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“I had a PAT DAY and didn’t go to church”

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Like most people, I like my routine. I like to do the same things over and over again, until boredom sets in. I don’t usually like it if my daily routine is interrupted. For the past 35 years, it has been my routine to pray and meditate first thing in the morning. That is just what I do, and it works for me. I usually eat the same thing for breakfast until I get sick of it. If I belong to a group, I like to sit in the same chair every time. I guess somehow it makes me feel safe and secure or maybe I just don’t have to think about it.

For some reason the past few days, I have wanted to change my routine. I woke up this morning at 7 a.m. and decided to get dressed and go to the ocean to walk and swim. I live in Maui Meadows, which is a 5 minute drive to the beach. I didn’t eat my breakfast or do my prayer and meditation, as usual. It felt a little awkward, but I wanted to do it anyway. I have been living in my ohana for almost a year and have never gone to the beach this early in the morning. I like to go late afternoon when the sun is down. You may be thinking,“Who cares that you changed your routine, what’s the point.”

My point is that it is important to listen to our inner guide or the “small still voice” within even in the simplest things, like going to the ocean first thing in the morning. Listening to that voice and following through is like a quiet knowing, a gentle “nudge” guiding us in the direction of our highest good. Guidance is always available, we need to just ask, listen and accept. The wisest counselor is our own SELF, our own heart which is the temple in which God Himself eternally dwells.

When I am walking at the ocean, listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the warm breeze, I am in heaven and my vibration is high. I smile at everyone that looks at me and say good morning. I practically skip and dance down the beach, especially today when I had my headphones on and was listening to dance aerobics. I visualize my man walking toward me and saying, “Who are you and where did you come from?” I wrote in the sand, LOVE. After I finished my walk on the beach, I grabbed my noodle and played in the ocean. It was delightful and I feel so blessed and grateful to be living in paradise. This may be my only 7a.m. trek to the ocean, but at least I know I have a choice.

When my daughter Mary called me on Sunday and asked me how I was, I said, “I am having a PAT DAY. She said, “Isn’t everyday a Pat day?” I responded, “No, it’s not. Often I am with others playing and having fun or serving in some way. Today I am spending time just with me.” I have learned to become my own best friend and to enjoy my own company.

I love to attend Unity Church on Sunday mornings. I love the fellowship and the uplifting message I always receive. I woke up on Sunday and had no desire to go to church. My energy felt low because I had been out a lot with friends all week. I knew I wanted to spend time alone and have my PAT DAY so that is exactly what I did. I made myself a special breakfast of French toast and apples. I went to the ocean, swam, prayed and meditated. I came home, had lunch and took a nap. Late afternoon, I went to my favorite place to swim at the Marriott Hotel and walked the beach. I had a glorious day and filled myself up with God. It was exactly what I needed.

It is so important to follow our intuition and not judge and question it. I used to have a hard time making decisions and trusting my intuition. I often asked others for their opinions when making decisions in my life. I looked outside for my answers, rather than within. If I didn’t attend something that I had committed to, I felt guilty and thought I was missing out on something. When I bought something at the store, I would often doubt if I made the right decision and would drive myself crazy. Today, I GO WITHIN and see what feels right and then I do it. There is nothing wrong with seeking counsel from others, but the ultimate decision is what feels right for me.

It is good for us to see how far we have come and celebrate who we have become. It’s so easy to see where we need to change and grow, right? When we focus on what’s good in our lives and appreciate all that is, it increases. When we focus on what’s missing, we attract more of what’s missing. When I think about how far I have come, I amaze myself. There was a time in my life that I wouldn’t go to a restaurant alone because I was afraid people would think I didn’t have any friends and feel sorry for me. Can you relate? Like who cares that I am sitting alone. I remember the first time I went to a restaurant alone and ordered an ice cream. I felt so empowered. To think that I moved 3,000 miles away ALONE is truly a miracle and God’s grace. I would love to celebrate and hear from you where you have grown and changed.

I trust that God’s timing is perfect. When I haven’t gotten my own way in the past, I have complained when I had to wait for something. I may be in the hallway when one door is closed and the other hasn’t opened yet. My minister said, “A delay is God’s way of sending a blessing.” It is usually afterward that I see the wisdom of why I had to wait. Perhaps my consciousness wasn’t ready to receive what God had planned for me. Waiting causes my faith to grow – I trust that God knows what is best for me and when the timing is right to answer my prayer. Are you trusting God’s timing in your life or are you complaining about being in the hallway?

In prayer this week, I received a Goddess Card called Yemanya – Golden Opportunity – Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them. Everything you have done to prepare yourself will be with you. Get ready for a big and happy change. Celebrate your success. Your prayers are being answered. Know you are qualified and ready for this new opportunity.

Doors are opening, one door at a time for me. Here is an example. A couple of years ago, when I attended a service at Unity Church, I heard Eve Hogan speak. Eve is an author, speaker and owns the Sacred Garden in Maui. I was immediately drawn to her beautiful energy and strong faith. She had faith stories like I did and I wanted to get to know her. When we hugged after the service, I told her how drawn I was to her. A few months later, I got the courage up and sent her an email, but never heard back from her. I could have followed through, sent another email or tried to call her, but I just dropped it. Was is not God’s timing for us to connect?

This week, a friend of mine sent me an email about a retreat Eve was conducting in Maui. While I was mediating this week, I had a strong “nudge” from Spirit to call her and ask if I could meet with her. I knew it was from Spirit and I agreed to do it. I sent her an email asking to meet with her to see how I could be of service and offer my gifts at the Sacred Garden. Within a few hours, I received an email from her and here is what she wrote, “I’d be happy to meet with you and discuss the possibilities…..
I love it when Spirit Nudges…..LOL. As I said earlier, we need to ask, listen and accept the guidance from Spirit. I will keep you posted on what transpires.

How many opportunities and “nudges” from Spirit have you missed because you didn’t trust yourself, your inner guidance and were afraid to step out in faith? Today is a new day and you don’t have to let the past be your present. Has God been giving you “nudges” to do something but you haven’t done it and have all kinds of excuses why you can’t do it? Don’t let fear rob you of your dreams anymore. It is time for you to let your light shine. Doors will open for you when you take the next right step… and the next and the next. Trust me, if it worked for me, it will work for you.


I had no idea, and in my wildest dreams, that I ever would be living in Maui. I kept saying yes to receiving and releasing my fears and unworthiness. I bought my plane ticket to Maui BEFORE my house was rented and BEFORE I had a place to live when I got here. And as you all know,God provided miraculously.

It’s time to come out of hiding and Let My Light Shine”

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I love when Spirit answers my prayers quickly, easily and effortlessly. I write my weekly blog in the middle of the week and didn’t think I had anything exciting to write about. I asked for a “story” that would be inspiring that I could share with all of you. God answered my prayer that same day!

My friend, Kati, and I spent the day playing at the ocean and swimming in the Marriott pool overlooking the ocean. While we were in the pool, we coached each other and had a fun “lively conversation” about saying YES to letting our lights shine. We shared our stories about how we have hidden our light and gifts for so many years. We both knew in our hearts that it was time to “COME OUT OF HIDING.”  We supported and affirmed one another about the adventures and abundance that were rightfully ours and coming our way. Is it time for you to COME OUT OF HIDING and share your gifts with the world?  Several of my friends in Maui are experiencing the same thing and are bringing their gifts into the world. It is time for us to shine because the world needs us more than ever. It is time to SHINE God’s light into the world.

                                                                Marriott pool overlooking the ocean  

                                                                Marriot pool    

I shared something that happened to me many years ago when my family belonged to a Christian community.It was strongly suggested that I keep my gifts to myself because God wanted to raise up my husband with his gifts, first.


Unfortunately, I listened to that advice and didn’t use my gifts because I didn’t know any better and wanted to belong. I also thought the leaders of the community knew better than I did.  God didn’t raise my husband up and I went into hiding and kept my mouth shut. I shudder to think that I allowed this to happen to me and therefore, gave my power away.You may have had similar experiences in your life that weren’t healthy, but they helped you to grow stronger and become the person you  are today. You may have received messages from your parents, your religion or school that weren’t healthy.  I was told that I was conceited so, of course, I wanted to hide my gifts.
I am grateful that I see the truth now and no longer give my power away to anyone. I seek the Spirit within and know my answers are within.I shared with Kati that I was in the process of writing another book with all of my “Divine Downloads” since moving to Maui. Before my first trip to Maui in 2010, God had given me a message in prayer that I just found. Here it is:
“You can be as great as you want to be. It’s up to you. Just say yes to the doors I am opening for you. I have prepared you to step into your greatness and let your light shine. Not for you, but for the world to see me. I am the light and I am in you. So when you shine, I shine. When you hide because of false pride or not feeling good enough, you hide me. I am asking you to let your light shine so others will see me and be drawn to me. I have chosen you to do my work. The world is hungering for me and I need you to be the light in the world. Feel my love Pat, breathe it in, cherish it, let it radiate out. You are my star that is shining brightly. All you need to do is shine and radiate love.” 

I didn’t have a title for for my new book yet, so for the next half hour in the pool, we played with words and a name for the book.  I wanted the word STAR to be in the title because I had a powerful dream many years ago (after telling God that he had chosen the wrong person and I wasn’t writing my book). In the dream, I was climbing up a staircase to heaven to reach a star and then I became the STAR.  Here are some titles we came up with: Touching My Maui Stardom, Starring as my Authentic Self in Maui,  Maui Star Light. Shining Like a Star in Maui, Becoming my Own Star in Maui, Transforming into a Star in Maui or Maui Star.


I would love to hear from you about what you like and I am open to new idea Kati is an amazing artist and has agreed to do the cover with a Goddess touching the STAR. I am very excited. It is my desire and dream for this book to be a best-seller.  I am expanding!

reaching for the star

Hers is the “story” that I attracted into my life aster asking for a story that morning in prayer. What happened next was truly a “Divine Appointment” and a knowing we were on the right track.

After our “pool time” we headed for the ladies room. As we were walking out and laughing and having a good time, this younger woman approached us and said, “Your relationship reminds me of the relationship that I have with my best girlfriend. I ease-dropped a little and overheard you talking in the pool, I hope you don’t mind. My girlfriend is here with me also because we just finished a 10 day wellness retreat at Lumeria (a retreat center in Maui.) May I take your picture because I want to put it on my vision board?”

Of course, we said, “Yes” and were delighted to have our picture taken. She said, “I see how connected you are and your light shines. You have an aura that is very strong.” She asked our ages and then said, “I want the kind of energy that the two of you have when I reach your age. I would love for my mother to have what you have.

We hugged and exchanged email addresses when we left. What a confirmation about letting our light shine because we didn’t have to do anything, but just allowed our light to shine and be ourselves. I thing Kati and I giggled and floated back to our chairs. I love being with Kati because when we are together, our vibration is very high and there is a synergy that just flows out of us.

I returned home later in the afternoon and found an email from JoHanna (the woman we just met.) Here is what she wrote, “If you and Kati are free for dinner tonight, can we take you out and learn from you?” Of course, we were delighted and said, “Yes.” When we arrived at the hotel to meet them, it was like we were old friends and gabbed all the way to the restaurant. When we sat down, we toasted with bubbling champagne and they said, “We are with our FUTURE SELVES.”  What a night we had sharing our stories and learning from one another. To be that young and on the spiritual path of enlightenment was awesome.

Last week I contacted the editor of the monthly magazine Maui Vision to inquire about being a writer for the magazine. I know that Spirit inspired me to do this and gave me the courage to call and introduce myself. He asked me to send him some of my writings, which I did. Today, I received an email from him telling me I was an excellent writer and he wanted to know if I would be interested in writing articles on location. Of course, I said, “YES” because Maui Vision Magazine is the publication serving the conscious living community.

For all of you on the East Coast, I will be offering the same workshop when I return to Rhode Island for Christmas. The date is January 4, 2014. If you would like more information, please send me an email because space is limited. What a great opportunity to start the New Year by “Falling in Love with Your Inner Goddess.”    

                                         I am saying “Yes” to my increase and expansion right now 


                                               “FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR INNER GODDESS”

                                                 Presented by Pat Hastings and Kati Alexandra 

                                                      Maui, HI 

                                                         goddess -kati  



“I felt my sadness as the tears rolled down my cheeks”

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Spirit must laugh at me because I have to laugh at myself when I look at some of my thoughts and feelings when change is taking place in my life.  I pray for something and when I get it, I feel afraid.  Hmm…  Thank God, I am learning to love myself and take myself lightly.  I said in my last email that it is my goal to be the happiest person I know.  Am I always happy and peaceful? Hell, no, but it is my goal! It is in the journey of letting go, trusting, learning to love myself and being in the present moment that I feel the happiest and most peaceful.

I wish I could say that I’m always living in the present moment, because I’m not. I lose my peace when my thoughts are in the past or I’m worried about the future.  I lose my peace when I am HERE and want to be THERE. When my consciousness is in the future and I feel “out of control” and don’t know what’s going on or what I’m doing, I feel fear. What helps me move forward is to just do the next right thing, despite the fear. I will get THERE if I am patient with the process and accept “what is.” In other words, I have to stop thinking and start thanking that I am exactly where I need to be and that God is with me every step of the way. How easy it is to forget that I am one with the Divine and there is no separation.

Recently, I kept coming across the word RESISTANCE and I asked myself, “Am I resisting change?”  My peace seemed to be weaning and I was feeling uneasy. I said I wanted God’s will in my life and was open to receive whatever “new adventure” God had planned for me.  I shared the “New Life Angel” card in my last email and felt excited when I received it.

I didn’t feel the excitement this week, but instead felt stressed and pressured to “do more” to get myself “out there.”  Through journaling, I got in touch with anger because I liked my life the way it was and didn’t want it to change and lose my peace.  I knew I didn’t want to do my business the way I had done it for so many years (with pushing and making things happen.) I reminded myself that I didn’t have to do it that way anymore because living in Maui and experiencing God’s deep abiding love had changed me and I had learned “TO BE.” I could DO with peace, ease and grace and it would be different if I wanted it to be and chose it to be. I could allow things to come to me and stay peaceful and relaxed.

I meditated and prayed about what was happening and what needed to be healed in me. This is what I read in Daily Word.

“While change is inevitable, my response or reaction to change is up to me. How can I best prepare myself for change, and how can I make the most of it? Change is a transition from one thing, one place, one state of mind to another. I AM EVOLVING FROM WHAT WAS TO WHAT IS. I AM BECOMING MORE THAN I WAS BEFORE. Just as my view changed as I transitioned from childhood to adulthood, I now see that I am gaining a new perspective during this transition. I may be stepping into unfamiliar territory, but this step is an opportunity to grow in spiritual awareness. With each shift or change in my life, I am moving forward.”

When I took my walk in the afternoon, I noticed that something “felt stuck in my chest.” I sat down on the lounge chair at the Marriott Hotel and prayed. I asked Spirit to show me what was stuck inside that needed to be released.  It became clear to me that not only was I RESISTING CHANGE, but I was RESISTING my feelings. I didn’t want to feel the disappointment and sadness that was bubbling up within because I was still alone. I allowed myself to really feel the sadness as the tears rolled down my cheeks.  Not only did I allow myself to feel my feelings, but when I met with my friend Kati later that day, I shared my feelings with her. Her loving presence, acceptance and love healed me deeply. I allowed my feelings to come up and move through me. Feelings are meant to pass quickly, they are like clouds in the sky and it’s the nature of them to move on.

It’s our RESISTANCE to feelings that cause more problems than the feelings hemselves. Feelings are part of being alive and resisting them means resisting life. Feelings are energy, always in motion.  Unstuck energy lives in the body when we resist our feelings. They get stuck in the body and may appear as a lump in the throat, heaviness in the throat or tightness in the stomach.  Feelings live in our bodies and may come out as headaches, stomachaches, backaches and colitis if we don’t deal with them.

I cannot live in the present moment when my feelings are stuck inside, whether that be resentment, anger, fear, jealously, sadness or unforgiveness.  To move on, I need to allow my feelings to come to the surface in order to let go and heal. I need to learn to give thanks for the opportunities that life provides for the surfacing of my fears.

We need to take time to listen to our feelings and not dismiss or avoid them.  We may avoid our feelings by staying busy, working, eating, drinking, gambling, shopping, or cleaning. It takes courage to be ourselves, to feel and express our feelings.  Feelings are the gateway to who we are.  They are there to help us know ourselves and know what we need to do next.  They give us clues if something is wrong, to help us protect ourselves and keep ourselves safe.  They are part of the human condition and we all have them.

Repressed feelings tend to lodge in the body in the form of hidden tensions, unhealthy habits and stress-induced chemical changes. Often, illness is an expression of feelings repressed.

Do you have a problem with judging your feelings and making them wrong? You might say to yourself, “I shouldn’t feel this way, after all I have a good husband, home or I’m a Christian and shouldn’t feel fear because it means I’m not trusting God.”  Many of us have learned to control our feelings, to keep them hidden away, to stuff them and smile.  The message I received as a child was “I will give you something to cry about.”  I felt ashamed when I cried or had any feelings at all. For many years, I was totally out of touch with my feelings, especially anger.  We are used to distancing ourselves from emotional pain and often cover our feelings with self-judgment.  When we push away parts of ourselves, we fall deeper into isolation, feelings of unworthiness, self- hatred and depression. We often beat up on ourselves and never feel good enough.

Depression is the classic disease of women. If we don’t express what we’re feeling -what’s bugging us in a constructive healing manner, very often the result is depression.  Depression is like a fog that settles over us, limiting our ability to see what we are really feeling. Often when we are depressed, there’s something we need to do and we are afraid to do it. Feeling depressed when we have had a loss is normal and healthy in the grieving process. Depression can be a sign we are hiding from something or avoiding action. Often it is hidden and inverted anger.

Feelings are not right or wrong, they just are. Messages from society are that feelings are bad or dangerous and we try to avoid them at any cost.  We need to accept and feel our feelings in order to move through them.  We need to embrace and honor our feelings.

What I know about life is that change is inevitable.  As the reading in Daily Word said, “it is my response or reaction to change that is up to me.” You and I may be stepping into unfamiliar territory and don’t know what the next adventure is, but this step is an opportunity to grow in spiritual awareness. With each shift or change in our lives, we are moving forward.

Spirit calls me and you to expansion, inviting us to step out in faith and act courageously. I pray, listen to my inner guidance, and then put feet under my prayers. The positive action I take sends a clear message to Spirit. I am saying “Yes” to my increase and expansion right now. I fully trust that God goes with me wherever I go, showing me the way through any challenge. I am faith-filled, strong and courageous, living a life of adventure.



“I woke up and had a half-hour of INSANITY”

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I am sitting at the LA airport with 3 hours to kill before I board the plane back to Maui and decided to write about my 1 month trip back to Rhode Island. My friend Larry asked me before I left, “What is your intention for your trip?” I immediately said, “That it flow with peace, ease and grace.” That seems to be a daily mantra for me in everything I do.

I truly believe that “We get what we expect.” I expected my trip to flow with peace, ease and grace and indeed that is exactly what happened. This is what I wrote in my journal the morning I left for Rhode Island. “I feel excited with expectant faith that my family reunion will be the best one ever. My intention is to love my family and friends and to let them know how much I love them. I only see perfection and all is well.”

I had an amazingly fun, relaxing trip filled with the love of family and friends. I was treated like a queen; taken to lunch, dinner, picnic, boat ride, bed & breakfast and a 4 day stay at Narragansett beach in the hottest week of the month. You know who you are so I say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who loved me and spoiled me.

I stayed with my daughter, Mary, on her beautiful Herb Farm for part of the time and she cooked delicious, nutritious meals for me. I felt like a gypsy because I stayed at 7 different homes in 4 weeks. Have bag, will travel was my motto. The day before I left, my daughter and her new boyfriend and I went to Newport, RI for a picnic. When we were driving home, Mary handed me a little package wrapped in newspaper and said, “This is a going away present from Glen and I.” As I opened the stain glass red shaped heart, she said, “This is because we love you so much.”  What a special moment that I will never forget and will treasure in my heart.

As we all know, being with family (for a month) can sometimes bring up old issues and dysfunctional patterns. I can truly say that this has been the best time with my family EVER.  Even though my children were young adults when my ex-husband and I got a divorce after 30 years of marriage, it took several years for the family to heal and deal. I sometimes felt like I didn’t belong in my own family and that was very painful.

Had my family changed, or had I changed? My daily prayer and intention when I get out of bed in the morning is to be peaceful, to love and to serve. Living in Maui and learning how TO BE had changed me from the inside out. I could feel the changes in me because I felt relaxed and peaceful and no longer needed to control people and situations around me. I had learned to “go with the flow.”  In prayer one morning, Spirit showed me that I needed to make an amends to one of my children that I had judged for many years. After I made the amends and it was accepted, I felt like I was floating when I attended church that morning.  God is good.

I know that “happiness is an inside job” and doesn’t depend on outer circumstances or how much money I make or who I’m with.  I decide how happy I want to be. Believe me, it’s not MAGIC and it doesn’t just happen. It’s about a committed relationship with the Divine within me where there is total trust and a KNOWING that all is well, no matter what.  It’s about an internal stream of gratitude or an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Here are the keys to my happiness: Trusting, Relaxing, Allowing, Gratitude, Forgiving and Accepting what is.

My son, Jimmy, bought my car when I moved to Maui. Since he also had a truck, I asked if I could use it while I was in Rhode Island. He said, “Yes” but a few weeks before my visit, he contacted me and said, “Mom, I need to sell the car because my friend is going to buy it now.” I knew something would show up and didn’t worry about it. I didn’t know until I arrived in Rhode Island that I would be driving my old red Honda again. His friend had a knee operation and the doctor told him he couldn’t drive a shift and my car was a shift.  I hoped that I could use the car for the whole time, but didn’t know when his friend wanted to pick it up. My son called me the day before I was to leave for Maui and said, “My friend wants to pick up the car today.”    Thank you God for taking care of the details and for your perfect timing

My flight was scheduled to return to Maui on Tuesday, July 30th.  My friend Gail called a few days before that and said, “There is a tropical storm headed toward Hawaii on Tuesday or Wednesday, isn’t that when you are leaving?” I felt some anxiety at first and thought about calling the airline to change my flight. I didn’t want to be stuck in the airport over- night if the flight was cancelled last minute. I decided, instead, to thank God and to trust and do nothing. Of course, I would keep an eye on the storm, but I wasn’t going to worry about it because it was out of my control. The storm hit Maui on Monday, the day before my scheduled flight. All flights were canceled that were going into Maui on Monday. I arrived at the airport on Tuesday and had clear sailing, except for a minor detail about a valve that needed to be fixed before we took off. The 86-year-old woman sitting next to me told me that her flight was on Monday and she spent the night at the airport until this flight. Some people were stuck in the airport until Thursday and Friday. Again, God’s perfect timing.

I arrived home safe and sound and spent the first day quiet and adjusting to being back in my home. I swam in the pool and took a walk along the beach to connect with the land again. I was surprised when I woke up the next morning and felt anxious and afraid in the pit of my stomach.

I had a half-hour of INSANITY as I woke up that morning from a dream.  Was it jet lag and being up almost 24 hours or was it my ego playing games with me?  I felt alone (even though friends had already reached out to me through email and calls). What was going on because nothing had changed – except my THINKING! I was in charge (or I thought I was) again because old patterns of impatience and wanting to know HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE my life was going to change were emerging.  Instead of allowing things to flow with peace, ease and grace and the way I have been living my life for the last year and a half, I thought I could help a little and move things along a little faster.  Can you relate?  YIKES, I knew I was in trouble and needed to get back on the TRUTH track fast.

I jumped out of bed, got on my knees immediately and prayed the Serenity Prayer. I couldn’t wait to pray and meditate and find my peace again.


Here is a quote from Abraham that seemed appropriate. “What true patience is, is knowing that you want it and knowing that it’s coming and actually enjoying the unfolding along the way. Understand that you never get it done. So you might as well be patient. You never get it done, because every time you want and receive, you also receive a new perspective from which to want. Life is a constant unfolding of new desires and then a constant alignment to those desires.”


This is what I read in Creative Ideas by Ernest Holmes:

“I now establish in my thinking an attitude of expectancy of good things. I let go of the limitations of the past and live with the enthusiastic expectancy of the good that I will encounter today. I know that nothing is too good to be true and that nothing is too much for the power that can do anything. I expect the unexpected to happen and believe in a greater good than I have yet experienced. I keep my mind open to divine intuition which is the wisdom that guides me.

I believe that the Spirit within me, which is God, makes perfect the way before me. In this faith and knowledge, I discover a great peace of mind, a deep sense of belonging, a complete realization that God is right where I am. I put my whole trust in God and feel an intimate relationship with the presence and power which controls everything. The Spirit gently leads me, wisely counsels me. I know that the love that envelops everything flows through me to everyone, and with it goes a confidence, a sense of joy and of peace, as well as a buoyant enthusiasm and zest for life.”

The peace has returned, I am grateful and trusting that all is well and flowing with peace, ease and grace. I have discovered a great peace of mind, a deep sense of belonging, a complete realization that God is right where I am. I put my whole trust in God and feel an intimate relationship with the presence and power which controls everything.




“When you Pray Big, you receive Big”

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pray big

I spotted the “PRAY BIG” sign on the wall when I visited my friend Karen’s “Heaven on Earth” Healing Center on my trip to Rhode Island. I had to take a picture of it because it reminded me of what happened to my ex-husband and I over 35 years ago. We stepped out in faith because we heard God say to us,

“If you take big steps with me, I will take big steps with you.”

I believe that when I PRAY BIG, I will also RECEIVE BIG. I asked myself, “What does it mean to PRAY BIG?” First of all, I think it means that I need to know what I want and I must be willing to ask for it. It means to stop playing small and praying for just enough, whether that be enough money, clients, friends, happiness, peace, health or success. To ask for what I want, I must feel deserving and worthy to experience abundance in every area of my life. I must be willing to RECEIVE all that God wants to give me.
The tricky part of this is to be grateful, accept and love where I am and what I have in the present moment, while looking ahead to the future and what I want to manifest. It is important to know how to let go of the outcome and trust God for everything that is in my life now. I believe that the best is yet to come and Spirit wants us to expand to our fullest potential and grant us our heart’s desires.

Here is the chapter “The Sky God Speaks” from my book, Simply a Woman of Faith.

“My husband complained about his sales job for many years. He hated what he was doing. He felt stuck in a dead end job where there was no satisfaction or fulfillment. I could see the toll it was taking on him as his depression worsened. He didn’t want to do the things he used to enjoy and watched TV all the time.

Every weekend, he’d spend hours scouring the newspaper looking for jobs, but to no avail. He sent out resumes and had some interviews, but nothing ever panned out. I felt powerless to help, but listened and tried my best to be supportive, encouraging him not to give up. I knew something would come along if he kept trying. I wasn’t totally surprised when he asked to speak with me after dinner about something important.

“I’m thinking about going into business for myself,” he nervously blurted out. “Oh. What kind of business?” I asked God,I know he’s going to say a Christian bookstore. “I want to open a Christian bookstore.””I knew you were going to say that,” I answered.”How did you know? We’ve never talked about it before. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but didn’t have the guts to bring it up to you. I didn’t think you would go for it.” “I don’t know how I knew, I just did.” “What do you think?” he asked. “I’m not sure. I’m not against it, but we don’t know anything about running a bookstore. Where would we get the money? Would you quit your job?” There were so many questions and my mind wouldn’t shut off.

“I don’t know the answers yet, but I’ll do some research and see what I can find out,” he answered.”Okay, I’d like to pray about this and make sure it’s God’s will.”We agreed to pray and discuss it in another week or so. A week later, I could tell by the look in my husband’s eyes and the quivering in his voice that he had something to tell me. I waited anxiously until the children were tucked into bed and he was ready to talk. As we sat next to one another on the big sofa, he grabbed my hand and said, “We have to sell our house if we want to go into business.” It took me off guard and I gasped. “What? You must be kidding.” “No, I’m not. I went to the bank to see about a loan. We’re not eligible. The only way we can finance a business is to sell our house.”

“There must be another way,” I said as the tears rolled down my cheeks. The thought of selling our home and moving when I was pregnant with our fourth child seemed out of the question. I loved our home and that was the last thing I wanted to do.The pain and despair in his eyes prompted me to ask,”Where would we live if we sold our home?” “We would have to find a nice place to rent,” he answered. I wanted to be open and I desperately wanted my husband to be happy and fulfilled, but I didn’t want to move. Every time we broached the subject I kept repeating, “This is such a big step, we have to make sure it’s God.”

I prayed about it daily, but no answers came until we attended our weekly prayer meeting at the church. After the singing and praise, the church got very quiet as we waited to hear the prophetic word. Directly in front of us sat a man we had never seen before. He spoke loud and clearly,  “If you take big steps with me, I will take big steps with you. If you take small steps with me, I will take small steps with you.”

My husband looked over at me as the tears streamed down my cheeks in disbelief. He gently squeezed my hand and smiled at me. We both knew God had spoken and answered our prayers. We couldn’t stop talking about it on our ride home from the prayer meeting. Although we weren’t ready to speak it aloud yet, we both knew deep down what we needed to do.

The next day my husband called the real estate agent and we put our house up for sale. We didn’t know where we would live, but we trusted God would guide us as He promised in the prophecy. We wanted to find a townhouse to rent. I joked with my husband and said, “It wouldn’t surprise me if God was building brand new town houses nearby.”

The next week as I read the newspaper, savoring my flavorful cup of chai, I spotted the full page ad in the middle section of the paper.”Joe, come quick,” I called out. “Look what I found in the newspaper. It looks perfect for us.”


We packed the three children in the car and off we went to the neighboring town. As we drove up the long windy driveway, we couldn’t wait to see what the townhouses looked like. Dozens of people walked in and out of the model townhouses. “How may I help you?” asked the saleswoman who greeted us at the entrance of the model. She smiled as she noticed my obvious big belly and our three young children tagging behind us.

“We’re interested in renting a three bedroom townhouse,”my husband answered. “I’d be glad to show you around. We’ve already rented several of them today. Aren’t they beautiful?” the saleswoman commented.”Very,” I answered. I loved the large rooms and the patio. I imagined our children playing in the small back yard.”When will they be available to occupy?” I asked. “Some are ready now. We’re still building on the other side of the street and they’ll be completed in the Spring.”

My husband and I walked outside to discuss whether to put a deposit down on the townhouse. Even though we just put our house on the market the week before, we thought it would sell quickly and we needed a place to live when it did sell. The timing seemed perfect and we loved the townhouse. We could afford the monthly payment and it was close to everything. We put down a deposit that day with the understanding that when our house sold, we would move in.

As expected, our house sold quickly and amazingly we got almost to the penny what we needed to open the business. Everything ran on schedule and according to plan. Several months later, we moved into our new townhouse.”

As we follow God’s plan for our lives, miracles happen. When we PRAY BIG, we will RECEIVE BIG.  Do you know what you want? Do you feel deserving to receive your heart’s desire?

                                                                     DREAMING BIG


               pat at movies  



“Your life is about to change”

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On June 13, 2013 while in prayer and meditation, I heard the small, still voice of God say,”Your life is about to change.” I don’t know HOW it is going to change, but I KNOW it is about to change. I am excited to see what the next chapter of my life will look like. This is what I wrote in my journal.

“Thank you God for the “signs” that something has shifted inside of me. Thank you for the grace to have listened and surrendered for the past year and a half, that I was willing to put my gifts on the altar so I could experience BEING and your love in a deeper way. Thank you that it’s time for me to expand into the world with my gifts. I have no idea what it will look like and how it will happen and that’s okay. I trust more than ever that what I need will show up in perfect and right timing. I will watch and wait for the miracles to happen. I will do my part and leave the rest to you, knowing I can relax in your spirit, swimming in the waters of your unconditional love.”

In July 2010, I had no idea when Ruth contacted me and asked me to be the speaker at her church that my life was going to change DRAMATICALLY.

Like – leaving my family and friends, my home and my business to follow my heart and move 3,000 miles away to Hawaii.  Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be living in Maui on the ocean. I always knew I would live on the water, but God’s plan was so much bigger than mine.  Isn’t that always the way! For many years, I dreamed of going to Hawaii. I had an intention book, which is like a vision board that I prayed with daily and in it was a picture of a turtle swimming in the ocean in Maui, Hawaii.

Some of you may not know my story and how my journey unfolded the last 3 years for me to now live in Maui. It is a powerful story of stepping out in faith and how God provided every step of the way.  I would like to share it with you from the beginning.

“When the service was over on that beautiful day in July, 2010 and I was signing books at the back of the church, a woman approached me by the name of Ellen and said, “I really enjoyed your talk and I am stepping out in faith and moving back to Maui.” I said, “Oh how wonderful, it has always been my dream to visit Hawaii.” She immediately said, “Oh, you can stay with me and for as long as you want.” She then proceeded to pull out a post card of where she lived, which was a condo overlooking the ocean. I was very excited and thanked her for her generous offer. We exchanged numbers and I told her I would be in touch.

I couldn’t wait to get home because I knew that I had something in my intention book about Maui. Sure enough, there was the turtle swimming in the ocean in Maui. This had to be a sign that I was to visit Maui and take Ellen up on her offer. I prayed about it and it felt right, especially since the month before I received a free round trip ticket to anywhere in the United States.

I had visited my brother in New Jersey and had mistakenly gone to the airport the day before the scheduled flight. I had to get back that day and the ticket agent suggested I try Southwest Airlines, because he thought it would be cheaper. I agreed and while walking through the airport to the Southwest AIrline ticket counter, I kept thanking God and not beating up on myself for making this mistake. I trusted there was a reason for my error that I couldn’t see yet. A young man in a Southwest booth motioned for me to come over and since I had time to kill, I walked over. He explained that if I opened a Southwest credit card that day, I would receive a round trip ticket to anywhere in the United States. Sounded like a no brainer to me so I signed up and as I walked away.  I said to myself, “This is for Hawaii.”I called Ellen a week later, invited her to dinner and accepted her invitation to Maui for two weeks at Thanksgiving. I had never been away from my family for the holidays so this was a big deal for me, but a deal I couldn’t pass up. After all, I had a free airline ticket and a free place to say.

A couple of months after meeting Ellen, I had an intuitive reading on the phone from a woman whom I had never met. She asked “Are you planning a trip soon?” I responded, “Yes, I am going to Hawaii in a couple of months.” She said, “Hawaii is going to be the nucleus of something really big and you will be moving.” That is all I remember about the reading.

I will never forget my excitement on Thanksgiving morning (while sitting on the lanai and praying) when Spirit graced me with 4 rainbows within a 10 minute span. I didn’t connect it at the time, but I have 4 children and each rainbow represented one of my children. While they weren’t with me physically, they were with me in spirit and in my heart.

rainbow 1

I had a picture of a man and woman snorkeling in the ocean in my intention book. It was next to the last day before my vacation ended and I still hadn’t swum with the turtles and snorkeled yet. Each day as I looked out into the ocean, I kept saying to myself and my friend, Ellen, “I will snorkel and swim with the turtles before I leave, I will do it.” I knew it in my heart, I believed it, but I didn’t know how it would happen.

I took my usual walk after dinner on the night before returning home and stopped to chat with a couple I had met.  In our conversation, I casually said, “I really want to snorkel and swim with the turtles before I leave tomorrow, but have no one to go with me.” To my surprise, the man said, “Oh, my son Rich has been snorkeling every day since he’s been here. I am sure he would accompany you and I have all the equipment for you to use.”

The next morning, the day I left the beautiful island of Hawaii, my dream came true. Rich and I snorkeled and swam with the turtles for one hour. Words cannot express the excitement, exhilaration, gratefulness, and joy I felt! It was truly an amazing, miraculous moment that I will always treasure and never forget. Turtles are my symbol and I have them all over my house.”

Pat snorkeling

I fell in love with Maui and it is still hard to put into words what I experienced while I was there. It wasn’t just beautiful; it was the energy of the Hawaiian people and the love that permeated everything.

When I left after the two weeks, something deep had shifted inside of me and I didn’t know what it was. All I knew was that I didn’t want to go back and do my business the way I had been doing it. I worked very hard to market and network and get myself out there. It was kind of scary because I didn’t know what was going to happen to me or my business, but I TRUSTED.

Ellen planned a trip back to Rhode Island for a month in October, 2011. She invited me to stay in her condo while she was away and I happily accepted her offer again. Every morning I sat on the lanai overlooking the ocean and prayed and meditated. That is when the idea, (which I believe was a divine download) came that God was inviting me to come back to Maui for 6 months to live. Of course, the usual negative internal dialogue started. “There’s no way you could afford this, are you crazy, you don’t deserve this, what will your kids say, what will you do with your condo in Rhode Island?”

By the grace of God and my strong faith, I didn’t listen to that fearful, negative voice which I call my ego. Instead, I listened to the voice of God within and followed my intuition. As I continued to pray about it, Spirit kept affirming this was God’s idea and not mine.


I returned home and shared with my family and friends that I was moving back to Maui for 6 months.  I booked my flight for January 8, 2012 BEFORE knowing where I would live when I arrived in Maui or what I would be doing when I got there. I wanted to rent my condo for the 6 months so I contacted the colleges in the area and placed it on Craig’s List. I had a couple of inquiries, but no one came to look at it.


My daily prayer was “The right and perfect person will rent my condo and I will find the right and perfect place to live when I arrive in Maui.  I know it was God’s grace and that I had surrendered because I didn’t worry and I wasn’t afraid that it wouldn’t happen. I JUST TRUSTED and it did – better than I expected. That is what happens when we let go and let God!


I met Carrie Ann at my church in November, just a month before I planned on moving back to Maui. She had recently moved to Rhode Island from California and was living with friends. I invited her to dinner at my home and the rest is history. She rented my condo and moved in on January 1, 2012. One prayer was answered because she was truly the right and perfect tenant and now my good friend.


On the same day I received the email from Carrie Ann saying she wanted to rent my condo, I received a call from Pat inviting me to stay with her and her husband in the condo they had just rented in Maui. Let me explain: Pat is Ellen’s daughter.  Pat and her husband Bob just moved to Hawaii 3 weeks ago and were staying with Ellen until they found a place to rent. When Pat called she said, “We will be renting a condo in the same complex as mom and you are invited to share it with us and have your own bedroom and bath.” I knew this was a gift from God. The condo is beautiful and overlooks the ocean.  God is faithful and when we trust God’s plan, let go and let God and step out in faith, miracles happen. I can hardly believe that my condo was rented and I found a place to live in Hawaii on the very same day. My rent was $300 a month. Now that is GOD!



at the poing


I began to sense through prayer and meditation that Spirit was inviting me to move to Maui to live.  I prayed about it and asked for guidance.  I still remember what it felt like when I went “inside” to see how it felt to move back to Rhode Island or live in Maui. I knew deep in my heart what I wanted to do.


I returned to Rhode Island and put my house up for sale. I bought a ticket back to Maui BEFORE my house sold and BEFORE I had a place to live.  I moved to Maui in September 2012, and found a beautiful ohana on the ocean to rent. I am living my dream by stepping out in faith, trusting my intuition and the God within.”


As I shared in the opening God’s recent message to me was that my life was about to change. I wait patiently for it to unfold with peace, ease and grace. I am peaceful living in the mystery of the unknown. I had an angel reading while in Rhode Island and this is the message I received.  Angel of New Life – An exciting new chapter in your life is about to unfold. Yippee!

                          angel of new life  


My message for you is: Never give up on your dreams, keep believing and trusting. You don’t need to know HOW it will happen. All you need to do is to “Show Up” and believe and ALLOW. Your dreams will come true. If it can happen to me, it can happen for you, IF YOU BELIEVE.

“I threw down my moped and screamed FU God”

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I am in Rhode Island for the month of July, so I decided to send you something from my book, Simply a Woman of Faith. This chapter is called “God is my travel agent.” Enjoy!Thank you God, I know this is going to be a magnificent week… and the sun will come out. I woke up bright and early the next day. The rain had finally stopped, but no sunshine yet. Well, soon, I knew the sun would shine. I couldn’t wait to rent a moped and tour the island remembering how it felt with the wind blowing on my face those thirty years ago. Riding a moped in Bermuda, at seventeen years old seemed easy. I told myself it would come back to me, just like riding a bike.


I called the moped shop the next day and asked if they would deliver a moped to the hotel. It didn’t take them long to arrive at my doorstep. When the man arrived with my moped, he looked me over and asked doubtfully, “Lady, have you ever ridden a moped before?” “Sure, when I came here thirty years ago.” I smugly replied. He smiled and said, “Let’s see what you remember.” He showed me the basics in the parking lot – how to turn, stop, speed up and how to turn it off. It’s always a sign that I’m nervous when my hands sweat – and they were sweating profusely. I tried to act confident, but he could see the panic in my eyes. “Are you sure you’re okay? I can stay while you practice in the parking lot.” “I’d love your help,” I answered.

He patiently watched me as I tried to maneuver the bike around. The bike jerked when I stopped and I almost went into the wall. I kept practicing going around and around until I felt confident and ready to ride on my own. “If you have any problems, call me for help.” I thanked him as he opened the door of his truck and waved and drove off. Pat, you can do this. Just take your time, don’t get nervous. You did it when you were seventeen; you can do it now.  I placed the helmet gently on my head, started up the bike and began my tour of the island. I concentrated on staying on the opposite side of the street, knowing it would be easy to forget and end up in the wrong lane. Smooth sailing until I hit the traffic in downtown Bermuda. Well, I didn’t literally hit it!  Oh my God, I’m having a panic attack. I can’t breathe.  I could hardly see through the tears burning my eyes. My heart pounded a mile a minute and my hands clutched tightly on the gears. I need help God or I’m going to get myself killed. What the hell am I doing in the middle of the traffic at lunch hour?

I managed to get the moped to the side of the street and breathed a sigh of relief. I had to calm myself down and pull myself together. God sent me an angel. A policeman sitting on the side of the street saw how pale I was, all the color drained from my face. “Do you need help?” he asked.I blurted out, “Please help me get out of this traffic before I cause an accident.” He smiled and motioned me to follow him. He stayed with me for quite awhile until I felt comfortable on the moped and in traffic. I just needed a little practice, I told myself.I felt proud of myself that I made it home safely and in one piece.

The next day the pouring rain and threatening black skies kept me inside all day. I made the best of it and cuddled up in front of the window, leisurely reading my Danielle Steel novel, sipping a hot flavorful mug of chai. As I listened to the weather station on the radio every hour on the hour, my enthusiasm faltered.  God, why did you bring me to this beautiful paradise only to wilt in the rain and stormy weather? I don’t understand. Please help me to trust you.

The next day the sun peeked through the clouds. Finally, the weather appeared to be turning. With new found confidence in my moped skills and my trusty map in my pocket, I jumped on my moped and began anew to tour the island. Yes I can do this, smooth sailing, I knew I would remember. Then, without any warning, my bike stalled on the side of the road. Panic struck. What am I going to do now? I turned the key slowly to see if I could get it started. The bike just wouldn’t start no matter what I did. I looked around the desolate stretch of road- no one in sight to ask for help. I sat there for awhile completely paralyzed and void of any intelligible thought. Fear gripped me in the pit of my stomach as the sweat poured down my forehead.   You should never have come here alone. What if someone robs you? Or kidnaps you? People take advantage of stranded women all the time. How could you be so stupid as to put yourself in this situation.


As I sat there wondering what to do next, a man drove by on his moped and saw me sitting there. God sent another angel to help.”What’s wrong?” “My moped stalled and I can’t get it started,” I replied. “Let me see what I can do.” In a second he came up with the diagnosis. “Your gas tank is empty.” “Gas tank empty?” I hadn’t even asked the man who delivered the moped where the gas tank was. I blushed as I tried to make excuses for my stupidity. “I didn’t think the gas would run out. Why didn’t they show me where the gas tank was in the first place?” I blurted out. I had to blame someone. “There’s a gas station right up the street. I’ll go and get you some gas.” As I sat there waiting for the gas, I thanked God for sending me this nice, helpful Bermudian rather than the Boston Strangler. When he returned, I paid him for the gas, thanked him profusely for his help and resumed my island tour.

I looked forward to riding to St. George for lunch. Even though it was on the other side of the island, it would be worth the trip. I remembered the quaint little shops and eating in the restaurant that served rich chocolate cake that melted in my mouth. As I drove into St. George, all I could see was the majestic cruise ships lined up along the ocean front. People were standing on the decks watching and waving to those passing by. I leisurely strolled around town enjoying the sights and taking my time to browse in the novelty shops. I stopped to watch a man making glass jewelry. I finally felt that vacation sense of freedom, as I strolled along the streets browsing in shops.


I found a cozy restaurant tucked away behind the famous St. George cathedral. I expected my trip back to be uneventful as I strapped on my helmet and started up my moped. The air felt different and it seemed a little darker. I looked up in the sky and knew rain was only minutes away.I have to get back on my own, no matter what. Maybe I can make it before it gets really bad. God, what’s going on? Where’s the sun? I don’t even have a raincoat with me. As I raced against time to get back to Angels Grotto, black ominous clouds threatened from above and the cold wind chilled my weary bones.Within minutes, the rain poured down and the sky opened up. I could hardly see as the hail and ice balls hit my face. As each car sped by, water splashed my feet, legs, arms and even my head.


Between my tears and the pouring rain, I could hardly see in front of me. I held on for dear life.I had to keep going, no matter what. My body trembled with fear and I felt my heart pound inside my chest. God help. I’m scared to death and my life is in danger.Up ahead, as I squinted to see, I spotted a covered shelter for people waiting for buses. If I can reach that shelter, I can get out of the rain and be safe until it passes. Keep going Pat. You’re gonna make it. Just keep moving and you’ll be safe.  As I approached the shelter, I could see it was empty. I turned off my moped, threw it on the ground and screamed at God at the top of my lungs. F U God.

I felt the anger rise up from a place deep within me. I didn’t get angry at God – ever. What was going on with me? I have no idea how long I sat on the ground sobbing uncontrollably, but it seemed like time had stopped. I realized that all my life I held in my anger and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Once it started, it wouldn’t let up until it ran its course. After this outburst and release of anger, I calmed down and felt better. Although totally spent and exhausted, I knew deep down that something had shifted inside of me. The weather had shifted as well.

The rain had stopped and I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel. Drenched and cold, I peeled off my clothes layer by layer, then soaked in a hot tub for over an hour, adding hot water as it cooled. As soon as my head hit the pillow that evening, I was out and I slept like a baby. When I woke up the next morning, the sun shone brightly through my window. I listened to the bird’s song and felt renewed. I felt transformed, healed and loved. Looking out my window at the pale blue clear sky, I felt peaceful, serene and grateful as if enveloped in God’s loving presence.

God, something feels different inside, what happened yesterday? I feel lighter and more alive. Where did all that anger come from? I’m sorry God for blaming you and saying what I did.

Sitting in prayer and meditating the next day, I sensed the beginning of getting in touch with a well of deep unresolved anger from my childhood. I didn’t know how much anger I had inside of me until my moped incident. I could no longer keep the lid on my anger because it was destroying me. I thought about the headaches and not sleeping – they were probably a result of my unresolved anger and holding things in.

I think God, in His ultimate wisdom, allowed this to happen so I could begin to release the anger from the sexual abuse that I’d buried for years. He knew it would take a lot for me to get angry – alone in Bermuda on a moped during a hail storm did it. Clearly, the release was more important to my well-being than having beautiful weather. Yes, I was angry and wanted to blame God for the bad weather, and for my fears of getting electrocuted or having an accident on the moped.

God had thrown His thunderbolts and created the perfect circumstances to free and heal me. I thought I was going to Bermuda to rest and relax in the sunshine. God had other plans, better plans. He knew exactly what I needed.


“I am crazy or Spirit is trying to get my attention”

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I love how the Universe works. Since I moved to Maui a year and a half ago, I have learned how “TO BE” and to relax and enjoy the moment. I have been praying about what to DO next in my life in regards to using my gifts. It felt like it was time for me to do something and I asked Spirit “to bring it to me.” I trusted that whatever (person, place, or thing) was in my highest good, it would appear at the perfect and right time. It is also called the art of “allowing.” I no longer had to push and make things happen, as I did for so many years.

I stopped at a yard sale on my way to church on Sunday. My CD Walkman broke several years ago and I hadn’t replaced it. There on the corner of the table was a brand new Walkman still in the package for $5.  I asked, “Will you take $3 and she immediately said, “Yes,” I walked away with a smile on my face and a brand new Walkman. I am going to Rhode Island for a month to visit family and friends and thought it would be a great idea to listen to some old CDs.

I opened the Walkman today to see how it worked. I have a box of CDs that I brought with me when I moved here to Maui and came across a 4 CD set called “Radical Manifestation” by Colin Tipping, I purchased the set of CDs several years ago and thought they would be great to listen to again. I put them aside and didn’t open them to see if all the CDs were there. I also found a brand new CD that was still in the package that I had purchased when I went on my cruise 2 years ago.  It was called Steel Band – Music of the Caribbean. It sounded like fun so I opened the package to listen to it. When I put this CD into my CD player, I fully expected to hear Steel Band Caribbean music.

I was shocked when I heard Colin Tipping, author of Radical Manifestation speaking. I quickly opened the CD player to see what was going on. It was the first CD of the set of 4 from Radical Manifestation CDs. I couldn’t understand how it got in there and wondered where the Steel Band Caribbean CD went? It was gone! I am not kidding you; it was nowhere to be found. I then checked the CD set that I had set aside and sure enough the first CD was missing (the one that was now playing in my CD).

Either I was going crazy or Spirit was playing games and trying to get my attention. I have never experienced anything like this before. I thought, “I better pay attention to this because this is not normal stuff, God must be speaking and I better listen up!” Of course, I immediately started to listen to the Radical Manifestation CDs and then the inspiration came. 


Before I even finished listening to the first CD, I had the inspiration to create my own Radical Manifestation workshop. I certainly had enough “personal experience” to do a great workshop on manifestation. My friends in Rhode Island call me a “magical manifester.” When I finished listening to the first CD, I picked up the phone and called Kaunoa Senior Center where I had given workshops when I first came to Maui. I met with the activities director today and will be teaching Radical Manifestation October 3, 2013. 

That same day, I received an email from my friend Ros, who owns a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Maui. I met Ros last year when I attended a retreat and stayed at her B&B. I gave her my book when I left. She started her email with, “I just had a thought as I was reading your blog this morning. As you are a coach in assisting people find the right track for their lives – here is what I would like for you to consider. What do you think about offering individual one-on- one retreats for several days even a couple of weeks? It could be anything from one day sessions to a 3-to-10 day retreat. The majority of the food will be prepared utilizing local organic fruits and vegetables, and free range eggs, fish, chicken and lamb.” One of the other teachers she has invited to consider being a part of this is Ram Dass. Ram Dass is a well- known spiritual teacher living on Maui and just seeing my name on the same page made me excited.


I emailed Ros back and told her I was very interested and we have already started planning it. It is my passion to lead retreats and coach people to find the God within. God gave me a mantra several years ago that I repeat often. It is “I am a star that shines brightly to lead others to the God within.” God does answer prayer. I had asked God to show me what to do next and to bring it to me. Do you think my prayer was answered? I sure do. The next day, I was putting away the CD’s that were on my table and what shows up mysteriously but the Caribbean CD. I am still scratching my head over this one.


I have learned to ask for what I want in all areas of my life.The first chapter in my book, Simply a Woman of Faith is about asking God for things I need at yard sales. Here are a couple of the stories.

“I started going to yard sales many years ago out of necessity. My husband was out of work for a year. There wasn’t enough money for the basics for the two of us and our four small children. I found my children’s clothes at my weekly yard sales. The clothes almost looked brand new after I brought them home and washed them. While they were young, the children never knew the clothes came from yard sales and I could get away with it. When they got older, I had to sneak the stuff into the house so they wouldn’t know where they came from.  My faith was strengthened whenever God answered a prayer request and I found just what I was looking for.

God, Joe needs shoes for his job interview. You know we can’t afford $150 for a new pair of black wing tip shoes. I know this is not the usual request and it may take a while to find since he’s a size 12D. I trust you God.

God must look down and smile at some of my unique prayer requests. A size 12D man’s shoe was a tall order, even for God. This didn’t happen overnight, but I didn’t give up. I kept praying, asking and going to yard sales. One of these days, I’ll find them, I thought to myself.

I did a double take when I walked into the yard sale and spotted boxes of shoes stacked neatly on the table. I raced over to the table, my heart pounding loudly. I carefully opened all the boxes hoping to find size 12 D black wing tip shoes. It didn’t look like they had any large sizes and I was about to give up. With that, a man walked over to me and asked if I needed help. “You don’t have what I’m looking for,” I responded. “What do you need?”  I kind of chuckled and said, “I need size 12D man’s shoes – preferably, black wing tips.” “Wait a minute, I think I have some larger sizes over here. Follow me.” I held my breath anticipating what we might find. He opened all the boxes searching for a 12D. “Yes, here we go. Is this what you are looking for?” He held up a shiny pair of black wing tip – 12D. “I could hardly get the words out of my mouth. “Are you sure they’re a size 12D?” “Yes, lady. The size is right here. Look size 12D.” He pointed to the size marking on the inner leather.  “How much?” He thought about it for a moment and then said, “Twenty-five dollars will do.”  “It’s a deal, I’ll take them.”

God’s love and care never cease to amaze me and I wanted to shout it from the housetops. I couldn’t hold back and blurted out, “I’m so happy I came here today. My husband is out of work and has a job interview next week. He didn’t have any dress shoes and he couldn’t afford to buy new ones. I’ve been praying to find new shoes at a yard sale. I knew God would answer my prayers.”

He looked at me kindly and said, “I sold my shoe store a year ago. These shoes were leftovers. They weren’t doing me any good in the basement and I just wanted to get rid of them. Glad you found what you were looking for.” I paid for the shoes and thanked him. I couldn’t wait to get home and have my husband try them on. I ran into the house and shouted, “Joe, guess what? I found new shoes for you at a yard sale – and they’re wing tips.” He looked a bit apprehensive at first, but smiled and sat down to try them on. I held my breath as I watched him slip his foot into the shoe. Just like Cinderella, the shoe fit like a glove. God is faithful. He wants to provide for His children. We need to only ask and believe.

My daughter Mary called me and said, “Mom, I broke my foot last night.” “What happened? Are you okay?” I asked anxiously. “I fell down the cellar stairs, but I’m okay.” “Did you get an x- ray?” “No, I’ll be all right mom. Don’t worry. “Can you get me a walking cast at the hospital?” “They don’t have them there.” I replied. “I’ll go to the hospital supply store tomorrow after I go “yard sailing” and buy you one.” “Thanks mom. See you tomorrow.”

I sure wish she’d get an x-ray, but she’s thirty years old and is going to do it her way,I reminded myself.The walking cast was the furthest thing from my mind as I strolled around this particular yard sale. I bought a few things for the house and paid the lady when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted it.

God, am I seeing right? That looks like a walking cast sitting there in the middle of the driveway. “Excuse me, but is that a walking cast over there?” “Yes, I bought it for my husband a few years ago and he never used it.” “Oh, how much are you asking for it?” “One dollar.” “Sold.”

I walked out of the yard sale with a smile on my face and a skip in my step. I drove straight to Mary’s house. I couldn’t wait to tell her the good news. I hurried into her house and found her sitting with her leg propped up on the living room couch.”Mary, guess what? I found a walking cast at a yard sale, try it on and see if it fits.” “It fits perfectly.” It didn’t take her long before she was up and wobbling around.

The beauty of my “yard sailing” lies not just in the price, but the knowledge that God does care about the details. His answers to my yard sale prayers constantly remind me that I’m taken care of, that God is in my life and that He wants me to have all I need and desire. The fun I have finding these bargains reminds me that God has fun when I have fun. I think God enjoys placing bargains in my path as much as I enjoy finding them.”

Whether it be asking God to guide me and bring something to me at the perfect and right time, or asking to be provided for at yard sales, God is faithful and hears my prayers.

Daily Word – June 27, 2013

I am eager to serve God and others and be the best I can be. I do this most fully when I love what I do and express that love in words and actions. When I am passionate about something, that passion shows in all I say and do. I excite and enliven others with my passion and allow it to carry me to new heights. My deepest desire is to demonstrate the spirit of God within – a spirit of life and zeal. Spirit within fuels my passion and spurs me to right action. I am encouraged and committed as I stay connected to the spirit of God through prayer. Prayer lights the fire within me. If my motivation lags, a moment of quiet prayer rekindles my passion and reignites my zeal.

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