Enthusiasm Makes the Difference

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My faith and trust in God/Source are very important to me and have always been. I am a half-full glass kind of gal, rather than a half-empty glass kind of gal. I have “trained my mind” to see the positive and “expect” the best in all things. What we “expect” we get. It’s our choice to “expect” negative or positive outcomes.  

I asked myself, “How and where did my spiritual journey start?” Spirit brought to mind a book that I read 55 years ago called, “Enthusiasm Makes the Difference” by Norman Vincent Peale. Have any of you ever read this book?

Years ago, after reading the book, I met a man at a bar in New York City and couldn’t stop talking about it. Although I can’t remember today what was in the book, I remember being on fire and excited to share what I was learning about enthusiasm with anyone who would listen.

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about the book and went to the library to see if they had a copy. They didn’t have it and had to order it from a neighboring island.

The book was published in 1967. I was 20 years old when I found it, or shall I say it found me because it changed my life. I had no idea that it was the first metaphysical book that I had ever read. Here are a few metaphysical teachers and authors you may recognize: Aristotle, Newton, Plato, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Alan Cohen, and Neville Goddard. You may wonder what is metaphysics.

Metaphysics is a science. Science is to have knowledge of the unseen “secret” laws of the universe. Once you understand the laws of the universe, you will be more empowered to create the reality you want. You will learn that you can heal yourself in many ways through the power of truly becoming ONE with God. Oneness is the remembrance that you can never be separated from God. You cannot be separated from another human, nature, or anything that you can think of. Because everything is ONE and it all exists in the mind. You remember your true spiritual and eternal form and that everything is YOU.

I really enjoyed reading “Enthusiasm Makes the difference” againand learning about mental and spiritual treatment. Here are a few excerpts from the book:

·        Deliberately ACT AS IF you are calm, confident, and peaceful.

·        Lump & Drop – Empty your mind at the end of the day of all unpleasant experiences to prevent unhealthy thoughts from lodging in consciousness overnight.  

·        Start the day by telling yourself all the GOOD news you can think of. I have a healthy body, a job, a family, a bright future, abundance, and prosperity.

·        Don’t depreciate life by thinking about all the things that are wrong.

·        Sell yourself on yourself by believing in yourself, your talents, and gifts.

·        Listen to what you say to yourself that is negative and say the opposite.

·        Put your life in God’s hands, knowing you are divinely guided & protected.

As I think about my spiritual journey that started 55 years ago, I am astonished at how far I have come. My attitude is gratitude for the lessons and opportunities I have been given to grow and EVOLVE. After years of inner work and healing, I have come home to myself and “awakened” to the truth of who I am.

Sometimes it was hard and difficult, but I always got to the other side with the grace of God and my willingness to TRUST & surrender to the Spirit. Today, I am no longer seeking, pushing, searching outside of myself for answers as I am contented and experience a peace that passes all understanding.

Here is the truth of who I am and what I PRACTICE daily:

·        Love is my sole purpose. I am LOVE and loved. My religion is LOVE.

·        I have learned to go within for my answers for everything.

·        I am less defensive, reactive, and don’t take things personally.

·        I detach from the outcome knowing all is planned in the mind of God.

·        I ACCEPT WHAT IS as if I have chosen it.

·        I am less judgmental of myself and others.

·        I am aware of the egoic thought system and how it has robbed me.

·        I am more patient with myself & others knowing we are all doing our best and we are all ONE.

It truly is a joy to serve and inspire others to know the truth of who they are and live their highest and best life. We are meant to live in joy. It is our birthright.

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