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I notified my tenants that I was putting my condo up for sale in Rhode Island, although their lease wasn’t up until September. When I received their email informing me that they found another home and would be leaving at the end of June, I had a “panicky” feeling in my gut, at first. That meant that the condo would be empty and I would have to pay the monthly mortgage and who knows how many months it would take for the condo to sell.

I immediately prayed and meditated. I remembered a small book that I read years ago called, Faith and checked to see if I still had it. I didn’t have it on my book shelf.

Here is the message I received from Spirit:

“You don’t need to read books about faith on how to manifest, unless you read the book you wrote, Simply a Woman of Faith. YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT. THIS ISN’T NEW FOR YOU. You just need to REMEMBER how things have worked out perfectly in the past when you trusted me and had faith. Everything is planned in the mind of God and there are no mistakes. Faith is a gift and  a choice. When you feel fear, Choose love instead of fear. You say God is your banker, then don’t worry about money because money is only energy. When you worry about money, you lose your peace. Know all things are in divine order and timing and according to my plan. Keep affirming this and live in gratitude. Gratitude is the key to unlock the door of your heart. Keep opening your heart, trusting and surrendering to my perfect plan for you.

I think gratitude and faith go hand in hand. Faith is not stagnant and it must be practiced for it to grow deeper. I have learned to thank God before something happens. I always say, “Thank you God for the parking spot I am going to get before I get it.” It works almost always because I believe it will. When faith is practiced or exercised it expands, just like a muscle. I am wondering if we don’t use it, do we lose it?

God is giving me the opportunity to practice my faith so it will grow deeper and stronger. I know that God’s plan is perfect and I am being guided. I believe affirmations are powerful and work. Today, I affirm and am grateful that my condo is sold to the right and perfect person at the right and perfect time. Stay tuned!

I love how I am guided and get what I need in the moment. I was cleaning my bedroom to prepare for my grandson’s visit in another week. I came across three picture Affirmation books that I had created over ten years ago. Even though the books were old and pages were falling out, I was delighted to read them. I sat on the floor reading them and REMEMBERING. It was exactly what I needed to strengthen my faith. It is truly amazing what I have attracted into my life since creating those books that I prayed with daily for years. I had a special Affirmation  book with my dreams to live on Maui and live on the ocean. I had a picture of my soul mate and he looks like Larry – tall, handsome with grey hair and blue eyes.  Here are some of the quotes in my Hawaii book:

Live the Dream, life is short

Live your best Love Life

Magic happens

Live, Play, Dance

The magical waters that made Hawaii beautiful will do the same for you

When you find the one, we will make that day last a lifetime

Expand your horizons

Vision is having faith in your dreams

Paradise is within each one of us to find

Believe in yourself and you can work miracles

It is NOW that God favors your work, His favor brings continued success


I am living the life of my dreams and expanding my horizons. I live with my beloved husband, Larry, in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean. We are writing a book together about being in a conscious love relationship and excited about the new adventures in our lives. I am filled with gratitude. God is faithful and there is always more. Love, Faith and gratitude are always the answers. Choose love and step out in faith. You will be given wings to fly.





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