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RELAX – God is in control

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As I was pulling out of the restaurant parking lot last Sunday, I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw a sign on the back bumper of the car parked next to me. It read, Relax – God is in control. I beeped for my friend Glenn to get out of his car so he could also see the sign. I said, Holy S…… He said, “Are you kidding me? It is the exact words we just talked about as we walked out of the restaurant.” He was speechless other than a softly uttered “thank you” because we knew this was GOD speaking to us both. He took a picture of the car and put it as a screen saver on his phone to help him remember the message! He said, “This is a message I can’t afford to ignore, a message clearly given out of Love and felt in my Soul.” We left the restaurant in awe of the power of God and the love we both felt. It truly was a “Divine Connection.”

I almost missed this “Divine Connection” of God speaking to us through the bumper sticker because I was coming from a place of lack and scarcity. Let me explain. I met Glenn at the church we both attended, and after the service he asked me, “Would you like to go to lunch?” I hesitated at first because I didn’t want to spend the money. I had been out to lunch with friends several times that week and I didn’t feel comfortable spending any more money. I said, “Thank you for the invitation, but I will have to pass for today.”

After he left the church, I quickly realized I was coming from lack and scarcity because I did have the money. I ran out after him and called his name. “Glenn, I changed my mind and I would be happy to go to lunch with you.” I was honest and said, “I was coming from a place of lack and scarcity and I no longer choose to live in a state of lack.” He told me a few days later what he heard after he left the church to go to his car.. “Glenn, walk slow, she might change her mind” and then “listen, in case she calls your name” right before I called his name. I am so grateful that we were both listening to our “inner voice” and God (which I believe are the same.)

While driving to the restaurant, I heard God say, “I want you to pay for his lunch too.” When I hear God, I listen. When the bill came, I grabbed for it and told him, “I am buying.” He looked uncomfortable and said, “This is killing me.” I asked why and he said, “I have to learn to receive and not always be giving.” He was learning to receive and I was practicing not to live in lack and scarcity.

We sat in the restaurant for two hours and the conversation about life and spirituality just flowed. We talked about the importance of not “reacting” and making decisions out of fear and lack . His parting words to me were, “I think I need to put the brakes on in my life.” I then told him about my sign RELAX that I purchased several years ago when I was rushing and trying to make things happen and it wasn’t working. I desperately needed to learn to RELAX. He described himself as an ACTION person and that he had tried everything in his life to be happy. He admitted that he was hitting walls and didn’t know what to do next. I shared how I have learned to trust and accept that I am right where I need to be and that “Not Knowing what was next” was okay.

Glenn sent me an email after our “Divine Connection” and said, “Pat, before I attended church that morning, I asked myself, What are you going to do about your life? A numb feeling of distress filled me as I held back the true fear that was rushing through me. I was struggling and in need of help, help to learn how to care for myself as I did for others.  I was trapped in my own mind-set surrounded by my personal weaknesses and feeling overwhelmed.”

He shared with me, “As I soaked in every word you said at lunch, I finally felt the connection to my Creator push forward from where I had buried it. My hope began to come back, my sense of calm re-appeared and the confidence in my spiritual path and a better tomorrow over-took me.  Thank You God for the message I needed. Thank you Pat for pointing it out. Thank you for the lunch that led me back to the path that I cherish and has brought me so much peace and happiness since its inception that I have to pinch myself to know it’s not a wonderful dream.”

I am grateful that I listened to my intuition and acted “quickly” and that I was able to be honest with Glenn. I am grateful that Glenn was open and asked for what he needed. I am grateful to God for His love, for speaking to us both so powerfully and allowing me to serve him that day.

I thought about the bumper sticker all week and how it applied to my life. My house was on the market for one week and I was feeling some impatience (can you imagine that) that no one had looked at my house yet. When I went to bed that night, I prayed for a dream and asked God if I should lower the price of my house. All I remembered about the dream in the morning was that I was rushing. It felt like God was reassuring me not to rush that everything was under control.

As I took my walk the next day, God impressed on my heart exactly what I needed to do: rather than worrying, being fearful, living in the “what ifs” and the HOW and WHEN my house will sell, I needed to up the ante with my affirmation of gratitude “Thank you God for the right and perfect person to buy my house for the right price and right timing.” So it became my mantra whenever I thought about the house and it brought me peace and serenity.

On another note, I opened my email a few days ago and there was an email from my son Tim. He commented on my last blog and said, “When I looked at the picture that read KEEP ON PATH, what I saw was KEEP ON PAT H – KEEP ON! I loved it. So I will leave you with KEEP ON, KEEP ON!









I Danced & twirled around my kitchen singing

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I danced and twirled around my kitchen singing, “I did it, I did it!” because I had just bought my plane ticket back to Maui for September 5, 2012. And the good news is that I had frequent flyer miles and had to pay only $30 for it! You might be thinking, “Wouldn’t it have been better to wait for your house to sell first?” That is what my rational mind thought too. It said “You better wait and make sure that you sell your house before you buy a plane ticket back. Don’t jump the gun.”

God had other plans for me and I obeyed! I bought my plane ticket back to Maui after I prayed and meditated about when to buy the ticket. In prayer, I heard the small, still voice of God say, “Do exactly what you did to co-create your 6-month trip to Maui.”  I knew exactly what that meant and if it worked then, it would surely work again.

When I returned home from Maui last September, I knew that I was being led to go back to Maui for 6 more months, which I did last January. I bought my plane ticket to return back to Maui last winter and that was before I had rented my condo and before I even had a place to live in Maui for 6 months.  I just trusted my divine guidance and my daily affirmation was, “Thank you God for the right and perfect person to rent my condo and thank you God for the right and perfect place to live in Maui.” Only ONE person looked at my condo and rented it. Then, when I arrived in Maui on January 17, my beautiful condo on the ocean was waiting for me to rent. Today I know that I only need ONE person to buy my house and that it is already done in the mind of God.

In 12-step programs, they say “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” I have personally experienced this in my own life, and many times I have had to change my behaviors if I wanted a different result. In the case of going back to Maui to live, I am doing the same thing and expecting the same results. I realize it may not happen the same way or look the same way, because HOW all this manifests is up to God. I know and trust that God has the perfect plan and the perfect timing for my house to sell. If I want to stay peaceful, I have to not be attached to the outcome and how I think it should look because I know that “I want what I want when I want it.” I have to let go of my control and trust God’s perfect plan. Sometimes I manifest quickly and sometimes I have to wait. I have been thanking God for my soul mate for several years. I will not give up and trust in the perfect and right timing.


Here are the steps I took to create my good and my ability to live in Maui:
1.     I became clear about what I wanted (writing it down is good).
2.     I asked God/Universe for what I wanted.
3.     I opened my heart to receive what I wanted.
4.     I let go of false beliefs that could be blocking my good (such as not feeling good enough or deserving of all this good).
5.     I visualized the end result and felt like it had already happened.
6.     I affirmed daily “Thank you God for the perfect and right buyer and the right and perfect place to live when I return to Maui.
7.     I let go and let God, by not being attached to the outcome.

“Acting as if” is another technique I use to attract good into my life.  It can be used anywhere, at any time, by anyone, to do anything that he or she really wants to do. It can be used to change one’s attitudes and personality, for behaving and “acting as if” a desirable characteristic is already present stimulates its manifestation.  For example, if I am going into a new situation and feeling some fear, I act as if I am confident and self-assured. I walk with my head up high and stand tall.

Why does “acting as if” work? Psychologists would tell us that it works because it enlists the aid of the subconscious mind, which releases stored-up information and stimulates necessary psychological and physiological processes. When we feel a desire to do or be something we have not done or been before, we are responding to a divine idea pushing toward manifestation.

I am “acting as if” my house is already sold by cleaning out draws, letting go of things I no longer use and selling things on Craig’s list. I see in my mind’s eyes SOLD on the sign in front of my house and I see myself moving out and the house is empty. I imagine myself singing an old song from my past, “Just like you promised you’d come.”

Today my heart rejoices that through God’s grace, I have the courage and strength to follow my heart and God’s invitation to return to Maui to live. How easily it would have been for me to say “It’s too expensive to live there and I could never afford it.” I ask myself, “How often have I blocked the flow of good that is mine because of my fear and negativity.” It took me 7 years to write my book because of fear and not believing in myself, so I know first-hand what it is like to be paralyzed with fear and to stay STUCK.

But the good news is that I am no longer paralyzed with fear. I became willing to do the inner work and whatever I had to do to transform the fear and live in love. When I choose to embrace the power of love, I banish fear. Peace cannot coexist with fear. Peace is present when there is confidence in the power of love. For 6 months while I was in Maui, I opened my heart on a daily basis to receive God’s unconditional love.  My daily intention that I pray as soon as I get out of bed is “My intention is to be peaceful, to love and to serve.”

How often have you blocked God’s infinite good coming into your life because of old messages of lack and scarcity and not believing in yourself? What keeps you from following your heart’s desires? My motto is, “I have only one life to live and I want to live it to the fullest, doing what I love to do, being with people I love to be with, and serving and loving God to the best of my ability.”

We are not promised tomorrow, all we have is today to live it in Love and to have FUN! I am filled with gratitude that I am sharing this powerful journey with all of you so you will be inspired to follow your heart and step out in faith as I have. It really works, try it you might like it!

“How do I know it’s God’s Will?”

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I have always heard that “less was better.” That never worked for me until NOW, especially in regards to my house that I put on the market today. YIKES & YEA, I did it. Up until this point, I always thought I needed more and had to do more and that more was better! I am sure that comes from the old belief that I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t have enough and I wasn’t smart enough. Maybe they could be called the not-enoughisms.

As I look around my house, especially at the empty white walls and no artwork hanging on them, I realized that I am “Pat” no longer there. In the past, whenever people came to my house for the first time, they would always say, “This is YOU Pat and I can feel your energy here.” I enjoy being creative and my house has always been filled with beautiful things & flower arrangements that I made.

Last week, a few of my close girlfriends came by to help me patch holes in the walls, paint, clean windows and wash walls before I put the house up for sale. I asked for their opinions and they were honest and told me the truth. “Pat, this picture needs to be taken down, you need to remove that from the top of the bureau and removing that chair would open up the room.” I was open to their suggestions and followed them all. A few times, I had to literally stand still and say out loud, ” I let go, I let go.” I know and trust as I let go of the old, I know I am opening myself to the new that God has planned for me (and that excites me!) My house is now open and airy without the clutter and “less is better.”

When I met with my real estate agent, Joe, I told him my intention was to sell my house quickly because I wanted to return to Maui on September 5th. He looked surprised and a little dubious. I smiled and said, “Joe, I have to tell you something about me, and who you are dealing with. I am a woman of faith!” Then I gave him my book as a gift and asked him to read Chapter 6 “The Sky God Speaks – Do We Have to Sell Our house, God?” He smiled and said, “I will read the chapter and am looking forward to reading your book.” The next time I saw him he told he that he had read that chapter and now his mother was reading the book because she saw it on his coffee table. I know that he will experience the power of faith first hand when my house sells quickly.

Over the years, many people have asked me, “How do you know for sure when it’s God’s will for you to do something and not just your own will?” The only way to know that is to first develop a relationship with your Source, God, Spirit, Buddha or whatever name you choose to call your Higher Power. For me, that includes a daily spiritual practice of prayer and meditation, which is crucial to being able to know God’s will for me. It is through these practices that I remember the truth of who I am; that I am ONE with the power and presence of God, and that we are all ONE.

Prayer and meditation are like “Magic Erasers.” They erase “old beliefs and behaviors” that no longer serve me and are not for my highest good. Prayer and meditation help me to let go of the past and “what was” and enables me to be in the present moment, NOW where all of my needs are supplied. When I am in this place of surrender, I feel the love and peace of God and I am open and trust the guidance I receive. I affirm and know that when I am one with God, I am love, I am peace and I am abundance. Then I can radiate love and peace to all I meet and see the divine in all people.

Another way that I know I am in God’s will is through the deep peace I feel in my heart. Since I’ve come back to Rhode Island, I have experienced a peace that passes all understanding. My heart is smiling on the inside and I sometimes feel like I am floating because I feel so blessed and grateful. I am sure this is a result of my 6 months in Maui where I listened to Spirit to BE and not to DO. I learned to go with the flow and follow my heart and intuition. This Sunday, a woman at the spiritual center I attend looked me in the eyes and said, “You look beautiful.” I smiled and immediately said, “Thank you, I feel beautiful.” Now that is the power of God in action because I didn’t always feel beautiful and didn’t always receive compliments gracefully.

Yet another way I know I am in God’s will is through the “signs” and the people God brings into my life to help me along the path. I saw a sign in Maui right before I left that said, “Keep on Path.” I have shared in other emails that God “shows up” through the symbols of the ladybug, turtle and the cardinal. When I went to bed last night, I noticed something small on the inside of the shade next to my bed. I couldn’t believe that a baby ladybug with all its black spots graced me with its presence. As I was driving my car, I spotted an Hawaiian turtle decal with flowers on the back of a car window. When I walked into Shaw’s market the other day, there were Hawaiian flowers in the entrance and when I visited my daughter this weekend, she had an apron on with a red cardinal on it and the cardinals have been singing to me all morning.

Truly, everything is flowing with peace, ease and grace because that is what I expect and that is what I affirm on a daily basis. Remember, we get what we expect. I know that it’s all good and it’s all God. When I open my eyes and heart, God “shows up” in the most unexpected places.

Creative Ideas – Ernest Homes

I Have Great Expectations – With God all things are possible Matt. 19:26

We have every right to expect the unexpected. We should daily affirm that new ideas are coming to us, new ways of doing things, that we are meeting new and wonderful friends, new situations; that joyous things are going to happen to us. I now establish in my thinking an attitude of expectancy of good things. I let go of the limitations of the past and live with an enthusiastic expectancy of the good that I will encounter today. I know that nothing is too good to be true and that nothing is too much for the power that can do anything. I believe in a greater good that I have yet experienced. I keep my mind open to divine intuition which is the wisdom that guides me.







“I Thought I Lost my Mojo”

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I returned safely to Rhode Island last Wednesday and on Thursday I felt like I was on a mission to get my house ready to put on the market as soon as I could. I called the real estate agent and made an appointment to sign the contract, I contacted my friend Steve to do some painting and got quotes for a new air conditioner unit that had been broken for several years. It all happened with peace, ease and grace and within 4 days everything was accomplished. Steve painted my ceilings on Monday and a new air conditioning unit was installed on Saturday. There is no messing around with this gal! My daily affirmation is “Everything is flowing with peace, ease and grace.” Remember, we get what we EXPECT and I am expecting peace, ease and grace in all my affairs.

My tenant,Carrie Ann, who was renting my house while I was in Maui, found a lovely condo and moved out on Saturday with peace, ease and grace as well. After she moved out, I spent the weekend putting things back in order the way I liked them, and although I love my home, I know in my heart that I no longer belonged here. I felt like I had already let go and was ready to move on.

When I went to bed on Friday night, I felt excited and happy to be back long enough to see my family and friends, but also felt a little sad & out of sorts because I missed the ocean and the Maui aloha spirit. It almost felt like I had lost my mojo. So before I went to bed, I said to God, “I have to do my weekly blog, but I don’t have anything to write about. Please give me a story.” God heard my prayer.

As many of you know from reading my book, Simply a Woman of Faith, I am the “Yard Sale Queen” and always pray for what I need, when I get in the car to go yard sailing.  So this first Saturday home was no different. I knew exactly what I needed and what I wanted to pay for the queen size sheets that were in perfect condition, which I knew I would find at the yard sale. When I walked into the first yard sale which was only a couple of blocks away, I quickly perused the area, but didn’t see any sheets. So I asked the woman, “Do you have any queen size sheets for sale?”  She thought for a moment and then said, “Yes, I do. I didn’t put them out, but they are in the house and I know exactly where they are. We just bought a king size bed and I can no longer use the queen size sheets.” I had visualized paying $5 dollars for the sheets and guess what she wanted for the sheets? Yes, 5 dollars!  Not only were they in perfect condition, but they were right price and the right color.

I left the yard sale thanking God for answering my prayer so quickly. As I drove down the street, I spotted a “lady bug” flag hanging from one of the houses. Tears came to my eyes because lady bugs are one of my symbols that God often speaks to me through. It felt like a “God Wink” and God was saying, “Keep going Pat, you are on the right track and you haven’t lost your mojo.” At the next yard sale, I saw a red cardinal on a shirt that was for sale. Cardinals are another one of my signs. God was certainly “showing up” for me, or my eyes just opened to see the signs all around me. So often we miss the signs because we rush around and miss how God wants to give us a “God Wink.”

My next yard sale find was a practically brand new HUGE brown suitcase with wheels on it that fit the whole trunk of my car. I wasn’t looking for a suitcase, but once I saw it I knew that it was exactly what I needed when I return to Maui with all my “stuff.” And the price was right at 5 dollars. God knows I love bargains and provided for me even when I hadn’t asked specifically for a suitcase.

This story gets even better!  As I drove away from that yard sale, I spotted a sign that read “FREE STUFF” by the curb. I love bargains, but I love FREE STUFF even more. I quickly pulled over and saw a large white bookcase that was in excellent condition. I knocked on the door to make sure it really was FREE.  A man answered the door and said, “Yes, it is free and I have another one upstairs, would you like that one too?”  I quickly answered, “Yes, that would be great.” I knew it would be perfect for my daughter Mary to display her herbs and teas at her shop, Farmacy Herbs. He proceeded to tell me they were in the process of moving and had to have everything out by the next day. I called Mary to see when she could pick the bookcases up and she couldn’t get there until Monday.  To my surprise, John (we were now friends as we realized that our kids played together when they were in grammar school) said to me, “Where do you live?” When I told him where I lived, he said, “I have a truck and will deliver them to your house if you would like.”  Now that is God in action!

Before moving out, Carrie Ann mentioned to me that she needed a desk for her new condo, so that kind of just came out of my mouth and I said, “You don’t have a desk that you want to get rid of, do you?” They looked at one another and said, “Let’s give it to her.” So not only did I get 2 bookcases, but I also got a desk for Carrie Ann.  A few hours later, John delivered THREE bookcases and a desk to my house. Can you imagine that he thanked me for taking his stuff? I was so grateful and wanted to give him something in return. I knew he would be insulted if I offered him money, so I gave him a copy of my book Simply a Woman of Faith for him and his wife Kathleen to read. He was thrilled.

Do you ask for what you need? Do you not want to bother God for the small things in life that you need? Do you feel worthy to ask for what you want? My God wants to supply all of my needs and yours too. God answers specific small prayers like my request for sheets and also anticipates what we need without us even asking for it; like the suitcase, bookcases and desk. I have come to trust that God knows what I need before I even ask.

We need to be open to receive and not be afraid to ask for our needs to be met. Every need is always met, and while your prayers may not be answered immediately, and may even take years to be answered, the important thing is to be patient and continue to believe in God’s perfect timing. Never give up on your dreams because God placed them in your heart and God is faithful.

P.S. God has a sense of humor! I went to a swing dance on Saturday night and counted 8 guys that were wearing Hawaiian shirts – and they didn’t know I was coming! It made me feel right “at home” and reminded me that I got my mojo back!

Science of Mind-A Guide for Spiritual Living, January 2012

God’s only desire for your life is to give you all the good that you can imagine. Your desire for a better life is God-in-you waking up to what’s possible for you. Your unwillingness to settle for less than what you really want is God-in-you knowing Its worth. Your dissatisfaction with old, limited ways of thinking that one group to have power and resources over another is God-in-you knowing that we are all one. I am a conscious co-creator. I am awake and ready to take on my destiny.

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