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A visit from the other side

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I tearfully said goodbye to one of my closest friends, Joanne, 2 years ago. It was quite emotional and honest as I thanked her for her love, encouragement, and support over the last 3 decades. She died two weeks later from Ovarian cancer.

Joanne was always there for me, as I was there for her.  I always felt that God spoke to me through her. Joanne was my spiritual “cheerleader” as I went through my divorce, sexual abuse, and raising kids. She was a wise and loving friend. We lived on the same street and often took walks or sat and had a cup of tea on my porch or her back yard with beautiful flowers.

Before she died, Joanne encouraged her partner, Linda, to write a book about their love relationship and her cancer journey. It has been my honor to support and encourage Linda to write the book. I received a text from Linda this week informing me that she finished the last chapter of the book.  

I was so happy and proud of Linda. I sent her a text congratulating her for finishing the book. Later in the day, while sitting outside on my swing and journaling, I heard a voice and I didn’t know where it was coming from. My phone was off and next to me in the swing. When I picked up my phone, there was Linda’s face. I was quite surprised and said, “Did you Face Time me?” She said, “No, did you Face Time me?”

We were both stunned. We have never done a Face Time with one another. Linda explained, “I just walked upstairs to get your book, “Simply a Woman of Faith” and had your book in my hand when I saw the incoming call and saw your name.

I couldn’t speak at first and my whole body shivered. We both agreed Joanne was “showing up” to support us both on our journeys. We laughed and cried that she had communicated with us in such a powerful way.

It is no coincidence that Linda and Larry and I have finished our books at the same time. Joanne was my earth “cheerleader” and now she is my heavenly “cheerleader.” Our loved ones do want to communicate with us if we are open.

Linda’s experience:

A week ago, on a humid Sunday in Rhode Island, I had been lounging on the couch with my computer as I mulled over some revisions for my book.  Even though I had recently finished writing the last chapter, I knew that reviewing the earlier chapters would take some time.  With the help of my writing coach, encouragement from others, and Pat’s compassionate advice, I realized I might complete this first book after all.

In the two years since my wife Joanne died, many astounding connections with her spirit have comforted me, always when I needed them the most.  On this particular Sunday, I was pondering a different way to express If you snooze, you lose, that described Joanne’s ability to get things done without delay.

After reading Pat’s text congratulating me and offering to help pull the chapters together, I had sent a text thanking her and assuring her I would be in touch when my revisions were done.  I decided to retrieve “Simply A Woman of Faith” upstairs in my nightstand in order to review her book’s layout.  As usual, my cell phone was in its case attached to my waistband when I ascended the stairs.

I had just picked up Pat’s book when my phone rang. To my surprise, it was Pat. I thought, “That’s odd, maybe she didn’t get my text.”  Answering the phone, I held it to my ear but soon discovered I also saw her face.  I was shocked to discover we were on FaceTime and that she was just as surprised to see my face as well.  My jaw dropped while I kept repeating, “Oh my god!”

In that moment, I could almost hear Joanne tell me to connect with Pat without delay.  While I marveled at the perfect timing, I felt certain my love had planned this magical event.  Knowing my tendency to procrastinate, her spirit seemed to remind me about snoozing and losing, so I will take the hint and push on.  With gratitude to God and Joanne, my heart is renewed once again.  Thank you, Pat, for your steadfast support, love, and cheerleading.

It’s Never Too Late for Love

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I’m finally back to walking on the beach in the morning after breaking my shoulder 3 months ago. I went into the ocean for the first time and it soothed my body, soul and spirit.

As I was walking and appreciating nature; the ocean, mountains, birds and flowers, I said to God, “Thank you for the grace to say YES to writing our book.” I heard the small, still voice of God, “Your YES is blessed.” There was a quickening in my heart and I knew God’s plan was unfolding and it was GOOD.

We are humbled and excited that we just finished our manuscript and will be birthing, “It’s Never Too Late for Love” Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire at a time when the world desperately needs LOVE, hope and inspiration more than ever. We actually had fun writing it as we were guided every step of the way.

Have you closed the door on your desires or given up on the hope to finding Love? Have you ever wondered? “I’m too old, there are no good men or women out there or am I going to be alone for the rest of my life?”

When I prayed about writing a book together many months ago, this is the message I received from Spirit:

 “Say YES to BE the light and love that I call you to BE today. The world is awakening to the truth that we are all ONE and not separate from God. You know the truth and will share it with those I send to you. Do not be afraid of your light for it is my light shining through you. There is much darkness in the world that is now coming into the light. Although it looks like things in the world are deteriorating and people are very anxious and confused, it is my plan being played out. There is no need to be afraid because this has been planned by me and is the beginning of a great awakening.”

My friend, Nancy, shared her perspective on our relationship.

“To see the genuine love between Pat and Larry has helped me redefine what a love relationship can be. I have seen how they hold space for each other’s highest and best expression of love to come through. The love, trust and respect that they have for one another is a beacon for me in calling in my ideal soul mate and has helped me to understand and know that true love exists.”

Many of you have followed my journey from the beginning when I wrote Simply a Woman of Faith. I followed my heart and moved to Maui to meet my soul mate and then get married. Friends have shared that our love story is like a Modern-day fairy tale.

About a month ago, I asked my daughter, Mary for help with some ongoing health issues I was experiencing. I was reluctant to ask because I hadn’t followed through with her suggestions in the past.  But I really needed her help! I was so grateful for her response. She said, “Mom, of course I will help you.” Ask and you shall receive.

One of the chapters in our book is “Asking for What You Want and Need.” It’s hard to ask for help. I feel vulnerable and don’t want to bother you. But if I don’t ask, you will not know what I need and how you can help me.

Larry and I are asking for your help to get “It’s Never Too Late for Love” Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire out into the world. If you have been inspired by our story, would you be willing to share it with your friends and family? It would be a great Christmas present for yourself or for someone who has given up hope to finding love.

As it gets closer to publication in November, we will let you know exactly what we need. Can we count on you for support?  If you have a YES in your heart to purchase the book and share the LOVE with friends and family, would you REPLY to this blog with a quick YES, of course I will help you!

We thank you in advance for whatever you are led to do. If you have any ideas to help promote our book, please let us know.  Thank you for your support and prayers and we look forward to hearing from you. We greatly appreciate and love you.

Do you have problems sleeping?

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Do you have difficulty sleeping at night, whether getting to sleep or staying asleep? Do you lay awake obsessing and can’t shut your mind off? It’s a vicious cycle, for sure. I’m also having problems sleeping and know the frustration of not being able to sleep. I wake up every couple of hours to pee. Sometimes I get right back to sleep and other times I lay awake for hours. I’m concerned that I won’t have energy and be able to function the next day when I can’t sleep. I’m learning to ask for and trust that DIVINE ENERGY will get me through the day.

Several of my friends are also experiencing not being able to sleep at night and are exhausted. There is so much powerful light and energy coming into the planet at this time and our bodies feel it. It’s almost like our bodies are being rebooted or recalibrated and it can be very uncomfortable. In this unprecedented time in history that none of us have experienced before and with the uncertainty of the future, we are all experiencing different symptoms.

Here are a few things that I’m focusing on to help me stay peaceful and may help you for whatever you are going through in your life. I don’t do any of this perfectly, but it is PROGRESS and not PERFECTION.

  • Instead of seeing things as a problem, I’m changing my perspective to seeing it as an opportunity
  • I’m taking the word TRY out of the equation
  • I’m not complaining
  • I’m going with the FLOW
  • I’m practicing Radical Self-love and Self-care

I don’t see not sleeping as a “problem” but as an opportunity.  Just that little shift in consciousness helps me accept “what is,” even though I may not like it. I may be able to do this for 10 minutes during the night or all night. 

When I’m able to see not sleeping as an opportunity, I open myself to possibilities. For example: I am using the time to CHOOSE LOVE and send love to the world and family members, especially to those I am struggling with or who trigger me.  My relationship to Spirit is growing deeper.

When I say I’m going to TRY to do something, there is no commitment and I may or may not do it. For example: I will try not to complain, I will try not to eat chocolate, I will try to eat healthy, I will try to exercise, I will try not to judge, I will try not to take things personally. The list goes on and on.

There is so much more power when I say I WILL do something than when I say I will TRY to do something.  See how it feels for yourself.

I believe Spirit is inviting us to Radical self-love and self- care and it will look different for all of us. My focus is on both internal and physical healing.  I am spending a lot of time going within. It’s important to preserve my energy and to not do things that drain me. Instead of pushing to do more (which I did all my life) I’m doing LESS and not beating up on myself and feeling guilty. How do you practice self-love and self-care?

For example: If I don’t have the energy to call someone back and need to rest, I rest and give my body what it needs. I will call them later or the next day. If I make plans with someone to do something and I don’t have the energy to do it, I cancel. For much of my life I did things to please others, rather than what was good for me.

I’m practicing going with the FLOW and living in the moment and in the day. I like routine because it makes me feel safe and in control. Before I broke my shoulder, I walked early in the morning for 5 miles on the beach. I like to pray and meditate at the same time every day. Everything has changed and I am learning to go with the flow and be more spontaneous. If I don’t pray in the morning, I will pray at night or not. I’m seeing everything as prayer.

We are on this journey of life together to love, help and support one another. The world needs us to shine our lights into the darkness even more than ever. There are so many unconscious people who don’t know what we know and where to turn for help. I know that Spirit is the answer and I can trust the plan for my life. 

Children are a gift from God

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I recently read this on Facebook. Steve Jobs died a billionaire, with a fortune of $7 billion, at the age of 56 from pancreatic cancer, and here are some of his last words.

“In other eyes, my life is the essence of success, but aside from work, I have little joy.  At this moment, lying on the bed, sick and remembering all my life, I realize that all my recognition and wealth that I have is meaningless in the face of imminent death.  One can find material things, but there is one thing that cannot be found when it is lost – “LIFE.” Treat yourself well, and cherish others. Your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world.

Have you ever thought of success as people having great careers, living in big homes and making a lot of money? I don’t believe success is fame, wealth, degrees or how many books a person has written. Of course, it’s great to be accomplished, but if you don’t LOVE and feel LOVE in your heart, none of it matters.  

As Steve Jobs said, true happiness and success doesn’t come from material things of the world. Money cannot buy happiness. Happiness is an inside job and you can be wealthy and happy if LOVE is in your heart.

I shared in last week’s blog about finding the book called, “Lessons in Love” at the estate sale for my neighbor.  I was quite delighted when I opened the first page of the book and read the following:

                           You know you are a success if your children love you

“The enormous love parents have for their children can only be felt in their actions to them throughout their lives. Children’s love for their parents is God’s ultimate gift to parents, and it comes about because the precious heavenly gifts He gave them were highly valued and well-cared for on earth.”

I have never thought of this before, but it sure made a lot of sense. I feel very blessed and grateful because I know, without a doubt, my children love me by the way they support, respect and honor me in so many ways. They are each special in their own way and show their love in so many ways.

 Whether you have children or not, you have friends and family that love you and you love.  You are a success if you love and are loved.

I received this beautiful necklace this week from a family member. It’s the tree of life with my 4 children and 6 grandchildren on it. I cried when I opened it as it touched my heart very deeply. There wasn’t a card with it and I don’t know who sent it. I sent a text to my family thanking them and asking who sent it. It’s still a mystery who sent it.

During this unprecedented time in the world where there is uncertainty about the future and many people are suffering, it’s important to keep our vibration high by living in the moment and being grateful for what we have, rather than what’s missing.   

I encourage you to feel your feelings of loss; sadness, anger, disappointment and fear and then Let go and let God. It’s about trust and surrendering to “what is” and what’s out of our control.

We are all connected and we are all ONE. Love is the answer. I invite you to reflect on your life and ask yourself, “How well do I love and how well am I loved my family and friends?  You are a success if you love and are loved.      

We don’t know our next breath

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Even though Shalandra lived at the end of my street and I could see her house from my lanai, I didn’t know her very well. I had been to her house for a meeting many years ago and remembered her light and beautiful smile. She was a few years older than me and our birthdays were a few days apart.  We always sent birthday greetings to one another on Facebook. When I broke my shoulder 8 weeks ago, we were in contact to discuss a Reiki session with her.

What a shock to me and the community that loved her to hear the news that she transitioned to the light 2 weeks ago. She lived alone and died suddenly of unknown causes. As far as I knew she was healthy and doing her work in the world. I kept thinking about her and couldn’t get her out of my mind all week.

We really don’t know if we will have our next breath or when our train is coming in, do we?  Could the invitation be to live today as if it were our last day? We are not promised tomorrow. All I have is today; to live my life to the fullest, to the best of my ability and to LOVE BIG.

If you knew it was your last day to live, what would you do differently? I know I would want to be with my loved ones and make sure they knew how much I loved and appreciated them. I would tell them how grateful I was for their love throughout my life. I would tell them how proud I was of them. We would laugh and remember the good times we had together. I would encourage them to love and live their dreams. I would assure them that I would always be with them.

I was sitting outside on my lanai during my prayer and meditation on Saturday when I noticed an estate sale sign going up on the corner of my street. I knew it was Shalandra’s house and I felt compelled to go to it. I haven’t been to a yard sale in 5 months due to COVID. I put on my mask and off I went to the estate sale.

It was kind of an “eerie” feeling seeing EVERYTHING she owned being sold at an estate sale; furniture, books, clothes, towels, sheets, dishes, etc.  I prayed and asked Spirit to lead me to what Shalandra wanted me to have of hers. There were beautiful clothes displayed on hangers. I spotted the blue, green, and purple shirt almost immediately as they were my colors. I knew I had to have it. I also bought a rug for in front of our sink, a skillet for making pancakes and a book called “Lessons in Love.” I couldn’t wait to read it. There were many beautiful messages about Love and I know the book FOUND me.

The next day, while I was having coffee with my friend, Kat, I shared with her  Shalandra’s death and the estate sale. I was wearing my new shirt and Kat asked, “May I take a picture of you with your new shirt?”

I was really surprised when I became quite emotional talking about Shalandra, especially since I didn’t know her well.  What did it mean, if anything? Was she trying to communicate with me in some way? Somehow, wearing her shirt, I felt close to her and wrapped in her love and light. I felt like she was saying to me, “Keep shining your light for the world needs your light. I will help you.”

Her form is no longer with us on this earth, but her spirit was still alive. I have heard that light workers are leaving the planet so they can help us on the other side and that the veil is very thin now.

Yesterday, I noticed the rug I bought had lots of circles in it and so did my shirt. Was this a coincidence or a message?  I was led to google circles.

The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. A circle has no beginning and no end. In this sense, a circle represents eternity.

Spiritually, the circle represents a supernatural motion that keeps things moving continuously. A circle represents the Divine that keeps everything moving through spiritual law and order. A circle represents our own individual spiritual force that keeps us evolving. A circle represents the Divine life-force or Spirit that keeps our reality in motion. It is symbolic of vitality, wholeness, completion, and perfection.  

We are all ONE and connected and part of the Divine life force. Let us walk this spiritual journey together loving and supporting one another.

I don’t want to be a hovering wife

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Have you ever had the experience of “hovering” over a loved one or being “hovered over?” It could be an adult child, close friend, spouse or parent. You find yourself too invested or involved in whatever they are doing or NOT doing. You think you are helping them and give them advice and tell them what to do both subtly and not so subtly. You may worry or obsess about them. For me, “hovering” is about fear. I am afraid my loved one will suffer because of their behaviors and get hurt. When I focus and “hover” over a loved one, I lose my peace of mind. Whenever I try to control or fix another person because I think I know what’s right for them, I lose my peace.

You may have heard the term “Helicopter mom.” What about “Helicopter wife or husband?” I was married to Larry a short time when I found myself “hovering” over him. I was in trouble, because I knew better. Old behaviors die hard. Luckily, I recognized it quickly and we discussed it and how it felt for both of us. I do not want to be, nor will I be a “helicopter wife!”

For example: While we were driving in the car to the airport in Rhode Island with lots of cars going in and out of lanes, I was advising Larry how to drive. I burst out laughing when he turned to me and said, “Would you please land your helicopter?” It was absolutely perfect and I got the message loud and clear. Since then, we have used the “helicopter concept” whenever we feel the other is “hovering.” It is such a gentle way to communicate in a loving manner. We will continue to remind each other when either one of us need to land our helicopter.

When I make a suggestion to Larry and he doesn’t agree with it, instead of getting into an argument, I have learned to let it go and let him sit with it. I don’t try to control or push my ideas. Often, after he thinks about it, he changes his mind.  If he doesn’t change his mind, it wasn’t meant to be, and I accept it.

It’s been several years and we haven’t needed to remind each other to land our helicopters until this week! Larry asked me to “land my helicopter” after I gave him my opinion about calling his doctor. He has been struggling with sinus problems for the past few weeks and it has been pretty intense. He tried over the counter allergy medicine, but it made it worse. He cannot breathe at night and has to sit in his chair to sleep. He may sleep for an hour and then wake up and have difficulty breathing again. Consequently, he is exhausted and takes cat naps during the day.

It was really scary for me watching him suffer and not being able to do anything about it. I didn’t know if he would be alive in the morning or not. I felt upset about his unwillingness to call his doctor and get medical treatment. I thought he was being “stubborn” and no matter what I said, he wouldn’t listen.

Larry is an adult and knows what he needs to do for his body. If he doesn’t want to take a medication or see the doctor, that is up to him. I trust that he will figure it out and do what’s best for him.  I don’t want to hover over his every move and tell him what to do. This is not respecting him by trying to convince him to do something he doesn’t want to do. If I have given my opinion once, then I need to let it go and let God. I have learned to pray and send love. I asked Spirit to speak to Larry’s heart.  Although it takes a great deal of patience not to say anything, this always works.

Here is the message I received from Spirit:

You must trust that I am in charge. Larry is trying to do this on his own and will realize when he needs to ask for help. Trust me and let go of fear. I am in charge. Choose Love.

I knew he had a very difficult night and wanted to ask him in the morning, “What are you going to do about it?” Instead, I said nothing and trusted God. Larry looked at me and said, “I’m going to call the doctor today.” I said, “Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer.”

Larry called the doctor that day and was prescribed a medication and is feeling better.

It’s not easy for me to relax

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Spirit is always revealing to me areas of my life that are out of balance and not in alignment with my highest good. It may be old behavioral patterns that worked at one time to help me stay disconnected from myself and my feelings. 

I noticed last week that I felt irritable and agitated and little things were bothering me.  This is unusual for me as I strive to live a peaceful life. I prayed and meditated to see what was going on.

I asked myself some questions:

  • Was it recovering from a broken shoulder and having to depend on Larry? Although I am healing and getting stronger each day, I still don’t have the freedom to drive and get around on my own.
  • Was it COVID and all the uncertainties of the future? It’s difficult not knowing when it will be safe to visit my children.
  • Was it the “Great Awakening” and the Ascension process? There are strong energies coming into the planet now and many of us are feeling exhausted, tired and irritable. 
  • Was it an ongoing health issue that I needed to address?

It is probably all of the above in some way or another. I have several RELAX signs around the house to remind me to relax. The best one is RELAX -it’s only a DREAM. Why do I need to remind myself to relax? As an overachiever, it wasn’t natural for me to relax. There was always something I needed to do and I didn’t relax until everything was done. I had to learn to just BE and stop doing.

For much of my life, I medicated my feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, unworthiness and not good enough by staying busy, rushing and pushing myself to do more and be more. Today, I arrange my schedule not to be busy and rush.

Thankfully, I have grown and really enjoy just being and relaxing and sitting in my swing on the lanai overlooking the ocean. Yet, this week I identified my “inner pusher” was alive and well. Old behaviors sometimes die hard.

My “inner pusher” showed up when I had my intake for physical therapy. I thought I was doing really well, especially after my doctor’s appointment a few days earlier when he said, “You are healing faster than most of my patients.” My ego loved that!

I felt discouraged and disappointed after the intake was over. To be honest, I was expecting the physical therapist to say, “You are doing so well that you will not need many sessions of physical therapy.” That is not what she said and my ego was bruised. My ego wants me to believe that I am better, smarter than others and to compete, compare and be the best.

The first step was to recognize it was my ego and my “inner pusher.” I was putting stress on myself unnecessarily. It was an old behavioral pattern that doesn’t serve me anymore. When I’m pushing myself to be somewhere else, it’s because I don’t want to be where I’m at and I’m resisting “what is.”

Rather than listening to ego who entices me to push and disconnect from myself and Spirit, I choose to feel my feelings and ALLOW Spirit to guide me and show me what I need to do next.

When I had my first physical therapy appointment for my shoulder last week, the therapist said several times, “Don’t push.”  I’m so grateful for the awareness that it was my ego who wanted to be in control and be further along than I was, rather than accepting the situation as it is.

I spent time this weekend being, relaxing, enjoying, taking a hot bath, walking on the beach and going within. I needed to LOVE my “inner pusher” even though I know it is the ego because it has helped me get to where I am today. Although, now I choose not to listen to my ego and allow it to push me to be the best. I am doing the best I can and that is more than enough.

Where and how are your pushing in your life that is causing you stress?

Asking for help

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I was surprised to receive an email this week with a completed intake form from my website, “Simply a Woman of Faith” from a woman seeking spiritual coaching and counseling.

Here is what she wrote, “I’d love to be able to positively identify the triggers that hold me back & learn how to effectively change them so I can have peace & stop pushing everyone away who tries to love me. Her 3 goals for coaching were: independence, no more allowing fear to cripple me and to learn to truly love & accept me for me.”  On a scale from 1-10, how motivated are you to change and grow? She wrote, “10+ it’s long overdue.”

I felt really excited to connect with her because I knew I could help her identify her triggers and help her learn to love herself. As a therapist and coach for over 30 years, I have worked with many women who have learned to love themselves and change their lives. I called her immediately and left a message for her to call me. I waited a day and when I didn’t hear from her, I sent her an email.

It’s been several days and I haven’t heard a word from her. I wondered, “Why would someone go through all the trouble of answering the intake questions and then not follow through?” I believe it is FEAR that is robbing her of moving forward and getting the help she desperately needs to live an abundant life.

I shared this with my friend, Nancy, who is a therapist and she responded, “I have had this experience several times with clients. In fact, I just started working with a woman who said, “It took me 2 years to make an appointment with you.”

Why does it take so long to ask for help? It has been my experience that most people don’t go into therapy and ask for help until they have hit bottom or things are falling in apart in their lives.

Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness, but a sign of STRENGTH.  If I hadn’t asked for help and gone into therapy many years ago when I needed it, I would not be who and where I am today. It was a long and hard road uncovering and discovering the truth of who I am as a divine spiritual being. I was willing to do whatever I needed to do to heal and recover from childhood sexual abuse and family dysfunction.

It takes courage and a willingness to dig deep and face the truth about ourselves and our past. We must take responsibility for ourselves and not blame and judge others. We must forgive ourselves and others if we are going to move forward and live the life we are intended to live.

Forgiveness is a process and takes time. It’s tempting to want to forgive prematurely, rather than go through the grief process and feel all of our feelings. For example: When memories started to surface that my father sexually abused me as a child, I didn’t want to feel the anger and sadness that was buried deep inside of me.  I loved my father and was always “Daddy’s little girl.”

In my first session with the therapist, I said, “I’m ready to forgive my father. I know he was drunk when he abused me and didn’t mean it.” She looked at me with compassion and patience and said, “You are not ready to forgive, you must go through the process before you get to acceptance and forgiveness.”

I’m grateful for her wisdom and my willingness to listen and do the inner work. It wasn’t easy. I believe it was the grace of God to endure, as it took me 3 years to work through the abuse, before I was ready to forgive my father.

I have learned that forgiveness is for me, not the other person. I am not condoning another’s actions, but I am setting myself free of resentments and anger. Forgiveness is a gift I give myself.

I encourage you to ask for help, if you need it. Remember, it is a sign of STRENGTH, not WEAKNESS. You are worth it and deserve to live a peaceful and abundant life.

We are being SHAKEN UP to WAKEN UP

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When I spoke to my grandson, Josh, this week he said, “Grandma, you are in the valley” now with your broken shoulder and all you have been through. I kept thinking about his words and what it means to be “in the valley.” I don’t know about you, but I prefer mountain top experiences where there is sunshine, peace and birds singing. I have had many mountain top experiences when I felt deep love, peace and freedom. I have also had many valleys in my life, when I felt alone, confused, angry and abandoned.

I believe we will always have peaks and valleys in our lives. They are important and necessary if we want to reach the mountain tops. It’s in the valley where I learn to trust God and my faith muscles are strengthened. I learn valuable lessons in the valley and there are many gifts, if we are open to receive. It’s in the valley that I am shown areas in my life where I need to change and grow.

It’s often after we have gone through the valley, that we recognize our growth and the gifts we received.  I have received many gifts in my present valley; learning to ask for what I needed, receiving love and kindness from friends and family, feeling worthy and deserving, learning to make new recipes and eating healthier and becoming more aware of my surroundings (which will prevent future falls).  

Perhaps your “valley” was when unexpected circumstances suddenly came crashing down on you. It might be physical suffering, chronic pain, loss, death, sorrow, loss of employment, bankruptcy, divorce or emotional pain. What are the lessons you learned in your valley? Are you still in the valley?

Would you agree that the world is being SHAKEN UP TO WAKEN UP? I believe the world pandemic could be considered the “Great Awakening.” It has been predicted and what we have been waiting for. Everything that has been hidden is coming into the light to be healed and transformed.  It is an extremely difficult time for many people who are not AWAKE. We are waking up and remembering that this is all a dream and we are not separate from God.

The whole world is in the VALLEY now, as we are living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty, unrest, confusion, disillusionment, and fear. We have never experienced anything like this before and have no idea what is next or who to believe. We are going through the VALLEY together and hopefully we will learn our lessons and our world will be a better place to live.

We will get to the mountain top again if we persevere, accept, trust and keep our eyes on God. Love will provide, guide and protect us. I believe we signed up for this and have everything we need inside of us.

Here is what I’m practicing to keep myself peaceful and safe during this uncertain time in history.

  • I am REMEMBERING how God has always taken care of me
  • I am SURRENDERING to “what is” and letting go of my control
  • I am TRUSTING God is in control and there is a purpose of what’s going on
  • I am taking RESPONSIBILTY for myself and my actions
  • I am praying and MEDITATING daily
  • I am DETACHING from media and news
  • I am living in GRATITUDE and focusing on the positive
  • I am SURROUNDING myself with like- minded people who support me
  • I am keeping my VIBRATION high by choosing LOVE & GRATITUDE
  • I am sending LIGHT AND LOVE to the world
  • I am GROUNDING myself daily into mother earth
  • I am nourishing myself by EATING WELL and getting enough REST
  • I am FEELING all of my feelings and not judging them
  • I am GOING WITHIN for my answers and trusting my intuition

Message from Holy Spirit

Rest in me. All is under my control. Nothing that is happening in the world is by mistake. When fear or doubt arises, feel it and let it go. It is not real. The world is awakening from the dream of separation. Yes, there is much fear and confusion. You must stand firm in the truth of who you are and who I am in your life. You know the truth deep within. Let your light shine for the world to see. It is time. I am with you and will provide, protect and guide you.

Another Divine Set-up

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Since my accident, some of my friends have said, “How can I help you and what do you need?” The temptation is to say, “Thank you very much, but we are doing fine.” I made the choice to swallow my pride and be honest and vulnerable. I respond, “We would really appreciate a home cooked meal, if you would like to do something for us.”

We so appreciate all of the meals we have received. I met a couple on my beach walks in the morning who were visiting from the mainland. We smiled and greeted each other by name every day and shared telephone numbers. When Barbara heard about my accident, she called and asked, “How can I help you?”

Since I didn’t know her very well, I said, “Thank you, we are fine.” When she called me again this week and asked, “What can I do to help you?” I said, “A meal would be great.” Her response astounded me. She said, “I am so happy you are letting me help you. I would be happy to bring you a meal.”

How often do we rob others of giving because of pride and not wanting to bother others? It has been my experience that people want to be kind and help one another.   

When I ask others how I can help them, it’s a joy when they are free enough to tell me what they need. It takes out the guessing and gives me the opportunity to give and serve them.  

For many years, I expected others to read my mind. I then became resentful when my needs weren’t met. I didn’t know how to ask for what I needed. Perhaps I didn’t feel deserving or worthy. I strive to be honest and authentic in all my relationships.

Spirit led me to ask my children for financial help this week. I need ongoing physical therapy and acupuncture to heal my broken shoulder, and it’s quite costly. My pride and ego didn’t want me to ask for help. I felt embarrassed and afraid I would be judged. In meditation, I heard Spirit say, “Will you allow ME to love you through your children?”

I knew my children loved me and would help in any way they could. Within an hour, all the money I needed was provided. It was very emotional as I allowed myself to go deeper with Spirit. I was shocked and surprised what came up as the tears flowed down my cheeks. I felt unworthy and underserving to receive. I believe this was a “Divine set-up” to reveal to me what was hidden and needed to be healed.  I am grateful I had the courage to listen to Spirit and ask for help. I got what I needed and gave my children an opportunity to love and give to me. This is the chapter of my life to receive. One of my sons wrote, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Larry and I attended a birthday party about 4 years ago. We met a man who was an acupuncturist. He made a positive impression on me and thought if I ever need an acupuncturist, I would check him out. My physical therapist, Brad, recommended an acupuncturist named, Sam. I kind of remembered the man I met 4 years ago was named Sam, but wasn’t sure. 

As soon as I walked into his office this week for my first appointment, I recognized him. It was the same Sam I met 4 years ago. I said, “I remember meeting you and how your light shined.” My first treatment went really well and I have already experienced improvement in my shoulder.

It truly was another “Divine Set-up.” We connected spiritually within the first 10 minutes of the treatment. It was magical and like we had known each other for a long time, as we both shared about Love and the power of God in our lives.

Love is always there to guide and protect us and give us what we need. Sometimes we have to ask and put aside our ego. We also need to be open and willing to accept and surrender to “what is.” 

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