A Sign From Heaven

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I can remember it as if it were yesterday as the song played on the radio. I jumped up and turned up the volume to hear the words better. “Honey I miss you and I’m being good. An angel came and took her away.” Tears rolled down my cheeks and goosebumps spread across my body. My mother’s name was Honey.

The song Honey, by Bobby Goldsboro was written shortly after my mother died 42 years ago on New Year’s Day. I still hear the song and it touches me as deeply as it did the first day I heard it. I know it’s my mother’s way of communicating with me and letting me know she’s with me and everything is okay. That’s just like my mother to have a song written after her.

I am open to signs from my mother, especially around the anniversary of her death. On New Year’s day, I spent time in prayer thinking about the past year and what I wanted to create in 2010. I wanted to feel my mother’s presence and hoped to hear the song. I felt disappointed, but trusted she would show up on her terms,not mine.

I left church and drove to my daughter’s house for a visit. Of course, I put the radio on hoping I would hear Honey. It had been quite awhile since I heard the song and even wondered if they still played it. No Honey!

When I arrived at my daughter’s house, she was all excited because a friend had just told her that the house on the next street (that abbutted her property) was for sale. It had been her dream to buy this house so she could farm the land. Mary is an herbalist and grows and harvests her own vegetable and plants. (www.farmacyherbs.com)

Mary didn’t know the woman who owned the house and was eager to introduce herself and let her know of her intentions. We walked around the block, rang the doorbell and waited. Mary introduced herself and said “I’m your neighbor and live in the house behind you.” The woman was pleasant and invited us in. My jaw dropped when she told us her name was Honey. Not only was her name Honey, but her elderly mother who lived with her was Honey.

My daughter and I just looked at one another in amazement as the chills went down our spines.

I didn’t hear the song play on the radio, but meeting Honey today was our sign from heaven that all is well.

Namaste, Pat

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