The Magic of Saying No to others &…….YES To Yourself

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Join Pat Hastings, Spiritual Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker for a night of transformation and healing at “What Women Want Series.” Spirituality begins with your relationship with yourself. It is nurtured and developed through relationships with others, and culminates in a sense of purpose in life. In this fun, interactive workshop you will be given the tools to stand in your power – a “must” for healthy relationships. When you get comfortable saying “yes” to yourself, which sometimes includes saying “no” to others, you will be better able to say it in a way that is safe and lovable. You will also be empowered to create what you want, protect what you value, and change what doesn’t work for you. Develop your ability to stand in your power, take spiritual responsibility for your life and live from a place of authenticity.

WHEN: June 22, 2011    6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Water Street Cafe, Fall River, Water Street, Battleship Cove,  MA   508-672-8748

PRICE:  $6.00



  1. Lovely, loelvy, loelvy video, my dear Louise. Almost as loelvy as the poem. Not near as loelvy as the poet though. Few things are. *hugs and more hugs* xoxox

    Comment by Guillermo — December 14, 2015 @ 1:36 am

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