surprising, when she told me what her 2-year illness was and how she healed it

She said, “I had digestive/gut problems for 2 years that western medicine couldn’t figure out. I went to a Naturopath doctor and he diagnosed me with chronic parasites. I have been healed through diet, herbs and supplements.” We are on the same diet and shared our experiences with one another.

What a confirmation that I am on the right track with my health and what I am doing to heal myself.  I am grateful that I listened to my intuition and changed my mind to get together with her. Spirit is always guiding us to give us what we need and help us make decisions for our highest good as we “go within” and listen.




We are all ONE

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I am slowly discovering that there is nothing wrong with me and I don’t need to be fixed because I am a “divine” and perfect expression of God in this world.  This discovery comes through remembering the truth of who I am. I am love, you are love. We are all connected and are ONE.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t need to change or grow because life is about change, and I am constantly evolving and growing into the person Spirit intended me to be.

Many of my friends (including myself) are experiencing a time of “clearing, cleansing, purifying and releasing” with aspects of ourselves coming to the light that no longer serve us.  Everything that is hidden is being brought into the light so it can be healed and transformed.

Spiritual progress is about allowing things to come up to be released. When we ask to be healed, our unhealed/wounded places are forced to the surface. Our blocks to love are not suppressed or denied, but rather brought into our conscious awareness. Our fearful places must be revealed before they can be healed. This is not easy and can be painful and scary uncovering what has been hidden for eons.

We are all afraid, at some level that if people saw who we really are, they would recoil in horror. That is why we invent the mask, to hide our true selves. But the true self, the love within us, is that which is most beautiful. We must reveal ourselves at the deepest level in order to find how loveable we really are. When we dig deep enough into our real nature, we don’t find darkness, we will find endless light. I am coming to a place where I feel safe to be myself, trusting that my woundedness will not be judged, but loved and forgiven.

It takes courage and a willingness to grow to uncover our woundedness and unhealed places, rather than to stay in denial and unconscious for the rest of our lives. For example, when we compare ourselves to others and feel jealous or less than, it is because of our need to hold on to whatever we’ve got. It is because we think another person’s good takes away from our own. It is because we think our value will be diminished if another surpasses us.

It’s one thing to uncover the unhealed, wounded places within ourselves, but to share them with another is a real leap in faith and a desire to be free by bringing it to the light. Spirit is revealing to me how much of my life, my ego has been in control. I remember my high school years where I strived to be the best and the most popular, best dancer, best friend.  Inside, I never felt good enough so I was always striving to do more and get attention.

Spirit invited me to be transparent, authentic and vulnerable with my women’s group, called the “Cardinals.” We are a group of 7 sacred women who love, play, support and pray for one another daily. It truly is a special bond of deep love and trust that we have created with one another. I feel so blessed and grateful being a part of our group.

As you can imagine, it was scary to share the unhealed part of me that was being triggered in the group. It would be easier to just keep my struggle to myself and be quiet. I had to make a decision to trust them enough and be vulnerable to share my experience.  I prayed and asked Spirit for help.

Message from Spirit:

“You are all one and are not separate. What you are experiencing in group is your ego trying to make you feel separate. You are all triggered by your woundedness and when you bring it to the light, it is healed. Don’t be afraid to be honest and share your truth. You will be accepted. Your honesty will open the door for your sisters to be honest too.”

With the grace of God, I made the decision to be honest and share my struggle with my sisters at our next meeting. It was very difficult because I didn’t want to look foolish and share my shit!  After I shared, instead of feeling judged, I felt their love and support. It was a powerful group because not only was I healed, but it opened the flood gates for the other women to share their pain to be released and healed.

In the book, ONE WITH GOD the author writes, “This is a reflection of the human condition. The mind of man, the ego mind, is based on specialness, being the most favored in any situation or relationship. Each man feels his value diminished when another surpasses him. The ego must achieve a position above everyone else; it must win so everyone else will lose. This is the perfect trigger for your ego to arise and demand that it be special, honored and followed. Your ego is threatened now realizing it has lost its control because you have chosen Spirit as your guide.”



Love is all there is

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Larry and I started a discussion group with spiritually minded friends focusing on the book called, “Love Is All There Is” by the Source. It is a powerful book that reveals much truth about love.  Our intention is to share different points of view to help one another on the spiritual path to grow in consciousness.

One of the chapters discusses what he calls common thought and the ego. He states, “Common thought is another name for ego, which in truth, doesn’t exist, but uses the common mind to create illusions of fear, used in the place of love. It is ego that impedes human’s understanding of his or her part in love. Ego is non-love in the extreme, the ultimate illusion. Hell is the world of ego. It is a world of competition and comparison, a world in which your imagined inadequacies are always in danger of exposure, a world in which failure is either present or just around the corner.  The only escape from hell is the surrender to love. Then you will see that the hell from which you escaped never really existed. Only the heaven of Love exists, for Love is all there is.”

I would like to share my experience of ego and how it has robbed me of my peace for as long as I can remember, probably forever. The only problem was that I didn’t recognize it as my ego. It felt REAL and I believed it.  It was this nagging inner voice that constantly whispered in my ear, “You are not good enough, not deserving or worthy, even though I was successful in my career, written a book, had a Master’s degree and on and on.  The belief was that whatever I did was never enough and I was never enough. Can you relate?

What I know today is that my ego voice is not real and is an illusion. All there is is love and I am not separate from God. We are ONE. Nothing else matters and it is just part of the play and only a dream. I recently participated in a meditation and my ego showed up as a “boogie man” dressed in black. As I prayed and meditated here is what came to me. The boogie man comes out at night and in dreams to scare me. When I “wake up” I realize it isn’t real, but an illusion. Whenever I feel jealous, judge another, feel less than, compare myself, I recognize this as my ego that is not real and not LOVE.

This is a time of “Awakening” and we are all waking up from the dream of separation in our own way. Some of us are kicking and screaming and blaming others for our problems. We are invited to take responsibility for ourselves and to see the truth of who we are. We are love, we were created in love and love is all there is.

Today, I recognize when my ego shows up to torment and scare me. I acknowledge it for what it is and say, you are not real, I CHOOSE LOVE.  The ego knows exactly where I am sensitive and will attack in the area that I am most vulnerable to constantly rob me of my peace and serenity.

There are so many ways ego shows up and we have to be vigilant and call ego by its name. It loses its power when we identify it as our ego by bringing it into the light and choosing love. Are you in the habit of constantly judging yourself after a conversation or gathering with friends? Do you say things like, “I talked too much or not enough? I should not have shared that or I was to negative? Do you recognize that it is your ego or do you believe it is true about yourself and then beat up on yourself?

My prayer for you is that you will know the truth of who you are and live in love. It is your birthright and you are adored by the Universe who created you and loves you.

“You can walk through your life of earth with love, in total unity, and know joy and peace. All it takes is for you to set your vision on truth instead of illusion, on love instead of ego, on the real instead of the unreal. Then you will see the world for what it really is – a place filled with divine possibilities and the opportunity for Love. Then you will embrace all as divine creation and, thus, you will treasure it all. The whole world sparkles with light when viewed through the eyes of love.  Why would you ever choose hell when heaven is here and now? Why choose fear when peace is available? Why choose lack when abundance is present? Why choose suffering when the surrender to love brings such joy?” Love Is Al There Is.”




Saying NO to others is saying YES to yourself

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I’ve had the opportunity to say NO several times over this past week and it felt good not doing something because I felt guilty and thought I SHOULD do it.

Do you have a hard time saying NO to others when they ask you to do something or they want you to go someplace with them? It’s easier to say no when you have a legitimate excuse in your own mind or you have something already planned.

But what about when you just don’t want to do it?  Are you able to say no just because you don’t feel like it? Do you think it’s selfish to say no to another’s request? Do you feel guilty and beat up on yourself when you say no? Have you ever felt resentful when you did something you didn’t want to do and did it because you thought you SHOULD do it?

Are you unable to say no to another’s request because you want to take care of them and rescue and fix them?  When we focus on others, at the expense of ourselves, we are in trouble and not in alignment with God’s will.  It is like we are saying, “Your needs are more important than mine.”  It is not only dishonoring, but it is disrespectful to the other person when we think we have the answers for them and want to rescue or fix them.

I have to admit that there was a time in my life that I couldn’t say NO to others because I wanted others to love me and I was afraid of the consequences of saying no. I often anticipated others needs and offered to help before they even asked. I never thought about if it would be good for me. I lived from the SHOULDS and it was exhausting.

I pushed myself to do things that I didn’t want to do because I thought that was the loving thing to do. What I didn’t understand was that I had it backwards. I wasn’t loving myself and my needs first. I was not taught how to go within and ask Spirit for guidance nor was I taught how to love myself first.

Of course, I want to be helpful and loving and be there for others when I can and choose to.  WHEN I SAY NO TO OTHERS, I AM SAYING YES TO MYSELF. Believe me, coming to this place of knowing and truth has been a process because I understand how important self-love and self-care is to my overall well-being.  I am responsible to take care of myself; body, mind and spirit.

Today, when I need to make a decision whether to say yes or no to another person, I go within, trust my intuition and ask Spirit for guidance. I ask questions like:

Do I really want to do this {whatever the request is}?

Is this in my highest good (and that of the other person) to say yes to this request?

Am I feeling responsible for the other person and their needs?

Remember, it is not selfish to say no, but self-loving to say no when you want to. If I am not sure I want to do something, I give myself time to go within and ask for guidance. I do nothing out of the SHOULDS anymore. It takes practice to say no in a way that doesn’t offend someone. I also know I have the right to change my mind, even at the last minute. No is a complete sentence and I don’t need to explain myself if I don’t want to.  Here are a few suggestions on how to say no:

  • Thank you for asking, but that isn’t going to work for me.
  • I want to do that, but I’m not available until next week. Will you ask me again then?
  • I can’t do it, but I know someone who may be able to help you.
  • None of those dates work for me, but I would love to see you. Send me some more dates.
  • I can’t put anything else on my calendar this month, but I’d love to do that sometime.
  • Thanks, I’ll have to pass on that. Say it, then shut up.
  • I really appreciate you asking me, but my time is already committed.
  • I wish I could, but it’s just not going to work right now.
  • I promised my husband I wouldn’t take on any more projects right now.
  • I appreciate you thinking of me, but I’m afraid I’m already booked that day.
  • Let me tell you what I can do, then limit the commitment to what is comfortable for you.





I asked for help

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I had to remind myself what I shared with my clients when they came into therapy.  I said, “It is a sign of strength when you ask for help.” Why doesn’t it feel like I am strong when I ask for help? In some instances, I have felt weak, embarrassed and even shameful that I didn’t know how to do something or figure something out on my own and was forced to ask for help.

I asked myself some questions:

  • Is it my pride that I think I should know how to do things or figure things out on my own?
  • Am I afraid of feeling vulnerable?
  • Am I afraid of being judged or looking stupid?
  • Do I think I am bothering someone if I ask for help?

If I believe it’s a weakness, of course, I don’t want to ask for help. Who wants to feel weak? If someone asks me for help, I feel honored to share my experience. If for some reason I cannot help them, I am free to tell them that and direct them to someone who can help them.

It is an old belief that no longer serves me when I am unable to ask for help when I need it. Not only am I depriving myself of what I need and I will suffer needlessly, but I am depriving another of helping me and sharing their experience.  Of course, we all want to figure things out on our own because it feels good. But, sometimes we just need to swallow our pride and ask for help.

I had an opportunity to ask for help this week from my daughter, Mary, who is staying with us for several weeks. For years, Mary has been health conscious and has tried to share her wisdom with me, but unfortunately, I wasn’t open until now.  It felt humbling and vulnerable asking for help after being so resistant for so many years. Here is what happened:

I had my follow-up appointment with my primary care doctor this week and wasn’t expecting new information about my health since the plan was to wait a few months before taking another blood test to see if my platelets were back to normal and inflammation gone. A new piece to the puzzle of why I have inflammation was revealed and for this, I am grateful.

Since I was feeling so much better after following the anti-inflammatory diet and not eating sugar for the last 2 months, I was very surprised when the doctor shared the test results that were taken at last visit.

Since I wasn’t expecting the tests results to be a bacterial infection in my gut, I felt like I was knocked off my horse and felt very overwhelmed on how to proceed. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and probiotics to follow-up with.

Mary and I were eating breakfast when I had my “melt down” and shared with her how overwhelmed I  felt and asked for her help. She was so compassionate and loving and told me exactly what I needed to do to get rid of the bacteria/infection in my gut. She also shared how important it was that when I finished the antibiotic, l have no sugar, including fruit for a week. She not only told me what I needed to do, she said “I will cook for you to make sure you have nothing with sugar in it.”  How much better does it get than this? Instead of feeling overwhelmed as I had been feeling, I felt grateful, relieved and so loved.

Mary is my coach and I will eat whatever she tells me to eat and not to eat because my health is important.  This change of attitude and my willingness to follow the plan truly is God’s grace and a miracle for me. I am humbled and grateful that she is here to guide and support me. I shared in a past blog that Mary and Herbie were volunteering and staying at a bee farm for 2 weeks. This fell through at the last minute, so they are here with us for these 2 weeks.

I truly see God’s hand and perfect timing in this since Mary is present and willing to help me when I needed her the most. I have changed my thinking and know without a doubt that asking for help is a strength, and not a weakness.

How about you? Are you able to ask for help when you need it? We are not meant to suffer alone, we need one another on this journey of life.

Divine abundance

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Happy New Year.  I wanted to start the blog with a quote from the DailyWord because it speaks to my heart about my life and how it has unfolded.

“Divine Abundance is unlimited. I am prepared and open to receive it all. I surrender to life’s plan for me, EXPECT the best and receive it with joyful gratitude.”

It has been 6 years this month that I stepped out in faith and moved to Maui. I can hardly believe how my life has unfolded. Although, like most of us, I had created vision boards of what I wanted to create in my life, I could not have imagined it to be this magnificent. God’s plan is always so much greater than I could have ever imagined. I just kept saying “YES” and moving forward, despite all my fears and doubts.

Larry and I feel especially blessed this week because our daughter, Mary, and our grandson, Herbie, are staying with us for 7 weeks.  Mary and Herbie are volunteering at a Bee farm for 2 of the weeks. Every morning, Mary and Herbie do their stretching on our Lanai and then go for a run in the neighborhood. It is awesome to watch Herbie following his mamma and doing the same moves as she does. Mary is home schooling him so for the next few hours, they are doing school work as well as learning about the ocean and different parts of the island.

We are blessed to have our son, Tim, from Boise, Idaho also staying with us for a week. We are taking a trip to Hana and staying in a lovely cabin for 2 nights with an outdoor hot tub. We will be exploring the beaches and trails in Hana, as well as eating delicious meals that Mary loves to cook.

We are having a blast playing in the waves at the beach and going down the slide at the pool. Herbie was a little reluctant at first to go down the slide and didn’t know if he wanted to do it. Mary went first and then he went behind her. He loved it so much that he went down ten more times.

Grandma was next in line and very reluctant to go down because it’s been years since I went down a water slide. I felt embarrassed not to go since my 8 year old grandson was so courageous to go down. I have to say it was quite the ride and I’m glad I did it, but once was enough!

We had a “Meet the kids” party with several of our friends and had so much fun playing and wearing hats and glasses.

I think the greatest gift is seeing the love that Mary and Herbie have for one another. She adores him and he adores her. Mary is patient, kind and loving with him. I am amazed at how she talks to Herbie about everything. He is like a sponge and so open to learning. Herbie is truly a light and so full of love and innocence. I am so grateful that my daughter was given the opportunity to be a mother and am so proud of her. He is a gift from Heaven to all of us.



GRATITUDE is my attitude

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As I think about 2017 coming to an end, the word that stands out for me is GRATITUDE. Of course, what I am most grateful for is getting married to my best friend and soul mate, Larry. After waiting and praying for 15 years, I was ready to be in a committed relationship. It truly was the desire of my heart to be married, but I had surrendered my will to Spirit, as Larry didn’t want to get married again. He was quite happy with our relationship as it was and didn’t feel the need to get married, until Spirit put it on his heart to ask me to marry him one year ago.  I am grateful that he listened and followed his heart.

I am very grateful for my “renewed heath” and opportunities for the past couple of months. It was a wake- up call to pay attention to my health and change my way of life. I continue to feel better every day.

I have been thinking about what “surrender” means to me. It is the opposite of how I operated much of my life, until I became conscious and awake. I attempted to control people, outcomes and situations and tried to make things happen the way I wanted them. Surrender is a process and it has taken me many years to learn how to surrender and live in peace.

When we tap into this relaxed energy of surrendering, we allow that what we desire to flow to us in  miraculous ways. The job, the relationship or whatever we are envisioning and desiring for our lives is all on its way and when we surrender our plans for the timeline and the form in which we think it should arrive, we allow an even bigger and better outcome to take place. Many of us have heard, “We make plans, and God laughs.”

When we are not fighting the process and complaining, but accepting “what is,” we are able to say YES to limitless opportunities for love and joy to enter our lives. When we surrender to the natural flow of life, we can relax, trusting and knowing that everything is unfolding in perfect and divine timing and all we need to do is “show up” and get out of the way and let life happen.

Surrender occurs when we release our need to control things, and instead choose to place a higher level of trust and faith in the process of life. We choose Love rather than fear and worry because we know there is a Higher Power, Source, Love, God always GUIDING us.

As I thought about the word GUIDANCE, I remembered what it really meant. It means “God U and I Dance.” Simply put, God leads, I follow. It feels so much better when I am relaxed and willing to follow, rather than trying to lead and be in control.  My ego wants me to believe that I am in control and that I know what’s best for me rather than to trust the Spirit within and surrender. My ego wants me to believe that I am separate from God, but the truth is that I am ONE with God. We are all connected and we are all ONE.

As I was thinking about GUIDANCE, I opened to a reading in “Jesus Calling.”

“Be willing to follow wherever I lead. Follow me wholeheartedly with glad anticipation quickening your pace. Though you don’t know what is ahead, I know and that is enough. Some of my richest blessings are just around the bend, out of sight, but nonetheless, very real. To receive these gifts, you must walk by faith-not by sight. This doesn’t mean closing your eyes to what is all around you. It means subordinating the visible world to the invisible shepherd of your soul.”

Love is all there is.  Allow Love to guide you and give you peace. Surrender to “what is” and the process of life and you will experience miracles and limitless possibilities.


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