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It’s been my dream to vacation in Hawaii for several years. Two years ago, I placed a beautiful picture of a sea turtle swimming in Maui, Hawaii in my intention book.  I pray with it daily and visualize my dreams manifesting.

My trip to visit my brother in New Jersey last month was delightful and relaxing, until I arrived at the airport for my return flight. “Why can’t I check in at the kiosk?”, I wondered. When I finally reached the desk, she politely said “Miss, you are a day early; your flight is tomorrow morning.”  “Well, can I get a flight out today and what will it cost?” I asked. I gulped when she informed me it would cost $170. That was more than what I paid for the whole flight. She could see my dilemma and informed me that she heard Southwest had cheaper flights. So off I went to Southwest. Yes, I could get a fight out that day and it was $30 cheaper.

I kept thanking God, trusting that all would turn out for the good.  I didn’t beat up on myself, which would have been so easy to do. While walking through the airport, a very nice young man caught my attention. He invited me to sign up for a Southwest credit card. I normally wouldn’t be bothered, but the deal was a free flight anywhere in the US. As I completed the application and walked away, I said to myself  “this is for my flight to Hawaii.”

I was invited to speak at a local church on faith a few weeks later.  Ellen approached me after the talk with a big smile on her face.  She said “I loved your talk and I am also stepping out in faith.” “Oh, what are you doing?” I asked. “I am going back to live in Hawaii.” My eyes lit up and I said, “it’s been my dream to vacation in Hawaii someday.”  She smiled and said, “You can stay with me.”  I could hardly speak.  She then whipped out a postcard from her pocketbook of the condo she owned – overlooking the ocean in Maui, Hawaii!  Not only did she invite me to stay with her, but she said I could stay as long as I wanted- and could use her car!  I have a beautiful place to stay, a new friend and a free round trip ticket to Hawaii. Whooo….it doesn’t get better than that. 

I will be vacationing in Maui, Hawaii for Thanksgiving.  More than a vacation, it will be a time for me to retreat with my God and enjoy the beauty around me.  I am so grateful for God’s love and the many blessings God has bestowed on me.  God is faithful when we believe, ask and trust in the perfect and divine timing for our dreams to manifest. I believe that everything happens for a reason for my highest good and the good of others. Dreams do come true when we believe.

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