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My job as a Hospice Nurse has been very stressful over the past year.  I didn’t feel stress working with my patients, but it was the management and negative environment that was sometimes unbearable.   I worked 50+hours a week which didn’t include the 8 hours travel to and from work. I knew something had to give because I was just plain miserable and had no time for myself or my family.

Through prayer, meditation and changing my thinking, I visualized the perfect job because I knew that was what God wanted for me.  I made the decision to find a new job although I had no idea what it would be or when.  With the economy the way it is, I knew nursing jobs were not that easy to find.

While on vacation in September, I asked God for direction and guidance on what to do in regards to my job.  I knew God would guide me and show me the way.  I received a phone call that my employer was taken over by a different management company and there was a huge layoff at work.  This affected about 20 people, but I was not included in the layoff.  I felt really bad for my co-workers and couldn’t make sense out of the new management style, but it reaffirmed that I had to get out of there.  I was devastated when I found out that my partner was fired while I was away. I threw my hands up in the air and said “ok God, you don’t have to hit me over the head, I get it.”

I made the decision to not go back to my job after my vacation even though I had financial concerns.  We had two mortgages to pay and “our perfect tenant” had just informed us he had to leave.

I grieved during this time and sought out spiritual seminars and energy healing which helped me stay centered.   I applied for several jobs, one of them in Hospice and the others out of Hospice.   I continued to pray and have faith that God was leading me to the perfect job.  I released my fears and stayed grateful to God for the peace I had even though my life was unsettled.

Through a series of events and a friend calling and asking me to speak to someone about her husband who was diagnosed with lung cancer, I knew that I wanted to continue as a Hospice Nurse.

The next day, the Hospice job I applied for called and asked me to come in for a 2nd interview.  When I left I had that tingling good feeling in my body, which I believe is God’s presence.  They offered me the job shortly after that which is more money and less hours.  I am so grateful to God for always bringing me what I need and what I desire.
Right after that, I received an email from my tenant asking if the place was still available to rent.  I jumped up and down like a kid and began to thank God in prayer.  I am so grateful and rejoice in the miraculous life He has given me.
Peace and love and God’s blessings to all,

– Annie Hagan

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