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God’s timing is perfect

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Thank you for buying our book. We so appreciate your love and support. If you were inspired by the book, would you please put a review on Amazon? It’s important to get reviews so people can find our book.

It’s not easy to TRUST when you don’t know how things are going to turn out and you have no control over it. I am sure we all experienced that with the elections this past week.  All we have control over is ourselves and whether we choose fear or love.

I got to practice this week trusting Spirit would come through and show me the way. I was in and out of fear and had to keep “recalibrating” when I became aware, I was in fear.

I needed help putting the link to our new book, “It’s Never Too Late for Love” on the “Simply a Woman of Faith” website. I contacted the computer company that helps us with our computer and asked if they could help me. Although this request was beyond the scope of what we hired them for, the technician said, “Yes, I can help you.” I was instructed to contact him when we got our Amazon link. 

When our book came on Amazon last week, I contacted the technician immediately. He said, “I will call you tomorrow night to do the work.” He didn’t call the next night or the night after that. I emailed him asking him to please contact me. He disappeared and I couldn’t reach him.

I felt disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, and angry. I allowed myself to feel it all and then let it go. I prayed for the technician and sent him love. I didn’t want to hold onto resentment.

I didn’t know where to turn for help. Our book was chosen as 1 of the 10 best books for Aspire magazine for December and the deadline to getting my information in was in a few days. I prayed and asked Spirit for a message.


“Everything is happening for a reason. Trust me, let go. Do not worry and lose your peace. I am working behind the scenes. Everything will work out. You will see why after what is happening. Now you must trust.

I contacted our publisher and asked if she had any recommendations to help me with the website. She gave me the name of a man who helped her and said, “He was expensive.”

I called him immediately and explained what I needed. He said, “I’m sorry I can’t help you. My company is really busy.” I guess he could hear the desperation in my voice and said, “Let me think about it and I will call you later this afternoon.”

Sure enough, he called and said, “This may be unethical, but I just got off the phone from interviewing a woman who does freelance work. She seems pretty good and I think she can help you. Here is her number.”

I thanked him and called Megan immediately. She was happy to get the business and was half the price. She worked on my website the next day to get all the links in place.

The deadline to get everything into Aspire magazine was November 6. To no surprise, Megan finished the project on November 6.  She was not only less expensive but is local and gives lessons on WordPress.

 A week later the technician called and said, “I couldn’t call you back as I was on leave last week.” I am so grateful that I had sent him love and wasn’t holding a grudge or had written a nasty email to him.

God is never late or never early, but right on time. When one door is closed, another opens. Just as promised, God was working behind the scenes on my behalf. All I had to do was trust that it would all work out for the good.

My heart is overflowing with joy

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I am very emotional these days. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy with how family and friends have supported our book launch, bought our book, and shared it on social media and with friends. It has been amazing how people want to help us and spread the love.

As I walked the path this morning, I heard Spirit say, “Your YES is blessed.” The truth is I didn’t want to write this book, even though in the last chapter of Simply a Woman of Faith I wrote, “I will have to write another book to share about how I meet my soulmate.” Here we are thirteen years later, and “It’s Never Too Late for Love” has been birthed. 

Larry and I started writing together 3 years ago and then life happened – like marriage- and we put it aside. During the pandemic, I took an online program called Courage with the author, Kute Blackson. We did a meditation on death and   asked the question, “If I was to die tomorrow, what would I regret?” Immediately, I heard, “I would regret that I didn’t finish the book with Larry.”

As I said, I didn’t want to write another book because it’s a lot of work and I like my retired care-free life. I said to God, “If this is your will, put it on Larry’s heart to finish the book.” We hadn’t discussed it in years, and I thought it was a good way to get out of writing a book.  A week went by and Larry didn’t bring it up and I was very relieved.

I decided to share with Larry how I had asked God to put it on his heart if it was God’s will to finish the book. He looked surprised and said, “That’s interesting because a week ago I started to think about the possibility of finishing the book, but I didn’t say anything to you!”

You know when you KNOW God is speaking to you and you better listen! It truly was a moment of SURRENDER and TRUST. We had no idea what we were doing but we kept “showing up” and asking for guidance. We worked diligently on the book every day and the rest is history.

Now that the book has been birthed, we are asking Spirit for the next divine steps on how to market it. Any suggestions are welcome.  Reviews for the book are crucial so we would appreciate a review on Amazon after you read the book. We know in our hearts that our book will be a vehicle of hope and inspiration for a world in dire need of hope and Love consciousness.  

Right before I started to write this blog, I received an email from a friend with another blog that confirmed we are on the right path. I love how we are always guided and get what we need to move forward. Here is a part of what it said:
“Your surrendered life will awaken others. You are an awakener of others. As they witness what I am doing in your life, many will see and trust me. They will be drawn into a deeper place with me because of your surrender and your obedience to my call.  Do not be passive in this hour but passionate to pursue all that I hold in store for you. Never underestimate the power of your surrendered life.   Many will tell you to stay where you are, to stay in the safety of what you’ve known, to fear stepping out of the boat to walk on the water. Keep your eyes on me and step out in faith. I’ve got you. Your story will ignite passionate faith in the hearts of others.”     Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriquez
What is God asking you to do? I encourage you to say YES because your YES will be blessed, as mine has. You don’t need to know HOW you just need to take the next step and you will be guided every step of the way.  Don’t allow fear to stop you from moving forward with your gifts in the world. The world needs you more than ever now.  I’m grateful that I had the courage and grace to say YES to God. I pray that you do too!

Whose voice do you listen to?

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Whose voice do you listen to? The voice of Spirit or your ego voice? Do you know the difference? For many years, I didn’t know it was my ego that was running the show behind the scenes.

When I’m listening to my ego voice, I feel like a victim and am focused on what’s missing, rather than what I have in my life. I’m judgmental, fearful, guilty, stuck, discouraged, shameful, and don’t feel good enough.

When I’m listening to Spirit, I feel peaceful, love, expansion, and joyful. My ego voice was working hard to rob me of my peace with fear, doubt, and shame this week.

We received the galley of our book and it will be going to the printers this week. We both fell in love with the cover and I couldn’t stop looking at it. When I held the book in my hands for the first time, it was surreal. I could feel the energy of love emanating from the pages. Our baby is finally being birthed. I felt excited and on top of the world. I joked and said to Larry, “I better be aware because the ego will probably “act up” and try to rob me of my peace.”

I felt peaceful because I had surrendered the book to God and was detached from the outcome, or so I thought! Whenever we are bringing our authentic gifts into the world, the ego can become vicious.

Sure enough, a few days later (out of nowhere) I experienced a “fear attack” that felt very real. All of the “what if’s” screamed in my head: “What if people don’t like the book? What if it doesn’t sell? What if people are disappointed? Maybe we shouldn’t order 100 books.” And so on.

I allowed myself to feel the fear, shame and doubts.  I wrote a gratitude list, prayed, and asked God for help. This is what the voice of Spirit said:

  • Your light has never been brighter. The world needs to hear your story.
  • Your book will touch many hearts to awaken them to the power of Love.
  • Do not be afraid as you are divinely guided and protected.
  • Everything has already been planned in the mind of God.
  • No need to worry about anything. Relax and enjoy the process.
  • I chose you and Larry to write the book to inspire and give people hope.

Listening to the voice of Spirit feels so much better.  As I look back over the years, I see my growth. It only took a few hours for me to see the truth and the lies of the ego.  I didn’t know it was my ego that caused me to drop out of college for a year because of fear that I couldn’t write a 20-page paper or to stop writing Simply a Woman of Faith for a year because I was full of fear.

Spirit is giving me the opportunity to trust and surrender daily and to always choose Love. I’m back on the path as I was guided to course correct and recalibrate through gratitude and asking for help. 

We are excited that our book has been sent to the printers and the launch day on Amazon to purchase the book will be next week. Details to follow in next week’s blog.  Several of you have requested an autographed copy. Please respond to this email with your address.

Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word about our book. We so appreciate your love and support.

I suffered from the Disease to Please

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Larry and I are very grateful to belong to a “Love group.” We have been meeting every other week in our home for the last 2 ½ years and are now meeting on Zoom since Covid. We support and love one another, share authentically from our hearts, and have created a safe place to share our thoughts, perspectives, and feelings. There are no rules or “agendas” as we allow Spirit to lead the group. 

We often start the group with, “Who has a love story they would like to share?” It can be a story about how we overcame a challenge and chose love instead of fear. It can be something we are struggling with and need help to see where the love is in the story. What an opportunity it is during the month to be thinking about our love stories.

My “love story” this week has to do with loving myself and setting a boundary with a friend. Like many of us, I’m uncomfortable and don’t like confrontation. For many years, I suffered from the “Disease to Please.” I so desperately wanted to be liked that I didn’t speak up and wasn’t honest if something was bothering me. I often stuffed my feelings and then became resentful when my needs weren’t met.

As a people pleaser, I often expected others to read my mind and what was important to me. This caused a lot of unnecessary suffering because I wasn’t honest with myself or others. For example, years ago my best friend forgot our wedding anniversary. Instead of being honest and sharing my disappointment, I said nothing. When it was her anniversary, I made a big deal out of it – hoping she would do the same for me when my anniversary came around.  That’s called manipulation!

I had the opportunity this week to speak my truth in love and kindness, instead of stuffing my feelings and expecting others to know what was important to me. Here is what happened:

My new friend and I planned on meeting at a coffee shop at 10 am. I received a text shortly before we were going to meet that she was going to be late. It wasn’t a big deal because I was relaxing at the ocean and enjoying myself. As I thought about it, I started to feel uncomfortable when I realized this was becoming a pattern for her to be late. It felt like she wasn’t valuing my time and that didn’t feel good.    

My mind was like a blender; how do I say it, should I bring it up or just let it go? Since this was a new relationship, I didn’t know how she would react. It was important that I was kind and loving and not shame her for being late. I prayed and asked God for help. I heard the small, still, voice of God say, “It is important you bring it up and I will give you the words.”

Spirit showed me that it was an act of “self-love” by setting a boundary and speaking my truth. I decided to address it as soon as we met. After accepting her apology for being late, I shared my perspective and feelings. The conversation was open and honest and we both heard one another.

As we said goodbye, she said, “Thank you for your authenticity, honesty, and trusting me with your truth.”

Do you have difficulty speaking up, setting a boundary, sharing your truth, or do you stuff your feelings because you don’t want to rock the boat?

Are you able to ACCEPT what is

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Is there a situation or person in your life that you have difficulty accepting? It may be witnessing a loved one suffer physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. You may have health challenges, financial problems, lost your job, or just got divorced.

You may feel depressed, blocked, confused, or angry, and have lost hope. I have a dear friend who has been suffering physically for a few years and I have a difficult time accepting it. It helps to remind myself that it is not my journey and I don’t know the lessons she is learning.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous statesAcceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation—some fact of my life —unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God’s world by mistake. Until I could accept my alcoholism, I could not stay sober; unless I accept life completely on life’s terms, I cannot be happy. I need to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes.”

Eckhart Tolle states, “Accept what is AS IF I have chosen it.” I had the opportunity to practice acceptance this week. Because of Covid, our family reunion was cancelled in Rhode Island last July.  It was rescheduled for October and we planned on celebrating October birthdays (including mine).

My children and grandchildren gathered at my daughter’s farm and son’s home this week. I struggled and felt sad that I was 5,000 miles away and wouldn’t be there to celebrate with them. I miss them terribly and didn’t know when it would be safe to travel to Rhode Island again.

When I thought about Tolle’s quote “Accept what is AS IF I had chosen it,” I felt angry at first. Why would I choose to not be with my family? I loved them and wanted to be with them. Then Spirit showed me that I had chosen it. I had chosen not to travel to protect myself and Larry from Covid. Before I recognized that I had chosen it, I felt like a victim and felt sorry for myself. Poor me, I’m not there to celebrate our birthdays.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about my children and sent them love. I had allowed the sadness to move through me. Something shifted inside of me and I felt empowered. The sadness was now replaced with JOY and peace as I thought about how bonded my 4 children are and how they love and support one another. I don’t think there could be a better gift for a mother to know her children love and support one another.

The next morning, we had a Facetime call to celebrate our birthdays. I talked to everyone and felt a part of the reunion. They were celebrating with champagne and I celebrated with water as it was 9:00 am in Maui.

After the call, as I sat and watched the waves rolling in, the tears flowed down my cheeks. I had opened my heart to give and receive love, even though we were 5,000 miles apart, it didn’t matter.

I know it would have been a very different conversation if I hadn’t accepted “What is” and that I had chosen to not attend the reunion. They would have felt my energy and that I was feeling sorry for myself.  Instead, they felt the love and gratitude that I experienced in the moment. It’s truly amazing when we change our attitude and ACCEPT WHAT IS AS IF I HAD CHOSEN IT.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God’s world by mistake. I need to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes.”

My birthday adventure

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It’s my birthday week and I love to celebrate with some kind of fun adventure. A few years ago, I parasailed with my friend, Margie, and it was awesome. Another year, I paraglided over the mountains on Maui, which was breathtaking.

This year I decided to take a four-hour snorkeling trip with SeaFire Snorkeling Adventures to Molokini. It was the best time to go as the tourists are not here and few boats are in the ocean.  Molokini is a crater in the middle of the ocean that was formed from a volcano eruption. I swam with the turtles and saw fish in every color of the rainbow. The water was crystal clear blue and the coral was beautiful. It felt like I was in an ocean of Love. 

Although I loved the snorkeling adventure, what was most memorable was the kindness and LOVE I received from one of the staff members named, Kelly. She truly was my angel and I knew I was in good hands with Captain Burns. Before we started to snorkel, they instructed us to stay with your buddy. There were several couples on board and I was all by myself, and probably the oldest one on the boat!

Years ago, I didn’t go to a restaurant alone because I was concerned people would think I didn’t have any friends. I certainly have grown and felt quite comfortable being by myself. I was happy to be alone to enjoy the ocean and nature around me.

I hadn’t been snorkeling in several years and rehabbing from a broken shoulder the last 3 ½ months made me nervous as it got closer to jumping into the ocean. What was I thinking? I informed Kelly about my situation and she said, “No problem, I will be your buddy and help you. You can use a  noodle.”

I was the last person off the boat.  Kelly stayed and helped me get my fins on and get down the ladder safely. The current was a bit strong and she could tell I was scared. She asked, “Would you like to hold onto my board with the rope and I can pull you?” I quickly said, “Yes.”

I stayed with her for quite a while holding tightly to the board and my noodle until I was relaxed and comfortable on my own. She then swam away and I kept her board with me. She kept checking on me making sure I was safe.

When I returned home, I laughed out loud when I thought about what I must have looked like. I was the only one snorkeling with an orange noodle and holding on to the staff’s board. The good news is that I didn’t care what I looked like or what anyone thought of me. That is growth!

This reminds me of how God gives us opportunities to step out in faith and invites us into deep waters and places where we have never been before. Of course, it’s scary at first until we relax and know we are safe and not alone. We are never alone. We are ONE with God.   

There were several things I learned from my adventure.

  • I asked for help.
  • I didn’t feel ashamed or weak that I needed help.
  • I knew what I needed to feel safe.
  • I allowed Kelly to share her love with me.
  • I didn’t care what I looked like or what others thought of me.
  • I received the support I needed by being vulnerable and open.
  • I am never alone and can trust God is always with me.

As I was leaving the boat, I thanked Kelly and told her she was my angel. She smiled and said, “Thank you, I love helping people. Can I hug you?” It was a great way to celebrate my birthday.

The importance of maintenance

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As I was taking my morning walk, the word maintenance popped into my mind. When I was in my thirties, I went to Weight Watchers. It was accountability every week that enabled me to lose weight. Today, I am accountable to myself and God.

If I wanted to keep the weight off, I needed to exercise and have good nutrition. Although I haven’t been to Weight Watchers in years, I learned a lot about the importance of accountability and maintenance in all areas of my life. We need to maintain our vehicles, garden, home, etc. to keep things in good order.

How about your relationships? How important is maintenance with your partner, children, parents, or work relationships? Our relationships need to be nurtured and supported to stay healthy and vibrant. They don’t just happen. It takes patience, honesty, forgiveness, communication, vulnerability, and commitment to evolve and grow. 

I have learned the importance of communicating and asking for what I want, as well as saying what doesn’t feel good, and what I want more of. Larry and I say “ouch” to one another if we say something hurtful, although unintentional. It allows us to listen and be sensitive to our partner’s needs.

I had the opportunity this week to share with Larry how I would like him to respond to me when I am emotionally upset. I know we process differently. I am an empath and feel everything. I was triggered by a remark a friend said to me. Whenever I’m triggered it is because there is something inside of me that needs healing and needs to be released.

I allowed myself to feel and journal my anger and sadness. Feelings are a gift from God and I know how important it is to allow myself to feel. I no longer medicate myself by eating or staying busy to avoid feelings.  I needed to release what no longer served me so I could move from blame, anger, and sadness to acceptance and love. How do you medicate your feelings?

As I was getting ready for bed, Larry said, “You look terrible and exhausted. It’s a shame it takes so much out of you to process what happened today.” He was right I was exhausted and it did take a lot out of me to do the deep inner work I needed to do.

The next morning, I thought about what response would have felt more nurturing and supportive from Larry.  Instead of saying, “It’s a shame, it takes so much out of you to process what happened today (which felt like a judgment), it would feel better to say, “I appreciate your willingness to feel all of your feelings and how you work through things so quickly.”

He smiled and said, “I’m learning.”

I’m grateful I have learned the importance of speaking my truth and grateful that I have a partner who is willing to listen and change. It’s not always easy to bring things up to one another, but it is better than the “silent treatment” and building resentments.

Waiting for my soulmate

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Here is what I wrote in the last chapter of my book, “Simply a Woman of Faith” which was published 13 years ago.

“God’s plan is perfect. I continue to pray and visualize my soul mate coming into my life. What I think about and thank about, I bring into my life. When I visualize, I materialize. I see in my mind’s eye the results and feel like it has already happened. I see my soul mate and I walking on the beach, having fun, and praying together. If God allows me to see it, I can trust he will bring it about. I’ll have to write another book to share how God brings my soul mate into my life. I know it will be a wonderful story, no matter what, and it will be worth the wait.

Many of you know that I waited 15 years after my divorce for my soulmate to “show up.” During those 15 years, I learned a lot about myself; as well as self-love, self-appreciation, and self-care. I learned what I wanted and didn’t want without always trying to please a partner. I learned to live alone and trust myself and my feelings. I learned to become my own best friend. I learned to trust God’s perfect plan for my life. I learned to speak up and set boundaries. I learned to say NO when I needed to. I know today the time was not wasted and it was a gift I gave myself.

Waiting didn’t come easy for me. I don’t like to wait. I often felt impatient and asked God, “Why haven’t I met him yet? What is wrong with me?”  Here is the message I received from God when I asked “What is wrong with me?”

“I want you to allow me to give you the most thrilling plan existing, one that you cannot imagine. I want you to have the BEST. Please allow me to bring it to you.  YOU MUST WAIT.  And then you will be READY. I WILL SURPRISE YOU WITH A LOVE THAT IS FAR MORE WONDERFUL THAN YOU COULD EVER DREAM OF.”

I’m so grateful that I had the grace to wait, surrender, and let go of “my plan” because I thought I was ready.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had pushed to make something happen before it was God’s timing.

What are you waiting for and do you feel impatient as I did?  Do you trust God’s perfect plan for your life or do you complain and have given up hope? Don’t ever give up on your dreams.

God is faithful! I was surprised by a love that is far more wonderful than I could have imagined.

God has a plan for your life and He has a plan for my life. His plan is for our good. It takes patience and courage to trust and believe He is working behind the scenes. Larry and I both had to do inner work to be ready for our great love relationship before we came together. It may take time, but it is worth the wait.

Here is a scripture that I have lived by for decades. I hope it comforts your heart as it has mine.

“For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

All There is is Love

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Larry and I are blessed to belong to a bi-weekly Love group. We met in our home for over 2 years before COVID. We now meet on Zoom. Although it’s not the same as meeting in person, hugging one another, and looking into each other’s eyes, it’s working for us and we feel deeply connected.

You may wonder what a Love group is? We support one another whatever struggles we are going through in Love. We start with a short blessing or prayer and are invited to share something meaningful that we read during the week. There is no agenda or leader, as we allow Spirit to lead and guide us.

We are invited to share a “love story” that happened during our time apart. It’s awesome as we encourage each other to see the love in all situations. We ask, “What is the love story in that situation, especially when we are struggling with an issue.

It’s interesting what happened this week after our Love group. I went from feeling loved and free to feeling very upset and angry at Larry in no time. To put it bluntly, I reacted strongly and blew it! Here is what happened:

I had a busy morning cooking and didn’t have time to clean up the mess in the kitchen before the love group. After the meeting, Larry went into the kitchen and said, “Did you leave this mess here so I could clean it up?”

I was appalled and couldn’t believe he would think that about me. I planned on cleaning it up and didn’t expect him to do it. My ego had a field day telling me he doesn’t appreciate me and he must think I’m lazy.

Larry explained, “I was just asking a question. I didn’t say you had left it for me.” He apologized, but I didn’t feel like he heard me or understand why I was so upset. We went back and forth for a while until one of us said, “What is the love story in this?”

Although I wasn’t ready to see the love story in the situation yet, I started to soften and calm myself down. Before I could see the love story, I needed to feel all of my feelings. I was grateful that Larry didn’t leave the room, but sat and listened to my ranting, as we tried to work it out.

After a while, we were able to discuss what we could have done differently that would have been more loving. He said, “I could have just cleaned up the dishes and not said anything.” I could have said, “No I didn’t leave it for you and I planned on cleaning up after the love group.”  I’m not sure why I had such a strong reaction and why it triggered me, but it did. 

The next morning, I apologized for my strong reaction and we were able to laugh about it. I said, “I appreciate that you didn’t leave the room, but stayed and listened to me.” Spirit showed me that there have been times when I didn’t fill the water pitcher because I didn’t feel like doing it and expected Larry to do it. I felt convicted.

When we are open to experience the power of love in our lives, there is always a love story we can discover.


In the book “Love Is All There Is,” the author suggests “There is no tragedy so great that it does not have within it the opportunity for Love. Amid all human tragedy, there have always been stories of great Love and Love is present in every situation. The fiercest war, the most grotesque violence, the most devastating disasters need only be seen from a different perception to reveal the presence of Love.”

Have you ever had the experience when a situation seemed to be one way, then after looking at it with a different perspective, you found it completely different than you had first thought? When you look at a beautiful diamond it has so many different facets. You look at it one way and it is beautiful; you turn it around and the facets change and it becomes beautiful in a whole new way.

I encourage you to find the love story in every situation in your life, regardless of how negative it may seem at first. This will enable you to have the best perspective and make better decisions from the love perspective.

A visit from the other side

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I tearfully said goodbye to one of my closest friends, Joanne, 2 years ago. It was quite emotional and honest as I thanked her for her love, encouragement, and support over the last 3 decades. She died two weeks later from Ovarian cancer.

Joanne was always there for me, as I was there for her.  I always felt that God spoke to me through her. Joanne was my spiritual “cheerleader” as I went through my divorce, sexual abuse, and raising kids. She was a wise and loving friend. We lived on the same street and often took walks or sat and had a cup of tea on my porch or her back yard with beautiful flowers.

Before she died, Joanne encouraged her partner, Linda, to write a book about their love relationship and her cancer journey. It has been my honor to support and encourage Linda to write the book. I received a text from Linda this week informing me that she finished the last chapter of the book.  

I was so happy and proud of Linda. I sent her a text congratulating her for finishing the book. Later in the day, while sitting outside on my swing and journaling, I heard a voice and I didn’t know where it was coming from. My phone was off and next to me in the swing. When I picked up my phone, there was Linda’s face. I was quite surprised and said, “Did you Face Time me?” She said, “No, did you Face Time me?”

We were both stunned. We have never done a Face Time with one another. Linda explained, “I just walked upstairs to get your book, “Simply a Woman of Faith” and had your book in my hand when I saw the incoming call and saw your name.

I couldn’t speak at first and my whole body shivered. We both agreed Joanne was “showing up” to support us both on our journeys. We laughed and cried that she had communicated with us in such a powerful way.

It is no coincidence that Linda and Larry and I have finished our books at the same time. Joanne was my earth “cheerleader” and now she is my heavenly “cheerleader.” Our loved ones do want to communicate with us if we are open.

Linda’s experience:

A week ago, on a humid Sunday in Rhode Island, I had been lounging on the couch with my computer as I mulled over some revisions for my book.  Even though I had recently finished writing the last chapter, I knew that reviewing the earlier chapters would take some time.  With the help of my writing coach, encouragement from others, and Pat’s compassionate advice, I realized I might complete this first book after all.

In the two years since my wife Joanne died, many astounding connections with her spirit have comforted me, always when I needed them the most.  On this particular Sunday, I was pondering a different way to express If you snooze, you lose, that described Joanne’s ability to get things done without delay.

After reading Pat’s text congratulating me and offering to help pull the chapters together, I had sent a text thanking her and assuring her I would be in touch when my revisions were done.  I decided to retrieve “Simply A Woman of Faith” upstairs in my nightstand in order to review her book’s layout.  As usual, my cell phone was in its case attached to my waistband when I ascended the stairs.

I had just picked up Pat’s book when my phone rang. To my surprise, it was Pat. I thought, “That’s odd, maybe she didn’t get my text.”  Answering the phone, I held it to my ear but soon discovered I also saw her face.  I was shocked to discover we were on FaceTime and that she was just as surprised to see my face as well.  My jaw dropped while I kept repeating, “Oh my god!”

In that moment, I could almost hear Joanne tell me to connect with Pat without delay.  While I marveled at the perfect timing, I felt certain my love had planned this magical event.  Knowing my tendency to procrastinate, her spirit seemed to remind me about snoozing and losing, so I will take the hint and push on.  With gratitude to God and Joanne, my heart is renewed once again.  Thank you, Pat, for your steadfast support, love, and cheerleading.

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Simply A Woman of Faith

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