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Pat Hastings-Burns, MS, LCDP, CPC is the author of the award winning book Simply a Woman of Faith: How to Transform Your Life & Live in Spiritual Power.  Pat is an internationally-recognized Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Leader, Addiction Therapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy healer, EFT Facilitator, Retreat Leader, Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator.

A Spiritual Coach is often called a life coach for spiritual people. Instead of focusing on external factors of your life, a Spiritual Coach focuses on the inner workings of your mind, body, and soul. A Spiritual Coach can help you learn that Spirituality is often one of the best tools you can use to overcome life’s challenges. A Spiritual Coach will also show you how to break free of a lifetime’s worth of limitations and help you find love, joy and true peace.

Pat’s professional and spiritual background have equipped her to facilitate spiritual transformation in all women, no matter what their spiritual beliefs.  Her message of love, hope, and transformation is universal.  For all women who seek to be free of the holds of the past, and want to step into their power and potential, Pat provides powerful guidance and wisdom.

Pat received her Bachelors degree from Roger Williams College in R.I.

Pat received her Master’s degree at Springfield College in Massachusetts.

Pat is a  licensed Alcohol and Drug Therapist for over twenty five years.

Pat is a certified Spiritual Life Coach – Fowler Wainwright Institute

Pat completed two years at the Spiritual Life Center in Rhode Island.

Pat attended the Holistic Leadership Institute at Salve Regina University in Newport.

Pat is a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator graduating from the Sacred Feminine Mystery School co-founded by Amrita Grace and Caroline Muir.

In July, 2010 Pat was asked to speak at a local church about her journey of faith and because of that talk, her life changed DRAMATICALLY. In 2012, she left her family, friends, business to follow her heart and move 3000 miles away to Maui, Hawaii. She has been living her dream and living in Maui since January, 2012.
She met her soul mate, Larry, while dancing and they were best friends for 2 years before Pat realized that Larry was not only her best friend, but her beloved soul mate. He asked her to marry him at Christmas 2016 and they were married May 13th, 2017.  Pat and Larry just finished writing their book called, “It’s Never Too Late for Love” Manifesting Your Hearts Desire.
Simply a Woman of Faith is the story of one woman’s ability to overcome great obstacles and who at one time, was filled with fear and self- hatred due to childhood sexual abuse.

It is my story and the journey I have taken which taught me to have faith and courage, believe in synchronicities and trust- trust in a Power greater than oneself, who I choose to call God. 

I am a woman who chose Love instead of fear and who has been transformed from the inside out, and is now helping women to do the same so they can live the life they deserve. I don’t regret my past for it has truly made me the woman that I am today.

My message and stories inspire readers to learn how to depend on God, ask for everything they need, trust in divine timing, open to God’s perfect plan and develop their limitless potential. My stories will make you laugh and cry, give you hope, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are loved and never alone. You will see that God is truly interested in all of the details of your life, if you are open and ask for assistance.

My unique style and heartfelt honesty and authenticity enable readers to see themselves in my story. Although each one of us has our own unique life’s journey, the feelings we all experience are always the same which readers can relate to, because I speak directly from my heart to theirs.

Sharing my journey has helped thousands of people to see that they are never alone in their struggles, and even more, I have instilled in them the faith that if they trust the Power and Divine Source inside of them, they can change any circumstance and grow in their ability to love, forgive and triumph. I invite women to go within and connect with their own Spirituality and life force.

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Simply A Woman of Faith

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