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What you see in others is in you

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It was an interesting week as I experienced both the light (love) and the dark shadow (fearful) part of my personality. I’m sure you are familiar with the statement, “What YOU see in others is in YOU.” That is, both the negative and the positive aspects of yourself. It is a deep dive and takes courage and faith to go within and see the truth of who we are. We are both, the light and the dark.

We are mirrors for one another. When we don’t take responsibility and are unable to see our “stuff” coming up when we are triggered, we will feel like a “victim” and project it onto others through blaming, judging, feeling hurt, angry, and resentful. Has this ever happened to you?

Rather than blaming, judging, feeling hurt, angry, and resentful, what if we accepted and loved all the parts of ourselves, rather than judging ourselves and others, or feeling less than or better than our brothers and sisters?

It’s called the “Great Awakening” as the world is “waking up” (and it’s not a pretty picture) to the lies we have been told and consequently have believed about ourselves and the world.

Healing is happening very deeply when we recognize that we are not (and never have been) SEPARATE from Source, Universe, Love, and God. We are ONE with one another and are meant to support and love one another. Spirit wants us to experience love, abundance, joy, freedom, and peace.

On the LIGHTER side, here is what happened to me. I had to return something to Amazon and went to the UPS store. The young man who assisted me was very accommodating and kind. I commented to him, “You have a beautiful smile.” He looked me in the eyes and said, “What you see in me is in you.” He was talking my language as we recognized the light in one another, although we had never met before.

Of course, this opened up a loving spiritual conversation between the two of us. I walked out of the UPS store like I was walking on cloud 9. I couldn’t stop thinking about him and the impact his SMILE had on me. I even wanted to bring Larry back to meet him.

I asked myself, “Does my SMILE have the same effect on others as his did on me? I smile at everyone and often quietly send love and light. I became aware that a simple SMILE can change someone’s life. His SMILE changed my life. I felt humbled (and delighted) to realize my “light” was shining bright. Spirit invited me to embrace and accept the truth of my true identity as LIGHT. I believe my purpose is to shine my LIGHT and think of it as S&S -SMILE AND SHINE.

Another example of “What YOU see in others is in YOU.” There was a “GoFundMe me” for a woman who was paralyzed through a freak accident on Maui. I decided to donate money to the cause and asked Larry, “Did you also donate?” He said, “Yes.” When he told me how much he donated, I thought to myself, “That was so generous of him.” A few hours later, I heard Spirit say, “You are also very generous.” I hadn’t recognized that until Spirit brought it to my mind. 

On the DARKER side, I received an email from a man who has been reading my blogs for some time. I felt triggered, defensive, angry, and judged by his apparent negative condescending, superior remark.  Instead of withdrawing or sending him a negative response, I chose to keep my heart open and responded in love and peace. When I feel any kind of pain, rejection, hurt, or judgment, I BREATHE deeply and keep my heart open. I send them love and thank them for triggering me and showing me what still needs my attention and what needs to heal in me.

I remembered “What YOU see in others is in YOU.”  What an opportunity Spirit was giving me to look at myself. Instead of judging and making him wrong, I asked myself, “When have I felt condescending and superior to others?” I forgave myself for all the times that I felt superior to others and acted condescending.

Whenever we become aware of the light and the dark parts of our personality, it gives us the opportunity to bring it to the surface and into the light to be healed and transmuted. When other people mirror negative things in me, it triggers my guilt and shame and then I know that these issues haven’t been healed yet. When others mirror my goodness or light, I know I am moving forward and expanding.

Do you recognize the light and dark side of your personality and have you embraced it all? Remember, “What YOU see in others is in YOU.”

Is suffering necessary

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According to Eckhart Tolle in his book, “Stillness Speaks,” he poses the question:

“Is suffering necessary? Yes and no. If you had not suffered as you have, there would be no depth to you as a human being, no humility or compassion. Suffering cracks open the shell of ego and then comes to a point when it has served its purpose. Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary.”

I suffered a great deal in my earlier life with sexual abuse, parental alcoholism, divorce, unemployment, lack, and beliefs and patterns that robbed me of my peace and true identity. I’m grateful that I have learned my lessons (and still learning) because today my life is about living in love, peace, trust, happiness, joy, and surrender, which is our natural condition.

According to A Course in Miracles, suffering results when we forget who we really are as children of God, Source, or Love. We live not in reality, but in an illusion. We are AWAKENING from the collective dream of separation and walking one another home to the truth that we are all ONE and connected.  

There is so much going on in the world these days and millions of people are suffering whether it be concerned about global warming, politics, Covid, inflation, health issues, war, food prices, relationships, finances, drought, housing shortages, retirement, food shortages, and the list goes on and on. Can you relate?

I have had my share of fear of living in the middle of the ocean that we won’t be able to get food delivered, run out of water, run out of money, or not have a place to live. I know fear is useless and what is needed is TRUST. God has ALWAYS provided for and guided me.

Is there something in your life that you are afraid and worried about? Is there anything you can do about it? Can you control it? I cannot change what is going on outside of me in the world. I pray and send love to my family and friends and to the world every day. I “show up” to the best of my ability and ask where I can be a vessel of love and kindness. I know that all I can change is ME, my perspectives, thoughts, and reactions. It’s my thoughts that cause suffering and fear. Fear is a call for love.  

Fear cannot exist in the present moment, but only in the past and the future, which does not exist. The present moment is the only TIME there is. It is in the present moment that I experience peace.  The past is gone, the future is just IMAGINED with all the “what ifs.” Our safety lies in truth and not in lies and illusions. When love is our safety, fear does not exist. Choose Love and you are safe and home.

I’ve asked myself, “What is my responsibility as a light worker, healer, and child of the Universe?” It is to keep my vibration high in love, peace, and gratitude so I can serve where I am called to serve and BE the light and anchor for others still in darkness and caught up in egoic thinking by comparing, competing, and judging.

Here are some obstacles that keep us from awakening:  Anger, resentment, unforgiveness, fear, guilt, judgment, blame, shame, defensiveness, unworthiness, and inadequacy.

For the last several years living on Maui, Larry and I have belonged to a “love group” which meets every other week. Last week we discussed the idea of suffering being a CHOICE. Hmmm, very interesting and deep. I believe suffering comes when we are unable to “accept what it is” and when we forget the truth of who we are as children of God. I have many choices on a daily basis to keep myself centered and aligned in peace and love.

·        I can choose love or fear

·        I can choose lack or abundance

·        I can choose to accept “what is” or resist and suffer

·        I can choose to let go of what no longer serves me

·        I can choose to feel all of my feelings, rather than a spiritual bypass

·        I can choose to not take things personally

·        I can choose to forgive myself and others for perceived wrongdoing

·        I can choose to let go of old patterns and beliefs

·        I can choose to not be defensive and react

·        I can choose to TRUST God rather than live in fear

·        I can choose to LIVE IN THE MOMENT

What are you choosing today? What do you need to let go of to live the best version of yourself?


Being Present

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Larry continues to show me how to be PRESENT and available. When I return home from my morning walk/swim or meeting with a friend for tea, he is often on the computer or in the den watching something on YouTube.

As soon as I enter the room and greet him, he is PRESENT and lowers the volume of the tv or stops what he’s doing on the computer. I’m grateful because I always feel loved, seen, and heard. He wants to know how my morning went and we share about our day so far.

I almost missed out on a “gift from the heart” from him that I will treasure forever. How often have I missed the gifts and love because I’m too busy doing something else that I think is more important? Can you relate?

Here is what happened:

Since I’ve had problems with my lower back after several accidents over the years, my children bought me a Bio-Mat for my birthday. It is an infrared heat therapy that is filled with amethyst crystals. The mat promotes healing and blood flow while energizing and rejuvenating the body. I love sitting on the Bio-Mat in my ‘stressless chair” as I relax and read in front of the ocean.

When I came home from my acupuncture session that morning, I looked forward to just BEING and relaxing on the Bio-Mat. I was listening to a podcast from Maryanne Williamson about relationships when Larry approached me and said, “I have something I want you to listen to.”

I was cozy and relaxed and really didn’t want to get up at that moment. I thought to myself, “Can’t it wait until I’m done here?” As I looked into his eyes, I sensed it was important and got up and went to the den to listen to it. Before he played the song on YouTube, he said, “This is dedicated to you and my gift to you.”

As I sat next to him on the couch, I reached for his hand as the words of the song touched my heart deeply. I wanted to remember this poignant moment forever. The song was “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston (originally sung by Dolly Parton). The YouTube version was sung by Lucy Thomas and it was amazing.

I was so touched by the words that I asked him to play it again so I could record it on my phone.  As I sat on the floor close to the tv recording it, I turned back to look at Larry and we both had tears in our eyes. Wow, what a gift to think I will be able to play the song and remember this moment whenever I wanted to feel his love.

This brought back another memory of when Larry and I were best friends before we were married. Larry was having some serious health problems. We were at a restaurant with a friend when Larry became very pale and looked like he was about to pass out. He looked me in the eyes and said, “Don’t ever forget how much I love you.”

Our relationship is truly about love and sharing our faith journey together. We support one another as we grow in consciousness. Larry says, “We are joined at the heart, and not at the hip.”  

As Larry is PRESENT and available to me, I strive to be PRESENT and available to him and to all those I encounter on my path.  It occurred to me that before I can be PRESENT with anyone else, I have to be PRESENT with myself and God. I spend time alone every day going within, meditating, listening, and being grateful.

Being PRESENT with myself means:

·        I know what I want and what I don’t want

·        I have healthy boundaries and speak up and say no when I want to

·        I’m in touch with my feelings and am able to share them

·        I trust Spirit that I am loved, guided, and protected

·        I love, trust, appreciate and accept myself

I’m grateful for this powerful lesson to be PRESENT and available. I don’t want to ever miss the gifts and love because I’m too busy doing something else that I think is more important.

Frustration, tension, anxiety, fear are the results you get when you are pushing too hard

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I had a wonderful week “showing up for life” playing and being in God’s presence and grace.  I danced, swam in the ocean, painted, prayed, meditated, did yoga, walked on the beach, had ice cream, kayaked, went out to lunch with friends, watched the whales jumping out of the water, went to a luau and a ukulele concert with world renowned Jake Shimabukuro.  I enjoyed fresh herbs , oranges, limes, tomatoes, strawberries and asparagus from the garden where I am now living. WOW, I am so blessed and grateful for the grace to say “YES” knowing that I deserve to receive all that is mine by divine right. I know that the more grateful I am, I more I will attract things into my life to be grateful for. I can truly say that I don’t know anyone who is more grateful than I am.  I asked myself, “Could having a grateful attitude be the reason I am living in Maui?” We all have the choice to live in gratitude, no matter where we live or what is happening in our lives.

I attended the Unity service on Sunday with guest speaker and past minister, Mary Omwake. Her message was “Happiness, “It’s a Practice.” She shared her 21 days to a happier life” 7 steps you can take to ensure increased wellbeing. Here they are:

  1. Smile with your heart several times a day.
  2. Laugh out loud, at least twice a day – for one minute or more.
  3. Be consciously grateful at least 3 times a day, really grateful – feel it, share it, write about it.
  4. Do something for someone else, anonymously if possible, or just because you can).
  5. Notice something you did right, review the steps in your mind at least once a day for 2 minutes.
  6. Every day do something you love for 15 minutes (that is physical.)
  7. Connect with at least one person who had blessed or enriched your life every day, by phone, email or letter.

These 7 steps are not “new” concepts and I know you are practicing some of them in your daily life, as I am. I have decided to incorporate the “laughing out loud” and connecting with one person through email, letter or call who has blessed my life every day.  I have read that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit so every time I get in my car and start it up; I begin laughing out loud for at least one  minute. It really feels good. Try it, you might like it (and let me know how you feel).  In my morning prayer, I ask Spirit to guide me to whom I am to connect with and thank them for blessing me.  You might be the next person that I am thanking.

A few weeks ago, I shared a story in my blog about my friends, Jodene and Trudy, and their experience of asking and receiving and instant manifestation. Here is what happened:  After the Unity service a few weeks ago while walking out together, Jodene said, “I really want that picture hanging on the wall” and Trudy responded, “I have a signed copy of it at home and I would be happy to give it to you.”

During the service this past Sunday, I spotted Lee Shapiro in the back of the room, the artist who painted the picture and couldn’t wait to tell him the story of Jodene and Trudy’s manifestation. Of course, Jodene and Trudy were very excited to meet him also. He lives in Maui and invited us to come to his home and see his studio.  We didn’t waste any time and took him up on his offer. The next day, 4 of my girlfriends and I piled in the car and visited Lee at his home.  What a treat to be in his home and see his beautiful paintings. We found out that Lee Shapiro is a nationally renowned watercolorist who has exhibited in over 40 galleries across the U.S. Not only is Lee a famous watercolorist, but he has a passion for life that is very inspiring.

He showed us his new book, “Living in Passion” and we each bought a book to remember the day.  He has beautiful paintings and a poem that he wrote that resonated in my heart and soul. Here it is:

Living in Passion by Lee Shapiro

“I want to live my life full out, without fear or protection totally present in the moment. I want to love with infinite passion holding back nothing, unafraid of intimacy, unafraid of truth. Let love wash over me and through me as the mighty seas crash over the rocks on the shore, sending exuberant sprays of foamy waters skyward in ecstatic celebration. Do you want to dance with me, to throw caution to the wind? To lose our false sense of self and in doing, find our true selves. Let the wings of a glorious eagle carry us to heights unimagined. We might fall, but what an exhilarating ride we would have. Even the free-fall would be moments of rapture as we feel the wind rushing through our souls. Death is not the worst thing, NOT LIVING IS! When death comes, I will go unafraid, joyous in knowing that I played full out, that I did not hold back – that I felt love, sadness, fear, joy – all of it! That my life was a full-bodied symphony of feelings and experiences, played with fervor and fire, gentleness and softness. The notes will resonate in the heart of spirit, in this moment and for all time.”

These words touch my heart so deeply and it is how I am choosing to live my life. I want to love with infinite passion holding back nothing, unafraid of intimacy, unafraid of truth. I want to dance and throw caution to the wind. I want to lose my false self so I can find my true self. I want to live a life full-bodied symphony of feelings and experiences, played with fervor and fire, gentleness and softness.

Have I always lived passionately and in the moment? Absolutely not! I often pushed to make things happen. I was filled with fear and didn’t believe in myself. I looked outside for my answers.  It is so important for us to see how we have grown and celebrate who we are and how far we have come. Spirit showed me how I have grown when I read the message on March 11 in “Until Today” by Iyanla Vanzant. It talked about being “obsessive doers” working so hard and always having to have something to do. This is how I lived my life for many years.  Here is what it said:

“One reason we work so hard is that we are afraid. Few people will admit it, but most of us live in fear that we are not going to achieve our goals, receive the results we expect or fulfill our heartfelt desires. It is this fear that causes us to engage in a power struggle with God. If we really believe that you have to do it all, what do you think God is doing or can do for you? Strain, struggle, frustration, tension, anxiety, compulsion, obsession and fear are the results you get when you are pushing too hard. God, the creative force of the universe, the power over all life, doesn’t have to push to get you to what you want. As a matter of fact, if you would just ease up a bit, you might be surprised by what God will do on your behalf. Relax, sit back and give God a chance to do something for you.”

What a blessing for me to see my growth and how much better my life is now that I am not pushing and trying to make things happen. Today, I ALLOW things to happen, rather than trying to control everything, as I did for so many years because I didn’t know any better and needed healing from childhood abuse. I trust God and my intuition to guide me on a daily basis. It never fails me and I am living my life from the inside out and living in joy. Where have you grown and what do you need to celebrate about yourself today?

I encourage you to “ease up” a bit because you might be surprised by what God will do on your behalf. Relax, sit back and give God a chance to do something for you.


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1.      BE SPECIFIC: Be clear about what you want. God may be waiting for you to ask for what you want.


2.      EXPECT AN ANSWER: God answers all prayers. It’s easier to hear and see God’s answers when you are expecting and trusting that you will hear from Him. Learn to go within for guidance and answers.


3.      LISTEN CAREFULLY: God may answer you in a piece of music, a song, a book, another person. If you are busy running around, you may be missing God’s answered prayer.


4.      BELIEVE: You must “see” your prayer answered on the inside before it manifests on the outside. Change your thinking and your life will change. Practice affirmations of a daily basis.


5.      BE PATIENT: God’s timing is perfect. You must learn to wait for His perfect plan for your life. Trust the answers will come.


6.      STAY GRATEFUL: Gratitude is the key to make things manifest quickly. Don’t focus on what’s missing, but focus on what you already have.


7.      HAVE FAITH: Your prayers are being answered. Faith is believing when you can not see. Be open and receptive.


8.      FORGIVE: Do a daily inventory, let go of resentments and judgements. Holding onto resentments blocks the energy flow and prevents or slows your ability to manifest your desires.


9.      SHOW UP: Pray, meditate and visualize daily. When you “show up” God “shows up” and the “HOW” shows up in the perfect time and perfect way. Pay attention to your dreams. Journaling is a form of prayer.


10.  INTERNAL HOUSE CLEANING: Be honest with yourself and ask yourself – What old thoughts and beliefs are blocking communication with God? Fasting or cleansing your diet will help detoxify your mind, body and spirit.    




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1.     Concentrate on one task at a time.  One day at a time.  Just do the next right thing. 

2.       Focus on only things you can change (You.)


3.       Take a walk or a break-away from everyone to get centered.


4.       Take several deep breaths.  Say a prayer. Let go and Let God.


5.       Keep things in perspective. Most problems are not as big as they seem.   Act as if “all is well.”


6.       Acknowledge what is real, but do not fear possibilities.


7.       Set boundaries. Say no. Detach. Do not take on other’s responsibilities.


8.       Add humor to every day – laugh at yourself, movies, friends, TV, books.


9.       Schedule regular time to be with yourself:  sleep late, be with friends, go out to eat, PLAY.


10.   Take care of yourself- Body, Mind and Spirit: eat well, sleep enough, exercise regularly, meditate, journal.


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Be aware of it when it’s happening. Notice it as it plays in your head. Are you comparing yourself with others, wanting to be perfect or afraid of not being in control?

Stop in the name of God – Sing the song OUT LOUD to yourself.


Don’t shame yourself  “I can’t believe this is happening again. What’s wrong with me, will I ever be over this?”


Be compassionate and loving toward yourself. Forgive yourself for old behaviors or negative thinking.


Admit it first to yourself, to God and to another person. Bringing it to the light erases the shame.


By acknowledging it, you break the 3 unspoken rules: don’t talk, don’t trust and don’t feel.

Be Grateful – for everything you have. Focus on what you have accomplished. Shift the energy of negativity by positive thinking.

Choose the truth of who you are. Choose peace, love, joy, trust, happiness, faith, abundance.  I am one with God, God is all there is.  Pray to heal the belief of separation.


 Pray and meditate– rather than pushing, rushing, staying busy – embrace it and don’t run from it.  Ask for God’s healing.  Surrender and let go and let God.

Practice Affirmations “I am good enough, I am more than enough. I have enough money, power, love, grace, peace. I am successful and the best is yet to come. God is my source and God and I are one. God is leading me. God has a plan that will make all of my dreams come true. Within this new day, I find a release from every old thought pattern or behavior that no longer serves me. What I am seeking is seeking me. My day unfold in peace, ease and grace. I am free.”   



                                                                           Pat Hastings, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Coach                 




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                                                   SEVEN MIRACULOUS TIPS WHEN FEAR GRIPS



















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What makes your heart sing?
Are you living your passion?
Do you know what it is?

* Passion is the fire that burns within your soul.

* It may start as a spark or a flame and eventually turns into a blazing fire that can consume you.

* Passion is an energy that infuses your life with meaning, joy, purpose and love.

* Living your passion takes commitment, determination, patience, fearlessness and courage.

* Passion is doing what you love and using your God-given gifts and talents for the good of all.

* Passion is an emotion that helps you go places others are afraid to go, to try things others are afraid to do.

* Passion creates the energy required to do what others think is impossible.

* Passion helps you work through your fear.

*Living your passion wakes you up in the middle of the night and creativity is flowing.

How do you find your true passion? Bill Strickland, author of Make the Impossible Possible offers some clues, writing: “Passions are irresistible.… If you’re paying attention to your life at all, the things you are passionate about won’t leave you alone. They’re the ideas, hopes, and possibilities your mind naturally gravitates to, the things you would focus your time and attention on for no other reason than that doing them feels right.” Strickland believes that only by following your passion will you unlock your deepest potential. “I never saw a meaningful life that wasn’t based on passion. And I never saw a life full of passion that wasn’t, in some important way, extraordinary.”

He goes on to say “When people can answer these three questions clearly and the answers intersect, they become passionate about what they do. Few things are professionally more fulfilling than doing work that you are extremely good at and turned-on about. It’s an incredible feeling when what you’re good at and excited about enables you to make a contribution that truly adds value to the business and its customers! Work ceases to be a vocation and becomes an avocation or a passion. The questions to ask yourself are:

1. What are my gifts and talents?
2. What am I passionate about?
3. What needs to be done?

Many people experience frustration and feel trapped because they are engaged in work that they may be good at but are not passionate about. They may be excited about something, but lack the skills for the job. Or they may need a degree or certification and they don’t have the time or the means to go back to school to obtain one.

Since work is so much a part of our lives, it is important for our well being that it is meaningful and fulfilling. One of the deepest needs of human existence is to know that our lives count for something and we are living our purpose.

We need to know that our God-given gifts and talents are being used to make a difference in the world. We need to know we are helping others and being of service to humankind. We are all searching for what gives our life meaning. Doing what we love often doesn’t feel like work because it is so fulfilling and rewarding. Being our authentic selves at work and being passionate about who we are and what we do can be a spiritual experience. It is a gift we give ourselves and the people we serve. We cannot be truly happy unless we are doing something we love. Following your passion is about doing something that you love and making it happen.

I feel blessed that I’m able to do what I love and had the guts to make it happen. It took courage to follow my heart and leave a secure job of 20 years. Having a daily spiritual practice enabled me to face my fears and believe in myself. I showed up daily and asked for help.

As a spiritual coach, it is my passion is to empower women to connect with the Spirit within and love themselves. When someone asked me what made my heart sing, I had to think about it for a minute. What makes my heart sing is public speaking. I love to speak and share my stories of God’s love and synchronicities that happen so often. I know my stories encourage people and give them inspiration and hope.

Living passionately has its challenges. My challenge has been to keep myself centered and peaceful because it is so easy to get out of balance. A balanced life is important and essential to my well being and spiritual life. When I am so focused on doing what I love and neglect important areas of my life, like exercise, eating right, having fun, spending time with family and friends, I am out of balance and lose focus.
I know I am out of balance when I feel stressed, tired, can’t sleep at night, my mind is like a blender and won’t shut off. Slowing down, breathing, taking a walk, a hot bath, meditating helps me get centered again. So it is possible to be passionate and peaceful at the same time. It takes awareness and a decision to stay connected to my spirit and to what is truly important.

1. Show up: Develop a daily spiritual practice of prayer and meditation.
2. Ask for what you want – expect an answer. Visualize and believe.
3. Be grateful – An attitude of gratitude is the key to make things manifest and to live passionately.
4. Forgive yourself and others –Holding onto anger blocks the energy flow.
5. Have faith – that your life has meaning and you can live your passion.
6. Let go of control – trust the process and surrender to what is.

The Magic is Within

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Learn how to go inside because THE MAGIC IS WITHIN: Your answers, peace,  power, self love, self appreciation and self forgiveness are within.  Stop waiting for others to tell you how magnificent you are.  Believe it for yourself and about yourself.  Change your “not good enough voice”  and awaken to the potential and possibilities within.  You are the only one that can rescue yourself and hold the key to your abundance and happiness.  Self care is God care.  Self care is an acknowledgement of God’s divine presence in you.  Do you look outside for your answers? Do you give your power away by wanting approval from others?

In the midst of doors and opportunities coming my way, the “not good enough voice” reared its ugly head, like an unwanted, uninvited guest.  As I sat down to pray and meditate, I felt anxiety in the pit of m y stomach.  I knew feelings precede thoughts so like a detective, I went about searching for the thoughts that were creating anxiety.  I didn’t have to search far-they popped up quickly.

“You’re not doing good enough at marketing.  You need a marketing coach to tell you what to do.” The truth and reality is, I’m a fantastic marketer and many people have commented about how they see me all over the place. Music to the ear.

If I listen to the “not good enough voice” I lose my peace and feel afraid and anxious.  I stop trusting God is in control and there is a plan for my life.  I stop trusting that God is leading me and giving me everything I need in the perfect time and perfect way. 

When I’m rushing around and trying to make things happen, I’m coming from a place of fear. I may not be aware of the voice, but it is always lurking in the background.  When I slow down and meditate, I discover the voice that is at work.  In the midst of success, it tries to rob me of the truth of who I am as a magnificent child of God living my life in the presence of God.

The first step is to recognize the “not good enough voice” that’s been in my head for years.  Breathe into it and most importantly don’t beat up on myself.  I name it and tell it that it’s no longer wanted and needed.  The second step is to tell myself the truth and use affirmations.

I am good enough, I am more than enough. I have enough money, power, love, grace, peace.  

I am successful and the best is yet to come.

God is my source and God and I are one. 

I am perfect as I am and my cup runneth over.

God is leading me.  

God has a plan that will make all of my dreams come true. 

I am free.  

Within this new day, I find  release from every old thought pattern or behavior that no longer serves me.

Everything I need is streaming toward me, I open my hands and receive

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