Accepting “WHAT IS”

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As I was turning off my phone to go to bed, I noticed a text from my friend that was quite disturbing and alarming. I was urged to send it to all of my friends and family. I asked Spirit if He wanted me to do anything about it and the answer was NO. It could have kept me up most of the night obsessing about what will happen in the future. Has this ever happened to you?  

When I woke up in the morning, I immediately thought about the text message. I realized I have a choice to live in the “WHAT IFS” or “WHAT IS.” What a difference those two words can make.


·        We have to move and can’t find a place to live

·        Our landlord raises our rent

·        Larry dies and I have to move because I can’t afford to live here

·        One of us gets COVID and is really sick

·        There is a food shortage and we can’t get food to Maui

·        We lose social security

·        My children get sick or tragedy happens to them

·        We run out of money

·        My health or Larry’s health deteriorates

Of course, the above are real situations that COULD happen, but they haven’t happened so why let it rob me of my peace and serenity. This is called “future tripping” and it’s so easy to fall into when we are not vigilant with our thoughts.

I cannot control the future and what happens in the world. I can control my reactions and my perspectives. I can do my part to make changes when Spirit is leading me.  We all have our WHAT IF’S. What keeps you up at night worrying and obsessing?  

When we live in the “WHAT IS” happening in our lives, we are living in the present moment and it is only in the present moment that we have peace and experience the presence of God.  We may not like what’s happening in the moment. I don’t like that my energy is low in the afternoon and I need to rest, but I accept it for the most part. I don’t like that Larry has skin cancer or that I’m allergic to sugar. When we accept “what is” we will have peace. Eckhart Tolle writes “Accept what is as if you have chosen it.”

In this moment, here are my “WHAT IS”

·        I am safe, protected, and provided for by God

·        I am always guided to do the next right thing

·        I am peaceful, joyful, and happy

·        I always get what I need in the moment

·        Larry and I are both healthy

·        We have a beautiful home and the landlord hasn’t raised the rent in 7 years

·        We have enough money to live on

·        We get our social security checks every month

·        We have plenty of food to eat and enjoy

·        My children are healthy and happy

·        I have great family and friends to love and support me

There is nothing wrong with planning for the future. That is wise. If you have young children, you plan for college and you plan for retirement. We have a food supply for 3 months in case there is a food shortage. We do our part and leave the rest up to God. It’s called letting go and letting God. God has never let me down and never will.

My favorite scripture is Jerimiah 29- 11. “For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

We live in a crazy world right now with politics, vaccines, separation, and environmental issues. It’s scary stuff because we don’t know what the future holds and we don’t know what’s true or not true.

More than ever, we are invited to trust God is in control and that this is the GREAT AWAKENING. There is light coming onto the planet like never before. We are the light. God needs our light to shine into the darkness. Stay positive, keep shining and keep choosing love. WE GOT THIS.

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