Everything happens for a reason

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Acceptance is an important part of the equation. To go deeper, I practice accepting “what is” AS IF I HAVE CHOSEN IT. When we resist “what is” we suffer needlessly. That doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes want things to be different, because I do.

 It is my belief and experience that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that everything works out for the good for those who love God.

We are invited to practice total surrender to “what is” and not to judge it or ask WHY it happened. Of course, there may be things I need to learn or do differently that Spirit will reveal if I am open to change and growth. Are you open to change?

Many years ago, I had an accident and was hit by a car from behind. A few weeks after that, I slipped on icy stairs coming out of the dentist’s office and had to go to the hospital by ambulance. Consequently, I have had problems with my back on and off for years.

I got to practice this week accepting “what is” when I bent over to pick up a towel from the floor and my back locked up when I tried to stand up. I was in a lot of pain and had to call Larry to help me get into bed. Pain gets our attention and is a gift!

I was really scared. I looked at him with tears running down my cheeks and said, “What would I have done if I was alone and you weren’t here to help me?” He said, “Well, you are not alone and I am here to help you.” That truth sobered me up a bit! It is the ANTICIPATION of something happening that scares me.

I was future tripping with what if this happened in the future and I was alone and couldn’t take care of myself? I hadn’t experienced that fear in my body until that moment. To heal is to feel. We need to give a voice to what we are feeling, especially if we have suppressed our feelings for years. It’s common to avoid, ignore, or push our feelings down when we don’t want to feel them.

Message from Spirit:

“Relax in my presence. Trust, surrender, and allow yourself to heal. Keep coming to me and ask for healing. Visualize your back as strong and healthy. Stop trying to figure it out and just TRUST. You don’t need fixing. Don’t judge yourself that you have done something wrong. If there is something you need to learn or do differently, I will show you.”  

I am grateful the fear came to the light to be healed and transmuted. I believe that all healing is a release from fear and only our mind can produce fear. Trusting in Spirit means I am safe and never alone.

I participated in the 15th Annual Tapping Solution this week and did lots of energy clearing with EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Tapping) to clear and release the fear. Tapping is medicine. Within a couple of days, I was feeling 90% better and able to walk and get around the house.

I walk 2 miles and count my steps (4,000) every day early in the morning for exercise. With my back out, I couldn’t do my usual walk.  We have a huge lanai that overlooks the ocean. Spirit gave me the idea to dance on our lanai to zydeco music.

I love to dance and have danced my whole life. When I prayed for my soul mate, I prayed that he be spiritual and love to dance. My prayer was answered as Larry is spiritual and loves to dance, as well as being kind, loving, and patient.

Since the pandemic, Larry and I haven’t been dancing weekly. I didn’t think I really missed it until I started dancing zydeco on our lanai. OMG I am in heaven and I can’t stop dancing and smiling. It feels like I’m dancing in the Spirit as I raise my hands and send out waves of love and light to the world.

Not only am I in my joy dancing, but I’m also getting great exercise – maybe even better than just walking. I was shocked yesterday when I looked at my Fitbit and had done 9,000 steps. That is double the steps I had been doing.

As I shared in the beginning, everything happens for a reason and works out for the good. If I hadn’t hurt my back and had to do something different to get exercise, I wouldn’t have started dancing on the lanai and I would have not released the fear that was still in my body.

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