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Larry and I are blessed to belong to a bi-weekly Love group. We met in our home for over 2 years before COVID. We now meet on Zoom. Although it’s not the same as meeting in person, hugging one another, and looking into each other’s eyes, it’s working for us and we feel deeply connected.

You may wonder what a Love group is? We support one another whatever struggles we are going through in Love. We start with a short blessing or prayer and are invited to share something meaningful that we read during the week. There is no agenda or leader, as we allow Spirit to lead and guide us.

We are invited to share a “love story” that happened during our time apart. It’s awesome as we encourage each other to see the love in all situations. We ask, “What is the love story in that situation, especially when we are struggling with an issue.

It’s interesting what happened this week after our Love group. I went from feeling loved and free to feeling very upset and angry at Larry in no time. To put it bluntly, I reacted strongly and blew it! Here is what happened:

I had a busy morning cooking and didn’t have time to clean up the mess in the kitchen before the love group. After the meeting, Larry went into the kitchen and said, “Did you leave this mess here so I could clean it up?”

I was appalled and couldn’t believe he would think that about me. I planned on cleaning it up and didn’t expect him to do it. My ego had a field day telling me he doesn’t appreciate me and he must think I’m lazy.

Larry explained, “I was just asking a question. I didn’t say you had left it for me.” He apologized, but I didn’t feel like he heard me or understand why I was so upset. We went back and forth for a while until one of us said, “What is the love story in this?”

Although I wasn’t ready to see the love story in the situation yet, I started to soften and calm myself down. Before I could see the love story, I needed to feel all of my feelings. I was grateful that Larry didn’t leave the room, but sat and listened to my ranting, as we tried to work it out.

After a while, we were able to discuss what we could have done differently that would have been more loving. He said, “I could have just cleaned up the dishes and not said anything.” I could have said, “No I didn’t leave it for you and I planned on cleaning up after the love group.”  I’m not sure why I had such a strong reaction and why it triggered me, but it did. 

The next morning, I apologized for my strong reaction and we were able to laugh about it. I said, “I appreciate that you didn’t leave the room, but stayed and listened to me.” Spirit showed me that there have been times when I didn’t fill the water pitcher because I didn’t feel like doing it and expected Larry to do it. I felt convicted.

When we are open to experience the power of love in our lives, there is always a love story we can discover.


In the book “Love Is All There Is,” the author suggests “There is no tragedy so great that it does not have within it the opportunity for Love. Amid all human tragedy, there have always been stories of great Love and Love is present in every situation. The fiercest war, the most grotesque violence, the most devastating disasters need only be seen from a different perception to reveal the presence of Love.”

Have you ever had the experience when a situation seemed to be one way, then after looking at it with a different perspective, you found it completely different than you had first thought? When you look at a beautiful diamond it has so many different facets. You look at it one way and it is beautiful; you turn it around and the facets change and it becomes beautiful in a whole new way.

I encourage you to find the love story in every situation in your life, regardless of how negative it may seem at first. This will enable you to have the best perspective and make better decisions from the love perspective.

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