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Larry continues to show me how to be PRESENT and available. When I return home from my morning walk/swim or meeting with a friend for tea, he is often on the computer or in the den watching something on YouTube.

As soon as I enter the room and greet him, he is PRESENT and lowers the volume of the tv or stops what he’s doing on the computer. I’m grateful because I always feel loved, seen, and heard. He wants to know how my morning went and we share about our day so far.

I almost missed out on a “gift from the heart” from him that I will treasure forever. How often have I missed the gifts and love because I’m too busy doing something else that I think is more important? Can you relate?

Here is what happened:

Since I’ve had problems with my lower back after several accidents over the years, my children bought me a Bio-Mat for my birthday. It is an infrared heat therapy that is filled with amethyst crystals. The mat promotes healing and blood flow while energizing and rejuvenating the body. I love sitting on the Bio-Mat in my ‘stressless chair” as I relax and read in front of the ocean.

When I came home from my acupuncture session that morning, I looked forward to just BEING and relaxing on the Bio-Mat. I was listening to a podcast from Maryanne Williamson about relationships when Larry approached me and said, “I have something I want you to listen to.”

I was cozy and relaxed and really didn’t want to get up at that moment. I thought to myself, “Can’t it wait until I’m done here?” As I looked into his eyes, I sensed it was important and got up and went to the den to listen to it. Before he played the song on YouTube, he said, “This is dedicated to you and my gift to you.”

As I sat next to him on the couch, I reached for his hand as the words of the song touched my heart deeply. I wanted to remember this poignant moment forever. The song was “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston (originally sung by Dolly Parton). The YouTube version was sung by Lucy Thomas and it was amazing.

I was so touched by the words that I asked him to play it again so I could record it on my phone.  As I sat on the floor close to the tv recording it, I turned back to look at Larry and we both had tears in our eyes. Wow, what a gift to think I will be able to play the song and remember this moment whenever I wanted to feel his love.

This brought back another memory of when Larry and I were best friends before we were married. Larry was having some serious health problems. We were at a restaurant with a friend when Larry became very pale and looked like he was about to pass out. He looked me in the eyes and said, “Don’t ever forget how much I love you.”

Our relationship is truly about love and sharing our faith journey together. We support one another as we grow in consciousness. Larry says, “We are joined at the heart, and not at the hip.”  

As Larry is PRESENT and available to me, I strive to be PRESENT and available to him and to all those I encounter on my path.  It occurred to me that before I can be PRESENT with anyone else, I have to be PRESENT with myself and God. I spend time alone every day going within, meditating, listening, and being grateful.

Being PRESENT with myself means:

·        I know what I want and what I don’t want

·        I have healthy boundaries and speak up and say no when I want to

·        I’m in touch with my feelings and am able to share them

·        I trust Spirit that I am loved, guided, and protected

·        I love, trust, appreciate and accept myself

I’m grateful for this powerful lesson to be PRESENT and available. I don’t want to ever miss the gifts and love because I’m too busy doing something else that I think is more important.

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