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Asking God for what you need

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Do you ask God (Universe, Spirit, Higher Power, Love) for what you want and need? I have learned over the years to ask God for everything and to trust that if it’s for my highest good, it will happen. God wants us to ask and believe our prayers will be answered. Sometimes the answer is yes, no or wait.  Ask and you shall receive.

I started asking for help at a very difficult time in my life when my ex-husband had been unemployed for a year and we had 4 children under the age of 10. Here is a powerful story of answered prayer:

“God, Joe needs shoes for his job interview. You know we can’t afford $150 for a new pair of black wing tip shoes. I know this is not the usual request and it may take awhile to find size 12D at a yard sale. I trust you God”

God must look down and smile at some of my unique prayer requests. A size 12 D man’s shoe was a tall order, even for God.

A few weeks later after my request for shoes, I did a double take when I walked into the yard sale and spotted boxes of shoes stacked neatly on the table. I raced over to the table, my heart pounding. I carefully opened all the boxes hoping to find size 12 D black wing tip shoes. It didn’t look like they had any men’s shoes and was about to give up and leave. With that, a man walked over and asked, “Do you need help?”

I answered, “You don’t have what I’m looking for” and proceeded to tell me what I wanted. He said, “Wait a minute, I think I have some larger sizes over here. Follow me.” I held my breath anticipating what he might find. He opened all the boxes searching for size 12D.

“Yes, here we go. Is this what you are looking for?” He held up a new shiny pair of black wing tip shoes size 12D. I could hardly get the words out of my mouth. “Are you sure they are a size 12D?” He answered, “Yes, lady, look the size is right here.” I asked, “How much?” He thought about it for a moment and then said, “Twenty-Five dollars will do.”  I said, “It’s a deal, I will take them.”

God’s love and care never ceases to amaze me and I wanted to shout it from the housetops. I couldn’t hold back and blurted out. “I’m so happy I came here today. My husband is out of work and he has a job interview next week and we couldn’t afford to buy new ones. I’ve been praying and knew God would answer my prayers.”

He looked at me kindly and said, “I sold my shoe store a year ago and these shoes were the leftovers. They weren’t doing any good sitting in my basement and I just wanted to get rid of them. Glad you found what you were looking for.”

I held my breath when I got home as my husband tried on the new size 12D wing tip shoes. Just like Cinderella, the shoes fit like a glove.

I would like to share how I was provided for this past week. Larry and I belong to a Love group that has been meeting for the last 3 years. One of the members, Joseph, was very excited about reading a book called, Medical Medium by Anthony William. He also read his book, called Celery Juicing and was raving about the amazing health results he was experiencing since he started the celery juice detox.

I knew it would be a big commitment buying the organic celery, preparing it and cleaning up every day. But I was interested and put it out there to God, “I don’t have a juicer, so if you want me to do this, you will have to provide one.” I checked Craigs list but there weren’t any for sale. So, I waited.

Another member of the love group, John, was also interested in doing the celery juice detox and after the group suggested to his wife that they do it together. They decided to buy the celery juicer recommended by Anthony William.

John texted me the next day and said, “We bought a new juicer, would you like our old one? My wife used it 2 years ago and it’s a Jack La Lanne Power Juicer.” Of course, I said, “YES” and started juicing a week ago. I’m really enjoying it and am expected great results.

Thank you, God for your faithfulness and teaching me to trust you that you are always guiding, providing and protecting me. God’s timing is perfect, never late or early, but right on time. 

Accepting “What is”

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I’ve spoken to several friends this week and as we shared with one another the challenges, opportunities, and lessons we were experiencing during this time of awakening.  We all agreed that the bottom line for all of us was to trust, surrender and accept “what is.”

Is it easy for you to surrender and accept “what is” in some areas of your life and not in others? Surrender happens when we know that we don’t know and we cannot think or see our way through where we are. We don’t have the answers and more effort, more doing, more thinking, more control, more plans don’t work.

Surrender is turning the results over to a Power greater than ourselves. When everything we’re doing, saying, and trying to make happen is no longer about trying to control the future, or producing a certain result, we’re able to drop into the present moment and experience this moment directly, as it is.

When we surrender to what is, there is a great sense of ease, relief, and peace. We know we can’t fix or figure it out and we give up the belief that we can make reality different than what it is. Surrender is not for the faint of heart and it’s not easy. You may have difficulty surrendering and accepting:

  •  Your inability to create abundance and what you want in your life.
  •  Health challenges.
  •  Relationship challenges.
  •  Financial challenges.
  •  Unemployment or an unfulfilling job.
  •  Your children or grandchildren suffering.
  •  Your own addiction or a family member’s addiction.
  •  Grief and loss of a loved one.

The spiritual path invites us to accept everything as it is at the moment. The mind tries to control everything to try to keep us safe, make us happy and make our lives better. Our minds will fight with, reject, deny, ignore, push against, and keep maneuvering to change those situations that we don’t want.

If I want peace in my life, accepting what is in the moment is my goal. I lose my peace when I worry, obsess, blame, judge, and try to control other people and outcomes. I cannot change other people; all I can change is myself and my behaviors and attitudes.

When I have a difficult time accepting what is, it is usually because of fear of the future. I suffer when I refuse to accept what is happening in the moment. There is a line in a song that says:  Only what is, what if what is, is just right?

I struggle with accepting my health challenges, especially when I don’t know what’s going on in my body or why something is happening. I feel afraid and want to fix and control it immediately. Patience is not my strongest point when it comes to my health and I struggle with accepting “what is.”

I have been on a journey of healing my gut for several years with diet and exercise with intermittent success and failure. I had a difficult time accepting that I had a sugar allergy. Until I accepted what is, I was in and out of denial thinking I could eat just a little sugar and be ok. What a roller coaster that was. It’s one day at a time as I surrender, trust, and accept what is. 

Surrender and accepting “what is” are true gifts. When we finally acknowledge that we can’t do it, we give ourselves the opportunity to be carried by Spirit who is taking us where we need to go, even though we have no idea where that might be.

What area do you have difficulty trusting, surrendering and accepting “what is?”

Open and closed doors

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When I make a decision and I don’t know if something is God’s will or not, I pray, “God open or close the door.” Closed doors guide me to the next right action and God’s plan. When one door is closed another one opens according to God’s timing, not mine. I keep walking in faith, trusting I am being protected and guided. For example:

I was disappointed and angry when the door was shut in my face at the last minute. I could no longer afford the monthly mortgage payments on my house because of my impending divorce. I wasn’t sure if I should sell the house and move or stay and re-mortgage. If I re-mortgaged, I could get a lower interest rate and could afford the monthly payments. When I made the decision to re-mortgage my house, the peace came.

My soon to be ex-husband agreed to sign the necessary papers. On the morning of the closing, he called and said, “Sorry, but I changed my mind and cannot sign the papers.” I blurted out, “You have to sign them. If you don’t sign them, I won’t be able keep the house.” I called the bank to ask if I could sign the papers without his signature. The answer was NO! “God, I don’t understand because I had prayed about the decision and I trusted you were guiding me.”

A week later, to my surprise, I received a letter from the mortgage company informing me that the interest rate had gone down (on its own) because it was an adjustable mortgage. The new payment was the same as if I had re-mortgaged. I even saved a few thousand dollars in the process. When I walk in faith, God always provides in His way and His timing.

Here is a funny story that happened this week with OPEN AND CLOSED GATES:

My friend, Nancy, who lives in Colorado plans on moving to Maui within a few years. It has been her dream for a long time and she knows she will manifest the perfect home. For fun, she looks for real estate online and pictures herself living in a beautiful home on the ocean.  

She recently sent me a picture of a listing that was selling for almost 20 million dollars. It was in my neighborhood and literally a few blocks away. I really wanted to see the house, but it was in a community with a BIG gate.

As I took my walk a few days ago and passed the gated community, I noticed the gate was slowing opening as a truck pulled out. I high tailed across the street and made it through before the gate closed. I made it in and could now find the million- dollar home. The homes were beautiful, but I was disappointed I didn’t find a for sale sign on any of the homes.

As I approached the now CLOSED GATE to leave, I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. I thought, “What if it doesn’t open, what will I do? I can’t call Larry and tell him I can’t get out.”  I looked around to see if there was a code or something to open the gate. Nothing. There was a brick wall on either side of the gate and I knew I couldn’t climb it, especially since I had a dress on.

I prayed, “I TRUST YOU GOD, I NEED HELP.” I walked back into the neighborhood to see if I could find someone to help me get out. I noticed a big white truck backing up down the street coming in my direction. I raised my arms and flagged him down. He opened his window and I blurted out, “How do I get out of here? The gate won’t open.” He smiled and said, “You can’t get out.”  I’m sure he could see the desperation in my face and said, “Get in, I will give you a ride.” I climbed into his truck and off we went to the gate. Apparently, the gate only opens for cars or trucks. We had a lovely conversation and I thanked him for being my “angel of mercy.”

I sensed this wasn’t just a story about an open or closed gate, but had some spiritual lessons. The first one was that “I seized the opportunity” in the moment and didn’t let fear stop me from walking through the open gate. I took a risk – that I would get out. Life is about taking risks and trusting we are being guided.

How often have we had open doors and were too afraid to walk through because we didn’t have all the answers or know HOW it would turn out? Walking in faith and trusting God opens and closes doors or GATES is a journey of fun and adventure. 

Learning to trust myself

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Learning to trust me, my intuition, my feelings, and the “voice within” has been and will continue to be a lifelong journey.  In her book, “Trust” author Iyanla Vanzant writes, “Self-trust is deep soul work and a spiritual tool and spiritual process.”

When we are not taught to respect and honor our thoughts and experiences as young children, we grow up doubting ourselves which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. For much of my life, I felt inadequate even though I had gone back to school in my forties to obtain a master’s degree and had a great job that I loved and excelled at.

As children, we learned to rely on and trust someone or something “outside of ourselves” to keep us feeling safe and secure. As adults when external validation is more important than self-affirmation, we cannot trust ourselves.

I was not taught to “go within” for my answers. It was very confusing trying to make a decision and asking different people for their opinions. I didn’t trust my problem-solving skills, probably because I didn’t have any. I thought other people knew better for me than I did for myself.

I remember years ago when I started my recovery and entered therapy to heal childhood trauma, neglect, and abuse, my feelings were frozen. Feelings were not a part of my equation, especially anger.

 If I was struggling with something, I would ask my friends, “Would you feel this way if this happened to you?” I didn’t trust myself or my feelings. The number one reason we don’t trust ourselves is that we were taught that what we were feeling is not really what we were feeling. For example, I heard, “I will give you something to cry about.” My brother heard, “boys don’t cry.”

The unspoken rules in a dysfunctional family are: Don’t trust, Don’t feel, and Don’t talk about it. There was an elephant in the living room, but our parents said, “there is no elephant here.” The elephant could be anything; divorce, sickness, mental illness, finances, etc.

I have learned that the more I trust myself, the more I hear God. Self-trust is knowing and believing in my value, self-worth, capabilities, and the confidence and ability to co-create with God.  I hear the voice of Spirit within, my higher self, my soul’s voice. I ask for guidance and direction all the time. I have learned to listen to my inner voice and act on it, even when it doesn’t make sense, especially when it doesn’t make sense. My head says one thing, “This is impossible or you are crazy?  My heart says go for it, step out in faith, trust the Universe.” That doesn’t mean I don’t ask others I trust for their input when I’m struggling with something. But the bottom line is I trust my answers are within.

People have asked me, “How do you know when it’s Spirit’s voice, your voice or when it’s the voice of ego?” The small, still voice of God within feels like my voice in my head. It is a quiet, peaceful, loving voice that I have learned to recognize after decades of listening and discerning. The voice of the ego is usually fearful, guilty, and judgmental.

Here is an example of where I heard the small, still voice of God within and acted on it. I had just obtained my bachelor’s degree at the age of 44 and was flying high. I felt grateful for God’s love and presence in my life and wanted to share it with someone. I ASKED God to lead me to someone who needed love. As I drove my car along the ocean road, I clearly heard God’s voice: PULL OVER HERE. I turned off the road and parked in the parking lot. I asked, “Now what?”

I noticed a woman sitting by herself on the rocks at the edge of the ocean.  Although fear enveloped me and I wanted to get back in my car, I knew in my heart she was the woman I was to share God’s love with.  I walked up to her and introduced myself and said, “God wants you to know that He loves you very much.”

Her jaw dropped and the color drained from her face as she looked at me in shock. Then the flood gates opened and she cried uncontrollably as I stood and prayed for her. She said, “I want to die. I wanted to kill myself at the very moment you arrived.” She shared her story and why she wanted to die. I stayed with her and listened for a long time until I knew she was safe.

I’m so grateful that I have learned to trust myself so I can hear God and be an instrument of love and healing.

We are all connected

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I love how we are all connected, whether someone is still living on this earth or has transitioned to the other side.  I had two experiences this week that prove this truth.

My grandmother died 42 years ago this week. I loved my grandmother and she supported me all through my life. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her love and affection. She nicknamed me “Angel” and I called her gram. In her eyes, I could do no wrong.  I spent a lot of time at her house and loved sitting and having a cup of tea with her. She always had “time” for me and listened to whatever I was going through.

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. I pray when I can’t sleep. I’m not sure if I had a dream about gram or not, but I remembered that the anniversary of her death was this week.

I will be 75 years young in October.  As I was thinking about gram, I wasn’t sure if she was 75 years old when she died. I thought, “Oh my goodness, gram was old!” I didn’t see myself old like she was. It kind of felt like a little wake-up call.

Something about almost being her age when she died was getting my attention. Was it an invitation to enjoy my life even more than I am, to let go of what no longer serves me because we are not promised tomorrow? All I have is this NOW moment. I have an affirmation that I say every day. “I am worthy and deserving to enjoy “my amazing life” that I have co-created with God. It is flowing with love, peace, joy, happiness, abundance, and radiant health.

I decided to text my cousin, Doreen, in the morning to confirm gram’s age. I immediately received a telephone call from Doreen saying, “OMG, I don’t believe it. You have been on my mind and I just finished writing you a card. I was recently cleaning out some things and found 2 of gram’s prayer cards when she died. I haven’t seen those cards in 42 years. I am sending one to you.”

I received the prayer card a few days later. Here is what it said:

Deep waters cannot quench LOVE, nor floods sweep it away. I allowed myself to feel the love in my heart and to know gram was still there loving and supporting me. 

Here is another example of knowing we are all connected:

A few nights later, I was awake again and thought about a friend who I have shared about in past blogs. After a 30 year friendship, she didn’t want to be friends anymore. I felt hurt, rejected, and abandoned. I had to grieve the loss of my friend and accept and forgive if I were to have peace in my life.

I was very pleased when Spirit bought her to mind in the middle of the night and I had no triggers or ill feelings toward her. In the past, I had hoped that she would see the “light” and want to be friends again. I felt only love and peace for her.

The next morning when I opened my phone I received a text message from her saying, “I have been thinking about you and wanted to see how you and Larry were doing.”  We are connected in the mind of God.

I sent a message back and thanked her for her love and for the memories and special times we had together. I had done my grief work and had forgiven her because I felt complete and healed.   

It truly was a miracle

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It was a beautiful day and I decided to take a walk in the “hood” instead of walking on the path overlooking the ocean like I usually do. I stopped at a neighbor’s house that had a book case on the front lawn with free books to choose from. I spotted a book called “The Neville Reader” by Neville Goddard. I had read something a few years ago by him and liked his writings. The book was published in 1966.

The book was filled with true stories about faith, IMAGINATION, and manifesting. It was right up my alley and I couldn’t put it down. It made it clear why I have been manifesting the way I have for the last 4 decades. Here are a few of his gems:

  • Imagination creates reality.
  • Faith is believing what is unbelievable.
  • Commit yourself to the feeling of the wish already fulfilled.
  • There can be no outer change until it is first in your imagination.
  • Imagine you are already what you want to be and feel the way you expect to feel.
  • Live as if the wish had come true, even though it is yet to come.
  • Imagine things as they ought to be, rather than what they seem to be.
  • Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, and then believe it to be true.
  • We must focus our attention on the invisible until it has the feeling of reality.
  • Faith is feeling. “According to your faith (feeling) so it be done unto you.”

I saw my “faith in action” about 40 years ago when my husband and I applied for a VA loan to purchase a home for our family of five. When we applied for the loan, they told us, “It’s unlikely you will be eligible for a mortgage with all your money tied up in your new business.”  We were very verbal about our faith with our real estate agent. She tried to be positive, but it was obvious she had her doubts. She called one day and said, “Are you sure you want to give your notice at the townhouse before you know if loan is approved? What if this house falls through, what will you do?” I said, “Thank you for your concern. I know it doesn’t look good on paper, but my husband and I are certain it’s God’s will and it will go through.”

We stepped out in faith and gave our notice at the townhouse. We started packing boxes, acting “as if” all was well and we were moving. The boxes were packed high in the living room and dining room as we waited to be approved.

I received a phone call 2 weeks before closing date. Our agent said, “I’m so sorry but I just got a phone call from the manager of the bank. Your mortgage wasn’t approved.”

I blurted out, “Is there anything we can do? Would you please give me the manager’s name and phone number? My husband can call and explain our situation.” She said, “I’m not supposed to do this, I could get fired, but here it is.”

I called my friends immediately and we prayed and asked God for a miracle. My husband called and spoke with the manager at the bank and asked if there may have been a mistake. The manager was abrupt and wanted to know how he got his number. He said, “I will check it out and call you back.” More prayers and visualizing him approving loan.

The manager called back a few hours later and said, “I completely agree with this disposition and the reason it was denied.” The he asked my husband, “What makes you think your new business is going to succeed?” My husband has no idea what he said to change manager’s mind. To his surprise and delight the manager replied, “Okay, I will approve it.” Divine intervention and God was true to His word. We did our part (faith and trust) and God did the rest.

We called the real estate agent and told her the news. She said, “Wow, you must know someone upstairs. I have a stack of mortgages here in front of me that didn’t qualify and they were much better than yours.”

Rushing was my addiction

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My son, Brian, called and said, “Mom, you are living the dream and I’m so happy for you.” I smiled and said, “Yes I am and I’m living my purpose.” As I reflected on his words, I thought about where I’ve come from, where I’m at today and how I got here.

It is through contrast that I was able to see what my life was like for so many years. Contrast helps me appreciate my growth, transformation and how my consciousness has evolved. Here is what happened:

For many years, my daily intention was to be peaceful. The opposite of peace is stress, fear, worrying and obsessing. I woke up one morning this week and I noticed some anxiety and that my mind was racing with all that I needed and wanted to do.

It felt like the old energy of “rushing” was activated and rearing its head. I recognized this energy immediately that ran my life for so many years and it didn’t feel good. Underneath the rushing was fear – I won’t get it all done, I’ll miss out on something, and what if I don’t do it right?  Can you relate?

Rushing was my addiction and I constantly rushed around with everything. If I rushed and stayed busy, I didn’t have to go within and feel my feelings. I didn’t have to feel the self-hatred, low self-esteem, fear, doubt, sadness or anger.

I felt energized when I rushed and there was the illusion of control. I felt powerful when I multi-tasked. I always pushed myself to do more and be more. Whatever I did was not enough and I compared myself to others and either felt better than or less than.

Rushing is abusive and a death wish. It’s a death wish because when I rush all the time, I disconnect from myself and the divine energy of God within. When I’m always rushing, I’m not respecting myself or the God within.

In the book, Seven Whispers, the author writes “Coping with speed has become the heroic journey that consumes the lifetime of the common man and woman. It is our greatest killer. Rushing puts you into an adrenaline overload and drenches the body in epinephrine – a hormone stimulated by stress, anger or fear.”

I’m grateful that I pay attention to what’s going on inside and that I have the tools to release the old energy of “rushing” that no longer serves me and has never served me.

Today my life is about BEING. It’s about being in the present moment. It’s about asking Spirit for what I need, listening, allowing, accepting, resting, surrendering and trusting. It’s knowing my good is constantly coming to me so I can relax and enjoy.

I am living the dream because I “showed up’ and was willing to do the deep inner work of identifying old beliefs of not feeling deserving, good enough, unworthy and releasing them. There were many layers of trauma and pain that had to be healed for me to be living the dream.

  • Forgiveness was a big part of my journey.
  • I forgave myself and those who sexually abused me.
  • I learned to love myself and give myself what I needed.
  • I learned to trust myself, God and my intuition.
  • I learned to follow the “divine breadcrumbs” and God’s divine plan.
  • I learned to step out in faith when I was afraid and follow my heart.
  • I learned to listen to the voice of my heart rather than the egoic voice.

Most of all, I’m remembering the truth of who I am. I am Love. I came from Love and will return to Love when I leave this form. I am ONE with God and we are all connected.

Yes, Brian, I am Living the Dream and my heart is full of gratitude.

“May the God of the present moment be with me slowing me down, revealing to me the sacred gift hidden in each moment of my day. May I develop a reflective heart, able to be present to life, a heart that can take time to move beyond the visible to touch the precious mystery of life and living.”

Letting go of guilt & unworthiness

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For the last 4 months, I start my day with an affirmation that I received from a friend for my birthday in October. “My good is constantly coming to me. I RELAX and enjoy my life.”  I have another affirmation that says, “Dare to be in love with life.”

The opposite of life is death and it is guaranteed we will all die someday. None of us know when we will take our last breath and how much time we have left. Am I being invited to enjoy each moment as if it were my last?  I asked myself, “If I knew I had a month or a year to live, what would I be doing?” I knew immediately what I wouldn’t be doing. I wouldn’t be doing projects, rushing, pushing, marketing, “shoulding” on myself (I should do this and that), or working hard to prove my worth.

I would be spending precious time with family and friends letting them know how much I loved them and receiving their love.  I would be living in the moment, relaxing and enjoying every moment of my life. I would be having fun and playing. I would be spending time in nature, walking, listening to the birds, swinging on my swing and watching the sunset from my lanai, and swimming in the ocean.

The truth is I do a lot of the above and I love the life I have co-created with God AND I am discovering that there has always been an undercurrent of guilt and unworthiness. The guilt and unworthiness were deep and hidden in my subconscious. I didn’t know it was there until my accident and fall this week. Here is what happened:

I was cutting flowers on Valentine’s day in my backyard. I reached up high to cut a flower and when I turned around, I didn’t see the root of the tree sticking up and fell on my wrist. Of course, I was stunned and scared at first. I then started to repeat, “I choose love, I choose love.” Thankfully, I was able to get myself up and didn’t poke myself with the scissors that I had in my hand.

At first, I didn’t want to tell Larry because I didn’t want him to be worried or concerned about me. We were having company in an hour and I needed his help to finish preparing for guests.  He was loving and compassionate when I told him and helped me finish preparing for our guests.

It hit me the next day when I couldn’t use my hand to do what I always do. I felt emotional, vulnerable, needy, and STUPID for falling (especially since I fell and broke my shoulder 9 months ago.) I couldn’t hold back the tears and wanted to retreat to my room and be alone. Instead, I chose to ask Larry to hug me while I cried in his arms. I told him “I feel so stupid for falling.” He reassured me that I wasn’t stupid and that it was just an accident.

I spent the week quietly BEING while nurturing my wrist and my soul. I prayed, meditated, journaled, and listened to the Voice of God-my heart rather than the voice of ego that my clamoring to get my attention (especially in the middle of the night.) It was easier to keep my wrist still than to keep my mind still. I believe that everything happens for a reason and has a purpose. I also believe that I attract everything into my life for my highest good. I was eager and willing to find the gift in my fall.

The accident and fall grounded me (literally on my butt) to get my attention to reveal what was hidden to be released and transformed. I received a message from Spirit while in prayer. It was, “What will it take for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and not feel like you need to ALWAYS be DOING more? Can you trust the quiet time and relax and enjoy?”

As the guilt and unworthiness surfaced and reared their ugly heads, it felt like it had very deep tentacles and maybe even from other lifetimes. I have a powerful process of an emotional cleanse that I did to release the guilt and worthiness.

Yes, it’s time to enjoy this “AMAZING” and beautiful life I have co-created with God. I am worthy to be happy not because of what I have done, my accomplishments, where I live, but because I AM A CHILD OF GOD and I am worthy and deserving to receive all the good God has planned for me.

It’s time for you and me to relax, enjoy our lives and the fruits of our labor and be GUILT FREE.  We are not promised tomorrow. All we have is NOW. It has taken me almost 75 years to get here, but I’m here NOW declaring my amazing life.

A Divine Set-up

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Within days apart I was led to share my “faith story” twice of how I followed my heart and moved to Maui. One was with a married couple and the other was with a single mom with 3 children. Both were divinely set-up by the Universe to inspire and encourage them to step out in faith and follow their dreams.

I met Bob and Kim while walking the path as they were leaving the Marriott to go for their walk. They asked, “Do you live here, and is it expensive?” I answered, “Yes, it is expensive but you learn where to buy food and shop for what you need.”  They were vacationing from Colorado and their dream was to buy a condo while they were here.

The conversation flowed and went “deep” fast. We shared the “same language” of faith and trust in God. We had a lot in common and Bob shared he was writing an inspirational book. I shared my book, Simply a Woman of Faith, and how I followed my heart and moved to Maui 10 years ago.

When we parted it felt like we had known each other for a long time and exchanged numbers and emails. I told them I would pray for them and knew if it was God’s will, they would find the perfect condo to buy. I received a text from them 2 days after we met that they had found a condo and made an offer. God moves fast when you are willing to face your fears, step out in faith and trust your heart.

I met Kristie a few days after meeting the couple. I was again walking on the path and had stopped to watch the whales breaching in the ocean.  I turned to the young woman next to me and said, “Some people stop to smell the roses, we stop to watch the whales.”  She smiled and said, “I stop to do both.” I said, “Me too.”

That was the beginning of another divine set-up by the Universe. Kristie, a single mom, shared “It is my dream for my children and me to move to Maui. When I was a little girl playing with my Barbies, I dreamed about moving to Hawaii.  It feels like this is the right time for us to move here. I have faith in God and only want God’s will.”

I was happy to share my story of faith and to encourage her to follow her heart and step out in faith. She was also a woman of faith and had many stories of how God provided for her. I shared how I lived my life with the concept of open and closed doors and it has never failed me. When I don’t know if I’m making the right decision, I ask God to open or close the door. I said, “I will pray for you and I would like to gift you with my book, Simply a Woman of Faith. I think it will help you right now move forward.” I gave her my number and we planned on meeting the next day for me to give her my book.   

Kristie contacted me the next day and said, “I found the perfect condo for my children and me. I’m making an offer and hope it will be accepted. There are many obstacles to overcome if it is going to happen. We have 2 small non-shedding dogs and the condo doesn’t allow dogs (unless there was a medical reason and there was). I need a down payment of 20% and I only have 3%.

Here is the text I received from her a couple of days later. “They accepted my offer and we have a closing date of May 1. I continue to trust the money will come in for the down payment. My heart is flooding with gratitude and excitement. I am surrendering and putting it in God’s hands with great anticipation of the greatness He is bringing to me and my kids.”

Pat, you have strengthened my faith and brought about my awareness of worthiness. I think you are my guardian angel as you help me radiate light and love. Thank you for demonstrating your strong faith. I am loving your book! It is helpful to write my thoughts at the end of the chapters. It is bringing clarity and awareness and providing me with a deepened faith.

It is truly my joy to share my faith and inspire others to follow their dreams. I know that with God all things are possible. Thank you, Spirit for aligning the stars and bringing us together at the perfect and right time. 

Ask and you shall receive

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Despite all that’s happened this past year with the pandemic and political arena, I have never felt happier, contented, and more alive. Being retired and living in a beautiful place with my beloved husband certainly helps. My friend, Donna, says I go from pleasure to pleasure and she is right!

It’s not just that I live in a beautiful place, it’s truly because of my faith and trust in God that I have peace and joy in my heart. I know what’s going on around me and I feel compassion for those who are suffering and living in fear. I know people who are very prosperous and are miserable inside. So truly it is an inside job of how happy I choose to be. “Things may happen around you, and things may happen to you, but the only things that count are the things that happen in you.” Eric Butterworth

When the new year began, I chose a word for the year, or shall I say Spirit chose it for me. The word was EXPANSIVE. I played with the essence and energy of the word and what it would look and feel like in all areas of my life; my relationships, emotions, health, exercise, fun, diet, prosperity, time, spirit, etc. The area where I need to expand and will be the most challenging is my diet.

I have the word EXPANSIVE written in several areas in our home to help me remember the energy I am calling in.  I have an affirmation that I repeat often during the day. I AM EXPANSIVE AND FREE TO DO AND BE WHATEVER I WANT. I listen to inspirational and prosperity songs every day while I sit at my favorite hotel and sip iced tea. I feel expansive, open, and deserving of all that is mine. 

Living in the energy and essence of EXPANSIVENESS means I am open to RECEIVE from Source all that I need and what I want to do and be. It is knowing I am good enough and deserving of abundance in all areas of my life.

Here is an example of what happened on Saturday about asking and receiving. As I left the house all to go for my walk on the ocean, I noticed some flowers on my wreath outside the house had fallen to the ground and I needed a glue gun to fix it. My glue gun broke the last time I used it.

I prayed and asked God to provide a glue gun at a yard sale that day. I was specific and said, “I would like to pay $2.00 and it is in great condition. There were only 2-yard sales that I stopped at. The first one didn’t have a glue gun, but the second one did.

I didn’t see a glue gun on the table and decided to ask if they had one. The woman said, “No sorry we don’t have one.” Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her husband whisper something to her. A few minutes later, he walks out of the garage with a brand-new glue gun still in the package.  When she told me the price was $2.00, I was floored.

Of course, had to tell her the story of praying and asking God to provide a glue gun for $2.00.  I thanked her husband and asked, “When did you find the glue gun?” He said, “Yesterday when I was cleaning the garage.”  Most people probably wouldn’t think about asking God to provide a glue gun when they can just go and buy one. What fun is that?

I visited my friend, Margie, last week and during our conversation, she said, “I prayed last night to Spirit for a beach ball that I need for exercise. I thought of you and how Spirit always provides.”

Ask and you shall receive! I said, “I have a beach ball that I don’t know what to do with and was planning on throwing it away when I got home.” She was thrilled and followed me to my house to retrieve the beach ball. It was exactly what she needed.

God wants to provide for us and His/Her timing is always perfect. We must ask for what we need, and be willing to receive. Are you willing to ask Spirit for what you want and need?

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