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It’s amazing what can happen in just three short days – from stepping out in faith and asking for what you want to total overwhelm-meltdown to excitement and gratefulness. We all know what it feels like to be overwhelmed where you just can’t think straight and your mind is like a blender. You just want to go to bed and put the covers over your head. Not a fun place to be. I felt vulnerable, scared and out of control when this happened to me. I hate to feel out of control and don’t think I know what I am doing.  

Here is my “three day journey” and what I did to get myself out of “overwhelm and meltdown.” I am scheduled to start a new blog talk radio show called “Finding the God of Your Understanding” in three weeks as well as a new internet TV show called “Inspiration to Your Path to God” in January. Big stuff for this girl who is not a “techie.”  Although scared to death, it is also very exciting doing what I love and living my passion. For the past two years, it has been my dream to have my own Spirituality TV Show (and I even had the name for it in my intention book.) Through a series of synchronistic events, it is unfolding according to a Divine Plan.

Last Thursday, I put on Face Book that I was looking for an intern Producer for my new TV Internet Show. That was a leap of faith because I was making it real and not just a dream. A few people asked some questions but nothing substantial.

I woke up Friday morning totally overwhelmed – all those old beliefs and feelings rearing their ugly heads and colliding with one another. “You don’t know what you are doing, are you crazy thinking you are going to have a studio in your home and do a TV show.”  

I was in trouble and knew I needed to take care of myself and love myself – pray, meditate, breathe, journal, change my thinking, take a hot bath and a nap. And that is exactly what I did. Journaling is the best kept secret and it always works to help me identify the old beliefs that are no longer working and let them go. I needed to BE, and allow whatever was coming up to just be there with no judgments or shame.

I made a phone call to Liz who had her own blog talk radio show and asked for help. She said, “Yes, I can come tomorrow.” I felt some relief. She came on Saturday and showed me exactly what I needed to do. The topic of my FB post about an intern Producer came up. To my amazement, she offered to be my intern Producer. She is absolutely perfect with all the skills and talents needed for this unfolding. Surely, an answer to prayer.

Overwhelm and “meltdowns” often precede big breakthroughs and inspired actions. I am so grateful for the powerful tools God has given me to move through feelings of overwhelm and get to the other side. What a powerful journey when we “PLUG IN” everyday.


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Do you feel deserving of the good that is coming into your life? Are you able to receive all that God wants to give you?  So many women feel unworthy/undeserving to receive and because of this limiting belief, they actually block the flow of good coming into their lives. You may ask yourself, why would I do that?  For many, it is an unconscious belief and you may not be aware it is there.  Once the belief is brought to the light, you can change it and God can transform it.

On January 1, I received a message from God. “I have set before you an open door which no one is able to shut.”  One of my intentions for the year was to travel. And I did! I gave a retreat on a cruise ship to Bermuda, visited my brother in New Jersey, visited a friend in New Hampshire, visited my family in Florida and have a trip planned to Hawaii next month.  Truly, God opened the doors and provided the money each step of the way. For this, I am grateful.

I have been on the spiritual path for over 35 years and have experienced powerful healings and transformation. God continues to reveal the limiting beliefs that are unconscious that block the flow of divine supply.

I recently visited my son and grandchildren in Florida. I started to journal while on the plane and was surprised when the feelings of anxiety and guilt surfaced.  This is what came to the light when I dialogued with God.  

Pat: I am feeling anxious and guilty God, what is this all about? I thought I was done with guilt.  I feel guilty leaving my business and I am scared. I am sorry for not trusting you. I know I am doing the best I can to change. Is it worthiness issues that are coming up?

God: You know what I say about guilt and what you teach others.

Pat: Yes, I do.  So why am I feeling guilty and where is this coming from?

God: All your life, you have thought you had to work hard, achieve, do more, be more and it’s time to shift, really shift and ALLOW me to do the work.

Pat: What do you mean God? How do I shift this? I want so much for my business to be successful so I can help others to heal and transform like I have.  

God: I know and I want this for you to. Remember, I called you to this ministry and it is your mission to help others to heal their fear and believe in themselves.  You heard my voice and you said, yes. Remember the “blouse story” and how I provided the $10 miraculously and how that story has blessed so many people.

Pat: Yes, God I remember. I get mixed up sometimes with how much money I am making as a measure for my success and worthiness.

God: I know and so do many other women and that is why they feel so bad about themselves and have a hard time receiving the good that I want to give them.  They too equate their job, what they do with who they really are, their essence and the spark of the divine they are.

Pat: Do I need to just let go, surrender, trust you are working in my life and love myself into wholeness and health?  Can I believe this trip is a gift from you and there is no need to feel guilty?  I don’t usually feel guilty and I think I am “shoulding” on myself. Please help me God.

God: I am helping you. You must go in and change your thinking, like changing the channel of the TV when you don’t like something. You are in control of your thoughts and it’s up to you to change them. I cannot do that for you.

Pat: What shall I change them to? “I deserve to go away, rest, be, spend time with my family. I am following you God. I trust myself and you God that you opened the door.  I have everything I need in this moment and you are providing. Miracles are coming to me right now.  I open my heart to receive all that you have for me. I am worthy and deserving to receive.”

God: I see your heart Pat and I know how you want to do my will and serve me. I want you to expect a powerful, peaceful week of surprises. Just keep trusting yourself and your intuition. I am blessing you in this moment. You are my beloved whom I am well pleased.

Pat: Thank you God. I stand tall in this truth of who I am and who you are. I now believe I am worthy and deserving to receive.

After this prayer and dialogue with God and before getting off the plane, something had truly shifted and I felt renewed, changed and free.  I expected miracles and was ready to receive and felt deserving.  

What happened during the week was truly amazing. I received so many gifts and miracles. In fact, the week was so powerful that my next book has been born. Whooo…..

I read this in prayer this morning. “The only reason any person does not have the life they want is that somewhere in the back of their mind – they don’t believe they deserve it. They don’t believe they are worthy – which is why they will not take responsibility for making it happen”


“I open my heart to receive. I am worthy, I am deserving because of who I am, not what I do.  I am a spark of the divine. It is my inheritance to receive only good and abundance. I open my heart and allow God to come to me today.”


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While considering a blog name, I wanted to encompass a sense of community. It was never easy for me to come up with a name of a title for any project or writing experience until the end.  Can you really best define something until it’s finished? How do I say what I want to get across or give people a feel of all I plan to offer or be for my blog, business or community in just a name? I finally surrendered to Community Gatherings as name for a web blog.  

Community Gatherings is an unattended web blog with one picture of my husband I used to test it the day it was created. I knew the content had to be community- minded, seeing as I am a great connecter, but never was able to get past the title of the web blog.  So there it sat out in cyber space with no community ever seeing it.

Sitting in a Constant Contact workshop in Rhode Island listening to the presenter explain why social networking is so important for business, I think about my lonely weblog out in space with no social activity at all. It then hits me…The Social Butterfly! A childhood memory of being defined as a social butterfly pops into my head. I think that’s it, that’s the name for my blog and I’ll use community gatherings in the tagline somewhere! 

I met Pat Hastings at a workshop I attended on Dreams a few weeks prior to this workshop. She walked up to my girlfriend & I to say hello and to my amazement her pants were covered with no less than 100 butterflies! Of course I begin to rattle off the events that lead to this moment of synchronicity. I have since purchased and added a tagline: community gathering to transform your mind, body & soul. Perhaps this article will be my first submission. It is in this way I use the Universe to provide me with my next steps towards fulfilling my ultimate destiny. 

Colleen Millett


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As many of you know who have read my book, the first chapter is about how God provides at yard sales.  I LOVE to share about answered prayer and the treasures that come my way.  When I receive a compliment on something I’m wearing, my friends smile and say “yard sale?”  “Yes, God dresses me,” I reply.  It is so much fun and I am always so grateful!

It’s not only clothes that God provides for – it’s gifts, books, air conditioners, beach chairs, and much more.  Recently, my friend Amy asked if I had a particular book that she needed for her new job.  I checked by bookcase and I didn’t have it. So, I do what I always do. I prayed and asked God to provide it at a yard sale. This was not your usual book that you would find at a yard sale, but an expensive Clinicians DSM diagnostic book for mental disorders. 

The first yard sale I stopped at had lots of books. The woman recognized me from the church we both attended and we started to chat. She asked if there was something special I was looking for. I told her about the DSM book. No, she didn’t have it. The next weekend while at a yard sale, the woman from my church was at the same yard sale.  She said, “You were looking for the DSM book, right?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “I found it today at another yard sale and I have it in my truck for you.”  I couldn’t believe it.  Not only did she find it, but she gave it to me for free.

As I packed to go on vacation last week, I remembered that my cover-up for my bathing suit had shrunk.  I needed something to wear over my bathing suit and I was leaving in 2 days and it was October. Hmmm, maybe I could find something at a yard sale, I thought.  Sure enough, the first yard sale I went to had lots of clothes.  The woman asked “is there something you are looking for? “  “Yes, a cover-up for my bathing suit.”  She then led me to the blanket with the cover-ups!  Now, really who would believe me that there were 3 cover-ups.  I found one that not only matched my new black bathing suit, but fit perfectly, and it was only $1.

Is it all about just asking and believing? I encourage you to ask for what you want from God. It may not come immediately, but it will come in the perfect and right timing. Trust, trust and trust some more.

Blessings Pat

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