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I highly recommend this book Barbara Lezynski

Pat and Larry have written a love story that touched my heart. It is an intimate soul searching authentic telling of day-to-day life stories. I use the word ‘intimate’ because these are events that take place in our daily lives that we often don’t talk about such as not speaking up about what I want and then being disappointed when my expectations are not met, doing everything to please someone else and expecting reciprocation that doesn’t happen, and so on. What I love most is that you get both perspectives, Pat writes about her experience and then you read a separate section written by Larry on the same topic. I highly recommend this book.

This couple offer profound wisdom and love Lesta Bertoia

Since I am friends with Pat and Larry, I expected their story to be all too familiar. What I didn’t anticipate was that the glowing radiance of peace and love I experience in their presence would be conveyed with such heart-warming sincerity and authenticity in the pages of their account. This modest, self-aware, joyfully loving couple offer a profound wisdom that has been pared down into a rare and genuine innocence, a complete trust in the benevolence and perfect timing of Divine Consciousness from which Love flows. As I read their book, I felt my own connection to Source confirmed, and my own clarity about what choices we can make in our relationships fine-tuned into a personal accountability. While the subtitle is “manifesting your heart’s desire,” I would add as equally as accurate: “maintaining love in your daily life,” as the authors have clearly perfected enhancing both their own lives and those of their community by being vessels of Love.

Here’s Your Inspiration for Finding Love at any age     Lisa Tener

Pat Hastings is a master at personal growth work and working to manifest the life and love you want. In this beautiful book, she and her husband Larry share their journey in finding love. The book has such an inspiring and helpful structure as we read Larry’s point of view on an experience, then Pat’s, and then readers can journal about their reflections — what may be getting in the way of love? how can they work through their relationship issues and challenges? how to let love in? the journaling questions at the end of each chapter are wise and powerful. This book is a perfect gift for any friend or a loved one who is looking for love!

I Have Renewed Hope Now!     Tim P.

It’s the love story everyone wants to have. Whether 18, 70, or somewhere in between, what I’ve learned through this book is not to give up hope. If you’ve been single for any length of time, like me, you’ve likely had nagging thoughts like-When will I meet someone? How will I meet them? Maybe I should just give up on it…I’m just dreaming. This book is such a testament to both of the author’s commitment to following their hearts and continually trusting that the doors will be open to fall into the arms of their soulmate one day. The reality is we only have 2 choices- we either choose to hope for finding love, or we give up. We may as well live in the hope that love will find us. I’m so grateful for this book as it’s given me that boost of hope again.

An Authentic Couple Openly Share Their Journeys of Many Years to finding Their Soulmates    Mauijojo

The authors are excellent writers who bravely co-created a valuable book sharing their journeys of growth and inner work. Their Love story and amazing relationship models for all of us what real Love looks like! They have given me hope that what I have always wanted in a relationship is possible! Reading this book has given me a nudge to open up my heart and risk-loving romantically again. In addition to sharing their Love successes and struggles with honesty, transparency, and clarity and giving us perspectives from both a male and a female, there are questions at the end of each chapter for self- reflection. Anyone who is in a relationship or wanting to be in one will benefit from reading this book.

A Great Relationship Book    Steve  E.

A fascinating read, a great story told from two perspectives, with powerful messages about how to have a great relationship and how to be a vessel of love in this world. It drew me in from the beginning and I couldn’t wait to find out what Pat and Larry had to say in each new chapter. You will enjoy this book.

Growth and Health and Commitment     Donna Rustigan Mac

Pat and Larry Burns have manifested a relationship that is so refreshing as we enter the 2020s. They show us how to make the shift from trying to change each other to expecting growth and change for the benefit of each other and their relationship. Their stories are not only a pleasure to read but they are a roadmap towards a healthy committed relationship while maintaining your individuality. Thank you, Pat and Larry for doing the work to always find the love in every challenge and for sharing this opportunity with us.

A Beautiful book of Conscious RelationshipsSandy S.

I loved this book! This is a beautiful book about finding love later in life and having a conscious relationship based on mutual respect, trust in life, and faith in a higher power. But, it is more than that. It is a book about how to appreciate every moment of life and to live it to the fullest no matter what is going on around you. I found myself feeling peaceful and calm as I read this book. it is a great escape from the chaos of the world and a reminder to come back to what matters most. Love.

A Wonderful book on Love Carol Weston

A wonderful book on Love that is helpful whether you are single and looking for love, or in a long-term relationship. I love how each chapter is divided into Larry’s thoughts/perspective as well as Pat’s thoughts/perspective, giving the reader a holistic view of the topic. Each chapter ends with some very thought-provoking questions to encourage the reader to explore their perspective on the lessons from the chapter. Larry talks of ‘red-light’ days and ‘green light’ days and I find that a great analogy of the highs and lows in life; how to accept ‘red-light’ days and live in the moment. The book encourages the reader to live a life of love and to start with your relationship with yourself first. Love is available to everyone and you do not have to earn it or be worthy of it; it doesn’t discriminate, it is for all. This book has been published at a perfect time in the world…with the pandemic causing more people to work from home and stay home it means we are spending more time than ever before with our closest family members and more time alone. A time that is much more enjoyable if you love yourself and those around you. This book will help guide you through how to have a loving relationship built on trust, respect, communication, acceptance, and appreciation. I would highly recommend this book to all readers.

A Book of Shared Wisdom    Sally Pistorio

A beautiful and inspirational love story. This book is full of little “gems of wisdom” to be used in life, not only in relationships. Easy to read and a book that I will keep for future reference when I need that nudge to keep things and life in the right perspective. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages!

This Book Shows What Healthy Love looks like       Mary Blue

A beautiful and inspirational love story. This book is full of little “gems of wisdom” to be used in life, not only in relationships. Easy to read and a book that I will keep for future reference when I need that nudge to keep things and life in the right perspective. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages!

A Beautiful Gift    Doreen J.

A beautiful layout with each chapter inviting the reader into their journey. Very real & spot on with all challenges any relationship faces where the heart is concerned. Thank you Pat & Larry for sharing your love. A true gift,

Aloha Love     Nicole Kristen Gabriel

I met Pat, then Larry on Maui. I watched their story unfold. I was in the middle of a relationship that was about to crush my soul. I was losing hope for finding my soulmate and I had just passed my window forever having kids. I remember thinking there is no hope for me. And then after all the years of life and search for love, Pat found Larry! I watched it all unfold. I watched a friendship form and two hearts open. I learned that God has a plan and timing is on God’s terms. I have gone through yet another relationship since and as I opened up Pat and Larry’s book. I peered into the pages thinking that God has a wonderful partner for me and there is still hope. I teared up reading and thinking it’s just never too late for love! Blessings to you Pat and Larry! Aloha Love! You’ve just got to get this book and, if you can, you’ve just got to meet Pat and Larry too!

Worth the Wait     Juniverse

Pat waited. This book has earned it’s keep in how love really works. Both for oneself and a mate the second time around. Pat and Larry found what so many are seeking. With patience, it’s my prayer by reading their book, that I can follow in their footsteps in love. Thanks for showing the way!

An Inspiring and Heartwarming Love Story    Robert DeVinck

A wonderful reminder of the importance of keeping your heart open to the act of both giving love to another, and to receive it from another. Pat and Larry’s love story is a beautiful testament to the miracle of trusting that Love (God) has a spiritual soulmate waiting for you if you are only willing to remain faithful and patient.

A Story of Trust and Faith   Linda Joy

A sacred soul story of trust and faith on the journey to finding love later in life! I’ve known Pat for over a decade and witnessed her deep desire and personal journey to find aligned love. Her journey to attracting Larry into her life will open your heart & remind you that love is always within reach when you keep your heart open.

A Must-Read Book full of Hope and Love   Ruth McIntosh

When your soul aches for happiness and a break from the divisiveness and duress of our world, this is a must-read book full of hope and love.  These feelings permeate so deeply beneath the print that they spill over and take up residence in your heart. Tenderly and uniquely written from both the male and female perspective, the reader becomes not only enthralled with the journey of deep love upon which this couple has embarked but also feels guidance to envision their own spiritual and relational love journey.  Begin that journey now.” 

My Heart Opened Up    Kati Alexandra

“From a heart cast wide open after reading “It’s Never Too Late for Love,” I dwell in awe in the grace of the inner essence of being in love that has been ignited. A higher perspective of how love looks feels and behaves in a shared love commitment is a powerful and significant prescription for its presence in the lives of all couples. Love is a choice that Pat and Larry have made as to their declaration and dedication to one another and all life. The most beautiful ‘Love Story’ is told in their words and the spaces between their lines. An essential read and formula for life.”

I was Struck by their Message of Faith and Hope   Linda Skipsky

Not only have Pat and Larry shared their love journey in this book, but they’ve also set an example for improving all love connections. With honesty, faith, and hope, they have revealed their unique perspectives in their marriage and encourage the reader to join them in the quest for love and happiness…no matter what stage of life. As I read each chapter, I was struck by how their message transcends the search for romantic love. It’s never too late for love to heal any broken relationship, to forgive an enemy, or to find spiritual peace. Their inspiring story of connecting with love and commitment provides a much-needed light in this world of growing darkness. It’s never too late for their message!

Down to earth and well written Ann Young

Great inspiration and nicely written story that can help anyone to connect and find what they are looking for in their life.

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