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I look forward to my daily morning ritual with my cup of coffee when I go within to the present moment and connect with Spirit and myself. It is in the present moment that I feel peace, love, joy, and happiness. Nothing on the “outside” can disturb my peace when I’m living in the NOW. It has taken me years and lots of spiritual practice to get to this place of quiet

I love to sit on my swing, look out into the ocean, feel the warm breeze, and listen to the birds chirping. I feel the peace of God deep within as I sit quietly and meditate. I ask Spirit for a message and ask for guidance and protection for the day. I send out prayers and love to friends and loved ones, especially to those who are suffering in body, mind, and Spirit.

I don’t often remember my dreams. When I do remember, I pay attention as I know there will be a message that will enhance my life. I was surprised by the dream I had this week and wanted to dig deep to see what gem it held for me. It has been my experience that when I pay attention, God speaks to me through my dreams. I have worked with my dreams for years.

Here is my dream and how I worked through it.

My son and I were running to get to the parking lot so I wouldn’t miss the bus that would take me to the retreat I planned on attending. The bus had already left when we arrived. The next scene – I was in the hospital that I worked at years ago and I was running through the halls to find the unit I worked in, but couldn’t find it.

I asked myself some questions:

  • Where in my life am I running to get some place?
  • Where in my life do I feel lost?
  • Why am I running?
  • Do I think I will miss something if I don’t rush and run?
  • What have I missed (bus) or afraid of missing?

I wondered if the running and feeling lost was old energy that needed releasing and no longer served me? When I’m running or rushing, I’m not living in the present moment, and therefore lose my peace. I’m not trusting the present moment will be enough.

Spirit showed me through the dream that I am often dissatisfied with the present moment and have a tendency to want to get to the next thing, event, or experience.

I am inviting you to an even deeper awareness and presence of me. Whenever you notice yourself wanting to rush or run and get to the next thing that you erroneously think will bring you peace, stop and say to yourself, BE HERE NOW. It’s not the next thing that will bring you peace, love, happiness and joy, but the present moment.

Since working with the dream and processing it, I am more aware when my mind is wandering and I’m not in the present moment. I keep repeating to myself, BE HERE NOW.

I love how Spirit confirms the messages I receive. I was with a friend a couple of days ago and hadn’t mentioned the dream or what I was practicing. We were leaving and she said, “I want to share some affirmations in songs with I listen to called Mantras in Love by Beautiful Chorus.

I listened the next day to the songs and the first song of affirmation was BE HERE NOW.

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