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I just sold my house in Florida, which was one of the hardest hit real estate markets in this country, and as the value of my house declined each month, it would have been very easy for me to sink into despair.

One night, when I could feel waves of doubt washing over me, I decided to go jogging and clear my head (which you can do on a warm balmy, evening in Florida!) Since there was a full moon shining, everything seemed to glow, and as I ran, I asked The Divine to “show me the way to freedom.” Then, for good measure, I said a prayer to my father, and asked him to send me a little luck of the Irish, (since I am Irish after all)! That’s when a new sign in my neighborhood caught my attention because it said FREEDOM REALTY…

I smiled and whispered a prayer of thanks, and then quickly ran home to record the phone number. The next day, I called Freedom Realty and spoke with the owner, who is an attorney and we scheduled a date for us to meet at my house. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears of joy when I realized that we planned to meet on what would have been my father’s birthday (who was also an attorney).

It did take a while to sell my house, but eventually, I received the news that I finally had an offer. Excited, I hopped in the car to sign the paperwork and when I pulled into the parking lot of my attorney’s office, the car in front of me braked suddenly. This caused me to notice its license plate TAYLOR, which just “happened” to be my father’s name…

These synchronicities from the Universe happen to me all of the time, and here is what I have come to believe. Even when you are faced with conditions that seem completely overwhelming, the universe is always on your side. You are constantly being guided and love is all around you. You just have to look for the signs.

Amy Hanavan MSW

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