Is Spiritual Life Coaching for you?


Do you want to deepen your relationship with the God of your understanding?

Do you want to move through your fear and believe in yourself?

Do you want to let go of limiting beliefs that are keeping you blocked?

Do you want to let go of low self esteem, perfectionism, people pleasing and not feeling good enough?

Do you want to hear God more clearly and trust the small still voice of God within?

Do you want to experience deep inner peace, knowing you are never alone?

Is there is a calling deep within your heart to be divinely guided in everything you do?

Do you want to experience love in all areas of your life, to deeply know your highest self, and to fulfill the unique purpose you came into this world to accomplish?


If you have answered yes to any of the above, you have come to the right place. I can help you. My story is your story. I know what it’s like to be paralyzed with fear. It took me 7 years to write my book Simply a Woman of Faith because I didn’t believe or trust myself. I know what it’s like to feel inadequate, not worthy and not good enough. I stayed in a marriage for over 30 years because I didn’t believe I deserved better or could take care of myself. I know what it’s like to grow up in an alcoholic home and the devastation that brings.

Consider this YOUR personal invitation to Living the Life You Deserve Process. I have discovered the 2 keys to long-term success through extensive research and over 20 years of experience of counseling and coaching others. The 2 keys are consistency and support. You must work on yourself every day and you must receive support from Spirit and others. I designed this special program to support and guide you to much higher levels of success and peace.

Living the Life You Deserve is a step by step proven process that will guide YOU through transcending the obstacles that are preventing you from being the true, authentic expression of God that you are truly meant to be. You will learn HOW to connect more deeply with God and your intuition so you can overcome limiting beliefs, heal the past and let go of burdens that are weighing you down. Through this process, you will learn to love and forgive yourself.

Living The Life You Deserve Process

Embracing YOUR Spiritual Power

When you embrace and connect to your “Spiritual Power” whether you call it God, Universe, Source, Higher Power, Soul, Spirit or Buddha through various spiritual practices, your life will change from the inside out and you will awaken to your higher purpose, find meaning in your life and deepen your faith.  Transformation happens naturally as you experience God’s unconditional love and love from within. You no longer will be a “people pleaser” and look outside for validation, self-worth and love.  When you feel “good enough” and worthy to receive more of God’s love,  you will hear the small still voice of God and trust its wisdom and guidance. You will stop trying to figure everything out with your mind and learn to live by intuition and inspiration.  As you connect with the power within, your relationship with yourself and others will deepen and improve. You are now living from a place of authenticity, strength, truth and integrity.  The more you know that you are one with God and that you are loved, the more your life unfolds in peace, ease and grace. 

Living POWERFULLY in the Present Moment

When you are in living in the present moment, you experience more love, peace and joy. Not only are you present for yourself, but you are present to others and all that is going on around you. You have the power and ability to “stop the chaos” in your mind and eliminate the behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve you. When you learn to identify the feelings and behaviors that cause you pain, discomfort and stress, you won’t need to turn to a substance (alcohol, drugs, food) or process to cover up your pain. You won’t need to rush or stay busy to avoid your feelings.  A process may include shopping, perfectionism, cleaning, needing control, gambling, people pleasing, over-achieving, worrying and focusing on others at the expense of yourself.  When you identify and change your core limiting beliefs about yourself, God, others and life, you will live powerfully and peacefully in the present moment and your need for control diminishes.

TRANSFORMING Trauma: Be Better not Bitter

Learning to work through childhood trauma whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual abuse can leave you feeling Better or Bitter. It’s your choice. This is true regarding other losses in your life, whether it be the loss of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of your health or the loss of job.  When you are able to accept and embrace all of your feelings (especially fear and anger) you will understand that everything happens for a reason.  You will learn to let go and let God.  The more you let go of the past and the future with all its “what ifs” the more fully you live in the present moment, and experience peace.  Letting go may mean forgiving yourself and others a little at a time. However, forgiving yourself is usually the hardest person to forgive and yet it is the most important. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself and it is truly the bridge to inner freedom, peace and transformation. You’ll learn a proven step-by-step process how to forgive yourself and set yourself free for good.


Finding your voice means being able to express what you think and feel, without worrying what anyone else thinks or feels about it. It means trusting and believing in yourself, which will work miracles in your life.  Finding your voice sets you free to be the woman you want to be and who God created you to be.  It takes courage to speak your truth.  As you find your authentic voice and value your own worth, your self esteem improves and you feel more confident and free.  You know how to go within to see what it is you want for your life.  As you learn to speak up by saying no to others, you say YES to yourself and honor what is important for you.  When you are assertive instead of being passive or aggressive, you speak your truth with honesty, while respecting yourself and the other person you are interacting with.

Stretching YOUR SOUL and Stepping into Your Greatness

When you step into your greatness, your “inner artist” soars because you know your purpose and feel passionate about every aspect of your life. When you align your life with your true purpose, you use your creativity, imagination and your gifts to the fullest extent, and help create a magnificent world.  When you say yes to your “inner calling” and passion, you naturally follow your heart’s desires and listen to your soul. You connect with your sense of pleasure and possibility. You know your value and no longer hold yourself back when you seek to express your gifts into the world. You turn fear into faith, do what you love and have fun! You live from a place of “being”, rather than “doing” and allow miracles to find you.  As you let your light shine, you invite others to let their lights shine. You open your heart to receive all that God has intended for you. You stand tall in your own truth, live the life you deserve and love it.

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