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When my intention and focus are to LOVE and receive LOVE, go within for guidance, and keep my vibration high in gratitude and peace, miracles happen. I returned home yesterday from my 3-week family vacation and I have to say it was the BEST ever. I experienced love and kindness from my family and friends. I stayed with my daughter, Mary, and grandson, Herbie, on their farm in Rhode Island.

I felt freer and more loving than I have ever felt. I didn’t take things personally, laughed a lot, and gave myself the affirmations that I needed, instead of looking outside to be affirmed. There were a few opportunities to let go of old beliefs of not belonging that came to the surface. I was able to move through it quickly and release the false beliefs that had been present for 50 years.

Message from Spirit:

“My plan is unfolding perfectly. I am opening your eyes and heart to the truth that you are LOVE and LIGHT and all that you have overcome and accomplished in this lifetime. Being with the family of origin is a breeding ground for deeper healing and transformation. It may bring up old patterns and beliefs that still may be lurking in your subconscious that no longer serve you. Allow my healing energy to flow to you. Focus only on LOVE and all you truly desire will manifest at the perfect moment.”  

A few months before the vacation, I picked the angel card of TRUST. I put it on my altar and prayed with it daily. Another theme for the vacation was to GO WITH THE FLOW and to ALLOW things to unfold in divine timing.

I like to plan things or perhaps I like to be in control. In the past, because I have a big family and friends I wanted to visit, I scheduled everything before I even got there. There is nothing wrong with planning and it worked in the past. It was different this year as I didn’t have the desire to plan before I arrived, but instead, I allowed myself to TRUST and go with the FLOW.

Every year, my friend, Donna, and I go to our friends, B&B on the ocean for a couple of days. The night before we were to go, Donna called and said, “My friend, who I was with all weekend just tested positive for COVID.”

Although we were both disappointed that she couldn’t come, we accepted, trusted, and didn’t complain. We were practicing going with the FLOW. A couple of days later, Donna tested positive for COVID. I didn’t realize that going alone to the B&B was exactly what I needed.  After the ordeal with Kobi the week before and hurting my back, my body needed to REST. I felt grateful that the door was closed at the last minute and that I was protected.

Later in the week, I planned on meeting another friend, Gail, for lunch. She called the night before and said, “I just tested positive for COVID.”  Again, more protection at the perfect timing.

I drove my daughter’s car while I was there. I pulled into her driveway and we discovered that the fluid for the power steering was leaking and the power steering was gone. It would have been very difficult to drive without power steering. More protection!

I enjoy receiving guidance from my deck of angel cards. I received the card of ENCOURAGEMENT 5 times while I was there. Spirit was speaking and I was listening.

“Your love is invaluable to the earth and to those around you. Even though you may not always see the positive effects your love has on others, TRUST it does. Each time you offer love; a smile, a kind word, a loving gesture, you plant a seed of love, and love always generates more love. Trust and continue your loving work.”

While I was there, I listened to a podcast called “Aging Gracefully.” I really resonated with it and realize that at the age of 75 I am in the last chapter of my life. It could be 20 years or 20 minutes from now. It is also the BEST chapter of my life as I integrate all my life experiences and celebrate who I have become. Today, I am celebrating my growth and that love is all there is and all that is REAL.

How about you?  Do you know that your love is invaluable to the earth and all those around you? Trust and continue your loving work.

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