Divine Intervention

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I was inspired a year ago by reading Pat’s book, for I too am a Woman of Faith.  I immediately felt a shift in my soul as I stood in All That Matters bookstore with her book in hand. There was a connection to Pat that my soul immediately remembered. It was in that moment that I knew I would no longer be afraid to speak my truth.

Pat’s book continued to be a source of inspiration as I continued on my journey of spiritual growth.  I carried it with me almost everywhere I went and this past spring I had the courage to begin writing my own book. What happened after that can only be described as Divine Intervention.

I received a phone call from a friend and inthe middle of the conversation, she said that she wanted me to meet a friend of hers. She said, “You would love her because she too has a strong faith and believes in the power of prayer.” I asked my friend what her name was.  She said, “Pat.”  I replied, “Are you talking about Simply of Woman of Faith, Pat Hastings?”  She gasped.  She said, “Yes, do you know her?”  I said, “No, but I feel like I do.”

I proceeded to tell her that after I read Pat’s book in the summer of 2008, I told my husband in a matter of fact way, “I will meet Pat someday and work with her.” My friend was speechless. There was no question in my mind that the vision I had would become a reality.

I emailed Pat and shared the story of how I came to know of her and what happened with my friend. Within an hour she responded and her words were, “WOW your story gave me chills.”  We set a date to meet and she told me she could help me with my book as well.

On September 3rd we met for the first time, but it was more like old friends reuniting who hadn’t seen each other in many years. I felt like a child on Christmas morning who received exactly what she wanted from Santa Claus.  Not only did Pat help me with the information I needed to proceed with editing and publishing my book, she gave me this opportunity to share this story to be featured in her newsletter and the chance to work with her in the future on her monthly radio show.

– Jayne DeRouin

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