Everything happens for a reason

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I believe everything happens for a reason and is always for my highest good. I strive to take 100 % responsibility for whatever I attract into my life. It could be a challenge, an injury, a death, an accident, an illness, or any loss.   

It may be difficult to “accept” when we are suffering and in pain or when our loved ones are in pain. Acceptance is often the last thing we want to do. Instead, we complain because we don’t know why something happened and our “ego mind” wants to figure it out and wants control.

I was given the opportunity to “accept” what happened to Kobi and me this week as if I had chosen it.

I was taking Kobi for an early morning walk in an empty parking lot just outside of the Shops of Wailea. I was casually strolling along connecting with the beautiful trees. flowers and birds. As I looked ahead, I saw a big black dog off leash charging towards us. I screamed to the owner to stop the dog, but it was too late.

Kobi is small, but not afraid of other dogs and wanted to protect me. It was a horrible scene as they fought with one another. I was screaming and trying to pull Kobi away from the dog but to no avail. Finally, the owner who was an elderly man grabbed his dog and pulled them apart.  I was in shock, trembling, and frozen in place. With all the twisting and turning to get the dogs apart, I wrenched and twisted my back.

The man asked, “Are you ok?” I replied, “No, I’m not.” My whole body was trembling and I couldn’t move or walk.  He asked, “How can I help you?” I responded, “Take your dog to your car.” He took the dog to his car and immediately returned to help me. I gave him my car keys so he could get my car which was parked on the opposite side of the parking lot. He apologized for his dog’s aggressive behavior. Unfortunately. I was so shocked that I didn’t think to get his name and phone number. There are leash laws, but most people don’t pay any attention to them.

Although Kobi was mauled, there was no blood and we didn’t have to take him to the vet. He limped for a couple of days and seemed to be in pain. We are so grateful he is fine now and back to taking walks with Larry and me.

I managed to drive home and almost collapsed when I came into the house, I was so shaken up. Driving home, I did EFT tapping on myself and prayed to God for help.

I was grateful that I didn’t fall and Kobi wasn’t seriously injured. I needed to stay in the energy of gratitude for my peace of mind. My family was angry and rightfully so, but I didn’t feel the anger about what happened until a few days later.

I believe in the power of prayer and happily pray for others. It was my turn now to be vulnerable and ask for prayers. I reached out to friends and put a post on Facebook about what happened. The love and prayers poured in from people I knew and didn’t know. I received texts, calls, and flowers from a neighbor, and a dear friend offered to pay for a therapeutic massage for me. Another friend did 4 Reconnective long-distance healings on me.

During prayer, I asked Spirit what I needed to learn and why I attracted this into my life.  Message from Spirit:

“I invite you to be open to receiving love as there must be balance. You are getting back/receiving the love and kindness you so graciously give to others. You have opened your heart for more love. Don’t judge it or try to figure it out. Just trust, accept and receive my peace. It pleases me that you asked me for help and you reached out to others for prayers. Relax, all is well and you are aligned with me.”

 I rested for almost a week as I was in a lot of back pain and could hardly get out of bed. I meditated, prayed, visualized, and kept choosing love. I know I have the power within (God) to heal myself; that is what I planned on doing.

This happened last Monday and the following Monday I was scheduled to fly to Rhode Island for my family reunion for 3 weeks. I really needed God’s healing if I was going to take the long plane ride. I saw improvement every day as I trusted that I was being healed.

By the time you receive this, I will be in Rhode Island and enjoying my family. God is good and God is faithful. I will not be writing another blog until I return to Maui. Thank you all for your prayers and love. Love is all there is and we are all connected.

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