A day of being gifted

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Karen Salmansohn, author of “Think Happy” writes “Grumpy people are negative evidence collectors always looking for AWFUL things, people, and events to put into a mental folder called proof life is AWFUL. Happy people are positive evidence collectors constantly looking for AWESOME things, people, and events to put into their mental folder called proof life is AWESOME. What is in your folder?

I had an AWESOME Saturday! Saturday is my yard “sailing day” and farmers’ market day. When I’m aligned with Spirit everything unfolds perfectly in divine order and flows with peace, ease, and grace. 

I love roses and bought a yellow rose bush at the farmers’ market for $15. I couldn’t resist it when I heard its name, SPARKLE, and SHINE. Larry’s nickname for me is SPARKLE.

I was leaving the market to go to my car as my close friend Margie, author of “One with God” was walking toward me. She looked like she was in shock and was trembling. She said, “I started walking from my car and at my feet was a fat wad of cash.” We counted it together and it totaled $100 (mana from heaven). She was in tears by now and said,

 “I received a message from the Holy Spirit this morning that said I have enough and must trust that there will always be enough and all will be provided for.

I was led to gift Margie a yellow flower from the rose bush that I had just purchased. She thanked me and said, “I want to share this gift with you and reached into her pocket and gave me a $20 bill. I was surprised and thanked her for sharing her gift.  

We were still in the parking lot when we heard Over the Rainbow playing and then we danced together to White Sandy Beach after she sobbed in my arms when I heard Spirit say to tell her “the money you found was for you.”  

I continued “sailing” and found the perfect therapeutic neck pillow for the plane ride when I visit my family in Rhode Island at the end of the month. It was brand new and I paid $1 for it. I noticed a bag full of birthday balloons and gifts. I wanted to buy just one bag of balloons since I will be celebrating my 75th birthday with my family. She wanted to sell the whole bag of goodies for $20.  

I not only love when God provides for me at yard sales, but I love meeting new people and sharing my light and love. As I was getting into my car, the woman came after me and said, “Happy birthday, I want to gift you with these balloons.” 

When I walked into the next yard sale, the woman said, “Are you Pat Hastings?” I didn’t recognize her and said, “Yes, how do we know each other?” She said, “I have seen you on the neighborhood site and you wrote a book, right?”

When God gives me the opportunity to share about moving to Maui, meeting my soul mate, getting married, and writing a book together, I jump at it.

I shared with Lorie, her daughter, Gina and friend, Abby about my weekly inspirational blog and they all wanted to receive it. Lorie asked, “Where can I purchase your book?” I said, “We have them at home, I will bring you a copy since we live only a few blocks away.” As I was leaving to go back home, she gifted me with 2 beautiful candles.  

When I went home to get “It’s Never Too Late for Love” I heard Spirit say, bring a copy of “Simply a Woman of Faith” and give it to Lorie’s daughter, Gina as a gift. When I gifted the book to Gina, she said, “I love to read and have always wanted to write a book, maybe your book will inspire me.”

What an AWSOME day of gifting and being gifted. We are all given the choice to focus on what’s AWESOME or what’s AWFUL in our lives. What are you choosing?

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