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While considering a blog name, I wanted to encompass a sense of community. It was never easy for me to come up with a name of a title for any project or writing experience until the end.  Can you really best define something until it’s finished? How do I say what I want to get across or give people a feel of all I plan to offer or be for my blog, business or community in just a name? I finally surrendered to Community Gatherings as name for a web blog.  

Community Gatherings is an unattended web blog with one picture of my husband I used to test it the day it was created. I knew the content had to be community- minded, seeing as I am a great connecter, but never was able to get past the title of the web blog.  So there it sat out in cyber space with no community ever seeing it.

Sitting in a Constant Contact workshop in Rhode Island listening to the presenter explain why social networking is so important for business, I think about my lonely weblog out in space with no social activity at all. It then hits me…The Social Butterfly! A childhood memory of being defined as a social butterfly pops into my head. I think that’s it, that’s the name for my blog and I’ll use community gatherings in the tagline somewhere! 

I met Pat Hastings at a workshop I attended on Dreams a few weeks prior to this workshop. She walked up to my girlfriend & I to say hello and to my amazement her pants were covered with no less than 100 butterflies! Of course I begin to rattle off the events that lead to this moment of synchronicity. I have since purchased thesocialbutterfly.us and added a tagline: community gathering to transform your mind, body & soul. Perhaps this article will be my first submission. It is in this way I use the Universe to provide me with my next steps towards fulfilling my ultimate destiny. 

Colleen Millett

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  1. I’m so excited right now! My very first post for my web blog and I’m the author! I’m very grateful to have “fluttered” by one another Pat…I was waiting to meet you for a long time and the wait was well worth “One Hundred Butterflies”~ Hummmm I think I feel a name for a new project. ; ) Until we meet again, Peace and Blessings.

    Colleen Millett

    Comment by Anonymous — October 15, 2010 @ 11:23 am

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