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Feelings are not right or wrong, they just are.

Feelings are gifts and we need to take time to listen to them, to feel and express them. 

Feelings are the gateway to who we are. They give us clues what to do next.

 It’s our resistance to feelings that cause more problems than the feelings themselves.  Feelings are part of being alive and resisting them means resisting life.

 Feelings are energy, always in motion.  Unstuck energy lives in the body when we resist our feelings.

They get stuck in the body and may appear as a lump in the throat, heaviness in the throat or tightness in the stomach. 

Feelings live in our bodies and may come out as headaches, stomachaches, backaches and colitis if we don’t deal with them.  

 Repressed feelings tend to lodge in the body in the form of hidden tensions, unhealthy habits and stress-induced chemical changes. 

When terminally ill cancer patients were able to express their feelings of guilt, rage and fear, they had less acute symptoms. 

Feelings are meant to pass quickly, they are like clouds in the sky and it’s the nature of them to move on.

It’s important to embrace all of your feelings and not judge yourself or shame yourself.

If you feel afraid, talk about it and don’t pretend it’s not there.  Rather than running from fear, you need to lean into it and welcome whatever feeling is coming up.

Writing in a journal is a good way to process your feelings and then let them go.


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