Divine Appointment

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I would like to share a powerful email I received from my friend, Kerri, in response to my blog about meeting the woman on the plane last week. She shares about what happened when she listened to her intuition, trusted and didn’t worry about the money.

“I always enjoy your blogs, but this week’s blog really touched my heart. I could hear my mom’s words to me, “God speaks through his people,” as you described the encounter with the woman on the plane. How could that be anything other than a “Divine Appointment?” You were her angel, and I know she got off that plane feeling different than when she boarded.

I’d like to share my “Divine Appointment” from this past weekend in LA.  I was scheduled to fly back to Maui early on Sunday morning, but by early Saturday afternoon, a few things were clear:

  • I still hadn’t had a chance to meet with the LA team about my Maui-based business and discussing the legalities around using the Harmonyum trademarks.
  • My teacher still hadn’t lectured yet, and 2 of the 4 training days were over.

He always lectures one- or two-nights during trainings, but it’s never

announced when due to his busy schedule.

  • I brought products to sell and as of early Saturday, I had only sold 4 items.

My rack was still full of ponchos, scarves, and t-shirts.

  • A friend offered to give me a Harmonyum session, but it didn’t look like I

would be able to return the favor because of her schedule. I was also

disappointed upon my arrival in LA to find out she wasn’t lecturing during

the training, because she’s brilliant.

As I sat in the lounge at the yoga studio, my intuition was telling me to change my flight back to Maui and go home on Monday. I decided to receive a Harmonyum session to listen and ask for guidance about what to do.

After the session, my friend said, “I will be giving a lecture, but not until noon on Sunday.” That made it clear and I called the airline to change my flight back.  Along with $125 for changing the flight, I found out that I didn’t have enough miles to make the change, but the lady on the phone said, “I can gift 1,000 miles once a day, and I will gift it to you.” There was 1 seat left back to Maui on Monday morning. I then found out that I didn’t owe any extra money for renting the car an extra day because what I had paid covered an entire week. Sweet!!

Right after that, I ran into the three people I needed to meet with about the business/website name, and they asked if I could meet with them on Sunday (what are the chances they’d all be in the lounge at the same time? They work on different teams and are always coming and going).  Right after that, my friend changed her plans for the afternoon, so I was able to offer her a Harmonyum

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