Are you “plugged into” the Power?

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 I recently asked some family members and close friends the question. “Do you see and know your beauty, light, and magnificence?” After a brief pause, almost all of them said, “No, I’m afraid I don’t really.” Some of them said, “I know I “should” see it with all the inner work I’ve done over the years. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t, depending on what’s going on in my life.”

How about you? Are you able to see the essence and truth of who you are as Love and Light? I encourage you to ask yourself the question. “Do I see my inner light, beauty, and magnificence?”

I haven’t seen my light, beauty, and magnificence until NOW. It’s taken me 76 years to come HOME to the truth in my heart that I am LOVE and LIGHT. I don’t know why it has taken me so long, but it has. I’m not even sure HOW it’s happened, except that the veil has been lifted, my eyes and heart have opened and I have awakened to a deeper truth within. I knew in my HEAD that I was LOVE and LIGHT and repeated affirmations, etc., but it hadn’t reached my HEART until NOW.

Over the years many people, even strangers, have approached me and commented that they see my light. Larry sees my light and calls me “Sparkle.”  Although it felt good to be complimented, I didn’t believe it and let it into my heart. I knew my struggles, not feeling good enough, comparing myself to others, my triggers, and how my ego reared its head quite often.

For many years, the month of May has been a spiritual month of miracles. I grew up Catholic and Mary was a big part of my life as a young girl until I became a teenager and didn’t want any part of her then. I renewed my relationship with Mary as a young adult and she has been a big part of my life since then.

The month of May has been extraordinary with feeling BIG shifts every day inside of me. The veil has been lifted and I’m remembering the truth that we are all ONE and not separate.

I recently found a letter tucked away in a box that a friend had written to me 43 years ago (May 1980) when I was just 33 years old. It brought tears to my eyes. She saw something in me that I didn’t see or believe in myself. I allowed her words and message to sink deeply into my heart. I wanted to embrace the LIGHT that has been there all along, but I just didn’t see or believe it.    


“She came into my life just out of the blue. This angel of mercy sent my way. She taught me to BELIEVE and TRUST in you and she gave me HOPE! Hope in a future full of you Lord. Hope in a life of LOVE. She let your LIGHT shine through to me when your love was all I needed.

She helped me to SEE and LOVE myself and accept who you had made me. Through her LOVE dear Lord, you became so real. I changed before I knew it. She gave me a thirst to BE dear Lord all you created me to BE. To believe during darkness, to believe during despair that you are in charge of all things.

Please bless my friend dear Jesus as she walks along life’s way. Fill her heart with joy, her life with LOVE, and her soul with you. Thank you, Lord, for sending her as an angel to enrich my life. I will never be the same because of her LOVE. Her LOVE for me, but especially because of her LOVE for YOU.”

Spirit guided me to re-read my book, Simply A Woman of Faith which was published 14 years ago. I was blown away as there were so many powerful stories of GOD-INCIDENCES in it. In the last chapter, I wrote, “I know I’m going to meet my soulmate, but I don’t know HOW or WHEN.” The rest is HISTORY!  If you haven’t read my book with all the miracle stories to strengthen your faith, I highly recommend you do.

Today, I am “plugged into” the POWER and Presence and know that my LIGHT is shining brightly. I have RECLAIMED the Power, Love, and Presence within. This POWER has never let me down and will never let me down.

 It doesn’t matter what you call the POWER. It’s all the same and it is within all of our hearts. Some call the POWER God, Consciousness, Universe, Higher Power, Presence, Source, Spirit, Love, or Light. What do you call the Power within?

You truly are the Light, Love, and magnificence of God. Claim the truth and set yourself FREE. You are an infinite being filled with powerful Infinite energy.

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