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The Door Opens Wide

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Lord, I don’t know where to start. My heart is rejoicing and I am filled with gratitude for the doors that have opened easily and effortlessly, just like you promised.

I want to start by thanking you all for your prayers and support. Many of you have emailed me to share your own faith journeys and to tell me how these weekly blogs are inspiring you to live your dreams. I love getting your emails and connecting with you.

I had lots of friends helping me with each step of my move to Maui and I am so grateful because I know I couldn’t have made this move alone. I trusted that God would have people waiting for me to help me transition when I got to the other side (Maui.) Sounds like I’m getting ready for death, huh? Well, it is kind of a death. Death to the old life so the new could come. I had to let go of old beliefs of lack and limitation, fear, my business, my stuff, my home, family and friends. I knew I was bravely stepping into the unknown and holding on to God with every fiber of my being.

My new friend, Joseph, in Maui recently said to me, “You are a “gutsy” lady. Have you always been like that, Pat?” I was surprised because no one had ever said that to me and I had to stop and think. I never thought of myself as a “gutsy” lady but I guess I am because I moved to Maui alone and left everything that was important to me.

I have certainly grown over the years and have done things that I didn’t think I could do. I got a divorce after 30 years of marriage, I went back to college to get my Masters degree in my 50’s, I went to Bermuda all by myself and of course, I wrote my book, Simply a Woman of Faith. But, I can honestly say that I have NEVER done anything like what I just did by moving to Maui. So, yes I will step into and embrace that I am a “gutsy” lady.

I shared in my last blog that the door was closed for the ohana I fell in love with that I thought had my name on it. An ohana is like an in-law apartment attached to a home. God had other plans and I am so grateful for that. I also shared there would be more to the story to tell. When Joseph and Marlowe (owners of the ohana) called to tell me they offered the ohana to the other person, what I didn’t tell you is that they invited me to stay in their 4 bedroom home for 3 weeks until I found a place to rent. I was totally blown away by their kindness and generosity because they only met me once.

They shared with me afterward that in 25 years of being together, they never invited anyone to stay in their home that they didn’t know well. We all knew that Spirit had brought us together to become good friends. I sent them an email and said, “You are the angels that God sent to me to help me in my transition to Maui.” I have already been to their home for dinner and they offered to let me store my stuff until my new ohana is ready. 

I spent last Friday and Saturday looking at apartments and ohanas to rent. I felt very discouraged and exhausted because nothing compared to Joseph and Marlowe’s ohana. Before going to bed on Saturday night, I prayed, meditated, surrendered and thanked God for bringing me the right and perfect place to live, which has been my daily prayer and mantra for months before moving here.

I woke up the next morning feeling rested and renewed. I had an appointment to see another ohana on Sunday morning. I felt excited because the price was right, it was in the area that I wanted to live in and the pictures looked really nice on craigslist.

My heart skipped a beat when I walked into the beautiful ohana that was beautifully furnished, bright, open and nestled at the top of Maui Meadows. There was a “Star Deck” that overlooked the ocean and Mt. Haleakala. The half acre property had a sustainable urban farm which included 24 mature fruit trees, vegetable and herb gardens.

I asked myself, “Am I dreaming or was this for real? Was this the door God was opening?” Celia (the owner and I) sat on the patio next to the ohana and I told her all about myself and my journey of faith. She smiled and said, “My husband and I are also on a journey of faith, just like you are.” I said, “I have been praying for the right and perfect place to live when I came to Maui.” She smiled again and said, “We also asked God for the right person to rent the ohana. We looked at each other and both knew it was a match made in heaven.

After I filled out the application, she said, “I will get back to you as soon as possible as I still have several showings today.” We hugged each other and I felt totally peaceful. I trusted God would open the door if this was the right door to open. I learned my lesson last week and there was NO MORE BANGING.

Two hours later she called and said, “Pat, we feel you are the right person to rent the ohana and we would like to offer it to you.” Of course, I said, “Thank you, thank you, I would love to rent it and when can I sign the lease?”

I then remembered the card my friend Mary gave me before I left for Maui. It read, GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT. God closed the door on the first ohana because there was something better for me that I couldn’t see.

I signed the lease for my new ohana and felt exhilarated, free and happy. I have been in Maui for 3 weeks and so much has happened. Friends to help me with my transition, a car and now a beautiful new home to move into.

Yes, there is a Master Plan that I have co-created with God. I have followed my heart calling, believed and trusted God for signs along the way. I have hired my “Higher Power” to work for me and He/She is doing a fabulous job. Have you hired your “Higher Power” to run your life? If not now, when?




“I banged on the door but it wouldn’t open”

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I banged on the door, but it wouldn’t open! Let me explain: I looked at an apartment this week and fell in love with it and its owners. I thought it was perfect for me; in the right area, price range, safe,and surrounded with beautiful flowers and views. I was so excited and even thought about how I wanted to decorate it. I went to Cosco’s and bought the essentials to move in and filled the back seat of my car with everything I needed. My plan was to move in at the end of the week.  I was on a roll and knew this was surely God’s plan for my life.

The owners called and said they had many applications for the apartment and it was between me and another person. I didn’t want to take no for an answer so I gave them all the reasons they should offer it to me. In other words, I wasn’t trusting God to open the door, if it was His will. Instead, I thought God needed my help. Wrong! I was shocked when they called the next morning to tell me they were signing the lease with the other applicant. I felt disappointed, angry and sad because I truly believed the apartment had my name on it. I realized how easy it is for us to jump the gun when we want our way. I spent that day quietly in prayer and allowed myself to feel all of my feelings and process what had just happened. I knew I needed to accept “what is.”

I lost my peace when I banged on the door and allowed fear to creep in and make my mind race. This is not how I choose to live my life so I knew I needed to get back in alignment with God’s will for my life. I needed to RELAX and let God be God. After all, I did hire my Higher Power to run my life! I emailed the owners and thanked them for their honesty and wished them the best with their new tenants. We all agreed that we felt a strong connection with one another and that we wanted to be friends. A couple of days ago, they invited me for a glass of wine and to watch the sunset together. I know this will be another story that I will share as it unfolds.

I have lived my life with God opening and closing doors, so I asked myself why wasn’t I trusting God to open the door if this was the perfect and right place for me to live? As I reflected on my thoughts and behavior, I realized I was coming from a place of fear. I thought, “I better take this one, I won’t find a better place to live.”  It became clear to me that my “inner rusher” was active and running the show again! Not good! Instead of judging and beating up on myself, I chose to embrace and love that part of me that still needed God’s healing. I asked God to transform my fear into faith.

How often have you settled for less than what you really wanted because you were afraid nothing better would come along?  I am embarrassed to say that it was only the second apartment that I looked at and I was ready to sign the lease. I know through years of
experience that when one door closes, a better one opens in God’s time, not my time. So I have the opportunity to practice the art of waiting. I am looking forward to what God has planned for me because I know it will be wonderful.

What helped me to process and move through my disappointment and the closed door so quickly was to remember what happened to me many years ago when the door was closed in my face at the last minute. I decided to refinance my home before my divorce was finalized. The day of the refinancing, my ex-husband called and said, “I decided not to sign the papers.”  “You have to be kidding me, I said. I won’t be able to refinance without your signature”, I screamed at him. Then I called the bank to tell them what happened and ask if I could refinance without his signature.  They said, “Sorry, but you have to have his signature to refinance.” I couldn’t understand how I had gotten that far to have the door shut like that.

Exactly one week later, I received a letter from the bank stating that the mortgage rate had gone down on it’s own because I had an adjustable mortgage. Not only did I save the closing costs but also the amount was the same as if I had refinanced! God is good and sees what’s ahead of me that often I cannot see. I have learned from experience that sometimes, God closes the door for my good and I have to wait for the right door to open and then other times, the first door opens easily and effortlessly. I like it much better when that happens.

When I attended church on Sunday, I met a couple who had also just recently moved to Maui. They shared their experience of finding their apartment, (which they love), which they are now living in. In our conversation, Steve said to me, “I use to be a car mechanic and know a lot about cars, so call me if you need help buying a car.” Since I had heard a lot about “Maui Cruisers” and was warned to be careful, I didn’t waste any time. I called Steve the next morning to ask him about a few cars that looked promising on Craigslist. We went down the list together and he gave me his expert opinion on each car that was for sale. He recommended the 1996 Toyota as a good car so I called the owner and asked if I could come and look at it. I called Steve back and he just happened to be in the area and offered to come with me. What a blessing!

I was excited and grateful that Steve was with me to ask the right questions. I liked how the car looked on the outside and the inside was clean.  Steve drove the car and said, “If I was buying a car for my wife, I would definitely buy this one.” What is interesting is that one minute after Steve and I met the owner of the car in the parking lot, another woman pulled up and wanted to buy it. Since we were the first ones there, we had first choice. I drove away with a new car that day.  And the best part is that I was able to park my new car at Steve’s home until I find my new apartment.

Later on in the week, as I drifted down the ocean, surrendering and letting go, I heard God say, “Stay in the energy of gratitude especially when there is transition in your life. The transition can be a physical one, leaving a relationship or job, starting a relationship or job or simply moving from one state of consciousness to another. It’s all the same and an attitude of gratitude will carry you through.” I am practicing daily being grateful for what I want before it happens. Whenever fear or doubt rears its ugly head, I just think about everything I am grateful for and that brings me back to my peaceful place where I want to live.

As I walked home from my swim in the ocean today, I noticed 2 small girls giggling and playing at the edge of the water. They were laughing and running in and out of the waves. I stopped to say hello and asked them where they were from. They said, California and then one of them said, “Being here in Maui is a dream come true. I smiled and said, “Yes, it is a dream come true for me too.”  We gave each other the high five sign, and I smiled and walked on.

What is your dream? Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Dream big and believe God will help you fulfill your dreams as He has mine. Don’t settle for less and trust that God has placed the dream in your heart. When it is the right time, the right door will open, and until then, wait with gratitude for what’s coming.

Daily Word September 29

I seize the bold vision to manifest the life of my dreams

To visualize the life I desire, I may create a vision board to capture my intentions in words and pictures. Or I might write in a journal about my aspirations, outlining in detail all that is possible. Doubts may creep in, causing me to question the validity of my ambitions. If so, I look beyond any perceived limitations. If I am concerned about my age, resources of timing, I courageously affirm: My dreams are God-inspired. I seize the bold vision to manifest the life of my dreams. I am bolstered by this affirmation as I align with the vibration of a higher vision. I open to unseen possibilities and joyously witness the unfoldment of my dreams.

Maui opened it’s arms to me

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My dear friend Joanne and I walked through my condo last Tuesday night and I said goodbye and blessed my beloved home for the new owner (who is coming).  I had been saying goodbye and releasing my home slowly for the last 2 months so the final goodbye was fairly easy.

Then Joanne and her partner Linda invited me to their home for a delicious dinner and a glass of wine. We laughed as we remembered funny stories over the years that we had experienced. It was the perfect farewell dinner for my flight the next morning to Maui.

Joanne drove me to the bus in the morning at 7 AM, and as we hugged goodbye, we told each other how much we loved one another. I was feeling peaceful when a question popped into my mind that immediately caused some stress.  I said to myself, “What am I going to do with myself when I get to Maui?”  Since I don’t know what the “Master Plan”is yet it seemed like a logical concern. I have lots of skills and gifts, but I don’t know yet how God will be using me to do His work.

Almost immediately after asking the question, I looked out the window of the bus as a big truck passed by and I started receiving messages from God. The name on the truck was PRAY trucking company. I almost laughed out loud and said, “Okay God, you want me to PRAY, I can do that just fine, but I think I would like to PRAY and PLAY!”  I think God liked that too because God wants my happiness and for me to live in joy.  What better way is there for me to live in joy than to play? If it is not fun, I don’t want to do it.

Shortly after the PRAY truck, I noticed a sign on a billboard that read “HIRE POWER.”  Yes, I have HIRED my Higher Power to run my life. I am not in charge anymore because I have handed over all of my affairs to my Higher Power to manage my life.  I strive to live in this space on a daily basis and I wish I could say that I always do, but I don’t. I sometimes forget and think I am in charge and try to make things happen.  Can you imagine that?

When this happens, I lose my peace because I am not aligned with God’s will for my life, which is peace and love, so this is a lesson to be learned over and over again. We are always being called to go deeper with God and to trust that no matter what things look on the outside, we are never alone and that there is a divine plan.

The messages continued to “show up” and they got better and better before I even got on the plane.  The next thing I saw was a billboard that was advertising a phone and it said, “Do Whatever You Want.” I really liked that and promised myself to keep that in mind and in my heart. Doing whatever I want means that I need to know what I want! In coaching clients over the years, I’ve noticed that one of the main problems people have is that they don’t know what they want. How can the Universe give them what they want if they didn’t know what that is? Do you know what you want? Do you struggle with not feeling good enough or deserving of what you want and more good in your life? I know what that is like because I was there for a long time too. It is only by committing to a daily spiritual practice of prayer and meditation that I was able to change those negative messages and move forward. Today I know that I am ONE with God and deserve all good things.

When I sat for my morning prayer the day after I arrived back in Hawaii, I knew that Mother Maui was welcoming me with wide, open arms. It was a gorgeous day with sunny skies and a warm breeze to keep me cool. This is truly a magical place and I felt so blessed to be in the energy of love. I almost cried when I saw the rainbow coming out from the ocean. I knew that it was meant for me to assure me I was right where I needed and wanted to be.

I wanted to move to Maui and with the grace of God and cooperating with Spirit, I am living here. I went to the pool for water aerobics the other day and met a woman who was visiting Maui from Idaho. She asked me, “Where do you live?” I started to say, “I live in Rhode Island”……. but then quickly remembered that I live in Maui!  It was the first time I said it out loud and I started to jump up and down and dance. I thought OMG I live in Maui.

Just a few hours later as I was thinking about finding an apartment to rent here and I thought, “OMG, what did I do?”  Isn’t it amazing how we can be living in bliss one minute and then in stress the next minute? I know it is normal to vacillate when there are big changes happening
in our lives, so I quickly asked God to help me remember that I was following my heart and God’s plan for my life.

I admit there are a lot of “unknowns” in my life right now and I liken it to being in the HALLWAY of my life. One door has closed and the other one hasn’t opened yet. I don’t know what my life is going to look like; where I will live, the car I will buy, the work I will be doing and the people who will be in it. I have been there many times over the years with jobs, moves and relationships, and it is truly a place where my faith is nurtured and strengthened if I allow it.

Being in the hallway can be very stressful because I don’t know when and how the door in front of me will open. Today I can make the choice to live in peace trusting God is in control. I don’t have to live in stress banging on the door and demanding that it be opened according to my plan. It almost sounds ridiculous, but that is what we do sometimes. I have learned to trust that eventually the right door will open.

To stay in this place of peace while I am in the Hallway, I will use all the tools that I know that have worked for me over the last 35 years. I remind myself of all the times that God has prepared the way for me and then I trust that God is working things out for my good. Most importantly, I will stay connected to God by staying in the moment, being grateful and enjoying the adventurous journey I am on.

Meanwhile, I am living in paradise and have a beautiful place to live on the ocean (for free) for the next few weeks, as I wait and trust God for the perfect and right apartment to find me. I no longer have to push, work hard, and drive myself crazy in the process.  That was the old way of doing things and it just doesn’t work for me anymore. I have hired a HIGHER POWER to handle the details. So it is “Hands off Pat!” I “show up” and do my part and let God do the rest.

An affirmation that I have used for years is this: Everything I need is streaming toward me; I open my hands and receive. All the abundance, money, peace, love, happiness, relationships are mine now. I just need to believe.

Creative Ideas – Ernest Holmes  pg.135

“I believe that the Spirit within me, which is God, makes perfect and peaceful the way before me. In this faith and knowledge, I discover a great peace of mind, a deep sense of belonging, a complete realization that God is right where I am. I put my whole trust in God and feel an intimate relationship  with the presence and power which controls everything. The Spirit gently guides me, wisely counsels me. I know that the love which envelops everything flows through me to everyone, and with it goes confidence, a sense of joy and of peace, as well a buoyant enthusiasm and zest for life.”

I let go and let God

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September 1 Daily Word  –  Unity

I LET GO AND LET GOD work in me and through me

“Perseverance serves me well when I am determined to achieve a particular goal. The power of my mind and body help me succeed. Nevertheless, I draw on divine discernment to know when to KEEP PUSHING and when to LET THINGS UNFOLD on their own.  I let go and let God work in and through me, guiding me to right actions and outcomes. Sometimes I take the lead, and other times, I allow events to transpire as they will. Surrendering to God opens me up to an inflow of divine ideas, substance and life. I find inner strength that preserves my energy and inspires new ways of accomplishing my goals. By letting go and letting God, I live with ease and grace, accomplishing what is mine to do.”

This reading was very appropriate for me this morning. I am living proof that this works because I have surrendered and have let go of when my house will sell, and because of letting go, I am experiencing peace, ease and grace; I know I could be a “basket case” now with only 4 days left before I leave for Maui and my house not being sold yet.

I feel like I am ready to give birth and am “waiting” for my baby to be born. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child and the last few weeks feeling exhausted.  I couldn’t wait for my baby to be born.  All the wishing, praying and hoping my baby would be born sooner didn’t make a difference. I couldn’t “push” a baby out until it was ready to be born. With the grace of God, I finally relaxed when I realized my baby would be born when it was ready to be born, not when I wanted it to be. I am learning that lesson again about trusting divine timing for my house to be sold. What are you “waiting” for to give birth to in your life? Are you patient with the process or are you pushing to rush it along?

A few days ago, I shared with a friend that I was feeling weary and vulnerable.  As I thought about all the moving I’ve done over the years, I realized that I had a spouse or significant other to help me and movers to pack me up! This move was different because I was doing this by myself and packing up years of my “stuff.” No wonder I was feeling weary because I was in the home stretch. If I wanted peace in my life, which I did, I had to let go, stop pushing and trust divine timing.  To help me with this process, I am drawing on past experiences in my life where I have experienced God not being early or late, but right on time. If God was right on time in the past, I choose to believe the same would happen now because God’s timing is perfect.

A scripture comes to mind that has helped me let go and let God: “By waiting and by calm, I shall be saved, in quiet and trust lies my strength.”  I made it into a mantra and kept repeating it all day long. That night, a friend stopped by to give me a card.  It read: “Good things come to those who WAIT.”  It confirmed what I am living and I know I will frame it.  Waiting can be one of the hardest things to do because we often want what we want when we want it.  It can be very scary when we think we aren’t in control. The truth is that control is an illusion and makes us crazy and stressed.

A woman came to look at my condo last week and my agent told me she loved it and he thought she would be making me an offer. YEA, I was thrilled and beyond grateful. It has been 8 days and I haven’t heard a thing.  It feels like eternity, especially since I only have a few days left before I leave. But I am staying calm and flexing my “patient muscle” to make it stronger. I am trusting God is in control and has me covered.  How else do our faith muscles grow and get stronger? God has never disappointed me and has always been faithful. I know that will continue.

When you receive this email, I will be on the plane flying 6,000 miles to Maui. I am getting excited to see how this will unfold and what God has in store for me. I know it will be as glorious as my daily prayer has been. “I am open to receive more good in my life and I thank you God for the good you have planned.” When I came back to Rhode Island at the end of June to sell my house, I made a decision to enjoy every minute I was here and spend time with family and friends. I have felt so loved and cherished by the kindness and love of my children and friends. I have had many lunches, brunches and dinners out. I have received cards, gifts and emails wishing me the best on my journey. We don’t always know how much others love us because we are always around. I have been so blessed to know at a deep level that I am loved, will be missed, and have made a difference in others’ lives.

My friend, Mary, called on Saturday night and asked, “Can Jerry and I come over for a short visit with you?”  I said, “Sure that would be great.” Although I knew her husband, I hadn’t spent much time with him and he didn’t know my “Story.”  We shared for awhile about my Hawaii adventure and then I asked him how he was doing since he recently lost his job. When he was done sharing, he looked at me and said, “Why are you going to Hawaii?” Where do I begin? I thought. Of course Mary is egging me on, “Pat, tell him how you first got there.” Give me the microphone and I am off and running! I love to share the stories of how God provides for me and the miracles I have experienced. We sat there for 1/2 an hour and I told him one story after another of how God provides. He looked stunned and almost like, is this woman for real? Mary kept saying, “Pat tell him the story when that happened and that happened. The more I shared and remembered God’s love and the stories over the last 35 years, the more exhilarated I felt. I was on a roll and there was no stopping me.

When they were leaving and hugging me goodbye, Mary whispered in my ear, “Thank you Pat, we really needed this tonight.”  When I shut the door and sat down, I realized that it was I who really needed this tonight. Drawing on my life experiences brings me to a place of deep knowing that my God is faithful and only wants my good. I live and dwell in the energy of gratitude knowing all is well and in perfect and right order. I practice living in the moment and appreciate everything I have and do, knowing it is always enough and I am loved. I know that whatever I appreciate, appreciates.

Ernest Holmes, in his book Creative Ideas writes, “Whatever I should know, I shall know. Whatever I should do, I shall do. Whatever belongs to me must come to me. Daily we should practice affirming that our cup is filled and running over, always remembering that what we affirm for ourselves, we must affirm for others. Living and letting live, giving and receiving, loving and being loved, our experience is filled with God’s abundance.  I am living in continued expectancy that every good thing in my experience shall be multiplied. There is neither doubt nor uncertainty in my mind. The past is gone, and I gladly release it and let it go. The present is filled with peace and joy and the future with hope. I am guided into right action and accomplishment of all my good desires. This I accept. This I experience.”

Is your focus on taking care of others?

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I woke up this morning feeling a little “out of sorts.” As I lay in bed pondering what was really going on, I realized that following my heart and dream is not always easy. While I may be excited about my life adventure and what I am embarking on, it became clear to me that it was also causing my loved one’s some pain. Even though I know they only want my happiness, it is still difficult for them to see me leave and not be present as I have been for them all of their lives. It doesn’t matter if you are leaving a marriage, a job, your home or family and friends, there is a loss and feelings needs to be processed. I acknowledged this and allowed myself to feel my sadness and grief that I was contributing to their pain. But I also know with absolute certainty that I am following God’s plan for my life and so that is for the highest good of all of us.

If you are like me, and especially if you are a mother, my focus was on taking care of my children and making them happy. That was my responsibility and I gladly did it. In the past, I had a hard time taking care of myself and felt guilty wanting to do what I wanted to do because it felt selfish. I thought that I “should” take care of others first, but it was often at the expense of myself.

Today, I know that taking care of myself and loving myself, have to come first, then I can truly be there for others and love them, but I had that backwards for a long time. Over the years this has been a major shift for me and I know it’s my turn to spread my wings and fly. Not only have I learned to love myself, I know that I am teaching my children how to do the same.

How about you? Do you have a hard time putting yourself first? Have you put your dreams and needs on the back burner thinking that was the loving thing to do? Are you afraid of displeasing someone or disappointing them? Is it time for you to say YES to your dreams and passions?

As I was driving to the dentist this morning, I was thinking about my role as a mother, and how much I still miss my own mother who died 45 years ago. Her name was Honey and whenever I’ve needed to feel her presence over the years, I would hear the song Honey on the radio. I hadn’t heard it for a very long time and doubted I would hear it today, because it came out right after she died 45 years ago. I asked God to let me see or hear Honey in my travels that day. I forgot about it and went about my business.

After my dentist appointment, I met a friend for lunch and as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I spotted the license plate that read HON 1. Yes, I felt her presence and said, “thank you God!” Just a few hours later, I received an email from someone, and she finished her email, with the words, Enjoy HON and thank you for inspiring me in your newsletter!

When we need confirmation about something, there are Messages are all around us, but first we must ask for help, and then be open and present to see them,  I’ve had many incidents this week where God answered my prayer and “showed up” for me, giving me exactly what I need to know that I am on track. I put my bedroom set on Craigslist and received a call that night from a man who was interested in coming to look it. We agreed that he would come the next morning and he told me “I will be coming in a truck,” but I was still surprised when he arrived in a very big truck! I showed him the furniture and he bought it on the spot. He wanted to take it with him since he lived in New York, but the only problem was that there wasn’t anyone to help him carry the furniture to the truck. He said, “I will walk outside and see if I can find someone.”

My neighborhood is quiet and you don’t see people just walking around, so I quickly prayed, “Please God, bring someone that can help him move the furniture to the truck.”  He was gone for a little while and I didn’t know where he went. Then, I saw him walking back down my street with a young man walking with him. I smiled and said, “Thank you God!” There is a construction crew working on a house on the corner of my street and this man knocked on the door and offered one of the men working there $20 if he would help him move my furniture into his truck.

I realized that not only did God answer my prayer, but I am growing more and comfortable in asking for what I want and expecting I will get it. I have actually sold many things on Craigslist this summer including bikes, air conditioners, tables, bedroom set, desk, and bookcases, and what is interesting is that one person calls, comes to look at the item and buys it. It flows with peace, ease and grace and confirms for me that it only takes one person to come and buy what I have to sell.

That got me thinking about selling my house, and so when I met with my real estate agent this week, I said “Joe, I think one person is going to look at my condo and that person will buy it.” He smiled and said, “I hope so, Pat.” I hope so too, but I do more than hope – I expect it!


                       Unity Daily Word September/October 2012

                                  My faith in God is unshakable

When I pray for prosperity, healing, guidance or peace of mind, I know that God is not outside me, deciding to either give or withhold my wishes. God is within me as pure divine abundance, wholeness, wisdom and serenity. It is my faith in God that answers my prayers. I may not be able to see what my faith will manifest, or whether my activities will generate the outcomes I desire. But my steadfast faith, attuned to God in prayer, reminds me that God’s spirit is moving in and through me and is active in all situations. As I become more aware of the activity of God in my life, I look beyond any uncertainty or doubt to the assurance that, regardless of the outcome, Spirit will be with me.


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Simply A Woman of Faith

Pat’s book, Simply A Woman of Faith, is available for only $16.45 (incl. S&H).
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Pat Hastings

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Coach, Retreat Leader & Radio Talk Show Host

Simply A Woman of Faith
621 Laniolu Place Kihei, HI 96753