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I woke up feeling very depressed about the current events in my life, past and present. A painful divorce, two surgeries and no money in the bank were weighing heavenly on my mind. I went to the beach to ask God a few tough questions. I was screaming inside. PLEASE help me. I walked on the beach and heard a faint voice within -“Keep walking.” I was trying so hard to trust God and understand what was going on.

I noticed the Jerry and Esther Hicks book sitting on the beach chair as I kept walking. I wondered who was reading the book because I had just finished reading a book by the same authors. Curiosity made me wait around until the person came back who was reading the book. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman with a long purple coat coming toward me. She smiled and we said hello to one another. I immediately asked her about the book and the conversation began and lasted for 4 hours. Pat invited me to lunch and by the time we left, I knew everything would be alright. That was my introduction to Pat Hastings, Simply a Woman of Faith. She was the answer to my prayers. She spoke with me as though she knew my score. She shared her experiences and I shared mine. It was so easy to open up to her as she listened intently to my story. She seemed to really care. In our conversation, Pat shared that she was an author and had written a book and released a new CD. I was really taken aback when she offered to give me a copy of her book as a gift “knowing that I didn’t have any money.” She said her book would give me hope.

I thanked her and told her I would read the book by the weekend and get back to her. I started the book that night and couldn’t put it down. I loved it and finished it in one sitting. Her message of faith, hope and Godincidences came through every page. I knew if she could get through the things that she did, so could I. The following week I went off my prescribed pain medication. I didn’t know how scary and painful this withdrawal would be. And I didn’t know if and when it would ever end. I remembered Pat was also an alcohol and drug counselor. I immediately called her for help. Her soothing voice of love and compassion lead me through the process. She prayed with me on the phone and her prayer’s were reassuring and helped me relax. I know that I have a new friend and that God is working in my life. Pat was clearly my guiding light. I am so grateful for her and our “GODincidence” that beautiful day on the beach.












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