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Going Deeper With God

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As I stood at the point overlooking the ocean, while waiting for the beautiful sun to set a couple of nights ago, I was mesmerized by the many turtles popping up their heads and then going back down into the ocean. Turtles are one of my symbols that God often speaks to me through. Turtles know when to stick their heads out, take a risk, move forward and they know when to go within, rest and do nothing and head back down to the bottom of the ocean.  Or at least it seems like they are doing nothing.  But what is really going on when they are resting, I pondered?  It appeared to me that they trust themselves and always knew what to do next. I thought to myself, “Is it that simple to just trust myself – to know when to act and when to rest and do nothing? What was God trying to teach me about through the turtles?

In prayer the next morning, I asked myself “Am I willing to go within, stay quiet, do nothing and trust…….that my answers are within and that everything I need is within?”  I realized that I was willing to do that up to a point, but then I get tempted to get the show on the road – even if I don’t know what to do next.  I became aware that I didn’t trust myself (or God) completely because it just didn’t make sense to do nothing. It’s frustrating and uncomfortable to do nothing in regards to my heart’s desires.  I took action all of my life, set goals, made lists and I succeeded in reaching my goals. Now, here I was being invited to rest, trust and do nothing. I also heard God say, “I want you to go deeper with me and let me fill you with my love.”

I know what it is like to live in fear, do nothing and stay stuck, but this felt very different.  I was making a choice. What if my intuition, my gut and God, (which I believe are the same) were saying – don’t take action, stay still, in essence do nothing and let me bring the desires of your heart to you, just enjoy the beauty around you and just BE. Was that one of the reasons God called me to Maui, to learn to trust and love myself and God more completely – even if it doesn’t make sense to the outside world or to me?

I took a few books to Maui with me and one of them was a small book called “Faith” by A.C. Ping. I hadn’t read it in several years, but felt led to throw it in my suitcase. When I sat down to pray this morning, I remembered this book and took it with me to pray. I randomly opened to a chapter called Nothing is happening, or is it? I couldn’t believe it! God was speaking to me again and assuring me that I was right where I needed to be.

Here is a paragraph that spoke to my heart:

“One of the most frustrating times along the spiritual path occurs when NOTHING seems to be happening.  Not only do we have lots of time to think, but at the same time people keep asking you “What’s happening?” On the surface nothing seems to be happening, but underneath a great shift is occurring. Instead of feeling frustrated, it may be that life is giving you a safe place to rest and gather your energy for the journey ahead. You may not be able to see which way to go, but if you sit patiently, have faith that life has meaning and wait until the mist clears, you may find that one day you wake up to a bright blue sky that reveals a clear path leading to an even more beautiful mountain than the one you just climbed. The temptation will be to run around in the mist searching for guidance. But this will wear you out and until you stop and rest, no further path will be revealed to you until you have the energy to attempt the next climb. Trust that although nothing seems to be happening on the surface, a whole lot is happening below the surface.”

After my prayer, I felt loved, reassured, peaceful and surrendered.  I spent the day at the Ritz Carlton Hotel enjoying the beauty around me and quietly swinging in the hammock.  I have a picture of being served fresh fruit as I sat at the pool reading my book. On my way back home, I took pictures with my new phone and just love the butterfly on the flower.

Let us all learn from the turtle, that it is safe and necessary to rest and go to the bottom of the ocean. When it is time to take action and put our heads out, we will do that with peace, ease and grace. God invites us all to go deeper, to rest and trust in ourselves that we are being led and will know what to do next in our lives.   Aloha


God’s Divine Highway

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I took a wrong turn and found myself veering off of God’s Divine Highway. I was sailing along, enjoying every minute of the journey, being in the present moment and then I LOST my peace. I was lost in some of the old beliefs and feelings. I don’t know why I took the wrong turn when everything was going so well. I was at church, of all places, when I found myself comparing myself to the guest speaker. I didn’t spot it immediately as I sometimes do, but this low energy kind of lingered throughout the day until I sat down to pray, meditate and journal. I wrote and wrote until I recognized the core belief of not feeling good enough. Comparing is deadly and I know that so I was surprised this was coming up. Whenever I compare myself with another, I either feel better than or less than.

Before I moved to Maui I was warned that all of your “stuff” would come up. I felt a little smug and thought I had worked for so many years on my stuff already, I was safe. Silly me, I should have known better because whenever we are being called to a higher level of consciousness or some big change is occurring in our lives, our stuff comes up. If I am honest, even though I don’t like it at first, I welcome my “stuff” coming up because I want to be the best me I can be, so I can serve and be a vessel for God in the purest way. I was sharing this with my son about “stuff” coming up and he reminded me that this is 2012 and this is happening to many people now. I am grateful that I am here in Maui where there is so much love and healing.

I know that change is good, but it can be scary. I was feeling some old insecurity reemerge as I started over again in Maui; and began meeting new people, living in a new place and leaving my home, family and friends. I asked myself, “Am I willing to walk through the discomfort of the unknown to embrace my greatness and follow God?  Am I willing to stay in the place of mystery of “not knowing what’s next” without trying to control and make things happen? When I sat down to pray, I heard God say, “I want you to trust me more.” Like many of you “I want what I want when I want it.” Sound familiar? God also said, “Ease into your new life, rather than rushing into it.”

I read this in prayer this morning: “Do not fear what appears to be a change or a loss in your life. Embrace it as evidence that you are alive. Embrace your deepest emotions as a signal of your true human essence.  What appears to be a loss is the beginning of a happy new phase. Change is scary and often contrary to what we want. It is always a call to be aware and to awaken to a conscious state of being. Today I boldly step forward and embrace change as my ally.”

Are you experiencing a change or loss in your life and is it bringing up your stuff? Do you lose your peace when you try to manipulate situations and control other people, when you compare yourself to others, judge or blame someone for your unhappiness, when you want your will rather than God’s will or when you are not willing to wait for God’s divine timing?  Be willing to trust God that all is well and release whatever it is that is not working and get back on “God’s Divine Highway.”   

I am happy to say that I am back on God’s Divine Highway, enjoying peace and dancing my way through life one day at a time. When I was in Belize Mexico, last month, I bought a CD with great dancing music on it. I play the CD when I take my daily walk and feel like I am in my own little world. I dance to the beat, clap my hands and shake my hips as I walk. Can you picture it? Today, a man stopped me, smiled and started to clap his hands with me and I have even had a few men wave to me as they go by in their cars. Now that brings a smile to my face and joy bubbles up in my heart.   Aloha

Daily Word

“Today I release. Quietly and confidently, I yield to divine direction. In letting go of old thoughts and behaviors, I feel a deep sense of peace. As I rest in the awareness that God is with and within me, my inner compass is directed in the way I should go. I am filled with deep assurance and contentment, for I know that I am being directed by Spirit. Today I let go and let God’s life and love flow through every cell of my body. Today I let go and let God direct my thinking, my speech and my activities.   Today I place my trust in God, and all is well.”

I Walk in Beauty……

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I walk in beauty amidst the turtles, butterflies, flowers, birds, mountains, waterfalls, sunshine, whales, rainbows and the ocean. It is in this place of beauty and love that I am experiencing the presence and power of God. I grew up with the belief that “suffering” was good because it brought me closer to God.  Certainly during those times of trials and tribulations, I did experience God’s love and protection.  But, my thinking has changed about suffering… I believe that God wants only my good and that His favor is upon me every day.  God wants me to be happy, peaceful, prosperous and abundant.  I had to let go of the old beliefs and guilt so that I would be open to RECEIVE all the good that is planned for me. I realize that over the years I blocked my good and what God wanted for me because I didn’t feel deserving or worthy.

I believe living in Hawaii and walking in the beauty that surrounds me is a result of changing my thinking and knowing that I am deserving and worthy. Hawaii is like living in paradise and I keep pinching myself that I am really living on the ocean in Maui.  When I take my walks in the morning I have a perpetual smile on my face and I say good morning to everyone.

When God placed the idea in my mind to move to Maui for 6 months while I was here last September, I remember very clearly writing in my journal, “Yes, why can’t I do this?” As I prayed daily for guidance and confirmation, I received messages through my angel and Goddess cards that this was God’s plan and that God was inviting me to take a leap of faith. Even before returning home, I called my children and told them I was going to move to Hawaii for 6 months.

As I ponder the last few months, I know it was God’s grace, and on the wings of prayer, that I had the courage to follow my dream and trust that this was God’s plan, despite the fact that I had a limited amount of resources and certainly not enough to live on in Hawaii. I did what I had to do; I sold some jewelry, my mother’s silverware and whatever else I could find that would support my trip. If I trusted God, which I did, money was not going to stop me from following the call and Divine plan for my life. I received a few small unexpected checks in the mail and the day before I left Rhode Island, I was blessed with a substantial financial gift that will take care of all of my needs while I am living here. The best part was that I had no idea I was receiving it. All I know is that God is my source and God is faithful. When you leap, you reap! So often I hear, “I don’t have the money to do what I want.” I didn’t have the money either, but I knew in my heart that God was calling me to follow my heart and I trusted that I would be provided for. I believe God is happy when we trust and even happier to provide for us, often miraculously.

Once I said YES, the magic started to happen. When I got home from Hawaii last fall, I bought a plane ticket to return, and my daily prayer was “thank you God for the right and perfect woman to rent my home. Thank you God for the right and perfect place to live in Maui.” As I have shared in past emails, the right and perfect woman showed up on my doorstep and now Carrie Ann lives peacefully in my home.  I thank God for Pat and Bob for welcoming me into their beautiful condo. This is truly the right and perfect place for me to live.

Has God placed something in your mind and heart for you to do but you don’t trust it, are afraid it is “just you,” and that you might be making things up?  What are your excuses? What is the desire of your heart? Is it to start a new business, write a book, leave a job/ relationship, or move to a new place? You know what it is, for God has placed that desire in your heart. It is time to step out, because God goes before you and will provide everything you need. God is inviting you to say YES and start living the life that is destined for you. Your gifts and talents are needed in this world and the Divine is waiting for your YES. God wants you to walk in beauty and experience His power and love like you have never experienced before.

My prayer for you is that you will trust yourself and your relationship with God, and know that all will be provided when you step out in faith and follow your heart.  Aloha.

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