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Isn’t it easy to be grateful when everything is flowing and you are manifesting easily and effortlessly? I love when I am in the state of grace and trusting everything is in perfect and right order.  This is what I strive for every day, but unfortunately; it’s not always like that.

What happens when things are not going the way you want them to go?  They may not be happening fast enough, you are not making the money you need or there are problems with your children or family members. You may have lost your job or hate your job and living in dread every day. This is life school and we are always learning and growing, right? The challenges or opportunities we encounter cause us to grow, ask for help and deepen our faith in a Power greater than ourselves.

I teach about faith and being in the hallway where one door has closed and the other hasn’t opened yet. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being in the hallway. I may complain, kick, scream and try to get the door to open – to no avail.  I must surrender and accept “what is” if I want peace while I am waiting for the next door to open.   If I have asked for guidance and prayed to my higher power for help, I trust that everything is happening for a reason and I am exactly where I need to be.

It’s in the hallway that your faith muscles grow and get stronger. You cannot see what’s ahead and you have to trust what you cannot see and that’s scary sometimes.  Isn’t that what faith is all about? Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.

Although many doors have opened for me, there are doors that haven’t opened yet (and I don’t understand why because I am doing everything I know to do) and I am in the hallway.  My faith muscles are getting stronger as I surrender to “what is”, trust the process, let go of anger, trust God and make a conscious effort to be grateful for everything in my life exactly the way it is.

Whoever said the spiritual life would be easy?  It’s a constant letting go, surrendering , accepting “what is” and remembering that you are one with God and are loved unconditionally just the way you are. 

Are you in the hallway of your life?  Today, I invite you to be grateful for exactly where you are and to trust that everything is happening for a reason and all is well.


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I recently had an experience with a family member that I had to practice what I preach. Unfortunately, I was into the “Blame Game.” I know better, right? 

I dug into my “spiritual tool box” and searched for the tool I needed to feel better and bring myself back to center. I clearly needed to practice DETACHMENT. How did I know I needed to detach? Easy, my mind was like a blender and I couldn’t stop thinking about what my family member said and did. It felt like I was about to explode and of course, I thought I was right! I took a walk to clear my head and breathe. I kept repeating to myself detach, detach, detach over and over again. I didn’t know what else to do to bring myself back to peace. It worked and relief came.

When I judge and make someone else wrong (and me right) I am in trouble because I am living in victim consciousness.When I am in victim consciousness, I’m not willing to take responsibility that my soul attracted this situation or person that I’m blaming and judging, so that I can heal limiting beliefs I have that are not true about who I am. Through God’s grace, I became willing to see the perfection in what I had attracted into my life and was willing to stop blaming and judging my family member.  Rather than coming from a place of anger, blame and judgment, I was able to come from a place of love. I was then able to forgive myself and my family member for what I had “perceived” as their wrong doing.

Detachment is a powerful tool that I practice when I get out of balance and lose my peace. I choose to love and not live in victim consciousness. It is a choice. What are you choosing today? Are you living in victim consciousness or are you coming from a place of love?   



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While vacationing with my son in Florida last week, I visited with my friend June. We had a lively conversation about spirituality, prayer, faith and forgiveness.  We wondered why some prayers are answered almost immediately and other times we have to wait for our prayers to be answered. Neither one of us had the answer. We both agreed it’s about trust and God’s perfect plan and timing.

She shared a powerful story with me that happened to her many years ago.  She remembers exactly where she stood in her dining room when she prayed to God.  “God, I need $5,000 and this is what I need it for. My 2 daughters need this money and I want to help them.”

That night, she went to her weekly bingo game.  When she arrived, she went to the rest room, only to find it was closed for repairs. Right next to the bingo hall was a casino. She decided to walk into the casino and find the restroom.  She was drawn to a dollar slot machine and decided to play $10.

“I was shocked when all the whistles and lights went off and I won $5,000. When I went to cash in for my money, the teller shared that what happened was very unusual.  The person right before me had just gotten up from that machine and had also won $5,000. She said that never happened before.”

I remember another time in my life that God provided.  I was down to my last dollar. I went to the mailbox and found an envelope with a $600 check in it from Walgreens. No letter or explanation –just the check. I thought it must be a mistake and called Walgreens to inquire about it.  They couldn’t explain what it was for, but it was legal. They thought perhaps it was a rebate for medications I had purchased over the year. I asked if that ever happened and they said no. The check was mine to spend. Of course, I thanked God for how he provided for me. We must be clear about what we want and ask for.  We must trust God will answer the prayer in the perfect and right time – and the perfect way!

June Barrow


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I don’t know about you but I get loads of daily emails that I don’t open.  About a month ago, I received an email and didn’t know why I was led to open it (I know now it was a Godincidence.)  They were looking for speakers for a holistic cruise to the Caribbean in January 2012. Right up my alley, I thought. I immediately shot them off an email telling them I was interested in applying to be a speaker.  I didn’t hear back and assumed they had already chosen their speakers.  I received a phone call this week that they wanted me to send in a proposal of what workshop I would present.  I felt the excitement mounting especially after I saw the website and the fantastic deal they were offering.  Of course, I filled in the application and sent the proposal right off.  I knew in my heart of hearts that I was going to be selected to be a speaker.  The next day I received an email, “Pat, congratulations, you have been selected to be a speaker on the Norwegian Spirit  Cruise Ship.” I screamed with excitement and gratitude. 

You see, this has been a dream of mine to be an inspirational speaker on a cruise ship for several years. I have an intention book that I pray with daily and in the book was a picture of me speaking on a cruise ship.  My trip to Maui, Hawaii and swimming with the turtles was also in my intention book.  What is in my intention book are prayers in pictures and words. It really works, not in my time – but in God’s time!

What are your intentions? You must be clear about what you want and you must believe and expect your prayers to be answered.

If you would like to cruise with me and 150 other like-minded spiritual people, please click on link below. If you sign up before May 15, there is a discount of $150. Contact me for more information at 401-521-6783 or email me at Check out idpathas


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Please join Pat Hastings on Patricia Raskin’s Positive Living program on 630AM and 99.7FM on 4/10 from 1:30pm-2:00pm.

Pat will be dicussing How to Pray & Get Results: 10 Tips to Have Your Prayers Answered 


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Join Pat Hastings, Spiritual Life Coach and Ned Arvidson, Certified Transformational Leader

Do you want a deeper connection to Self, Higher Power and Others? Discover the power of your spiritual self, especially in turbulent times. Learn how to strengthen your spiritual practice, decrease your stress, and live in peace. Learn specific tools and techniques to stay peaceful, find balance, meaning, and purpose. Inner peace and real happiness do not come from controlling the world outside, they come from connecting with the Spirit deep within. In this workshop, you will improve your self-esteem, learn how to take care of yourself, and practice self-love. This workshop will benefit anyone who wants a deeper spiritual connection, regardless of your religion or beliefs. It is about connecting with the Spirit within.

-Tools to connect with your source of empowerment and release the power within

-Learn the benefits of spiritual connection to self, higher power and others

-Techniques to reduce stress to promote lasting change

-Identify blocks and beliefs that prevent real love, peace, joy & happiness

-Improved self-esteem and self love

-Encouragement and permission to be who you really are

DATE: May 7, 2011

WHERE: 1240 Pawtucket Ave. E. Providence, RI


PRICE: $50

REGISTER: Call Pat @ 401-521-6783

For more information: Pat www. & Ned


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That voice may be referred to as God, Intuition, Spirit, Higher Self, Soul, Higher Power, Universe. People often ask me, “How do you know it’s God giving you messages and not just your own voice?” The answer is: “I don’t always know. It’s only afterwards when people tell me it was exactly what they needed to hear.”

Sometimes it’s scary, my heart pounds and I want to walk the other way when I receive a message for someone. I could be totally off base. I need to let go of my ego and not worry about what others will think of me. I’ve learned to let go of the outcome.

It’s about trusting God has a Divine Assignment if I’m willing to listen and follow through when I receive a message for someone. It often comes out of nowhere and just pops into my head. I feel a quickening in my spirit and then I listen and be still.

Listening and following through are key elements. Usually, when I don’t want to do it, it’s a signal that it’s from Spirit. Sometimes I know what I’m going to say and other times; I have no idea what I’m to say. I trust it will come and it always does.

After years of listening, I usually don’t question it any more. It may not make sense, but I do it anyway and then watch the miracles unfold.

The more you step out in faith, trust and listen to that still small voice within, the more you make yourself available for Divine Assignments.

Ask Spirit to lead you; trust you will be led; and then step out in faith. Start out small and test the waters. Your words could transform and change another’s life dramatically. Like the time I was led to give a message of God’s love to a woman who was about to commit suicide. God’s words saved her life.

It’s a joy to know I’m making a difference in someone’s life and helping them grow closer to God. It really is fun. Try it you might like it!

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