Another Divine Set-up

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Since my accident, some of my friends have said, “How can I help you and what do you need?” The temptation is to say, “Thank you very much, but we are doing fine.” I made the choice to swallow my pride and be honest and vulnerable. I respond, “We would really appreciate a home cooked meal, if you would like to do something for us.”

We so appreciate all of the meals we have received. I met a couple on my beach walks in the morning who were visiting from the mainland. We smiled and greeted each other by name every day and shared telephone numbers. When Barbara heard about my accident, she called and asked, “How can I help you?”

Since I didn’t know her very well, I said, “Thank you, we are fine.” When she called me again this week and asked, “What can I do to help you?” I said, “A meal would be great.” Her response astounded me. She said, “I am so happy you are letting me help you. I would be happy to bring you a meal.”

How often do we rob others of giving because of pride and not wanting to bother others? It has been my experience that people want to be kind and help one another.   

When I ask others how I can help them, it’s a joy when they are free enough to tell me what they need. It takes out the guessing and gives me the opportunity to give and serve them.  

For many years, I expected others to read my mind. I then became resentful when my needs weren’t met. I didn’t know how to ask for what I needed. Perhaps I didn’t feel deserving or worthy. I strive to be honest and authentic in all my relationships.

Spirit led me to ask my children for financial help this week. I need ongoing physical therapy and acupuncture to heal my broken shoulder, and it’s quite costly. My pride and ego didn’t want me to ask for help. I felt embarrassed and afraid I would be judged. In meditation, I heard Spirit say, “Will you allow ME to love you through your children?”

I knew my children loved me and would help in any way they could. Within an hour, all the money I needed was provided. It was very emotional as I allowed myself to go deeper with Spirit. I was shocked and surprised what came up as the tears flowed down my cheeks. I felt unworthy and underserving to receive. I believe this was a “Divine set-up” to reveal to me what was hidden and needed to be healed.  I am grateful I had the courage to listen to Spirit and ask for help. I got what I needed and gave my children an opportunity to love and give to me. This is the chapter of my life to receive. One of my sons wrote, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Larry and I attended a birthday party about 4 years ago. We met a man who was an acupuncturist. He made a positive impression on me and thought if I ever need an acupuncturist, I would check him out. My physical therapist, Brad, recommended an acupuncturist named, Sam. I kind of remembered the man I met 4 years ago was named Sam, but wasn’t sure. 

As soon as I walked into his office this week for my first appointment, I recognized him. It was the same Sam I met 4 years ago. I said, “I remember meeting you and how your light shined.” My first treatment went really well and I have already experienced improvement in my shoulder.

It truly was another “Divine Set-up.” We connected spiritually within the first 10 minutes of the treatment. It was magical and like we had known each other for a long time, as we both shared about Love and the power of God in our lives.

Love is always there to guide and protect us and give us what we need. Sometimes we have to ask and put aside our ego. We also need to be open and willing to accept and surrender to “what is.” 

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