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As I stood at the point overlooking the ocean, while waiting for the beautiful sun to set a couple of nights ago, I was mesmerized by the many turtles popping up their heads and then going back down into the ocean. Turtles are one of my symbols that God often speaks to me through. Turtles know when to stick their heads out, take a risk, move forward and they know when to go within, rest and do nothing and head back down to the bottom of the ocean.  Or at least it seems like they are doing nothing.  But what is really going on when they are resting, I pondered?  It appeared to me that they trust themselves and always knew what to do next. I thought to myself, “Is it that simple to just trust myself – to know when to act and when to rest and do nothing? What was God trying to teach me about through the turtles?

In prayer the next morning, I asked myself “Am I willing to go within, stay quiet, do nothing and trust…….that my answers are within and that everything I need is within?”  I realized that I was willing to do that up to a point, but then I get tempted to get the show on the road – even if I don’t know what to do next.  I became aware that I didn’t trust myself (or God) completely because it just didn’t make sense to do nothing. It’s frustrating and uncomfortable to do nothing in regards to my heart’s desires.  I took action all of my life, set goals, made lists and I succeeded in reaching my goals. Now, here I was being invited to rest, trust and do nothing. I also heard God say, “I want you to go deeper with me and let me fill you with my love.”

I know what it is like to live in fear, do nothing and stay stuck, but this felt very different.  I was making a choice. What if my intuition, my gut and God, (which I believe are the same) were saying – don’t take action, stay still, in essence do nothing and let me bring the desires of your heart to you, just enjoy the beauty around you and just BE. Was that one of the reasons God called me to Maui, to learn to trust and love myself and God more completely – even if it doesn’t make sense to the outside world or to me?

I took a few books to Maui with me and one of them was a small book called “Faith” by A.C. Ping. I hadn’t read it in several years, but felt led to throw it in my suitcase. When I sat down to pray this morning, I remembered this book and took it with me to pray. I randomly opened to a chapter called Nothing is happening, or is it? I couldn’t believe it! God was speaking to me again and assuring me that I was right where I needed to be.

Here is a paragraph that spoke to my heart:

“One of the most frustrating times along the spiritual path occurs when NOTHING seems to be happening.  Not only do we have lots of time to think, but at the same time people keep asking you “What’s happening?” On the surface nothing seems to be happening, but underneath a great shift is occurring. Instead of feeling frustrated, it may be that life is giving you a safe place to rest and gather your energy for the journey ahead. You may not be able to see which way to go, but if you sit patiently, have faith that life has meaning and wait until the mist clears, you may find that one day you wake up to a bright blue sky that reveals a clear path leading to an even more beautiful mountain than the one you just climbed. The temptation will be to run around in the mist searching for guidance. But this will wear you out and until you stop and rest, no further path will be revealed to you until you have the energy to attempt the next climb. Trust that although nothing seems to be happening on the surface, a whole lot is happening below the surface.”

After my prayer, I felt loved, reassured, peaceful and surrendered.  I spent the day at the Ritz Carlton Hotel enjoying the beauty around me and quietly swinging in the hammock.  I have a picture of being served fresh fruit as I sat at the pool reading my book. On my way back home, I took pictures with my new phone and just love the butterfly on the flower.

Let us all learn from the turtle, that it is safe and necessary to rest and go to the bottom of the ocean. When it is time to take action and put our heads out, we will do that with peace, ease and grace. God invites us all to go deeper, to rest and trust in ourselves that we are being led and will know what to do next in our lives.   Aloha


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