Can animals communicate with us?

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We get what we need at the right and perfect time when we are open and READY to receive it.

Larry and I were disturbed when Kobi suddenly started to display behaviors that we didn’t like and were concerned about. Kobi is 12 years old and we re-homed him over a year ago.

About a month ago, he started growling and snapping at me (and sometimes Larry) when we went to pet him. He also startled easily and would jump when running in the yard or jump off the couch for no apparent reason. It was like he was being spooked and had no control over it.

I felt anxious and afraid because I thought he might bite me. I stayed away from him, gave him his space, and didn’t pet him for a week. That was really hard as I love to hold and pet him. We were concerned he might snap and bite someone who came to the house. We didn’t know if he was in pain when we touched him or if it was a neurological issue. We were led to start him on CBD oil for animals.

We were at our wit ends when I shared with a friend about what was going on with Kobi. She said, “I just watched a podcast about animal communication last night that was really good. I will send you the link.”

I watched it the next day and found it quite fascinating and eye-opening. That same day, I shared with another friend what was going on with Kobi. She said, “I just signed up for a FREE 3-part animal communication course starting this week.”


Larry and I listened to the FREE animal communication course and are learning a great deal. I don’t understand it all, but am open to learning so I can communicate with Kobi and what he needs.

Animal communicators are trained to tune in and connect energetically (telepathically) so they can hear the animal’s thoughts and converse with them and they can share their concerns and their innermost thoughts and feelings. Research suggests that animals do experience emotions like joy, anger, and grief. They also feel pain and experience stress.

Dogs communicate through body language—baring their teeth, wagging their tail, panting, looking into your eyes with an intensity that can only mean “PLEASE. I NEED TO PEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”—and respond to subtle human cues in a way that can make it seem like they’re reading your mind.

In the first course with the animal communicator, she guided us through a meditation and showed us how to listen to our pets and hear what they needed.

When I connected energetically with Kobi he said “I’m angry and hurt because you stopped taking me for my walks in the afternoon. It’s important to spend time with you.” He was right, I had stopped taking him for walks about a month ago because it was hot in the afternoon and I just didn’t feel like going out. Animals are very sensitive and can pick up on our energy.   

My son had some great suggestions to gain back trust with Kobi that were helpful. Between implementing his suggestions, praying and sending love to Kobi, the CBD oil, and the FREE animal communication classes, things are improving here. He hasn’t growled or snapped at me or Larry for over a week now.

I’m back to taking Kobi for walks and spending special time together. For the past week, Kobi has been back to his loving self, kissing me and allowing me to pet him and sit with him. God is good!

I’m so grateful that I was guided to learn about animal communication and will continue to learn and grow. We are always learning and growing in this Earth school.

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