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“You are not going to believe this – Oh YES you are”

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I love how we are all connected, especially when things just come together as if by magic. In my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith”, I call it God-incidences. I would like to share 2 incidences that happened to me that I knew I was being guided and following my intuition.

I was taking my walk on the beach and my friend Kathy who has been a friend for 34 years “popped” into my head. I wondered how she was doing because it had been a long time since we had talked. I looked at my watch and with the time difference of 5 hours it was too late to call her then. The next day when I was taking my walk, God brought her into my mind again, so I decided to call her and say hello.

She answered the phone on the first ring and I said, “Hi Kathy, its Patti.” She said, “You are not going to believe this – oh, yes you are. I have been thinking about you a lot and read your blog every week. I didn’t know how to get in touch with you in Maui. Just an hour before you called, I was visualizing myself saying, “Hello Patti when I picked up the phone. And here I am saying hello Patti for real!”

WOW, I had goose bumps throughout my whole body. We were on the same wave length, for sure and that proved to me that we are all connected. How often we get those nudges to do something or call someone and we don’t pay attention to them because we are too busy? I would have missed that “divine connection” if I hadn’t picked up the phone to call Kathy when I did. I love how Spirit works.

The other incident I would like to share is how I was guided to do something. I received an email from a family member asking if they could borrow some money from me. There was no pressure and I was asked to pray about it, which I did. My heart immediately wanted to say YES, but I wanted to make sure this is what God wanted me to do. After meditating about it, I asked for a reading and this is what I opened up to.

“With a consciousness of prosperity, I have more than enough to share. As I give, I expand my capacity to receive. Gen. 33-11 Please accept my gift that is brought to you because I have everything I want.”

If that reading wasn’t enough, Spirit confirmed to me that this was the right thing to do. A couple of hours later as I was taking my walk, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what was written on the man’s shirt who was walking toward me. All it said was “GIVING AND RECEIVING.” Of course, I had to stop him and say, “I like your shirt.” What is even funnier is that on the very bottom of the shirt was a beer advertisement. God does have a sense of humor and will do anything to get my attention!

The signs are all over the place when we are awake to them. It says in the Bible to “ask and we shall receive.” Do you ask for what you want? Spirit is eager to guide us and show us the way to walk. There are so many decisions we make in a day (never mind major life decisions) and it can be confusing as we discern what the right decision to make is. When we ask for divine guidance, we will receive it.

On Valentine’s Day, I spent the day with my friends at the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Kula, Maui. There were over 45 different varieties of lavender grown and we enjoyed lavender tea and scones. It was exquisite and the pictures will speak for themselves. It was a day of LOVE and I was blessed to receive so many wonderful gifts. My friend Mary from Rhode Island sent me DIVINE dark chocolate candy and a “lady bug” tea mug. I was pleasantly surprised to find a gorgeous tropical flower arrangement from my son Tim at my door when I returned from the Lavender Farm. I went out with another friend for dinner and dancing at night. I feel so blessed.

As I open myself to receive love, I am able to BE love and give more love to others. I have learned, over the years, that the most important person to love is me. As I love myself, I can truly love others. It all begins with me.

   I Ask in Faith and Receive -Creative Ideas – Ernest Holmes

This is one of the most wonderful statements ever uttered. It implies that there is a power which can and will honor your request. But it is only as you let go of the lesser that you can take hold of the greater, only as you drop confusion that you can entertain peace, only as you transcend doubt and fear that you can be lifted up to the hilltops of the inner life. I now know how to plan my life and direct my path because God is doing this for me by doing it through me. There is no uncertainty or confusion. The divine Spirit always knows what to do and how to do it, so I am never without guidance in the successful achievement of my good desires.

I lived on the Ocean for 6 months and paid $300 a month

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“For many people, “not knowing” scares them. It means there are places where there is no control. That can be very frightening for those who have had challenging childhoods or lives. However, that fear or doubt can be a portal to a rewarding spiritual life. What if we chose to go into the fear? What if we chose to neither bypass nor judge the fear? What if we chose to acknowledge that Spirit is all things? In that moment, we would understand, at a deep and profound level, that the fear is only energy wanting to be restored to its natural state – wholeness.” Science of Mind pg. 40

As I reflected back on my life after reading this, I know I have walked in faith through my fears one step at a time. There was a time that I was terrified of not being in control and not knowing what was next in my life. Don’t let anyone tell you that this is easy, because it is not, especially if you came from a dysfunctional home.

I was determined to live my life to the fullest and not let my childhood of abuse and parental alcoholism destroy me. I became resilient and was willing to do whatever I needed to do to heal and be healthy. I started therapy, went to workshops, retreats, practiced EFT, rebirthing, did energy healing work and probably read every self-help book on the market. Can you relate? I can truly say today that it was worth every penny and every hour that I put into it. I would not be where I am today, living in paradise, if I hadn’t faced my fears and moved through them. Where is Spirit calling you to move through your fears?

Many of you are new to my weekly blog and don’t know my story and how I was filled with fear and, most importantly, how I overcame it. I would like to share some of the highlights of my experiences over the last several years and how that fear became a portal for a rewarding spiritual life and my dream of living on the ocean in Maui.

I went back to college in my forties, dropped out in my junior year because I was riddled with fear. I didn’t think I could write a 20 page paper, so I quit. Thank God, a few years later, I had the courage to face the fear and went back and earned my bachelor’s degree. I then went on to obtain a master’s degree, while I had a full time job as an Alcohol and Drug therapist and took care of my family at the same time. As part of the master’s program, I had to write 4 papers a month. Believe me, I prayed a lot. It is amazing what we can do when we are following God’s plan, ask for help and believe in ourselves.
It took me 7 years to write my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith.” It took that long because I didn’t believe in myself and kept saying to myself, “I am wasting my time and no one will read it.” Several nights I went to bed and cried myself to sleep because I was so afraid. Fear almost robbed me of becoming an author and speaker and the opportunity to travel and live in Hawaii. I have met so many women who say they want to write a book, know they need to write it and yet it never gets written. This is not to guilt anyone, but to encourage you to trust the process and just begin. We rob ourselves (and the world) when we stay stuck in fear and don’t believe in ourselves. Our stories are important, not only for our own growth and edification but to help and inspire others to live their lives and to know they are not alone.

I divorced my husband of 30 years almost 14 years ago because I wasn’t happy and we weren’t growing and evolving as a couple. That took a lot of courage and strength to ask for a divorce and to live on my own and start a new life. It was the best decision I made because it really forced me to grow; to believe in myself and take care of myself.

I retired from my full time job (at 62) as a therapist of 20 years to start a new career as a spiritual coach, author and speaker. That opened the door to many marvelous opportunities and miracles – especially living in Maui.

My journey to Maui started in 2010 when I was invited to stay with a woman named Ellen (my angel.) Ellen came to the church in which I was speaking at in Rhode Island and afterward, invited me to stay with her in her home in Maui. Ellen and I laugh when we talk about it now, because we didn’t know each other at all and I was coming to stay with her for Thanksgiving for 2 weeks. That was the beginning of a MAJOR life change. I had no idea that I would move to Maui 2 years later.


view from lania In 2011, Ellen invited me to stay in her home while she was traveling for 1 month. It was during that stay that I heard the “small, still voice of God” calling me back to live in Maui for 6 months. After praying about it and talking with family and friends, I made the decision to rent my home in Rhode Island so I could come to live in Maui.

“My plan” was to work and do workshops, speaking engagements and coaching while I was living in Maui. God had another plan and I am so glad I didn’t fight the “Divine Plan” because I have grown so much. I have worked all my life with raising a family, working full time, attending school, etc. that it was difficult at first to just BE – which is what God was inviting me to do. In prayer one day, I heard God say, “I just want to love you, you don’t have to DO anything.” God provided for me in so many ways and one of the miraculous ways I was provided for was to live on the ocean in a beautiful condo with friends for $300 a month. To stay in a hotel in Maui, the average rate for one night is $240. I just figured it out and it would have cost me $7,200 to stay in Maui for a month. I lived there for 6 months! God is good.

When I am pushing to make things go my way and wanting “My Plan” there is no peace in my heart. There is nothing more important than love and peace in my heart. I strive daily to surrender to “God’s Plan” and to listen to the “small, still voice within.” Even if I am afraid and I have been, I allow myself to go into the fear and really feel it, process it and move forward. I know I can trust God that all of my needs will be provided for and doors will open at the perfect and right timing.

While I lived in Maui for 6 months, I heard the “small, still voice of God” inviting me to go back to Rhode Island, put my house up for sale and move to Maui to live permanently. With the grace of God, prayer and meditation, I listened and returned to Rhode Island in July 2012 to put my house on the market. I moved back to Maui in September and found a beautiful ohana to rent. I have met so many wonderful people that I know that I am home. My heart sings as I walk along the ocean every day, smile and say hello to people.

I just received an email from my son, Tim, after he read my last blog where I wrote, “How did I get here?”


“I’ll tell you how- you dreamed it for years! You’ve always talked about living on the ocean. You just thought it was going to be Narragansett, Rhode Island! Little did you know that spirit had much bigger plans for you! It’s funny- that has happened to me before too. I’m thinking “how did this happen”? And then i see an old vision board or the mind movie again- OOooooohhhhhh yeah! I dreamt it!”

What do you want in your life? What fears do you need to face and move through so you can live your dreams? With God, all things are possible. You must see it on the inside first before it manifests on the outside. You must dream it, visualize it, believe it and let it happen. Fear is useless, what is needed is trust.

I am Divinely Guided  – Creative Ideas, Ernest Holmes

Our mind is the Mind of God within us. God has no problems for God is the presence and the power that knows all things. If we but take our problem to that high place in our consciousness, it will disappear as we feel the answer is taking the place of the problem. There is nothing that can keep this from happening except our own thought of doubt or limitation. Today I affirm I am divinely guided and that the Spirit goes before me and paves the way. There is that within which knows what to do and how to do it, and it compels me to act on what it knows. Therefore, I shall do that which I should do, I shall know what I need to know, I shall encounter those new ideas that I need.

“I had many nights of not sleeping”

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There is major construction work going on in the house I am living in and there is major construction work going on in me too! This morning as I sat to do my daily prayer and meditation, I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and a man asked, “Could you please move your car out of the driveway so we can begin our roof work.” I replied, “No problem.” I moved my car and then came back into the house to pray. After about 5 minutes I knew that it was going to be impossible to meditate with the loud machinery right outside my front door.

I picked up my journal and spiritual books and decided to drive to the ocean which is only a few minutes away, in the hopes that I could sit and meditate there. I had just sat down and gotten settled when I heard loud noises in the back of me. I turned around and saw a couple of men sawing down a large tree trunk.  I thought to myself, “You have to be kidding me, I just left that noise.” Then I asked God, “What is the message?” This is what I heard, “You cannot allow outside distractions to disturb your peace. You must learn to always go inside of you where there is perfect peace and love.”

I realized in that moment that I had a choice. I could complain about the noise or I could be grateful for “what is.” I chose to be grateful for everything around me and before I knew it, I didn’t hear the loud sawing anymore and I was able to pray. I think there will always be some kind of distraction in our lives and we have to be vigilant about what we think about and what we allow in, so we can stay in peace and BE the instrument of love and peace that the world so desperately needs.

There are universal laws that operate in our world and one such law is that what we focus on we manifest. In a Science of Mind magazine (Nov. pg 52) it states, “When we experience a situation that we don’t like, it is important that we don’t complain or gripe about what has happened. Accepting “what” is, is different from resisting or fighting “what is.” Acceptance lifts us to a higher plane allowing us to see the solution to the problem. Acceptance places us in a vibration of peace.”

A few minutes later, I read in today’s Daily Word that….
“Spiritual growth is an ongoing process and a very personal one. I open myself to insights every day and my lessons come in many ways. From the moment I wake to the time I go to sleep, I have opportunities to learn and grow. An important part of my spiritual development is learning to make wise choices. I can choose to have a positive attitude or a negative one. I can choose to make healthy or unhealthy decisions for my mind and body. I can choose to enhance my relationships, treating others in kind and respectful.  Spiritual lessons are always available. I embrace them and rise to a higher level of understanding each day.” Daily Word, Jan. 30

As you all know, I chose to move to Maui in September. There are times that I still cannot believe that I am here and I am constantly saying,”Thank you God that I am living in Maui.” I sometimes, ask “How did I get here and how (I know the HOW is none of my business) did I manifest living in paradise?” I don’t know the answer except that it was God’s plan for my life and I said, “YES.”  I also ask, “What I am to learn and how do you want me to serve you best?”  Maui has opened me up and made me willing to look at every area of my life that needs to change so that I can make wise choices regarding my body, my mind and spirit. I walk almost an hour a day on the beach, practice yoga, dance, swim, and I’m starting a painting class next week and going to a Tai Chi class today!
For years, I have had problems sleeping and have been prescribed medications to sleep. I started to feel uncomfortable with the chemicals that I was putting into my body and wanted to explore more natural ways of healing and sleeping. My daughter, Mary, is an herbalist and has been encouraging me for a long time to get off the medication, (thank you Mary for your patience with me), but I wasn’t willing and ready. I first had to admit to myself that I was making unhealthy choices for my body.

I shared with my friend, Kati, about my sleeping problems and she invited me to an energy healing class that she attended. I decided to check it out and have been attending weekly classes ever since. Although I am still learning and exploring, I find this energy healing fascinating and powerful. I have made changes – big changes, but not without resistance to change.  I started slowly weaning myself from the medication that I have taken for years to sleep and started natural remedies.

It has not been without challenges that required me to practice what I believe, and I have had many nights of not sleeping, and have been willing to try different remedies of herbs and homeopathic remedies. God showed me how I wanted a “quick fix” and how impatient I was. I knew the medication that I had taken for years worked, but I also knew it wasn’t good for me.  I prayed and asked God for guidance and clarity on what was the best choice for my body.  To be honest with you, I didn’t want to be patient, I wanted to sleep!

As I was working through some of this, I received two emails from my friends, Trudy and Sandy, who had researched different websites with natural health remedies to sleep for me. I had not asked them to do this for me and was so grateful that they took it upon themselves to provide me with this information and new options. It was an answer to my prayer and my mind was being opened to healthier ways of sleeping.

Then, a few days later, I met Katherine at Unity Church. We both felt a connection to one another and decided to take a walk together the next day. We talked non-stop, sharing our stories and what brought us to Maui. During the conversation, I told her about my sleep problem and she shared she also had a sleep problem, but had found something that worked for her. She gave me the name of the homeopathic remedy and I went to the natural health store that day to get some! I used it the last few nights and although not perfect, I am hopeful that my natural sleep patterns will return.

What I have learned is that I CAN be patient and not give up because I want to be healthy in all areas of my life. When we ask God for clarity and guidance, we get it if we listen and are open to the signs. God sent me three women to help me make the right decision for my life in regards to the medication.

I have also found that being a part of the weekly energy classes has awakened me to new ways of healing and taking responsibility for my health and well- being. I feel so blessed that my friend Kati introduced me to Okada Purifying Therapy (OPT). OPT is a Japanese healing technique that was founded by Mokicha Okada in the early 20th century. This energy healing method uses Johrei to support the body’s own immune system and stimulate the self-healing forces. Johrei is a Japanese word, with the simpliest translation of which is purifying spirit or “golden light energy”. It works by removing impurities from the spiritual body by channeling light energy, thereby causing reaction of purification of the spiritual, mental and physical body.

As I walk in faith, love my God-self, trust and let go, I know from experience that I am always given everything I need at the perfect and right time. There is no need for me to worry or fret about anything. God is as close to me as my breath. I continue to open my heart to RECEIVE more good from God, knowing that I am deserving and worthy.  As I receive from Spirit, I can give to others.  As my son, Tim, says on his answering machine, “Life is good!”

Let Go, Let God –  Daily Word pg. 54
“Some say worry is the most common – although unintentional – form of prayer. It is a habit of focusing on negative possibilities, and it drains one’s energy and blocks effective action. Rather than worry, I choose to focus on positive possibilities and trust God for right outcomes. Becoming still in prayer, I see beyond any seeming setback to the activity of God within the situation. I know all those involved are enfolded in God’s love and guided in every way. In the silence, I release any need for a specific outcome and open to spiritual solutions. As I transform my thoughts, I am relieved of any worry. I trust God in all things, and I am free mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

I watched the whales jump out of water and so can YOU

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Last weekend I went to Ma’alaea Harbor to wander around and watch the boats come in and out. I love the ocean and wanted to just be around the boats and kind of hoped I would meet someone to invite me on their boat! No luck. Later on in the week, I said to a few of my friends, “I really want to go on a boat, do you know of anyone that has a boat?”

Last January, I signed up to be a volunteer at the Pacific Whale Foundation, but was never able to volunteer. I periodically receive emails from them telling me about upcoming events. This week I received an email from them about a whale watch that was coming up. It read, “Aloha Volunteers, Thank you for your RSVP’s for the volunteer whale watch and potluck on Wednesday, January 23rd.We have now filled seats on the boat and cannot accept any additional passengers.”

Since I had such a strong desire to go on a boat, I decided to respond to the email and asked to be put on the waiting list. I received an email back saying there were 2 seats left and I was invited to join them for the whale watch. Of course, I was very excited and said, “Yes.”

When I told my friend Joni that I was going on a whale watch, she asked, “What will you be doing?” I responded, “I don’t know, I just know I’m going and I don’t care what I do.” I thought I was volunteering to help on the boat. When I arrived on Wednesday, I was informed by another volunteer that this whale watch was a “thank you” party for volunteering during the year. Yikes, I had never volunteered, and yet I was now boarding The Odyssey for a whale watch. I’m not sure why I received this email in the first place, but I did. Not only does God provide money for what I need, but provided a free whale watch with my new binoculars. I have another whale watch scheduled in 2 weeks and I can’t wait.

Just 4 days before the whale watch, I found binoculars at a yard sale. I have been looking (and praying) for binoculars at yard sales as I wanted to see the whales close up. I spotted the big black binoculars on the table at the first yard sale I went to (in my mind, I thought five dollars.) I quickly picked them up and checked them out. “How much”, I asked the man. I was delighted when he said, “five dollars.” I walked away with a big smile on my face and said, “Thank you God.”

The binoculars came at the perfect and right time. I was thrilled to be able to see the whales jump up out of the water on the whale watch. Here is what I learned about humpback whales from one of the volunteers on the boat.

From December to early May the humpback whales call Hawaii home. Traveling an incredible 3,000 miles of ocean in less than two months time, these gentle giants migrate from the gulf of Alaska to Hawaii for breeding and birthing in the islands’ warm and shallow waters. Their annual migration delights both visitors and residents alike during the peak of their numbers between January and early April. Weighing up to 45 tons, these whales can be graceful acrobats. Seeing a humpback whale “breach” the ocean by propelling its 45-foot long body out of the sea is a spectacular event. Their mysterious whale song is yet another intriguing trait of male humpback whales. These complex songs can be heard underwater from up to twelve miles away. The crew put what is called a hydrophone 30 feet into the ocean so we could hear the whales sing. It was amazing to hear the songs being sung by the whales.

I am so grateful for the grace and courage to follow my heart and move  to Maui.  There have been so many miracles and gifts. As I have shared in other blogs, it hasn’t always been easy as things have come up that needed healing. They still continue to come up and when they do, I have the tools and wisdom to work through them. On a daily basis, I am trusting myself, my intuition and God on what I need to do next in my  life. God is always there to guide me when I listen and pay attention. Today, I am spending time alone with Pat and loving myself.  I was led to do an exercise in prayer this morning that I haven’t done before. I wrote in my journal  I love your … smile, strength, faith, courage, etc.  It was 2 pages long and I just kept writing and finding more things that I loved about myself.  It felt really good. How easy it is to see what we don’t like about ourselves. I invite you to try this exercise for yourself because you are love and loved.

Mine Is An Adventurous Heart – Heart Steps, Julie Cameron pg. 21

I choose an expansive life. I choose adventure, freedom,  self-expression. I choose self-definition, self-love, self-renewal.  Life expands or contracts according to my expectations. I expect good  and that is what I experience. Viewing the whole, I choose to be  interconnected yet independent. I allow the God-force within me to  open and enlarge my lens of perception and realm.


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