God’s Timing is Perfect

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Many years ago, we had a clock on our kitchen wall that read “God’s Timing is Perfect.” It’s my belief that God is never late or early, but always right on time.  If I really believe this, then why do I sometimes get anxious, impatient and complain that things are not going fast enough or that my prayers are not being answered.  It’s because I am human and I forget that it’s about progress, not perfection.  When I become aware that I’m feeling impatient and thinking things are not going fast enough, I can choose to change my thinking and remind myself that “God’s Timing is Perfect.”

There is always going to be something in our lives that we are waiting for.  It may be a new job, a new relationship, the courage to get a divorce, improved health, increased finances, to be married, and the list goes on and on.  What are you waiting for in your life?

It’s really important to look at how we wait. Do we wait with peace, ease and grace, trusting that what we desire will show up for our highest good at the perfect time and place? As I was cleaning out a box of papers in my office, I came across something that spoke to my heart.  It read “By waiting and by calm, I shall be saved. In quiet and trust, lies my strength.”  In quiet and trust means my mind is quiet and I am not obsessing about the future and what I want to happen in my life. I am content in the present moment and trusting God’s divine plan for my life.

Learning to wait on God is essential to our well-being and spiritual growth.  One of the keys is to be grateful and to focus on what we do have, rather than what’s missing.  What I have learned to do over the years is to express gratitude for what I do have and to give thanks in advance for the good I desire and all that God has planned for me. I open my heart to receive.  For example, I give thanks for my coaching clients and give thanks in advance for the new clients that are coming. I give thanks for my beautiful, peaceful home and give thanks in advance for my new house on the water.

During a very low point in my life while I was writing Simply a Woman of Faith, God spoke to me.  At that time, I often cried myself to sleep and wanted to give up on writing. I was sure I was wasting my time and no one would read the book.  One day I went to work and opened a magazine and the words on the page jumped out at me. “God has a plan that will make all of your dreams come true.” In the four years since my book was published,  so many miracles have happened. I can now look back and clearly see the divine timing in it all. Doors have opened and opportunities have presented themselves that I never would have imagined.

God has a plan for your life. His Timing is Perfect. Are you willing to wait and trust in divine timing?  It’s your choice to wait in peace, ease and grace and to be grateful for what you do have.



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