God Always Answers Prayers

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I got off the phone from speaking to my friend Joanne and thought about her comment.  “Pat, God always answers your prayers.”  Sometimes, it’s almost immediately and sometimes it takes years for my prayers to be answered. I believe God always answers prayer in God’s perfect timing and in a way that is for my highest good. But it does take patience, perseverance and an expectant faith to trust that the prayers will be answered.

On a human level, I like it when I see immediate results, don’t you?   Asking for what I want at yard sales is one of the ways I see God providing for me and answering my prayers. While visiting my friend Mary at the nursing home recently, she commented that she liked my pocketbook and that she didn’t have one of her own. “I will see what I can do,” I replied.  As I drove home, I spotted a yard sale.  As I walked in, my eyes went directly to the box with all the pocketbooks in it. I found a lovely black bag that I knew she would love and the price was perfect at fifty cents.  Of course, I turned my car around and brought the pocketbook back to Mary.  As I handed her the pocketbook, I said “Mary, do you see how much God loves you.”

My daughter Mary has had a dream for over 5 years to buy a farm. Her dream is coming true and she is settling on the property today. I am so proud of her and what she has created in her life. She is also a woman of faith. Recently she said to me, “Mom, I need a vacuum cleaner, twin size sheets and a blender, will you please look for them at the yard sales this weekend?”

My prayer was “God, it’s beautiful today and I don’t feel like driving around all day, could you please let me find what Mary needs right away?” I figured I might as well get right to the point and ask God specifically for what I wanted.  I stopped at the first yard sale and didn’t find anything.  At the very next yard sale, I was delighted to find 2 vacuum cleaners for sale. The best part was that they were only five dollars each and in great condition.  At the next yard sale, I asked when I walked in “Do you have any sheets?”  “Yes, but I am not sure what size they are,” the man answered.  Of course, they were exactly what I asked for  – twin size sheets and the bonus was that they had a comforter to match and also in perfect condition.

You may be saying to yourself that this never happens to you and asking why your prayers aren’t answered. It may be because you are not really expecting your prayers to be answered. For example, you may ask God for something and then immediately say to yourseIf “I know this will never happen, my prayers are never answered.” Or the belief may be that it’s wrong to ask for what you want or that you don’t deserve to have your prayers answered.  We limit the good God wants to give us by our limited thinking and beliefs.

Open your heart today, trust and ask God for what you really want. Then believe and have patience that the Universe is aligning it all up for your highest good.

P.S. I found the perfect blender at Salvation Army a few hours later!


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