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Expectant Faith

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“Expectancy is confidently knowing that something good is unfolding and anticipating its arrival. God is my source. There is no lack in the kingdom and nothing is beyond the goodness of God. While others may speak of gloom and lack in the world, I expect the abundance of Spirit. With faith, I expect my good and claim it now.” Daily Word

As I thought about God calling me to move to Hawaii for 6 months, I realized that it has been a process that has been unfolding for over a year – maybe my whole life time. My intention over the next few months is to share with you a glimpse of my personal journey of stepping out in faith so that you can step out in faith, take a risk and take action to live your dreams.

I met Ellen (my earth angel) in June 2010 after speaking at her church in E. Greenwich, RI. She invited me to stay with her at her condo overlooking the ocean in Maui, Hawaii. I took her up on her offer and spent 2 weeks with her in November 2010. When I was leaving, she gave me a card that read “Keep the vision of coming back to Hawaii.”

A couple of months after meeting Ellen, I had an intuitive reading on the phone from a woman whom I had never met. She asked “Are you planning a trip soon?” I responded, “Yes, I am going to Hawaii in a couple of months.” She said, “Hawaii is going to be the nucleus of something really big and you will be moving.” That is all I remember about the reading, but it stayed close in my heart.

I spent the month of September at Ellen’s condo while she traveled with her family to Europe. While there, I had several speaking engagements and met incredibly powerful women who had been called to Maui to live. They said, “Mother Maui is calling you and needs your energy.” It is hard to describe the feminine energy in Maui that pervaded my whole being. I felt like I was in an altered state for most of my stay. It is this energy that is reawakening feminine balancing energy to the world and I am so grateful that God is calling me back to Maui.

Even before going to Maui, I knew something in my business had shifted, but I didn’t know what it was and it was scary. Deep within, I knew I was being prepared for something major to change in my life. I was learning not to push things, but to allow things to unfold naturally.

It was during my prayer while in Maui, I asked God, “What is the next chapter in my life?” Something shifted deep inside me and I started to think “Why can’t I come back here to teach, speak and coach?” What is stopping me from living my dream and moving to Maui? Nothing. For the next couple of weeks before returning home, I prayed and meditated and asked for signs that it was God calling me to Maui and not just my ego. I prayed daily with Goddess cards and each day I received powerful cards affirming that it was Mother Maui calling me back.

I came home and announced to my family and friends that I was moving to Maui in January for 6 months. Now that is stepping out in faith because I need to rent my condo for 6 months, find a place to live in Maui for free and find work. I immediately took action and started to advertise my condo to nearby colleges, hospitals and on Craigslist. God knows what I need and I am trusting that every detail is already done in the mind of God.

I am acting “as if” it has already happened. I am cleaning out my condo from top to bottom and making space for my new right and perfect tenant. I am letting go of the old and packing my personal things that mean so much to me (my angels.) I am praying for my new tenant that she/he will find peace and healing in my sacred space. It would be easier to do all this if I already had a tenant to rent my condo and a place to live in Maui, but that is not what faith is about to me.

I know I am following God and my heart’s desire because of the peace I have in my heart. Yes, I sometimes feel afraid, but I feel it and do it anyway. I feel like I am enveloped in God’s grace and love at this time in my life. I am grateful and stay focused on the positive. I feel the joy of returning to Mother Maui.

I just received this email as I finished this divine download:

“On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know that safety is not the thing you should look for in the future. Joy is what you should look for. Security and joy may not come in the same package. They can…but they also cannot.  There is no guarantee. If your primary concern is a guarantee of security, you may never experience the truest joys of life. This is not a suggestion that you become reckless, but it is an invitation to at least become daring.”


Stepping Out in Faith

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I am moving to Maui for 6 months in January and at times I can hardly believe it. I find myself thinking, is this real? Can I trust my inner voice and have faith that this is a call from my soul and spirit?  Before I went to Maui in September, I said to my kids “It would be nice to live in Maui for half of the year.” It was kind of a daydream because at the time, it didn’t seem at all possible for that to happen. Apparently, Spirit heard my desire and Mother Maui is calling me back to live in Hawaii for half the year to teach, speak, coach and give workshops/retreats.  I trust that the right and perfect person will rent my condo while I am away and that I will be led to the right and perfect place to live in Maui – and I’m asking for a place to live for free. While this wasn’t “My Plan,” I truly believe it is the “Divine Plan” for my life. I love God’s Plan, so much better than my plan.

As I look back over the last 37 years and remember all the “stepping out in faith” miraculous stories I have experienced with God, it gives me the courage and strength I need to step out again and follow my heart. That doesn’t mean that I don’t feel afraid at times, because I do.  I have learned to face my fear and do it anyway. Isn’t that what faith is all about? It is a big leap of faith to trust the divine plan and move in another direction (even if it is to Paradise.)  It requires me to step into the unknown even though I don’t know HOW everything is going to unfold, I know the HOW is up to God.  Through prayer and meditation, I am learning to trust that everything is in divine perfect order and flowing with peace, ease and grace. While I was in Maui last month, several people I met said that moving to Maui will bring up all of your “stuff.”  Well, it is already happening, Spirit is shining it’s light into my heart and showing me areas that I need to change. I guess that is a good thing!

A call to faith is always a step into the unknown. Our conscious mind wants to figure out all the details, so that it knows what lies ahead and can have a road map, and our subconscious mind wants to keep us safe. So if we allow our mind to make all of our decisions, we may never move in the direction that our hearts and spirits want us to take. A call to faith is also a step towards a deeper level of service and will often require an immediate and radical shift in how we live our lives.

For many years, I looked outside of myself for my answers and needed the approval of others to tell me it was OK to live my life the way I wanted to. Learning to go within for my answers and to hear and trust God has been a lifelong process for me. It takes practice and the more I practice, the more I am divinely guided to the next adventure and chapter in my life. I no longer need to control everything and everyone around me in an effort to keep myself safe and know what lies ahead. Today, I am allowing God to lead and provide for all of my needs and as I step out in faith, I wait and watch the miracles unfold (and I learn patience.) What we expect, we get. I expect miracles in my life and I will get them. And so will you, if that is what you expect!

Today I am saying YES to myself, to life, to Spirit, to the Divine Plan and to live my life to the fullest, because one of the greatest gifts we can give to God and the world around us, is to live our life to the fullest.

Are you living your life to the fullest? Where is God calling you to step out in faith and follow your heart?  Take a small step in the direction of your dreams and watch how the universe will immediately support your decision and doors will open in a way that seems like magic.

AINE – Leap of Faith  (received in prayer)

Take a risk , and put your heart’s true desire into action. Don’t worry about making a wrong decision. Instead worry about making no decision at all. Then take time to pray, meditate, investigate, and make your decision. Once made, the universal energies will immediately support your decision, and doors will successfully open as if by magic. The magic, you see, is that you have set your mind to accomplish something. And this intention is what sets you on a magical journey. Trust that the universe will support you in all ways. Trust that your intention is clear and right for you. And then take a leap of faith and jump fully and squarely into the midst of putting your dreams into action. Don’t hesitate or delay a moment longer.

Goddess Guidance Cards – Doreen Virtue


P.S.  If you know anyone who is interested in renting my condo in Providence from January-June. please let me know.

Dreams Do Come True

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Ten years ago I had a dream. It was a BIG dream, which would rigorously change the lives of my five kids, my husband, and me literally overnight. My Soul told me we were going to leave Holland. Imagine waking up tomorrow with a knowing that you had to leave the country you live in? Everybody said we were crazy.

To make the move, our whole family-plus Buddha, our dog-had to be in agreement with my plan. Next, we flew to America and toured around in a nine-sleeper in search of our new destiny in this huge country. The Universe must have loved my plan; our house found us!

Our kids truly believed that you could just leave everything behind, pack up your suitcase, and hop on a plane. And in all honesty, that is exactly what we did. We left our beloved life behind and jumped on a plane with suitcases in hand.

Upon arrival we faced many challenges: not speaking the language, no contacts, no jobs, hardly any money, an empty house, our luggage floating on the ocean for two months, and more. Where do you start?

However, we are still here, and within ten years we’ve literally gone from surviving to thriving.Yesterday we celebrated that extraordinary choices not only give us extraordinary challenges but extraordinary results, and that DREAMS COME TRUE!

Saskia Roelle, Author of a Suitcase Full of Faith


Live Your Best Life Now: Awaken to the Divine Power Within – November 12,2011

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When you believe in yourself and connect to the Divine Power within miracles happen. If you want to advance in your life and truly make a difference in the world, you have to be willing to step into the unknown. Everything you ever wanted is just one step out of your comfort zone. Pat will share the 14 universal principles to manifest your dreams and live your life purpose. Take a leap of faith and put your dreams into action. Join Pat at her daughter’s beautiful farm in W. Greenwich, RI

DATE:  November 12, 2011

TIME:  1-5PM

PLACE:  Farmacy Herbs Farm

959 Hopkins Hills Rd.

W. Greenwich, RI 02817

PRICE: $50

REGISTER: 401-521-6783




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