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Pat and I met a few weeks ago, but it seems like we’ve been friends forever.  My friend Mary Ann gave me Pat’s book after attending her retreat and said, “I feel strongly that the two of you need to meet one another. Can I bring her to your house on Monday?”

I read Pat’s book before we met. I loved her message and simple faith.  As I waited for Pat and Mary Ann to arrive, I felt nervous and wondered what was going to happen during the visit and why God was putting us together. A few minutes before they arrived, I felt God encouraging me and wrapping me in a warm blanket of love. At that moment the music changed to my favorite piece, Amazing Grace sung by Carole King. I felt energy surge through my body, tears roll down my cheeks and I knew this visit would be divinely guided.

From the first moment I looked into Pat’s eyes, I felt the connection between us. During our visit, Pat asked me a question, “What is your book going to be about?” I searched my brain for answers. I had been thinking about writing a book for years, but had put the thought out of my head as I worked on my new career. Pat had no way of knowing I had this project tucked away in my head for so many years.

The next morning during my meditation I heard, “What are you going to write about?”  I said, “What do I have to say that women have not already heard?”  I immediately saw a slide show of all the events that happened in my life where my faith brought me through.  I opened my eyes and started to write. It was amazing what came to me. The answer was there and I heard the message, “Just start to write, I will be with you. You are not alone.”

I know Pat is in my life for a reason. I had been praying and asking God to show me the next step in my work.  God sent Pat as a messenger to me. I listened, trusted and stepped out in faith and started writing my book. Not only have I started writing my book, but Pat and I are leading a women’s retreat at my home on Cape Cod in September.

I’m grateful to Mary Ann for listening to her inner guidance and bringing Pat and I together. I’m grateful to Pat for her faith and dedication to her work which is so beautifully shared with us in her book, “Simply a Woman of Faith.”

– Katherine Chaffee

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