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 My daughter Mary called and invited me to her two night Herbal class at her shop “Farmacy Herbs.” Mom, “I think you will want to attend because the women who are coming are spiritual.” “Hmm, spiritual women – that’s my kind of women,” I thought. I had been wanting to attend one of Mary’s classes for a long time & agreed to attend.  Mary invited me to share my story and book after the workshop.  A woman named Diane bought two of my books. “I am going to give one of the books to my 84 year old woman,” she said.  

The next night Diane brought her mother to the workshop. Jeanne (Diane’s mom) came up to me immediately and said “I have to tell you what happened to me last night. I was at my rosary group and I had a vision of angels all around me. It was very powerful. When the meeting was over, my daughter gave me your book. I was so excited because of the angel on the cover –it was a confirmation of my experience. I also read 12 pages of your book and I have already learned something. Your 1st chapter on yard sales made me realize that I don’t ask God for what I want and I don’t expect an answer.” I thanked her and asked her to please let me know when she finished the book.

Jeanne called a week later and said, “Pat, your book is amazing – how you receive from God! You have so much courage and so much trust to follow God and your dreams. When I went into prayer this morning, God said, “Everyone who reads Pat’s book will receive love.” Your heart is pure and full of love. You are very close to God and God has blessed you with many gifts. 

Last night at the rosary group, I shared your book with the women. I just opened to a page and read from it. The rest of the night all we talked about was God’s love. This is new for me to trust my inner voice and step out. Since reading your book, I am learning to trust myself and what God is saying to me – and not worry about what others think of me or if I look stupid. I made a resolution to listen to my inner voice and follow it.” Thank you Pat

The message – it’s never to late to change. Do you trust and listen to God’s voice, your intuition or are you afraid of what others will think of you?  Trust yourself that you are a spark of the Divine and God in action.


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I KNOW better, but it sometimes happens anyway. The old behaviors and negative energies creep in ever so slowly when I’m not awake and plugged into my Power Source.  When I compare, I despair – simple as that. I judge myself to be not good enough and not doing enough.  Fear and panic set in and I lose my peace.

This recently happened to me when I compared myself with a friend and the work she was doing.  That old belief that I have to push myself, work harder and make things happen reared its ugly head. I knew I was in trouble when I saw it escalating and started to feel overwhelmed. I sat in front of my computer, put my hands on my face and prayed the serenity prayer and asked for help.  The prayer worked and within a few minutes, I was back to my center and the truth of who I am as a child of God – a magnificent, radiant being who has gifts to share with the world.

Instead of rushing around “doing” more in an effort to achieve my goals, I want to experience more of this feminine energy and allow it to permeate my life, which requires “being” and allowing myself to receive what I need in the moment and trusting that is enough. Whenever I do that, it feels good and I am more peaceful and balanced. I am learning to go within and trust that my feelings are guiding me, and that I will know what the next inspired action is, instead of trying to make things happen.

In my last divine download, I shared about how the Ladybug had “found me” after choosing an animal card with the Ladybug on it the week before.  The message on the card said that I was lucky and to be open to receive abundance.  Well, it happened again this weekend – more Ladybugs – not once, but 3 times.   

I went to my favorite consignment store to buy myself a small gift for Valentine’s Day.  While in the dressing room, my eyes were drawn to the painting on the wall. Yes, flowers, bees and Lady Bugs!   Thank you God was all I could say. Shortly afterwards, another Ladybug “showed up.”  My daughter Mary gave me a new strainer to make my herbal teas with.  I put it on the seat of my car as I drove home.  For some reason, I glanced over at it and spotted the Ladybug sticker over the price tag. You can imagine my joy and excitement.

My friend Mary stopped by on Valentine’s Day and gave me a small red heart box.  I thought for sure it was candy. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the box and in it was a pair of white socks with red hearts and pink Lady Bugs. I am wearing the socks daily as a reminder to be open to receive abundance in my life.  I am allowing myself to receive whatever God wants to give me.

May you BE open to receive.


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Carlo Vexter came into my life when I was really desperate and needed help. Clearly an answer to my prayer and I found out a year later that I was an answer to his prayer. 

A couple of months earlier, I hired someone to do a new website for me. It was going well until she backed out in the middle of the project due to family problems. I panicked because my website was in shambles and lost in cyberspace. I cried, screamed, surrendered and then prayed for guidance. I was sending out an email when I noticed on the side a folder that read “website guy.”  I don’t remember ever seeing it there before. I clicked it on and all it said was Carlo and his number. I vaguely remember my friend giving me the number of the guy she used to do her website a year ago.    

I immediately called Carlo and asked “Do you still do websites?” “Yes, I do, what do you need?” he politely answered. I told him my dilemma and that I really needed help. Within a couple of days, Carlo showed up at my house, eager to help. I showed him what was left of my website. After looking it over, he suggested doing a whole new website with WordPress so that I could go in and change things on my own. I thought to myself, “I wonder what this is going to cost.” I had already put out quite a bit of money and didn’t have a website!   

He was very interested in my book and how I wrote it. We talked for quite awhile about faith and our beliefs. He asked me so many questions and I just felt like he was searching for spirituality. At the end of the night, he said, “I know I can help you and I want to do it for free.” I couldn’t believe my ears and I didn’t really believe him. But, he immediately started working on it. We met a few weeks later and he showed me what he had done. I was absolutely amazed when the website was completed. It was more than I could have imagined. I was so grateful to God for bringing Carlo into my life when I was really desperate and to Carlo for his generosity and love. 

I received an email from Carlo one year later. “Pat, when I met you last year, I was going through a lot of personal hardships. I was at a very low point in my life, struggling with the loss of a relationship, my job was ending and my car had just broken down. I was asking a lot of questions through prayer. I still had a lot of doubts about God and what my next steps would be. I didn’t understand what it meant when someone says to put your faith in. Faith in what? I was asking for evidence and I got just that and more. 

If it was not for us connecting and being in your presence, I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be right now. My prayers were answered, my faith strengthened and I know there is a God and I am so grateful. So much good has come into my life – I found my future wife and started my own business called Vexter Design Studio. I now understand that God has a plan – and part of that plan was you needing a website and me being able to provide it. Thank you Pat for believing in me and trusting me.

Stretching YOUR SOUL and Stepping into Your Greatness

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When you step into your greatness, your “inner artist” soars because you know your purpose and feel passionate about every aspect of your life. When you align your life with your true purpose, you use your creativity, imagination and your gifts to the fullest extent, and help create a magnificent world. When you say yes to your “inner calling” and passion, you naturally follow your heart’s desires and listen to your soul. You know your value and no longer hold yourself back. You turn fear into faith, do what you love and have fun! You live from a place of “being”, rather than “doing” and allow miracles to find you. As you let your light shine, you invite others to let their lights shine. You open your heart to receive all that God has intended for you. You stand tall in your own truth, live the life you deserve and love it.


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Finding your voice means being able to express what you think and feel, without worrying what anyone else thinks or feels about it. It means trusting and believing in yourself. Finding your voice sets you free to be the woman you want to be and who God created you to be. It takes courage to speak your truth. As you find your authentic voice and value your own worth, your self esteem improves and you feel more confident and free. You know how to go within to see what it is you want for your life. As you learn to speak up by saying no to others, you say YES to yourself and honor what is important for you. When you are assertive instead of being passive or aggressive, you speak your truth with honesty, while respecting yourself and the other person you are interacting with.

TRANSFORMING Trauma: Be Better not Bitter

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Learning to work through childhood trauma whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual abuse can leave you feelingBetter or Bitter. It’s your choice. This is true regarding other losses in your life, whether it be the loss of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of your health or the loss of job. When you are able to accept and embrace all of your feelings (especially fear and anger) you will understand that everything happens for a reason. You will learn to let go and let God. The more you let go of the past and the future with all its “what ifs” the more fully you live in the present moment, and experience peace. Letting go may mean forgiving yourself and others a little at a time. However, forgiving yourself is usually the hardest person to forgive and yet it is the most important. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself and it is truly the bridge to inner freedom, peace and transformation.

Living POWEFULLY in the Present Moment

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When you are living in the present moment, you experience more love, peace and joy. Not only are you present for yourself, but you are present to others and all that is going on around you. You have the power and ability to “stop the chaos” in your mind and eliminate the behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve you. When you learn to identify the feelings and behaviors that cause you pain, discomfort and stress, you won’t need to turn to a substance (alcohol, drugs, food) or a process to cover up your pain. You won’t need to rush or stay busy to avoid your feelings. A process may include shopping, perfectionism, cleaning, needing control, gambling, people pleasing, over-achieving, worrying and focusing on others at the expense of yourself. When you identify and change your core limiting beliefs about yourself, God, others and life, you will live powerfully and peacefully in the present moment and your need for control diminishes.

Embracing YOUR Spiritual Power

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When you embrace and connect to your “Spiritual Power” whether you call it God, Universe, Source, Higher Power, Soul, Spirit or Buddha through various spiritual practices, your life will change from the inside out and you will awaken to your higher purpose, find meaning in your life and deepen your faith. Transformation happens naturally as you experience God’s unconditional love and love from within. You no longer will be a “people pleaser” and look outside for validation, self-worth and love. When you feel “good enough” and worthy to receive more of God’s love, you will hear the small still voice of God and trust its wisdom and guidance. As you connect with the power within, your relationship with yourself and others will deepen and improve. You are now living from a place of authenticity, strength, truth and integrity.


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As I drove down the street after my Toastmasters meeting, I immediately noticed my car pulling to the right. And then I heard the thump, thump, thump and I knew I HAD A FLAT TIRE.  I turned my car around and went back to the Nursing Home facility where the meeting was held.  I explained the situation to the receptionist and asked to use the phone to call AAA.  I was quite surprised with the wait time – 4 hours.  I was still on the phone with AAA when my friend Gina, a fellow toastmaster was at my side asking, “How can I help you, Pat?”  She offered to drive me home so I didn’t have to wait 4 hours and bring me back in the morning before going to work to get my car and call AAA again.

I gladly accepted her offer and felt so grateful that I didn’t have to stand around for 4 hours. I told her I would call her in the morning if I needed her to bring me back (which was way out of her way.) When I got into her car, I thanked God for His protection – that I was safe and wasn’t on the highway which could have been a disaster.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and I trusted that God was in the mix. By the grace of God, I focused on what was working: my car was in a safe place, I had a ride home and I wasn’t on the highway alone and stranded.

I called my son and daughter in the morning to ask for a ride back to my car. My daughter was out of town and my son was working. I called another friend, but got her answering service.  “Well God, I trust you will work this out in your time and your way.” With that, the phone rang, “Pat, do you need a ride to get your car? I would be glad to pick you up before I go to work.” asked Gina. “Thank you God for taking care of me and putting it on Gina’s heart to call me and offer me a ride.”   

Gina dropped me off at the facility and I promptly called AAA.  This time it was a 2 hour wait. ”It’s getting better,” I thought to myself. The receptionist was so kind when she heard my dilemma and showed me where I could get some tea.  “Is there a place where I could sit and wait,” I asked. “Of course, follow me.” She escorted me to a beautiful sitting room surrounded with big windows looking out onto the courtyard with bird feeders everywhere.  There were all kinds of flowering plants, a fireplace and a waterfall. 

Again, I was grateful for the lovely surroundings and the peace in my heart. In the past, I might have complained that I was wasting time and not getting things done.  I focused on the present moment and the gifts that were available to me.

As I sat on the comfy chair in front of the fireplace, feeling relaxed and enjoying the moment, Ellie sat down on the chair across from me. We smiled at one another and immediately started to chat. There was a peaceful presence around her that I felt drawn to. “How long have you been here?” I asked.  She smiled and responded, “five days.” I was amazed at her positive attitude and how grateful she was. She was actually having fun in a nursing home and spreading cheer to the other patients.

I grabbed a tote bag before I left the house that had one copy of my book in it.  Loud and clear I heard God say “Give her your book.” I have learned to pay attention to that voice. “Okay, God, I will give her my book.”  She smiled when I gave her my book and said “I am also a woman of faith.” As she left to go to lunch, she smiled and said, “You made my day.”  Actually, she made my day! The message for me was to have fun and keep a positive attitude – wherever you find yourself.


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After thirty years in the city, I finally left Los Angeles in 2002 and moved to Palm Springs. I loved the energy of the desert and the quiet surrounding of the mountains that were was so peaceful and serene. It was a new life and the air was clean. The only highway to civilization ran through the middle of the basin and nothing but two-lane roads etched in the sand connected the patches of houses and newly developed communities throughout the valley. 

I kept my job and commuted back and forth for several months while I looked for work locally. My mustang convertible enjoyed the open road and it was my thinking time. I had my repertoire of music to get me through, some CDs to pump me up in the morning, others to chill me out on the way home. 

I had only been living in the desert a couple months when driving home one night I experienced my first sand storm. The wind had become very strong and I learned later that wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour were reported that night. I got off the freeway at my turnoff and started on the two-mile stretch home. The wind grew fierce as I made my way into the desert. My visibility became less and less and I couldn’t see in front of me nor could I see the cars coming in the opposite direction. I was now only driving about 10 mph, too afraid to pull over for fear of being buried alive or hit from behind. I couldn’t tell if I was driving straight or if I was even still on the road. The wind was howling so loud I couldn’t hear anything else. The sand swirled all around me and I could feel it coming in through the windows and the creases in my top. I was shaking and began to cry. All I could do was keep moving. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and screamed in a rage at the top of my lungs, “I could use some ——–help here!! 

All of a sudden, silence. The wind stopped and the road completely cleared in front of me. I could see all around me. It was like it never happened! Still shaking uncontrollably, I made my way home. I had just experienced my first sand storm. 

Though I didn’t grow up with this God, the God of my understanding is a loving and gentle God. One more time I was shown how loving and patient my God is. No matter how upset or impatient or even irreverent I may be, I am constantly being shown how much I am loved. No matter how afraid I may be, I will always be taken care of. The solution or answer may not come when I want it or when I think I need it, and it’s never in my time. But it’s always on time!

Now, any time I become consumed by fear or simply upset about a situation, I think of that night in the desert. I don’t believe it was a coincidence. I believe I was being told, one more time, that I am never really alone and I will always be taken care of no matter what. Everything is going to be ok. My only job is to trust, have faith and ask for what I need.  I have to ask myself, “why did I wait so long before I asked for help?”  Thank you God for loving me.

Cheryl Johnson, Radio Talk Show Host “From Maui With Aloha”

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