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What channel do you listen to everyday in your head? What are the thoughts that occupy the inner sanctuary of your mind? Do you listen to the “not good enough and not deserving” station or do you tune into the station that says “you are a magnificent creation of God living a life of love, peace and joy?” It’s your choice what channel you listen to. The good news is that you can change the channel anytime you want. What are you waiting for? Doesn’t it feel better when you listen to the truth, rather than the lie?

You have to start by asking yourself the question, what is my truth? What do I believe about myself, my God and the world I live in? Do I know that I am one with God and God is all there is? Do I believe that I am a magnificent child of God, intended to live a live of peace, joy and love? Do I believe that God is my source, that I am safe and never alone?

When you truly know deep in your heart that there is no separation from God, the way you experience life will change. The truth is you are a spiritual being deserving love, peace, abundance, happiness and joy. The truth is life should unfold effortlessly in peace, ease and grace. The truth is that you have everything inside of you and your possibilities are unlimited.

Many people don’t believe this on a soul level. They keep the channel on the “not good enough and undeserving” station and don’t know how to change it. The channel has been playing for so many years and it’s comfortable-even though it doesn’t feel good, it’s familiar. Even now, my “not good enough” channel plays in my head. The good news is that when I become aware of it playing, I’m able to change the station to the truth of who I am.

The lie is when you tell yourself that you are not good enough, don’t do enough and are not deserving of good and God. The lie is that you have to be in control and make things happen around you. The lie is that you have to rush, push, stay busy and the more you do, the better it will be and you will get what you want.

You create your reality by your thoughts. Thoughts are energy. You have the power inside to create whatever you want. When you think positive thoughts and are grateful for what you have, you attract more of that into your life. You trust that you have everything you need in the present moment and that all is well. You know that whatever is going on will pass and things will get better.

Choose to live in the truth and change the channel. Choose to live in love and peace. Practice affirmations on a daily basis. Show up and plug into the Power on a daily basis through prayer and meditation. Your life is unfolding according to a divine plan and all is well.

Steps to change the “Not Good Enough” channel

1. Be aware of it when it’s playing. Notice it as it plays in your head. Are you comparing yourself with others, wanting to be perfect or afraid of not being in control?

2. Don’t shame yourself “I can’t believe this is playing again” “what’s wrong with me?”

3. Be compassionate and loving toward yourself.

5. Admit it first to yourself, to God and another person.

6. By acknowledging it, you break the 3 unspoken rules: don’t talk, trust or feel.

7. Rest – rather than pushing, rushing, staying busy embrace it and don’t run from it.

8. Pray, meditate and ask for God’s healing. Repeat the truth: I am one with God, God is all there is. Pray to heal the belief in separation.

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