Divine Feminine Awakening and Healing

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I share my sacred journey to inspire you and show you how Spirit speaks to me and how I am guided so you can hear Spirit speak to you and be guided in your life.

It all started with the dream I had last week, which I know originated from the wisdom of my soul.  I am stepping into the mystery to places where I’ve never been before. It’s scary and exciting at the same time and I know I will learn to love myself more deeply and consciously.

I’m trusting divine guidance that I am being led to the next step of my awakening. I’ve worked with my dreams for many years and know how powerful they are when I listen and take action. In my dream last week, I am moving into a new house. This is a significant dream because it means that I am growing in consciousness and something new is about to be born in my life.

I prayed and meditated and asked God to show me the meaning of the dream because I had no idea what it was about. I waited and trusted I would be shown.

A couple of days later while on my morning walk, I put my headphones on and asked Spirit to guide me to an audio on my phone that would be for my highest good.  I was led to listen to an audio that I taped 2 years ago that I had never listened to. It was an interview with Caroline Muir, international author and founder of Divine Feminine Awakening School. She is dedicated to supporting women and couples in achieving sexual fulfillment with sacred intimacy.

It was a powerful interview that touched my heart deeply. She said, “Pleasure is your birthright and that you need to give yourself permission to be the love that you are and bring spirituality into the bedroom.” Wow, that opened my ears!

As soon as I arrived home from my walk, I checked out her website because I wanted to learn more about her. I watched a video of Caroline working with a woman who had sexual trauma that blew me away. Something deep inside of me stirred my soul and I wanted more.

As I explored her website, I found a week- long retreat called “Divine Feminine Awakening & Healing” on Maui that she was leading with another woman.  At first, I dismissed it because it was expensive and I didn’t think I could afford it nor did I think I deserved to spend that kind of money on myself. But something inside of me couldn’t let it go.  I discussed it with Larry and he supported me to do what I needed to do for my healing.

I prayed and asked Spirit for a message about attending the retreat. I asked, “Is the new home I am moving into about exploring and healing my sexuality on a deeper level?”

“Yes, I am inviting you to explore, discover and heal trauma in your body. There is nothing to be afraid of because I am leading you and you are safe. Your spirituality and sexuality are one. It’s TIME and you are ready. There is more. Trust me.”


  • Activate and Expand your dormant Life Force Energy 
  • Heal personal, lineage, & cultural trauma 
  • Reclaim your Juicy Vitality and Passionate Aliveness 
  • Ignite your Power in a uniquely Feminine way 
  • Gain Potent Tools to support other women’s healing
  • Become a Clear Channel for what wants to be Birthed through You
  • Deepen Sisterhood Community with a New Way of Bonding


I’m ready to reclaim my power and my juicy vitality and life force energy to be activated.  I WANT MORE. I DESERVE MORE and I’m willing to face the demons that have robbed me all of my life because of sexual abuse. IT’S TIME.

Please keep me in your prayers as the retreat is from 4-21 to 4-28.  As a woman of Faith, it is synchronistic that the retreat house is on Door of Faith Rd. I truly believe that by saying YES to this retreat, I am giving myself the ULTIMATE GIFT OF SELF-LOVE.


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