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Do your loved ones who have passed on send you signs and want to communicate with you?  I had a “Divine Visitation” from my daughter-in-law Suzie who passed away from cancer 3 years ago this month.

The angel card I chose (or shall I say chose me) while in prayer on New Year’s Day was Divine Guidance.  It read “Something significant and profoundly meaningful would awaken me to the reality of the Divine in my life and I would encounter the energy or spirit of a loved one.”

Suzie’s symbol was the butterfly. Since her death, she has graced me with her presence through seeing the butterfly, especially when I am about to speak to an audience.  She is my Earth Angel.

The first time “she showed up” was the morning after she passed away. As I stood on the balcony with the sun shining brightly on my face, a butterfly encircled my head for a few minutes. Tears rolled down my cheeks because I knew in my heart that Suzie was gracing me with her Love and presence. There is a legend that the first butterfly you see after a loved one dies is their spirit coming to you to let you know they are safe.

Fast forward to my “Divine Visitation” from Suzie today.  I had just finished my prayer and was feeling very excited and a little nervous about the new program “Integrating Spirituality into Your Business” that I was starting that day for VA Hospital employees.  After Suzie died, I bought a butterfly hanging for my dining room window to remind me of her.  As I looked out the window, I noticed that the sun was shining on one of the butterflies and it absolutely glowed – to the point that I couldn’t even see the butterfly anymore.  I KNEW and felt Suzie’s presence and love.

A few hours later, I received an email in my inbox from someone requesting my newsletter. Her email address was SuzieQ.  My son Brian was involved in Habitat for Humanity and a few months after Suzie died, they built a house in her name and it was called SuzieQ.

I am very grateful to God for all the signs He sends. I am grateful to Suzie for being my Earth Angel and showing up.  My eyes and heart are open to receive.  How about you? Are you open to receive messages and signs from your loved ones? They are waiting to communicate with you.

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