Spiritual Life Coaching is for all who seek to connect with Divine guidance, synchronicity and flow.  You will learn how to call on Spirit to overcome adversity, meet life’s challenges and live your best life.  My professional experience as an Alcohol and Drug Therapist and spiritual background have equipped me to help facilitate transformation in women, no matter what their spiritual beliefs. My passion and calling is to teach and inspire spiritually conscious women how to deepen their relationship with the God of their understanding so they can move through their fears and believe in themselves. As a result of working with me, women learn how to listen to the small still voice within (intuition) and experience a deep peace and connection to their Source.

I will help you identify the limiting beliefs about God and show you how to re-connect with the loving and faithful God that I have come to know intimately over the last 40 years.  I was raised in a conservative religion that taught me to fear God and doubt that I was worthy of God’s love.

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Simply A Woman of Faith

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Pat Hastings

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Coach, Retreat Leader & Radio Talk Show Host

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